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NOTE: To refresh the reader’s memory, the author is writing this fantasy in an attempt to persuade a female reader who provided anonymous feedback on another of his stories to contact him. This is a continuation of his efforts. Those not familiar with Anne’s predicament may wish to read the first installment of “Attached” before reading this installment. Also, a sincere “Thank you!” to the lady (You know who you are!) who read the first installment and, at my request, made suggestions for this one. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Anne’s mind was filled with conflicting emotions as she and Jack walked through the mall The image she projected to her friends and family was one of a conservative, perhaps naive woman who would never think of, never mind become involved in, a control-based sexual relationship with a virtual stranger. On the other hand, she had a “secret” fantasy life that involved not only submitting to a stranger, but also doing so in risky public settings.

Now here she was with a man she barely knew, a man who had managed to somehow delve into her deepest darkest sexual secrets and draw on her intense need to be controlled and exploited sexually. What was most confusing to Anne was the fact that while she absolutely went rigid with panic anytime Jack commanded her to expose herself or anytime he chose to physically “handle” her, her sexual responses were the most intense she had ever experienced.

And now he had told her that he had “plans” for her…And she marveled at the combination of extreme fear and raw sexual excitement that promise held for her. She bit her lip as she felt her nipples tighten and her pussy grow slick at the thought of what might happen next.

She didn’t have long to wait.

Jack continued to hold her by the arm as he guided her into a Rich’s Department Store. They walked directly to the women’s wear section where he picked up a sweater.

“Take this into the dressing room and….” Jack said

“But it isn’t my size…” she protested.

“Hush!” he admonished, “You aren’t going to try it on. You’re just going to use the room for a minute.”

“To do what?” she questioned, already fearing his response.

“Go into the dressing room, remove your skirt and blouse, put your coat on, and button it. Then bring your clothing to me” he said.

“What? You must be kidding!” she hissed as she looked about to insure no one was listening.

“Hardly,” he grinned.

“T-there’s no way I’m…” she blurted.

Grabbing the links of chain between the handcuff, he pulled her close and slid his hand inside the unbuttoned front of her blouse. Her knees buckled as his thumb and forefinger found and then pinched the erect nipple of her right breast.

“Unh! O-oh p-please!” she whispered.

“Now listen,” he hissed threateningly as he increased the pressure on her now throbbing nipple, “You agreed to this little arrangement before we started. If you didn’t want this, you wouldn’t have met me here. You are in handcuffs and I have the key. Now get your hot little ass in that dressing room and do as I say, or I’ll rip this blouse right off of you and leave you here, handcuffs and all to deal with the consequences. Do you understand?”

“Y-yes,” she stammered, stunned at the possibility of being exposed and left alone, “I-I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” he grinned, his surly demeanor disappearing just as quickly as it appeared, “Just get in there and do as I say.”

Nodding, she reached her cuffed hands to take the sweater and turned to walk toward the dressing rooms.

“Anne,” he called quietly.

“Yes?” she responded as she turned to face him.

He walked to her and reaching under the cost draped over the handcuffs, released the cuffs. Then grinning he said, “How did you plan to get naked with these on?”

She blushed and smiled, shrugging her shoulders in response and again turned and walked into the dressing room. She quickly stripped off her blouse and skirt and turned to face the full-length mirror in the small room. She was stunned to see the raw sexuality in her reflection. Her silk encased legs in too high heels supported her bare hips and belly over which rested her breasts, nipples upturned and rigid in sexual excitement and need.

After only a second she shook her head as if to clear it, pulled the lightweight coat on and buttoned it. Turing in front of the mirror, she could easily see a third of her cleavage at the top of the opening of the coat. Being a lightweight coat, it didn’t button much above the level of her nipples. Even more disconcerting, she could see the tops of her stockings come into view with every movement she made. She knew that if she wasn’t very careful, any movement would reveal more than she wanted to even the most casual observer. Despite these concerns, she was equally conscious of her pulse pounding both in her nipples and her clit as the possibility of such exposure only served to bring her to a sexual pitch once again.

“Well,” she thought, “At least my nipples don’t show through this coat like they do the blouse.”

She gathered her skirt and blouse, folding it into a small bundle, bahis firmaları picked up the sweater and walked out of the dressing room. Jack was standing where she left him but was now holding a store bag that clearly contained something. She handed the sweater to him and he put it in its place on the display table, then he turned and held the bag open indicating that she should drop her clothing in the bag. She quickly did so, wondering briefly if she was being observed and if so, if store security thought she was shoplifting. Without speaking, Jack took her arm and led her out of the store. She breathed a small sigh of relief when they cleared the entrance of the store without being accosted.

As they walked, she furtively glanced at her image in the store windows they passed and was shocked to see that with every step, the lace tops of her stockings showed from under the hem of her short coat. Equally, disturbing, yet also exciting was the very obvious sensation of being nude under the coat. Her breasts, freer than when she had her blouse on, swayed with each step, her erect nipple rubbing the lining of the coat until they ached with the need to be stimulated even more. At the same time, each step brought a wisp of cool air under the coat and between her legs, serving as a constant reminder of the fact that her pussy was bare.

After walking only a short distance, Jack motioned her into the entranceway of a defunct store.

“Holding out you hands,” he said, reaching into his pocket and once again producing the handcuffs.

“Oh!” she gasped, “B-but p-people will see!”

“Relax,” he said with a smile and before she knew it the cuffs clicked into place and once again her hands were restrained.

Reaching into the bag, he produced a small shoulder wrap that she accurately assumed, he had purchased while she was in the dressing room. He folded it neatly and draped it over her wrists.

“Now,” he grinned, “No one will be the wiser!”

“I still don’t see why I have to wear these,” she grumbled as they strolled down the mall, “It’s not like I can go anywhere….I’m practically nude!”

“Well,” he grinned at her, “It doesn’t hurt to have a little insurance. Oh, look! Let’s go in here.”

Anne followed his lead and they stepped into what she recognized as a very pricey women’s apparel shop. She had wandered into it once before and knew that although she found the clothing and shoes the store offered to be attractive, almost all of it was too risqué for the image she projected in her “real” life…Not to mention far too expensive for her pocketbook.

“Why are we in here?” she questioned as they walked toward the back of the store.

“Oh,” he said casually, “I thought we might let you try on some shoes.”

“Shoes?” she questioned, “Why try on shoes?”

“You ask too many questions,” he said as grinned at her, “its all part of my plans for you.”

Immediately, caution bells began sounding in Anne’ head.

“W-what do you mean?” she asked, her heart pounding as she looked about.

“Just have a seat,” he said, motioning to a line of four chairs in the shoe section of the store.

Just as she sat down a clerk, a young man in his mid-twenties, approached.

“May I help you folks?” he asked smiling first at Jack then at Anne.

His eyes ran over Anne in an appreciative manner, then widened as they reached the hem of her coat and focused on the lace top of her stocking above which appeared the smooth, milky white skin of her thigh.

Anne blushed at the realization of how exposed she was, and then gave a mental gasp as she realized what the young man would see when he sat to fit her with shoes. Her head jerked in Jack’s direction but he did not return he gaze.

“Yes,” Jack replied, “We’d like to see a pair of red patent leather heels like those over there.” Nodding in the direction of a pair of stiletto heels on a display shelf.

“Sure!” the clerk said, eyes widening as he realized the possibilities that lay ahead of him, “What size?”

“You’d better measure just to be sure,” Jack said before Anne could open her mouth to respond.

Anne, mouth dry and heart pounding, knew what was coming. As the clerk scurried off in search of a scale with which to size her feet, she turned to Jack.

“P-please don’t make me…” she pleaded.

“You know you want him to see you,” Jack said without looking in her direction.

“N-no, I r-really d-don’t…P-please don’t,” she begged.

But before she could say anymore Jack had placed his hand on her knee and had begun to lightly stroke the inside of her silk encased thigh with his fingers. The effect was immediate. Her clit began to tingle as he stroked the bare skin above her stocking top and before she could shake off the sensation, her nipples began to throb with need. She shook her head to clear it only to see that the clerk was quickly walking back in their direction.

“Sorry for the delay…” he said with a grin, only to pause when he saw Jack’s hand stroking Anne’s thigh, “Ah, o-okay, let’s see about your size.”

Anne blushed furiously as he sat on the low stool in front kaçak iddaa of her, lifted her foot and removed her shoe. Just as he bent to place her foot on the scale, Jack’s grip on Anne’s thigh tightened and he firmly pulled her knee toward him, spreading her legs in the process. Anne’s involuntary gasp of surprise caused the clerk to look up…And right into the vision of her stocking encased thighs between which lay her bare pussy.

Anne’s body was a mess of conflicting signals…Every ounce of good judgment she had was in absolute panic at what she was allowing Jack to do to her. Yet at the same time, her nipples were tight and erect and her clit was throbbing, having erected itself until it was again peeping between the slick lips of her pussy. She could only close her eyes and hope that this humiliation would soon end.

“Ah, um, let’s see,” the clerk stammered as he pretended to have trouble getting an accurate reading of her shoe size, yet all the while staring at the pink slit of her wet and now fully exposed pussy.

“Got it?” Jack asked as he continued to stroke Anne’s inner thigh.

“Ah yeah, just a minute,” the clerk replied as he took one last look, “Yeah, a 6. Hold on, I’ll be right back!”

As he stood Anne couldn’t help but see the tent his erection made in the front of his slacks.

“P-please,” she stammered, “Lets get out of here before he gets back!”

“What?” Jack grinned, “And spoil his fun? No way!”

“Please Jack!” she begged, “I really w-want to g-go.”

“Oops!” Jack laughed, “Too late. Here he comes.”

“Oh g-god!” Anne whimpered as she turned to see the clerk almost running toward them, his eyes glittering in lust.

Again Jack began to stroke her thigh, reaching even farther up the split in her coat and forcing her legs so far apart that the hem of her coat was pulled tight and her now dripping pussy was spread wide, her clit in full view.

The clerk, emboldened by Jack’s actions, took his time putting the shoes on Anne’s feet. As he put each shoe on, he boldly stroked her silk encased calf and stared into her steaming crotch.

Again, Anne’s was tortured with conflicting sensations….Disbelief that this stranger was being allowed to not only touch her, but stare into her most private of places….Raw sexual need as the combination of the clerk’s hands and Jack hands raked her skin and caressed her into a sexual panic. Her breath rasped in her lungs as her heart pounded, every beat felt in both her clit and nipples. Then the spell was broken.

“Okay, Anne,” Jack said, “Stand up and let’s see how they look.”

“O-oh, o-okay,” Anne stammered in a combination of relief and disappointment.

The clerk reluctantly slid his stool aside and sat as Anne stood on wobbly legs and stepped away from them. There was a three-sided mirror against the wall opposite them and Anne walked toward it, eyes widening when she saw the effect delivered by the heels and black stockings. The heels made her stand as if on tiptoe, straining her calf muscles into taunt sexy columns of sexy muscle. She turned and faced them.

Jack turned to the clerk, “And what’s your name?”

“Huh? Oh, J-Jason.” The clerk stammered, not taking his eyes off of Anne.

“The coat takes away from the effect,” Jack said tuning to the clerk, “I think she should raise the hem don’t you Jason?”

“Yeah! I think so!” Jason quickly responded, the implications of Anne having to lift the hem of her coat not lost on him.

“No, please I c-can’t!” Anne begged, eyes bright with panic.

“Sure you can,” Jack said with an evil grin.

“B-but my h-hands!” Anne blurted, suddenly aware that she was still handcuffed.

“Oh,” said Jack, as he stood and walked toward her, “I’ll take care of that.”

And as the puzzled clerk watched, Jack simply removed the wrap from her wrists revealing the cuffs for Jason to see.

“O-oh g-god J-Jack!” she whispered, her eyes panic filled.

“Now,” Jack growled as he sat back down, “Lift that coat so we can see the effect of your shoes.”

“Is s-she a criminal or something?’ Jason asked, his eyes bugging at the sight of the handcuffs.

“No, not a criminal,” Jack responded with a grin in Anne’s direction, “Just a very bad girl. Now show us your legs Anne.”

“Wow!” was the only thing Jason could think of to say as he gaped at the woman standing before him.

Closing her eyes, Anne grasped the hem of her coat and lifted it until she felt it clear the top of her stockings. She heard the sharp intake of the clerk’s breath and stopped.

“Higher,” Jack said simply.

Anne’s eyes flew open and she looked beseechingly at Jack.

“P-Please don’t make me do this Jack!” she begged.

“Your right Anne,” Jack responded, “This just isn’t going to work this way.”

“What do you mean?” Anne questioned, not believing that she was getting off this easy.

“Jason, is there anyone else working here right now?” he asked.

“Um, no. It’s usually slow in the morning.” Jason responded, “I don’t have anyone in until 1:00 o’clock.”

“Do you think you could close the store for about a half kaçak bahis an hour?” Jack asked while Anne’s mouth dropped open in disbelief. “Um, I don’t know,” Jason responded hesitantly, “Why?”

“Well, I was thinking that if you could close the store, maybe put a sign out saying that there was an emergency and that you would return shortly, we would have the privacy to have some fun with our bad little girl here.” Jack explained.

“Oh, g-god J-Jack,” Anne blurted, “P-please don’t do that!”

Jason’s eyes glittered with lust and need as he trotted toward the front of the store.

“Just a second!” he said excitedly, and soon Anne and Jack heard the metal security doors being lowered.

Jack stood and walked toward Anne, who was standing, frozen in position holding her coat up.

“Hold out your hands,” he said as he reached into his pocket and retrieved the key to the cuffs.

“G-god, J-Jack! P-please don’t let him touch me!” she begged.

“Too late missy,” Jack spat, “All you had to do was cooperate and lift your coat, but you just couldn’t see your way to do that. So now you have to face the consequences.”

With that, he released one cuff and let her hands fall to her sides. Without hesitating he quickly unbuttoned the coat and stepped back.

“Now get it off and hand it to me,” he commanded.

“J-Jack,” she whispered, tears in her eyes, “Please don’t make me. I’ll do anything for you. Just please get me out of here.”

“The fastest way for you to get out of here is to do exactly as I say,” he retorted, “Otherwise, we’ll be spending a lot of time with ol’ Jason there.”

“O-oh, G-God!” she whispered.

She was peeling the coat off as Jason returned from the front of the store.

“Whoa!” he gasped as he stopped in his tracks, his hungry eyes drinking in Anne’s form as she stood, one arm over her breasts and her hand cupped over her pussy.

Just then, Jack produced a second pair of handcuffs, stepped forward, and placed them on Anne’s bare wrist.

Then he lifted her left arm up and closed the open portion of the cuffs on that hand to the horizontal bar of a dress rack.

“Oh, no Jack! P-please don’t…” Anne cried out in panic as she realized his intent was to cuff her standing with her arms stretched out so she couldn’t defend herself.

Jack remained silent as he quickly completed the task, then stepped back.

“Okay, Jason,” he grinned at the bug-eyed clerk, “She’s all yours.”

“Jack! No!” Anne cried out as she struggled in vain against the cuffs.

Jason couldn’t believe his eyes or ears. Glancing in Jack’s direction and getting a nod of encouragement, he stood and walked to where Anne was standing. His eyes raked over her fully exposed body as he stood as if in disbelief at his good fortune. Finally, he reached out and placed his hand on Anne’s ribcage, slowly moving up and down over the soft flesh.

“Oh!” Anne cried out, “Oh no Jack! Please, p-please stop him!”

Jack sat silently.

Hearing nothing from Jack, Jason became bolder. He raised both hands and brushed them lightly over Anne’s breasts and upturned nipples. She gasped at the sensation and attempted to twist out of his reach, but her efforts were in vain. After his hands circled her breasts a couple of times, he cupped his hands under them and lifted them, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples as he did so. The effect was immediate and unmistakable.

“Ah! G-god!” Anne stammered as a jolt of current not unlike electricity raced from her nipples down her spine and to her clit.

The immediate effect was that Anne thrust her chest forward for more contact while her hips began to slightly thrust in carnal need.

“She likes that Jason,” Jack chuckled as he watched with interest.

“Yeah!” was all the enthralled Jason could manage in response as he proceeded to pinch the now erect nubs of Anne’s nipples.

“O-oh, w-wah!” Anne babbled as her knees buckled at the sensation of pressure on her nipples. She was rapidly losing control, need taking over where fear had once resided.

“Why don’t you suck ’em and see how she responds?” Jack suggested.

“Can I?” Jason replied wide-eyed.

“Sure!” Jack chuckled, “See how they taste!”

Jason bent and greedily sucked Anne’s left nipple into his mouth. His tongue raked across the now rigid nub of flesh, then his teeth lightly scraped then nipped it sending shockwave after shockwave of raw sexual current through Anne’s body.

“Y-a-a-a-h-h-h! Oh god y-yes!” she cried as she arched her chest toward Jason’s greedy mouth. He moved back and forth between her breasts until she was panting and humping her hips in need.

“Here,” Jack said as he stood and adjusted the erection in his trousers, “Let me show you something. You keep doing what you are doing and I’ll work on her pussy.”

Anne, standing with her head thrown back, legs and arms spread, and chest jutting forward was beyond coherent thought. She felt Jack standing beside her and flinched only slightly as she felt his hands caress her buttocks and proceed down the backs of her thighs and then back up between them. While, Jason continued to punish her nipple with his fingers, tongue and teeth, Jack slowly kneaded the large tendons at the tops of her inner thighs and then brushed his fingers across the now dripping lips of her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32