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Carrie’s heavy breathing developed slowly and steadily into soft moaning and then eventually into loud, persistent groaning, before finally erupting into seemingly endless shrieks and shouts of pleasure. Genelle described the experience of listening to the regular afternoon routine as aural sex. Separated by one thin wall with seemingly no insulation, Genelle was Carrie’s neighbor in a modest duplex located in a complex with dozens of such homes. Carrie seemed to be of similar age to Genelle, who was 24, and the two often talked outside whenever they crossed paths. But a friendship had not developed for whatever reason, despite the two living next to one another for nearly a year.

Genelle was an attractive and athletic young woman, though she stood barely over 5 feet tall. She had milky white skin, short brown hair and large, round brown eyes that seemed to demand attention when you looked at her. She never thought herself to be as pretty as she really was, instead envying women like Carrie who had the traits Genelle lacked. Carrie was a good 7 or 8 inches taller, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and skin that tanned easily. It was no wonder she and her boyfriend (or any one of a few other men her boyfriend didn’t no about, Genelle had noticed) were able to fill that regular late-afternoon time slot with the pleasurable sounds that constantly reminded Genelle of how long it had been since she’d had sex.

Turning on music and trying to occupy herself with other tasks had been Genelle’s initial means of trying to distract her attention from the sound, and she had always been too embarrassed to confront Carrie about it. Lately, though, she had occasionally started giving in to the arousal she felt, inspired by the noises of lustful sex just a few feet away, on the other side of a wall she could probably punch a hole through. At first, she just casually fingered herself over clothes while pretending to watch TV, not wanting to admit that she was masturbating to the sound of her neighbor having sex. Eventually, the finger began sliding into open jeans or under a skirt. One afternoon just over a month ago, Genelle abandoned the denial and gave in completely. By the time Carrie had reached the shrieks and shouts of pleasure, Genelle was naked on her bed except for a t-shirt. The middle finger on her right hand was fully inserted into her vagina while the index finger massaged her labia, and her thumb fondled her clit. Her left hand was under her t-shirt, massaging her sensitive breasts, fingers teasing her hardened nipples. Genelle’s mind was enveloped with the task of pleasing herself, her imagination giving in fully to Carrie’s elated voice. Visions danced through Genelle’s mind while she satisfied her needs – Carrie on her knees, straddling a hungry, faceless man’s mouth, her hips grinding in rhythm to the bobs of the man’s head; Carrie on all fours, another faceless man behind her, thrusting triumphantly in tune to Carrie’s satisfied shouts; Carrie on top of the faceless man, sliding up and down his full, engorged length, while her full breasts bounced erotically. The imagery and the desire and the pent-up need to come led Genelle to perhaps the most forceful orgasm she had ever experienced, though she was still reserved enough to be quiet, not wanting her neighbor to hear.

On this day, masturbating wasn’t enough for Genelle. The arousal began as soon as she saw one of Carrie’s alternate lovers bahis firmaları arrive and knock on the door. Not wanting to acknowledge what she was doing, she listened at the wall, wanting to hear, wanting to experience the pleasure Carrie was experiencing.

Wanting a man, wanting any man, she called the complex’s maintenance man and said she needed help right away with a leak. She’d already hung up the phone by the time she realized what she was doing. Don didn’t look like a movie star by any means, but he wasn’t too old – probably in his 30s – and he was cute enough. Genelle thought Carrie would be fully into the groaning, growing in volume, by the time Don arrived, and that she would be able to use that to seduce Don. Getting into character, she quickly got undressed, wet her hair in the shower and put on a bathrobe over her naked body. She just got out of the shower, she thought. She couldn’t stop a small stream of water running from the shower head. Yes. That would be her story. She manipulated the handle on the shower, to get a small steady flow running, when she heard the knock at the door. Nervous, she panicked and thought about not answering, but then she gained her courage and went to open the door before fear could dissuade her.

Don stood at the door in his dirty jeans and a tight long-sleeve t-shirt. His tool belt was slung low, and he carried a large tool box. “Hi, Genelle,” he said. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” she said. “It’s the bathroom, the shower. The water won’t stop completely.”

“Well, let me take a look,” Don said, “and I’ll see what other tools I may need.” He walked across the apartment toward the bathroom, and Genelle could see him acknowledge the noise coming from Carrie next door. He said nothing, and Genelle felt herself trembling.

“I, uh, I mean, I, um, uh, I apologize, I guess,” Genelle started to say. She could barely control her trembling, her heart racing. “I mean I apologize for next door. It’s pretty distracting.” She stood in the doorway of the bathroom, her leg sliding out slightly from her robe as she held the door frame, watching Don fiddle with the shower.

He looked back at her and quickly caught a glimpse of her leg. “Yes,” he said, smiling. “I imagine it is.”

“It’s tough to think about anything else with that kind of noise next door,” Genelle said, smiling wider, thinking Don looked cuter than she ever thought he was before. Her eyes were fixated on his bottom. Carrie’s cries of pleasure were distinct and unmistakable now.

“Well,” Don said, turning around, then pausing, almost stuttering, as he took in the sound and saw where Genelle was looking. “Yeah, um,” he stammered again. “I think your shower’s OK. I just had to fiddle with the knobs a bit.”

There was a pause as the two looked at each other, Don fixated on Genelle’s eyes, Genelle smiling and standing in the door in such a way that Don couldn’t get through. Finally, Don spoke up.

“I know what you mean,” he said. “It’s tough to think about anything else.”

Genelle was gaining confidence, still trembling, heart still racing, but drunk in her lust and the excitement of the moment. “Do you just want to think about it?” she asked.

“What . . . you mean . . .?” Don smiled.

“Yes, I mean . . .” Genelle said, finally bursting out laughing, as she approached Don and put her hands on his chest, his hands slowly rising up her arms, over kaçak iddaa her shoulders, before he took her face in his hands and kissed her softly. “Not in the bathroom,” she said, pulling away only enough to lead him back to the bedroom, where Carrie’s vocal eruptions were at their loudest. Genelle started to kiss Don again, more passionately this time.

“That doesn’t bother you?” Don said, referring to Carrie.

“No,”Genelle said matter of factly. “It turns me on.” Her tongue slipped into his mouth, and her hands reached hungrily for his crotch, not being subtle at all. She was consumed by lust, and she wasn’t going to spend a lot of time dabbling with gentle foreplay.

Pulling Don back to the bed, taking control, Genelle sat back on the bed, legs apart, her robe flowing open, exposing her vagina, glistening with her own moist drippings. Her pubic hair was long and thick but neatly trimmed in a V shape above her engorged labia. Pulling at him with her hands, as he leaned over still kissing her, she got out the word, “Down.

“Down,” she said. “Down on me.” Her breathing picked up as she quickly untied her robe and pulled her arms out of it, her firm, round breasts now naked before Don, nipples standing erect atop them.

Don eagerly complied, getting low on his knees and taking in the intoxicating aroma of her aroused sex as his fingers massaged her wet lips, spreading them apart as Genelle pulled her legs back further, giving herself to this man she barely knew. Don began first by slowly licking just inside Genelle’s outer lips, eventually separating her inner lips with his tongue, drawing an uncontrollable moan of satisfaction from Genelle, though it was almost completely drowned out by Carrie’s shrieks next door. Don continued to massage Genelle’s pussy with his tongue, entering her, licking her inside, then pulling out and savoring the taste of her cream. He slid his tongue higher, finding Genelle’s clitoris engorged, and he played with it, flicking his tongue across it – back and forth, back and forth – while he began to tease Genelle’s pussy with one finger. Genelle was so wet and so excited the finger slid in easily and quickly, and Don sucked her clit into his mouth, burying his face in her pussy, spread wide. This elicited a yell of pleasure from Genelle who was in ecstasy with Don between her legs and eating her, but she was surprised to realize that, like when she masturbated, it was Carrie’s excited voice and imagined visions of Carrie fucking and being fucked that consumed Genelle’s mind.

Hungrily, Don’s head bobbed up and down as his tongue licked furiously, his mouth sucked relentlessly, and his finger penetrated deep and forcefully while Genelle rocked her hips more and more rapidly as Don’s pace continued to increase. She was fully grinding herself into his face, and so consumed by the lust and the noise and the fantasies of Carrie in her mind, she began to let out her own shouts.

“God, fuck yes!” At the top of her lungs. “Deeper, Don! Eat me, fucking eat me!”

Completely into it, Genelle had released all of her inhibitions. She barely noticed it when, amidst Carrie’s normal shouts of pleasure, she heard Carrie’s voice shout out clearly, almost laughing, “Yes, Genelle! Yes, baby! You get it, Genelle!”

Excitedly hearing these words, but never really leaving her fantasy, Genelle began shouting out Carrie’s name as Don now fingered her with kaçak bahis two fingers and sucked and licked her clit hungrily. “Yes, Carrie, yes!” she was shouting. “Yes, baby, yes! Fuck me!”

On the brink, unable to hold back much longer, Genelle pulled at Don, getting his attention, then she turned around on the bed on all fours, her tight ass high, her pussy dripping wet. “Fuck me, Don,” she said casually. “I want you to explode inside me.”

On the other side of the wall, Carrie was completely into it, getting fucked herself, but shouting to Genelle. “Yes, baby, I want to hear you come, baby!”

Closing her eyes, Genelle felt Don push into her, spreading her pussy wide to take his fully engorged penis. Bucking her hips back into him and moaning, she reached back and found Don’s hand, placing it on her clit, encouraging him to stroke it and fondle it and smack it lightly with his fingers. She was thrusting her ass back into Don now, trying to take as much of his cock as she could as the shouts got louder again.

“Carrie, god, yes, so fucking awesome!” Genelle shouted. “Fuck yes, fuck, fuck, fu-u-u-u-u-u-ck me . . .!”

With the one last, drawn out yell, she stretched her pussy back as far onto Don’s cock as she could, feeling herself begin to writhe in orgasm, pausing, then finally spasming, and fucking rapidly, Don thrusting into her like a madman.

“Yes! Carrie, yes!” Genelle shouted, pounding her hands into the pillows on the bed, bucking like she was trying to buck Don from her, but wanting him ever deeper as he erupted inside her. Hot fluid shot deep within the walls of her pussy as Don moaned and pounded his cock forcefully into Genelle those last few times, letting it all out.

Beyond the wall, Genelle could hear Carrie climaxing and laughing, while Genelle laughed aloud herself, shouting one last time, “Oh, baby, Carrie! Yes!”

Falling to the bed in a heap, Don atop her from behind, Genelle enjoyed the embrace of the strong man with his arms around her and penis still inside her. She smiled and felt Don kiss her gently on the cheek from behind. After a few minutes of this, she looked back at Don and smiled.

“Thank you,” she said. “You have no idea how much you made my day.”

Smiling and satisfied, Don said, “You made mine, Genelle. You made mine. I think I do need to be leaving, though.”

Genelle kissed Don on the mouth softly and passionately, then helped him get dressed before walking him to the door and saying goodbye. After he left, she pulled her robe back tight around her and sat on the couch. She couldn’t stop thinking about Carrie. Don proved to be a great lover, and he had more than satisfied her, but it was Carrie that consumed her thoughts. This confused her and aroused her, but now, in the afterglow of sex, Genelle could only think of how embarrassed she would be the next time she saw Carrie, the way the two had shouted for each other.

Still aroused and growing more embarrassed by the moment, Genelle began to slowly caress herself as she closed her eyes and approached a state of near sleep. It was at this moment, while contemplating how she’d ever be able to face Carrie again, she heard a knock on her door. Genelle’s heart immediately began to race as she tried to gain her composure, wondering who could be there, making sure her robe was about her tight as she approached the door.

Her heart nearly leapt from her chest when she opened the door and found Carrie standing there in tight shorts and a t-shirt, and carrying a bottle of wine with two glasses – and smiling the most beautiful smile Genelle thought she had ever seen . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32