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It was a beautiful, crisp late morning in the late spring and 26-year-old Will Cummings drove through the entrance gate of Sandy Point Beach in Annapolis Maryland. There wasn’t a lot of traffic there and he was surprised. It was the perfect day to be at the beach. The weather was nice, sunny with a good breeze going on.

Will had moved to Prince George’s County after completing an eight-year stint with the Army. He had spent the last four years in Europe doing telecom work and a defense contractor at the Pentagon offered him a six-figure job doing the same thing. It was an easy decision to make. He got out and settled in Landover Maryland.

He was single with no kids so all he had to worry about was himself. He got himself an apartment and fixed it up. His new co-workers were pretty cool to work with and he was enjoying his new job. Now that the weather was warming up, everyone was looking forward to the summer. This little get-together he was headed to was just the start to the summer he needed after the rough German winters.

He found his way to the pavilion where his co-workers were. It was an impromptu barbecue/beach party the bosses threw to keep morale with the team high. Everyone seemed to get along well and was care-free around one another. Will parked his Jeep Wrangler and went in the back to grab his cooler of beer and headed towards the pavilion. Everyone waved at him as he approached.

“Hey Will, I’m glad you could make it.” one White dude said, walking up and shaking Will’s hand. He was Steven and he was Will’s manager. “Put the cooler over there with the other stuff. There’s burgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, just about everything you can grill is here. Dig in.”

Will nodded and took the cooler over. He smiled at a stocky Black dude who came over and gave him some dap. “Wassup bro? I see you made it,” he said. His name was Kevin and he worked alongside Will.

“Yep, I’m here.” Will said with a smile.

“Yeah, it’s nice as hell out here. And it’s not real crowded.” Kevin said. “Go ahead and make yourself a plate. We’re all sitting over at that table.” He pointed off to the side. “We’re listening to this crazy ass nigga with his fuck stories.”

“Fuck stories?” Will repeated in confusion.

“Yeah, you’ll see. Dude is off the Richter. Get your food and come over.” Kevin said.

Will shrugged and went over to the food table and made himself a plate. He grabbed a beer and headed over to the table where a group of guys was sitting and talking shit. Will smiled. Listening to them, you’d think they were at someone’s house party and not a work function. The language was loud and profane.

Will sat down beside Kevin, who laughed raucously. Will shook his head. “Damn man, the boss don’t care if we talk like that around him?” he asked nervously.

“Who, Steven? Shit, he don’t give a fuck. As long as the job gets done and there’s no drama, he don’t care. And as long as it doesn’t go overboard. But we all know what time it is and we look after each other. And him. He’s a good boss.” Kevin replied.

Will nodded. “I see. So who is this nigga at the center of the conversation?” he asked.

“That’s Charles. The dude is a serious slave to his dick. He’s always talking about some pussy that got him in some trouble or some other funny story. The dude is wild, I’m telling you.” Kevin said with a smile.

Will listened in. Charles was talking about a strip club he used to go to in DC and how wild it was. “Yeah man, I was sitting right there by the stage. The chick was up there dancing. And she was fine but I could smell her pussy from a mile away.” he said. “Then the bitch comes over towards me, reaches down and grabs my cap and takes it off. She fanned herself with it and patted it on her stank pussy then handed it back to me. Man I was maaaaaad as FUCK!! I had to hear it from my old lady when I got home!!”

Everyone cackled in laughter, even the females. Will really liked his workmates and this cemented his thoughts. Then someone got real bold. “Hey Charles, what was the best piece of pussy you ever got?” someone asked.

Charles took a swig of his beer and shook his head. “Man, y’all ain’t gonna believe this but I’m gonna tell you anyway,” he said. “The best piece of ass I ever got was from a midget.” Everyone was quiet as a churchmouse and stared at him. Charles just nodded his head and drank his beer. “That’s right, I said it. A muthafuckin midget.”

“Nigga you nasty…” someone said and everyone busted out laughing.

“Hey, front if you want. But I’m for real. That little mufucka was thick with a fat, juicy ass. And I enjoyed it. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.” Charles said.

Will shook his head as he listened. “Is he serious?” he asked Kevin.

Kevin just nodded. “As a heart attack,” he replied.

“He’s crazy.” Will said. “Who’d wanna fuck a midget?”

Kevin shrugged his shoulders. “What do I know? I’m married,” he said.

“Oh yeah? Where’s Wifey?” Will asked.

Kevin pointed to a woman sitting canlı bahis at another table with a group of women. “There she is. Come on, I’ll introduce you.” Will went over and met Kevin’s wife. They all had fun the rest of the time at the beach.

Later on that evening, Will was back home at his apartment. He was having a drink and debating on what to do that night. It was still very nice out and he thought about going for a ride. He thought about some spots he could hit up and hang out at. He didn’t know Maryland that well so he was coming up dry. He was a native of Northern Virginia; having grown up in Woodbridge. Growing up, he had his fun in Virginia and sometimes in DC but never Maryland. That was one of the reasons he moved there when he left Germany. It was a new and exciting land for him.

It was a very welcome change of scenery for him also with all of the chocolate bunnies around. After having been surrounding by White girls for four years, all of the beautiful Black sistas were a welcome sight for him. Will was single and definitely ready to mingle. And he was a good-looking dude, too. He was tall and lean like a basketball player. He kept a fresh haircut with a trimmed mustache. He had a smooth dark chocolate complexion and big bedroom eyes that ladies loved. He had a lot of fun with the women in Germany. He grabbed his keys and jumped in his Jeep to go for a ride.

With his music blasting and alcohol in his system, Will was feeling pretty good. He cruised down the road until he came up on a TGIF Friday’s off to his left. Suddenly a vision of a rack of Jack Daniel’s ribs entered his mind and he became very hungry. He made the left and drove into the restaurant’s parking lot. He parked and came inside. There was a lot of activity going on and the vibe was bumping at the bar. There was a party of some sort going on. Will found a seat at the bar and took in the surroundings.

The bartender came over and asked what he wanted to drink. Will ordered a Shock Top draft and asked for a menu. As the bartender went off to pour his beer, Will watched the goings-on. There was a big party going on in an area off to the side of the bar. Will took it all in with interest. The group was throwing down shots like crazy, well on their way to being bent like clothes hangers. Will wondered what they were celebrating.

The bartender came over with the beer and the menu. “What’s going on over there?” Will asked, nodding his head towards the party table.

The bartender smiled. “Oh yeah. It’s trying to be the beginning of a bachelorette party.” he said. “But the bride-to-be isn’t cooperating. If you ask me, I think they’re trying to convince her not to get married.”

“Really?” Will exclaimed in surprise.

“Yeah.” the bartender said. “They want to take her to this male strip club but she doesn’t want to go. They’re trying to talk her into it.”

Will laughed. “Wow.” he said shaking his head. He ordered a half rack of Jack Daniel’s ribs and fries then turned towards the group and listened to their banter.

“Oh c’mon Beebee, don’t be like that. I had this whole thing planned out. You’re going to wreck it all.” this one girl was crying.

“Yeah Beebee, it’s gonna be lit. You gotta come!!” another woman was saying.

Will couldn’t see who Beebee was but she was obviously the center of attention. Then the song changed and the sounds of Big Sean and Nicki Minaj filled the bar. Suddenly, Will heard a loud HOOOO!! and someone jumped up and went to an open area near the bar. “That’s my shit right there!!” the woman hollered.

Will was instantly captivated. The woman had to be all of 4’6 inches tall. She was wearing a multicolored sundress and wedge sandals. Her skin was a deep cinnamon color and she had long dark curly hair down her back. The dress had to be custom-made because it came down to just above her knees. The little woman began to dance and twerk to the rhythm of the music and Will could’ve sworn she was an exotic dancer the way she moved. The dress looked really good on her, especially the way it bowed out in the back to cover her big wide booty. She had very shapely legs to go with that caboose.

“Oh so now you wanna get lit here huh?” the first woman said, rolling her eyes.

“YESSSSS…” Beebee said, still dancing. “We can have a good time here, eat and take it back to the crib. I don’t need to see no hard dicks in my face like y’all are planning.”

The other four girls at the table got quiet. Beebee squealed in delight and announced she was going to the bathroom. The first girl, whose name was Sheila said she’d go with her. The pair took off for the bathroom. Will started ear-hustling in on the other women’s conversation.

“I told you she wasn’t gonna go for it. We should’ve went with doing the hotel party. We could’ve had Caesar in the room for her and she wouldn’t have any choice but to go through with it.” the second woman seethed. Her name was Tonya. The hotel party was her idea but Sheila and the others shot it down. They said getting a room bahis siteleri was going to be too expensive along with booking the male stripper they had schemed on getting.

After listening for a while, Will surmised that the women didn’t want Beebee to get married. And this wasn’t a standard bachelorette party. Beebee had two weeks before the wedding and her friends just wanted her to get out. It seemed as though Beebee was having second thoughts about getting married because her fiance was a dirty-dick dog. He had only proposed to Beebee because she had caught him cheating. Again.

Meanwhile in the ladies room, Sheila was trying to convince Beebee to change her mind. “Oh please, Beebee… Let’s go. We will have so much fun.” Sheila pleaded.

Beebee put her hands on her hips and looked up at her friend. “Sheila, I know what you’re trying to do and it’s not going to work.” she said.

“What?” Sheila exclaimed, feigning innocence.

“You know what a big freak I am and you want me around all that dick so I’ll go crazy and fuck someone else. Make me forget about Shawn.” Beebee said, narrowing her eyes at her.

Sheila shrugged her shoulders and grinned. “I plead the 5th.” she said. “But tell me, would that be such a bad thing? You know you shouldn’t marry Shawn. He wouldn’t have ever proposed to you if you hadn’t busted him. You know that.”

Beebee sighed and slowly nodded. She knew her friend was right but she loved Shawn. However, the man was a whore at heart and she didn’t know how much longer she could put up with his whorish ways. “I need to get drunk. Keep me here and let’s drink. I have a lot on my mind.” She headed for the bathroom door. Her hopes buoyed, Sheila smiled and followed Beebee back to their table.

Will had his food and was munching quietly while he listened in on the ladies’ conversation. He saw Beebee and Sheila make their way back over to the table. Sheila ordered another round of tequila shots. Will finished his plate and continued watching. His eyes met with the party girl and he raised his glass to her with a smile. Beebee toasted him back and grinned. The other women clanged their shot glasses and everyone tossed back their drinks. They put down their glasses and Beebee’s eyes once again met Will’s. She jumped down from her chair and made her way over to the bar. She climbed up on the stool next to Will’s and smiled. Will smiled back.

“Well hello there.” he greeted smoothly. “I saw your twerk dance earlier. You do that like a professional.”

Beebee grinned. “I have a pole at home I practice on.” she stated.

“Oh I’ll bet your man loves that.” Will inquired on the sneak.

Beebee rolled her eyes and shook her head. She held out her hand. “My name is Beebee. And you are?” she asked.

“Will.” Will answered and shook her hand. “It is very nice to make your acquaintance.”

“Likewise.” Beebee said. “Are you waiting for someone?”

Will shook his head. “No, I’m just here to grab a bite and have a couple of beers. I live not too far from here.” he said.

“Oh okay.” Beebee said with a smile.

“I heard someone is getting married.” Will continued. “Congrats.”

“Yeah maybe. Still not sure.” Beebee said.

“Well, you have a wedding date right? What, you’re having second thoughts?” Will asked.

Beebee sighed. “Let’s just say that I don’t believe my fiance had pure intentions when he proposed to me.” she said.

Will frowned. “I don’t understand.” he said.

“Well, I came home one day and saw my fiance leaving out in his car. I was curious as to where he was going so I followed him at a discreet distance. He never saw me.” Beebee said. Will nodded. “I followed him to a nearby motel. I watched him get a key and go to the room. Then I waited for a while and knocked on the door.”

“You busted him?” Will asked, his eyes big.

Beebee nodded. “He swore he’d never do it again. I had busted him cheating once before and forgave him. It was really hard for me to do it again this time. So he proposed to me.” she said.

Will frowned. “Not a good way to start off your life together.” he said.

“I know.” Beebee said softly, a forlorn look in her eyes. She wa quiet for a minute then she turned and waved at her friends. “They don’t want me to marry him. They love me and they just want me to be happy.” she said.

“If you marry him, will you be happy?” Will asked sincerely.

Beebee took a long time to answer then slowly shook her head. Will waved to the bartender. The bartender came over and Will order a shot of Cuervo for himself and Beebee and a round of whatever her friends were drinking. “On me.” he said. The bartender went off to get the drinks. When he came back he sat the two shots in front of them. He put the other drinks on a serving platter. Will grabbed it and went over to the table where the girls sat. “Drinks on me ladies.” he announced. They all cheered.

Will came back over and sat down by Beebee. They raised their glasses. “Here’s to not thinking about that bahis şirketleri whole situation right now. It’s a beautiful night and it’s meant to be enjoyed. Cheers.” he said. Beebee quickly downed her shot and so did Will.

Beebee flashed a million-dollar smile at Will. “Thank you. I’m going back over to my girls. You can come join us if you’d like.” she said sweetly. She jumped down off the stool and waved at him as she walked back over to her friends’ table. All Will heard from there was a bunch of ‘girl who is he’. Will laughed.

He watched the little woman scoot up onto her seat and thought about what his co-worker Charles said. He had to admit that Beebee was sexy as fuck. He wondered what her fiance was thinking by cheating on her. He then began to wonder what she was like in bed. She was very pretty with her cinnamon-hued skin tone. Big beautiful brown eyes and full lips on a sensuous mouth just oozed sex appeal. He pictured what she would look like in a bikini. Even though her arms were small, she looked pretty busty in her dress. Her legs were very curvy in her little wedge sandals. And that ass… “WHEW” he thought.

And then there was her voice. Will was shocked at how turned on he was by her voice. It was a rich, mature, sensuous voice; thick and sweet like cold Karo corn syrup. Will’s nature began to rise thinking about it all. He looked up and saw the ladies all waving at him and telling him to come over. He got up to make his way over to their table.

“Hi Will. Thanks again for the drinks.” Sheila said sweetly. “It’s our turn now. What are you drinking?”

“Cuervo.” Will replied.

“Okay then, so are we!!” Sheila shouted and waved. Another round of drinks were ordered and they all laughed and had fun. Will noticed Beebee was giving him some very lecherous looks and he smiled to himself.

After another hour, everyone was toasted. Beebee especially. She then took on a very melancholy look and went over to the bar again. Sensing something was wrong, Will came over and sat down on the stool next to her. He looked at her and saw the sadness in her eyes. “What’s wrong, Beebee?” he asked.

“The party is winding down but I don’t wanna go home. I don’t want to go there and be wondering where my fiance is if he isn’t home or being around him if he’s there.” she lamented.

Will frowned. “So what do you want to do?” he asked.

“Can we go to your place?” Beebee asked hopefully.

Will’s eyes got big. “Really? Uhhh, sure.” he said.

Beebee smiled. “Let me talk to my girls.” she said. She got down off the bar stool and scampered off to talk to her friends.

Will continued to sit at the bar and watched as Beebee talked to Sheila and Tonya. He could see that her friends were uncomfortable with Beebee leaving the bar with a perfect stranger but she assured them she was fine. They could watch her leave with him and they could get his license plate number. Sheila and Tonya was fine with that idea. Beebee came back over to Will and smiled. “Come on, let’s go.” she said.

She looked back and winked at Sheila and Tonya as they left the restaurant. Sheila and Tonya ran for the door and looked out as Will opened the passenger door of his Jeep and helped Beebee in. He waved at the two women as he went and got in on the driver’s side. Sheila waved back with a smile and Tonya took a pic of Will’s Jeep with her phone.

Neither of them said anything much on the way back to Will’s apartment. There were just nervous smiles of anticipation. Beebee was thinking about her fiance but was bothered that she felt no guilt about going home with Will. As wthey pulled into the parking lot of Will’s apartment building, Beebee lightly touched Will’s hand.

“Will…” she started and looked at him.

“Yes Beebee.” Will answered.

“I don’t feel guilty about being here with you.” she stated softly. “Does that make me a bad person? I mean, I am engaged.”

Will smiled. The fact that she was even thinking this way showed that she had a good heart. Her fiance just had burned her one too many times. “No, I don’t believe you are a bad person. Maybe you’re right and your fiance isn’t the right one for you. He has hurt you more than a few times. If he truly loved you, he wouldn’t do that.” he told her. She seemed to accept his answer but Will could see that she still was a bit unsure. “Hey…” he said putting his hand on hers. “I can take you home if you want.”

Beebee shook her head vehemently. “No, let’s go inside.” she said.

Will smiled and got out of the truck. He went around and opened her door, helping her down to the ground. They walked into the apartment building. The elevator ride, like the drive home, was quiet. Will led Beebee to his door and smiled at her as he opened. He welcomed her inside.

Will turned on the lights and Beebee admired the surroundings. Will’s apartment was neat, clean, and organized but with just a smidge of messy. There were a few clothes laying across the couch. Will gathered them up and held on to them. He went into the kitchen. “Would you like a drink?” he offered.

Beebee shook her head. “No thanks. Well maybe some water.” she said, changing her mind. Will got her a glass of icewater and they sat down on the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32