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My name is Crystal and I rent a room in a beautiful old Victorian house. Talon is the owner of the house and has been trying to rent out one of his rooms for some cash. Because he is a cop, finding a tenant has been a little hard for him.

Talon has been a cop for 10 years and is an average guy. He stands at 6′, 210lbs, 36 year old, brown hair, brown eyes, nicely built, with an imposing persona, but a smile that can melt ice. When I first met him, he was dressed in his uniform. I was a little hesitant to live with a cop, just like all others. But, his offer was too good to pass up.

During the interview and then the house tour, Talon was always smiling, flirting and constantly checking me out. He tried to be subtle, but I saw him adjust himself quickly a few times. I had to admit I liked his attention, it was not everyday I had a guy look at me with such blatant lust. I am a very voluptuous girl with an amazing hourglass figure that some men drool over. I am 30 years old and stand at 5’8″, 280lbs, and a size 24 dress. But as much as I wanted to start something with him I also wanted a problem free landlord/tenant relationship, so I kept it friendly and played dumb.

The room that I moved into is huge with a private bathroom and balcony. Talon fixed this old Victorian place up when he inherited it from his aunt. He combined rooms to make 3 large bedrooms. The house was completely renovated from top to bottom. It had everything that I could want, and the rent was low. The house was kept clean by a housekeeper that stopped by twice a week. That was also part of the rent, including all the utilities. The only thing I had to pay out of pocket was any personal items that I wanted.

It was maybe 3 months after I moved into my new home that I started dating Eaton, a biker that I met at a bar. We hit it off and have been seeing each other for about 2 months. Eaton is a very good looking guy, I always had this thing for bad boys and he is a real bad boy. Everything between us is great except sex. I hate having sex with him. He just loves hurting me. He is so rough with me that I have bruises all over my body. He really enjoys hearing me beg him to stop. He has the largest cock I have ever seen and he uses it as a battling ram. After 2 months of pain, I finally decide to break up with him.

I invite Eaton to my house for dinner so we can talk. I knew Talon will be home late so we will not be disturbed. I am hoping it will go smoothly and he will understand.

After dinner I do my best to explain what he has been doing to me. He does not seem to listen; he just wants to fondle my already aching breasts from the nights before. He is acting like a real dick and I am tired of being nice. I couldn’t take it, I just exploded.

‘Eaton, are you even listening to me?’ I scream.

‘Crystal, I’m sorry. Why don’t we go upstairs and I will make it up to you with my tongue.’ He smiles and stretches his hand out to touch my arm.

‘You have not heard one word I said, I’m not interested; I don’t want to be with you anymore.’

‘What?’ he stares at me with anger and clenched fists.

‘I told you so many times that I do not enjoy sex with you. I am in pain and you get off on hurting me.’

‘Are you joking with me?’ he is staring at me as though he is ready to pounce.

‘I’m very sorry. But I can’t pretend to enjoy sex with you. I am in pain for days; I am sore and bruised everywhere. I can barely sit or walk. I just can’t do it anymore. It’s over.’ He looks so angry. I back away from him and hope he will not do anything stupid.

‘I say when it’s over, not you.’ He starts walking towards me then stops, turns around and storms out thru the front door.

I lean against the doorway in the hall to steady myself. He can be very scary sometimes. Fear of Eaton and what he still might do made me sick and to top it all off my body is sore and bruised from previous nights of so called “sex”. All I can think about is getting into a hot bath and into my comfortable bed. I turn around to head for the stairs and collide straight into Talon’s chest and outstretched arms. He is in his uniform, he must have just arrived.

‘Are you okay Crystal? I heard you and Eaton arguing.’

‘You heard that? I’m sorry; I did not know you were home.’ I pull away from his hands that are embracing me tightly. Now I know why Eaton left so quickly, he must have seen Talon.

‘I just got in and heard you two, did something happen?’

‘I broke it off with him and he did not take it too well. Anyway, Eaton is my problem not yours. I’m tired, I just want to take a bath and get into bed, Good Night Talon.’ He steps away from the stairs to let me pass. I grab the rail and start up. I wince as my foot hits the first step. The friction of my inner thighs against my swollen and battered pussy sends a painful jolt thru my body.

‘You’re in pain, what’s wrong? Where does it hurt?’ Talon grabs my elbow to steady me.

‘I’m fine, I think I over did it at the store yesterday.’ I lie but not too convincingly. ‘I just need a bahis firmaları bath and a good night’s sleep.’ I head up to my room as quickly as I can.

‘Let me bring you some hot milk after your bath. It will help you relax and you will sleep better.’

‘Sure, that would be great. Thank you.’

I am so relieved that Talon did not ask too many questions. I know he does not quite believe the store excuse. But, all I want is to bathe and sleep, I will deal with Talon’s questions at another time.

I spend the next hour soaking in a large bathtub, enjoying the hot water and the bubbles. My body began to relax and my pussy and ass is not as raw. Eaton really did a number on me, his cock is very large and very thick; it felt like I was being fucked by a baseball bat. I try not to think about Eaton as I soap my body up and examine the bite marks on my breasts and the black and blue marks that are on my arms and thighs. I really hate Eaton for doing this to me. My pussy and ass have hickies that are deep purple. Just touching my pussy to wash is painful. I step out of the bathtub, wrap myself in a large towel and head for my bed. I am almost done with putting lotion on my feet when there is a knock on my door.

‘Crystal may I come in? I have your warm milk.’

‘Wait a minute, I’m almost dressed.’ I quickly put on my long cotton pajamas to make sure Talon does not see any bruises or marks. ‘Okay, come in.’ I jump into bed and cover up.

‘Hey, how are you doing?’ He walks in carrying a glass of milk.

‘I’m good and ready for bed. Thank you for the milk, you did not have to get it. I’m so tired; I think I would have fallen asleep without it.’

‘Milk always makes me feel good.’ he hands me the glass and watches as I take a few sips.

‘Mmmmmm it tastes good, a little sweet.’

‘Do you want to talk about what happened earlier between you and Eaton?’

‘Look, I know you want to help, but there really is nothing to talk about.’ I look away and continue drinking my milk. I start to feel warm and very relaxed.

‘I’m worried about you; I overheard you and Eaton fighting. You should have said something. You could barely walk up the stairs, please let me help you. Can you show me what he did to you?’ He was concerned and genuinely hurt that I do not ask him for help. But how can I tell him, it’s so embarrassing.

‘I am very tired. Please leave me be. I want to go to bed.’ I start to yawn. I begin to feel so sleepy; I did not realize I was so tired, I guess the bath and the milk did work. I give the empty glass back to Talon and slide under the covers. I can not keep my eyes open. I don’t think I even said good night to Talon, I just feel myself being pulled into deep sleep.

The next morning I wake up very late, the clock on my nightstand displays 11:00AM. My head feels so heavy and groggy. It takes me sometime to focus and to get my bearings. I do not understand why I feel so weird. I have to be at work by 12:00PM and I am still in bed. I quickly get up, only to fall back down on my bed. My head is spinning and my vision will not focus. The door of my room creaks open and I sit up very carefully.

‘Crystal, are you up?’ Talon inquires from the doorway.

‘Yes, I am, I have such a headache and I’m running late for work.’ I stand up carefully and head for the bathroom.

‘Why don’t I get you some coffee and aspirins while you get ready?’

‘Thanks.’ I shout from the bathroom. It took me a little more time to get ready. But I am all dressed when Talon knocks on the door again.

‘Can I come in? I have some coffee, toast and aspirin.’

‘Sure, I’m all ready. I hate to eat and run, but I do not want to be late.’ I take a bite of the toast and a sip of the coffee and pop the pills, I quickly run out of the house with Talon right behind me.

‘Crystal wait, I want to talk to you. There is something I want to tell you.’

‘I can’t talk, I’m late.’ I get into my car and drive off.

It is 12:05PM when I walk thru the door of the Woman’s Fashion Outlet. My friend Ilona quickly runs up to me.

‘What happened? You don’t look so good.’ Ilona starts with the questions already.

‘Nothing’ I brush her off and head for the time clock. I hate to be rude to my friend. But, I am not in the mood to answer her questions.

For the next 3 hours I try not to think about last night or the horrible headache that still plagues me. My body is still soar, but I am also in a state of arousal that I can not quite explain. My mind tries to focus on the strange dreams that I had. But I am unable to put anything together to really give me a full picture of what I dreamt about. My dreams seem like random events that have no real direction. I take my 20 minute break at the employee lounge. As soon as I am alone, I stand by the full length mirror and pull my shirt up. The bruises and bite marks on my breasts and hands are still deep purple. My arousal has not subsided and I can not understand why. I flick my sore nipples a few times and a shiver runs thru my body.

The kaçak iddaa door to the lounge swings open and my friend Ilona walks in. I quickly pull my shirt down and hope she does not see anything. She walks over to me with a look of concern on her face.

‘Crystal, what is going on with you?’

‘Nothing, I broke up with Eaton.’ I start to play with my hair and fix my blouse. Ilona places her hand on my back and pats me in a consoling affectionate way.

‘I’m so sorry to hear that. He is a jerk, you deserve someone better. Someone who will love you, adore you and worship you.’ As her words trail off I feel her hand move down to my backside and she shifts so her breasts press into my side.

‘What are you doing?’ I jump back and away from her touch.

‘Nothing, there is lint on your back. I took it off.’ She shows me a white string dangling from her fingers. She rolls it up in a ball and drops it on the floor.

‘Oh…I’m sorry; I guess I’m a little high strung. I thought you were feeling me up.’ I start twisting my hands and look at my feet feeling my skin heating up and turning red from embarrassment.

‘Don’t worry about it. It’s just lint. Even if I was copping a feel, did it really feel that bad? If you want to talk about last night, just let me know, we can go and grab a drink, and you can vent.’ She smiles at me and walks out of the lounge.

‘Thanks’ I yell out to her. I know she showed me the lint but it felt like she was copping a feel. Ilona and I have been friends for some time she is a very beautiful full figured girl; she is 25 about 5’9, 210lbs, long blond hair, white creamy skin, and beautiful deep blue eyes. Sometimes I catch her staring at me and it just feels so strange.

She always looks at me like she is undressing me with her eyes. She never talks about anyone she is dating, and I could swear she finds a reason to be near me or to touch me with silly excuses of lint, hair, or makeup. At the same time she never propositions me when we are at work or when we go out for drinks. There is something odd about her. I can’t pin it down, but I know she is not like everyone else.

I look at the clock, if I don’t get back to work I will have bigger problems then who felt my ass or figuring out Ilona. My next break is not for another two hours. I only hope the rest of the day will go smoothly. It is my turn to be the cashier; it really makes the day go fast. For the next hour and half I actually manage to relax somewhat and not look at every guy and think about fucking him. I can not understand why I’m so horny.

It is almost 6:00pm when I see Talon dressed in his uniform walk thru the doors and head for my register. I have a long line of customers who I need to get thru before I can take my dinner break. I am a little surprised to see him here, he never stops by. All the customers are looking at him and me, and I can see them trying to guess what I did for an officer to come here to the store to talk to me.

‘Hi! What are you doing here?’ I ask him, still continuing my work with the customers.

‘I was wondering if we could talk. I wanted to do this at the house this morning but you ran out so quickly. Can you come outside so we can talk, it’s very important.’ He said the last few words in a hushed voice. I could see the customers straining to hear him and the employees are staring at us.

‘I go on my break in about 20 minutes, can you wait a little?’ I do not like his tone.

‘Okay, I will be in my cruiser outside.’ He smiles at me, but that did not ease my worries.

‘I will be out very soon.’ I watch as he walks to his car.

He lights a cigarette and runs his free hand thru his hair. He looks worried. I hope he won’t evict me from the house. The whole Eaton situation was really bad. I finish up with my last customer and head out to Talon. He leans over to the passenger door and unlocks it for me. I slide next to him and prepare myself for the eviction.

‘You want something to drink or eat? I know this is your dinner break, so I brought you sandwich and a coke.’ He gives me the brown bag with the contents.

‘I rather have a cigarette. So what is so important that it can not wait?’ I take the pack that is on the dashboard and light one up.

‘I know why you had a headache and could not get up this morning.’ He takes a drag from his cigarette and blows it out. ‘Please, just hear me out before you get mad and storm out.’ He turns to me and looks at my face for a reaction.

‘That does not sound good, but I promise to listen.’ My heart is starting to race. I am afraid to know.

‘I’m sure you know that I have feelings for you. I care a great deal about you. I really hope you consider me a close friend and talk to me about your problems. Honestly, I was jealous as hell that you started dating Eaton. But I knew it would not last. He does not deserve someone like you. So when you two broke up, I won’t lie, I was happy. But when you dismissed me and my concern for you, I knew I had to do something. The milk you drank last night was kaçak bahis laced with sleeping pills and sugar. I drugged the milk, I’m so sorry for doing that, but you gave me no other choice.’

‘Oh My God, No!’ I close my eyes and bury my face in my hands trying to grasp what he just said to me.

‘I am so sorry, I wanted to tell you this morning, but you ran out so quickly.’

‘Why would you do that to me? I trusted you.’ I glare at him.

‘When I came home last night I overheard all the details of your fight with Eaton and when I wanted to see what he done, you would not let me, you pushed me away. I was very worried. Also, I had a feeling he might come back that night. I was right; he came back around 1:00am. I caught him trying to climb into your window. He won’t bother you again; I had him arrested for breaking and entering.’ He looks at me and waits for me to say something.

‘Oh God, it was not a dream then. The sirens that were in my dream were actually at the house. I had other weird dreams; I’m hoping that they are just dreams. Is there anything else I should know?’ I ask with an angry tone.

‘When things settled down and I returned to your room to see how you were. I wanted to see what he did to you. I just wanted to check that you were not hurt. I saw how painful it was for you to walk up the stairs. So…I took off your pajamas and just examined you. When I saw those bruises, bite marks, and your raw skin I wanted to kill him.’ He looks down on the floor.

‘Was that it? You just examined me?’ I ask in a very soft hush voice. I am so embarrassed that he saw all of me naked.

‘Well, when I touched your breasts to see the bite marks you started to moan, god you have no idea how hard I got when I heard you moan. I just wanted a little taste, I knew what I was doing was immoral, but I just could not help it. I started to suck on your nipples and you started to moan even louder. Please understand, I finally had you there naked in front of me, and you were moaning because I was touching you not because Eaton was touching you. You have no idea how I hated hearing you cry out his name when he touched you or fucked you. I wanted to smash that door open when I heard you two together.’ He lights up another cigarette and I can see he is not done.

‘I want to know everything, leave nothing out.’ I start to put all the pieces of my dreams together and why I was and still am aroused and crave to have a cock between my legs.

‘The more you moaned the harder I got. I finally managed to get enough strength to pull myself of your breasts, only to see your hand buried between your legs. I told myself I was just going to quickly look to make sure you were not too bruised. I move your hand away and spread your legs open and parted your swollen lips. The first thing I noticed were the hickeys that were all over your pussy. I felt so angry at myself that I did not do anything about Eaton earlier. I guess those cries that I heard from your room late at night with Eaton were not all about pleasure?’ He looks at me with a questioning stare.

‘Honestly, there was very little pleasure with Eaton. Even when he tried to give me pleasure he still hurt me. Keep going I want to hear everything.’ I really do not want hear his confession. But, I know I have to. I chuck my half smoked cigarette. My stomach is in knots and I feel sick.

‘Well…I knew I should just take a tissue and wipe the silky film that is all over your pussy and dress you back up. But, I just wanted a little taste of your pussy. The second I stuck my tongue into your hole I knew there was no way of stopping me. Nothing was going to pull me away from your pussy lips. I sucked on your clit and you just spasmed in my mouth and I felt your juices just gush. Hearing you moan and plead in your sleep was amazing. I fucked you pussy and your ass with my tongue and fingers till I was ready to pass out. I came in my boxers two times without even touching myself. I swear I did not think it was even possible to cum without touching oneself. I knew that I could not continue this for along time. You were still raw and in pain. I had to stop. I finally pulled my head out from between your legs and went into the bathroom to get a hand towel. I cleaned you up and dressed you back up. I left your room just to change into clean boxers. For the rest of the night I stayed in the room with you and watched you sleep. I just kept thinking how I was going to explain everything I have done to you tonight. Honestly, I am so sorry that I took advantage of your situation. I could not help myself; you have no idea how beautiful you are. When I had you naked it was like every fantasy I had was coming true. When you left this morning I returned to your room and took the panties you wore last night and jerked off thinking about you. I am so fucked up, I know. I am very sorry. Please, I beg you to forgive me.’ He finally finishes and looks at me in a pleading way.

After he finished his confession my body felt like it was ripped into shreds, I cannot holdback the tears that are already so close. The tears just pour from my eyes and down my cheeks. I do not know how to react, I feel violated, turned on and flattered all at the same time. I honestly do not know what to do or what to say to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32