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Welcome to the Big House. It’s a brothel specializing in the pleasures of people who like large black women. Yes, for every fetish, there is someone who digs it. At Madame Phyllis House, we specialize in providing the sexual powers and services of large black women for the gentleman or occasional lady who likes them and is willing to pay to get their needs and curiosity satisfied. The story that follows is a tale of one night at the Big House. Though it may seem a bit extreme, for us it’s just business as usual.

Our first visitor for the evening is this gentleman named John. He’s a tall, good-looking black man in his thirties. We’ve done some research on him. He works as a lawyer in the city of Boston. He’s married to a woman named Emily, she’s a police officer in the big city. They don’t have any offspring together. We’ve profiled him as a straight-laced married man looking for something a bit different from what he is normally used to. For what he specified, we are charging three hundred dollars for the evening.

We let this gentleman in the hands of Nancy and Nadine. Nancy and Nadine are some of our top notch employees. Nancy is a six-foot-one, large black woman with a chubby body, a rather plain face but large breasts and a forty-inch bubble butt. This dame once worked as a paralegal but now, she works for us. Nancy identifies as mainly heterosexual but doesn’t mind getting with another female if that’s what the client wants. We think she’s bisexual but what do we know? Her partner is Nadine, a tall and chunky black woman with a shaved head and some prison tattoos. Nadine once robbed a bank with her friends and did time for it. We’ve hired her because she’s a sex addict who also happens to be perfectly willing to exploit her skills to make some dough.

Okay, now that introductions are out of the way, let’s let the fun begin. Nadine and Nancy led John into a back room for a little fun. We’ve got the whole canlı bahis thing on camera. For the safety of our clients, our workers and the establishment, all encounters are always recorded. That’s just good business. Though some of our employees may have a shady past, none of them are psychos. Every six months, the establishment sends a psychologist to do some testing. If our workers become a danger to themselves or others, we’ve got to let them go. It just wouldn’t be good for business to do anything else. That’s just the name of the game.

John and the two large black women stepped into the room and got naked, then the action began. The gentleman voiced his wishes. He lay on the bed, naked and watched as Nadine and Nancy began making out. The two large black women rubbed their fleshy bodies together. Playfully, they wrestled and then began to lick each other all over. John watched, stroking himself as the two of them moved about, doing their thing.

Nadine got on top of Nancy and caressed her breasts while kissing her. In front of John’s amazed eyes, Nadine began to finger Nancy’s pussy. Nancy moaned as the other big girl began to explore her flesh. Nadine always had a knowing touch and Nancy always responded to it. The girl was good at what she did! Nadine went down to Nancy’s pelvis and began to give the other girl’s labia a good licking down. Soon, Nancy was crying out in sheer pleasure. Nadine looked at her, smiling as she pleasured her co-worker.

Next, the action intensified between the two of them. Nancy put on a strap on harness complete with a large black dildo and Nadine got on all fours, shaking her plump butt for all the world to see. Nancy positioned herself behind the big girl and spread her butt cheeks. Then, she pressed the dildo against Nadine’s back door, and pushed. Nadine howled when she felt the huge dildo slide right up her ass. She loved getting fucked but hated it when Nancy had the dildo. bahis siteleri The girl just wasn’t sensitive. She grabbed Nadine by the hips and thrust into her, hard and deep. Nadine’s eyes bulged as Nancy fucked her, hard, for the next ten minutes.

John watched, masturbating as the two big black women went at it. Next, he joined them. First, Nancy and Nadine gave our man one hell of a blowjob. Nancy sucked his cock while Nadine licked his balls. Nancy fingered his butt hole while sucking him, something he didn’t seem to mind. He said something to Nadine who grabbed a bottle of lube and some condoms. The action got a bit more intense over the next few moments.

Nancy got on all fours and John came up behind her. First, he licked her asshole and then slid his cock inside her. He held her by the hips and thrust into her, pumping his hard cock up her fat ass. Nancy fingered her pussy while John fucked her in the ass. Meanwhile, Nadine watched, fingering her pussy and licking her fingers. The sight of a black man fucking her large black female friend was very much a turn on. John continued to fuck the hell out of Nancy for several minutes, then he came and pulled out.

Proving that he had a lot of sexual stamina and masculine prowess, our man John was ready for round two. Nadine got on all fours and spread her butt cheeks, and John spread her butt hole wide open, and spat in it before sticking his cock down there. He slammed his cock deep inside Nadine’s asshole. Nadine whimpered. John fucked her hard, shoving his cock deep into her most forbidden depths. He was plundering her anal cavity like there was no tomorrow. He fucked her hard, until he came.

Once he came, our man lay on the bed, seemingly sated. But he wasn’t done with the two large black women yet. He said something to them which they gladly complied to. Nadine sucked on John’s cock while Nancy greased up his asshole with lubricant before sliding bahis şirketleri a dildo into it. Nancy smiled as she worked the dildo into the black man’s ass. John leaned back and relaxed, seeming to enjoy himself. While Nadine sucked his cock and Nancy fucked his ass with the dildo, he didn’t say anything. Hell, he had a serene look on his face.

Next, it was Nadine’s turn to fuck the black man in the ass with the dildo. The large black woman fucked him good, shoving the dildo deep inside his ass. John gasped as Nadine shoved the dildo inside him. Thank the sky for lube! While Nadine fucked him, Nancy sucked on his cock. The two large black women worked him over so much that he came for who knows how many times that night.

Later, they pulled a train. John came up behind Nadine, who wore the strap on dildo and eased it into Nancy’s asshole. While Nadine shoved the dildo into Nancy’s ass, John shoved his cock into Nadine’s ass. Nadine had previously placed a butt plug inside John’s ass. While he was fucking her ass and she fucked Nancy’s, John was also getting a taste of his very own medicine. They went at it like this, hard cocks, both plastic and real, digging through tight assholes and making their owners scream with pleasure. It was one of the most perverse yet erotic things ever.

A large black woman fucked a black man with a dildo. That same black man fucked yet another large black woman in the ass, shoving his cock deep into her back door. They fucked and sucked the night away, leaving each others assholes gaping at the end of it. Dicks and dildos had done their work on these assholes and their owners were going to have trouble sitting down the next day.

Like we said before, though this may seem disturbing to many, it’s just another business day for us. Although John had trouble walking the next morning and Both Nadine and Nancy couldn’t sit down the next day, all three of them enjoyed the night and John certainly considered it to be money well spent. The night is coming back again, and some man or woman is coming to the Big House. They want something they can’t get anywhere else and we’re the ones who can give it to them!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32