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Thirty-nine…39…thirty-fucking nine. Standing before the mirror in my bathroom I did a complete inspection; looking for new defects. Two hours each evening running on the beach or working-out at the gym seemed to have kept my 38-26-36 figure in decent enough shape. Of course, having never had children helped more than a bit. I suppose that I could be thankful for that one benefit of the infertility, which had eventually ended my fifteen year marriage. My face though gave absolutely no hint as to the ever present passing of time that heralded such a monumental occasion as my thirty-ninth birthday. But examining myself closer in the mirror, I discovered more than a couple of grey hairs hidden among the blond.

Looking out the bathroom window to the sunny Southern California beach even in late November, I brought my coffee cup to my lips and took another sip of the refreshing hot liquid. Closing my eyes to savour the flavour of the rich, black sweetness, I swallowed. I inhaled deeply reminding myself that it was just another day; that there were nine-hundred-eighty-two young lives and minds counting on me.

After the bitter divorce, I was determined to break out of the rut, which had become my life. Almost on a dare, I had accepted the invitation of an old college friend to stay with her for a while in Long Beach. Within a month, I had been offered the job of principal at San Jose de Tomas Elementary. It was an older edifice in a run-down and sometimes volatile mixed racial area of town. About twenty-five percent of students qualified as ESL (English as Second Language) and a full 93% were free lunch.

My friend, Bev, had thought I was crazy for accepting the offer. She felt if I waited I could find something else in a white middle-class area; something safer. But how could I explain that every child I kept in school or gave a degree of hope was my penitence for the ones I would never bring into the world or suckle at my breast. So I took the job, found a two-bedroom apartment on the edge of the neighbourhood, which would offer me relative safety and this breath-taking view of the Pacific Ocean.

I reached for my cell as it rang. Well think of the Devil: Bev. “Yes, Beverly…”

“I hope you don’t have any plans for tonight. It’s your birthday, girl. And I have it all covered…BIG plans,” her south Texas twang rang in my ears.

Bev and I had been friends since the first day of college at our mid-sized Baptist university. We had both been education majors and shared at least one class each semester for the next four years. It was a case of opposites attracting. I was blond, girl next-door and conservative. Bev was tall, stylish and as wild as a buck as the saying goes.

“I’m not sure I am ready for anything that you call BIG.”

“Well somebody has to think of your virtue…Not,” she chuckled.

“I have a couple of teacher’s conferences after school today. When did you want to meet?” I knew better than to prolong the argument when I needed to finish getting ready for work; besides I knew Bev would win in the end anyway.

“Good girl. I knew you would see it my way. I’ll pick you up at nine.”

And like that she rang off; leaving me to wonder just what I had gotten myself into.

I was still wondering as we drove fast up the 10 Freeway; out of Los Angeles and towards the Valley. “Tell me again where we are going, Bev,” I plead.

“Just a party with some friends of mine. My special birthday present to you…that you will never forget,” she proclaimed as we took an off-ramp to a rather new and nice development.

I let it drop then as the radio blasted out old 80’s tunes as we took turn after turn that took us deeper into the middle-class enclave. She finally brought her BMW to a stop in front of the rather impressive looking two-story stucco home. After checking her immaculate make-up in the mirror over her visor, she turned to me. Grabbing the edges of my black cocktail dress, she tugged until even more of my 38d’s were revealed. “That’s better,” she pronounced practically dragging me up the side-walk to the door and ringing the bell.

The door opened to a rather striking Marilyn Monroe look-alike. She reached out and hugged Bev as if they were the closest of friends, before turning her smile on me. “And this must be the birthday girl. I’m Shelley. Welcome to my home.” She purred as she stepped back and ushered me into a well decorated and immaculate reception area. “Can I get you ladies something to drink?” she inquired as she led us down a hall into a huge kitchen and family area.

The rooms were filled with about a dozen handsome black men. Various ages. Various sizes. Various shades of brown. And various degrees of dress…and undress. At least two wore nothing other than their tight boxer briefs and one older black man was comfortably lounging completely naked on the couch.

Following my shocked expression, my hostess walked…sashayed was more like it…across the room to curl herself against the naked man. “Rachel, this canlı bahis şirketleri is my husband, Ray.”

I nodded politely as if I was accustomed to greeting new people naked every day. I then grabbed Bev’s hand and pulled her back towards the hall, which we had come through earlier. “What the fuck?” I exclaimed; getting my point across by using language I would normally never choose. And she knew it.

Laughing softly, “You haven’t gotten laid since the divorce; almost a year now. And from what I hear; it wasn’t that good then. So you need to get some cock before you forget you are a woman.” I was not stupid enough to argue that point with her. “But not this…ORGY,” I spat accusingly.

“Yes and it is not an orgy. Those are only the second Fridays of the month,” she explained as if that made perfect sense. “Shelly and I personally picked every last one of those guys for you; and yes I mean personally. And don’t get all puritanical on me. You may live like a nun, but this girl gots needs. And I take care of them regularly.” Looking at me over the edge of her cocktail, “And you should too. Everyone here is clean, safe and professional. Hell, you might see teachers you know at some of the parties. Doctors, lawyers, actors, ball players, all walks of life. And every last one is a gentleman through and through. So make you a deal. I am going to get laid. You can watch TV in the den if you want, but I am not driving home until the itch between my legs gets scratched…GOOD.” Handing me her empty glass then, “I suggest you find something you like and do the same.” Then she grabbed my hand and drug me back to the kitchen.

I found a corner of the serving island in the kitchen. I toyed at putting a selection of the food laid out there on to my plate. I mixed myself a drink, a stiff one. Pardon the pun. I hugged that plate of ready made snacks as if it were a security blanket from childhood. But I also watched as Bev found two rather young and studly specimens dragging them over to the entertainment center and flipping switches until the same smooth 80’s music we had listened to for the hour drive up here was filling the room. Taking each of their hands, she began to dance, undulate, between them. One was kissing her neck and cupping her breasts from behind. The other had one of his hands working up the inside of her bare thighs as his lips melded with hers.

Our hostess too was engaged in lustful play. Not only was her white hand wrapped about her husband’s impressive black cock, but two tall black men knelt on either side; their hands and mouths assaulting what looked to be very nicely done large boobs.

“They’re nice, but I bet yours are real,” a smooth low voice said behind me. I turned slowly to stare up into the most compelling hazel eyes I had ever seen; somehow familiar. He was tall; at least six foot four. His light brown hair hung in dread locks to his shoulders. His smile was wide and welcoming.

I blushed at the intimacy of the compliment. I was uncertain exactly how to respond to such a thing, but finally decided upon the simple truth. ‘Yes, they are,’ I replied a tad more huskily than I had intended.

His smile broadened as he extended a large light brown hand towards me. ‘I’m Marcus,’ he said by way of introduction.

I looked back to the make-shift dance floor where Bev and her entourage of young men had now been joined by our host and hostess, who were dancing so closely that he was now sporting a completely erect cock. How did one respond in such a situation I wondered?

As if reading my mind, the young man replied, ‘We only bite when asked.’

I laughed at the attempt at a joke. ‘I have never done anything…like this,’ I stammered.

My companion chuckled as he replied, ‘Most people haven’t. But we really are pretty normal; other than this that is. Take our hosts over there. He is one of the country’s top civil rights attorneys and his bombshell wife is, I lie not, president of their kids’ PTA.’

I burst out laughing at his comment as I wondered about the president of the PTA at my school. How would the rather rotund Latino mother react in such a situation? My new friend chuckled along with me without knowing the direction my thoughts had taken.

Suddenly I felt more than a bit awkward. My companion was wearing nothing more than his tight boxer briefs that clung to muscular thighs; a high, tight ass; and what appeared to be a rather impressive cock. I, on the other hand, had reminded fully clothed in my typical little black dress that I used for everything from the occasional dinner date to formal school functions to the rare girl’s night clubbing with Bev.

My mind debated Bev’s words. I could ask for directions to quiet corner while Bev ‘scratched her itch.’ I had the feeling that my companion would oblige my request. Or I could do as my friend suggested and enjoy a casual encounter with this stunning young man, who I could tell would be equally obliging of that request as well.

I was thirty-nine and had canlı kaçak iddaa not enjoyed a cock in more than a year; and never one as impressive as the one hinted at by those tight black boxers. What the hell, I thought. ‘So how does this work?’ I inquired.

His rich deep laughter filled the kitchen. ‘If you have to ask that question, then you are more innocent than Bev led us to believe.’

Realising how my question sounded, I laughed. ‘Not that. But I mean…’ the blush on my checks spread to my neck and chest as I stammered, ‘do we just…do it anywhere? Or is there somewhere we could…be more quiet?’

He smiled as his large hand moved to the bare flesh at the back of my cocktail dress, ‘That is up to you. The bedroom is upstairs. It even has a lock on the door.’ Looking to where the others were dancing and chatting, he smiled, ‘But I might be in trouble of monopolizing the guest of honor.’

‘Oh, I wouldn’t want you to get into any kind of trouble.’

He bent forward slowly until his lips were mere millimeters from mine. I could feel the heat of his warm minty breathe as he whispered. ‘Lady, you have trouble written all over you,’ he said a moment before he closed the short distance for one of the best kisses of my life.

By the time, he broke the sweet caress of his lips and tongue on mine; I could not have said ‘no’ if I wanted. His kisses were a more powerful hypnotic than drugs. He led me by the hand through the front living room and up the winding stair case to an open landing where a large screen television was broadcasting an erotic array of porn to another four or five black men that were reclining on the sectional sofa there.

My companion only smiled and waved at them as he led me into a bedroom that was almost as large as my tiny apartment. ‘Open or closed?’ he questioned as he paused just inside the door.

In response I simply shrugged my shoulders; leaving the ultimate decision up to him. He nodded and pushed it most of the way closed. ‘How about this for now?’ he said by way of assent to my modesty.

Against the far wall was a king-sized bed with its duvet flung back to reveal black silky sheets. He drew me forward until we stood beside it. Then he once again lowered that smiling face until his lips captured mine. This time though his hands entered the game; moving over me, caressing me, and divesting me of clothes until I stood clad only in my bra and panties.

Slowly he lowered me then to the cool softness of the bed. His lips moved over my pulse pounding wildly in my neck. His hands were working at my large breasts still encased in the silky material of my bra. His thumbs were tweaking back and forth against my nipples until they were hard; standing at painful attention. ‘Take it off,’ he commanded.

Without thought, I obeyed; reaching behind me to snap the clasp and drawing the black material slowly down my tanned arms until I tossed it carelessly against the wall where it landed softly on the floor. ‘Mmmmm…’ he purred softly for a moment before those full lips descended once more; except this time it was not to my lips but to the pouty pink nipples of my full breasts. His hands cupped and squeezed the soft flesh as his lips tugged and suckled at the hard buds; occasionally even using his teeth to nip softly at the tender flesh until I was moaning and writhing beneath him.

I heard his breathing change and the slight rustle of material. Opening my eyes, I saw that he had pushed the tight material of his boxer briefs down just enough to reveal a truly impressive cock. Its circumcized head was large and glistening with the moisture of his pre-cum as his large hand encircled the thick shaft; not even able to fully wrap about it. It was my turn to moan then.

He lifted his shaggy head of dread locks from its feast at my breasts long enough to smile. ‘What? You see something you like?’ he asked.

I nodded as I leaned up just enough to touch that magnificent cock with my hands. ‘I want to suck it,’ I replied more boldly than I ever had.

He stood then; until his cock proudly jutted several inches into the air between us. It had to be at least nine and probably ten inches long; much larger than my ex-husband’s rather average appendage. That thought was both arousing and frightening as I sat up fully on the edge of the bed.

My hands came up to softly caress his balls and shaft as I licked my pink lips slowly. I looked up into those striking eyes for a moment before I bent my head slowly forward; sticking out my tongue, I slowly licked the drops of pre-cum from the slit. Then I loudly gobbled the first five or six inches down my greedy throat.

In that moment, I had never felt more desirable or more a woman than I did as I sucked and licked at that magnificent black cock. It was a heady sensation as I could hear this formidable young man moan and groan at the simple ministrations of my tongue, mouth and hands. I played the game for several long minutes before I heard him moan. ‘God, you have to stop or canlı kaçak bahis I’m gonna cum,’ he almost growled.

Then I heard that deep Southern drawl, ‘We can’t have you doing that now, can we? Not when there is such a sweet little white pussy that needs filing.’ I turned to see Bev standing just inside the doorway with three young studs behind her. One was even squeezing her smallish tits as another nibbled at her neck.

My companion smiled and replied, ‘My thoughts exactly,’ as he reached for the bowl of condoms that I had failed to notice on the night stand next to the bed.

But Bev shook her head, ‘No need for those. She’s clean and you don’t have to worry about knocking her up.’

I stared at Bev then. I was angry that in this moment of unmatched ecstasy she chooses to remind me of my barrenness. But it only stood as a dare between us. She was right. Why should I deny myself or my partner this ultimate pleasure? Looking up into his smooth café-au-lait face, I nodded.

His grin only broadened as he smoothly pushed me back against the soft sheets once more. Lifting my legs until they rested against his broad shoulders, he used his hand to guide that impressive cock inside my too tight cunt. I was wetter than I had ever been, but still it was a squeeze. I held my breathe and willed my body to open as he slowly pushed deeper and deeper inside my tunnel.

‘Fuck…that’s tight,’ he moaned as he finally bottomed out inside of me with another three or four inches of dark cock still showing above the pale white of my mound. ‘Hold on,’ he commanded hoarsely as he began to pound into me.

Within two strokes, I arched my back and cried out loudly in the most powerful orgasm of my life. He pounded into me; faster and faster and faster. His breathing was ragged as his fingers sank deeper into the pale flesh of my bottom. We were both caught up in a litany of expletives as we raced towards our powerful releases. ‘Damn girl, I’m gonna fill your white pussy up,’ he spat roughly as he closed his eyes and threw back his long tresses with a roar that would have done the king of the jungle proud.

I felt my pussy squeezing and milking that cock as I too came hard around him. I had always thought it some urban myth when I read in porn magazines about ‘feeling each spurt,’ but that night I learned the truth. I really could feel each shot of his thick seed as it splashed inside of me. There were seven in all. The first three were hot and powerful. The next two were longer jets. There was a brief pause as he moved deeper still inside of me then, before I felt the last two very long spurts against the back of my womb. It was amazing.

As I slowly came back to reality, I realised that we had had an audience for the whole show. Bev was smiling broadly as she cupped and massaged a darker although almost as impressive cock of a younger man next to her. Even our host and hostess had joined us at some point during our display.

Our hostess smiled broadly and winked. ‘Ain’t that black cock something else, sweetie?’

My lover bent slowly forward almost reluctantly. His full lips once more brushing tenderly across my own, ‘You are amazing.’ Looking over at the crowd in the door way, ‘I definitely want seconds tonight,’ he smiled, ‘and probably thirds.’

My host laughed richly as he and his stunning wife moved across the room to join me on the huge bed. ‘Yeah, yeah. We all know how greedy you are, Marcus.’

The rest of that night was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I fucked five other men that night and sucked two more. When I finally complained that I was just too sore, my hostess merely smiled at Bev and they drew a warm bath in the sunken tub with its jet sprays. They joined me in the tub as the men congregated on the landing to watch more porn on the television; a different type of recovery I suppose. After that I lost count of the number of black cocks that I sucked or fucked. At some point late that night or early that morning, people began to disappear until it was just our hosts, Bev and one of her boy toys, Marcus and me. Marcus not only got his thirds, but managed a fourth before a quick cup of coffee that morning.

I was very happy to have two days to recover before school on Monday. I spent most of it lying on the lounges on my patio as walking was a tad uncomfortable. I also spent a lot of time day-dreaming about that night. While it was not something I was likely to make a regular habit, like my friend Bev; it was a night that I certainly was not going to regret.


It was that thought, which I tried desperately to hang onto six weeks later as I stared at the two blue lines on the home pregnancy test. I was stunned to say the least. Of course, I knew when it had to happen. But not with whom.

I was tempted to scream and yell at Bev for her bold announcement that the condoms were not necessary. But as I thought about it my anger turned more towards gratitude. While this was not the way I would have planned things, I was getting the one thing for which I had longed for almost fifteen years. It truly was an unforgettable birthday present. Of course, when I finally told Bev about it some weeks later, she just smiled and said, ‘I figured the problem was never with you.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32