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Oh, man. I can’t believe this is happening. Those were the thoughts coursing through my head as I got fucked in the ass by my boyfriend Larry for the first time. Face down and big ass up, I took it where the sun don’t shine. Something I once swore I’d never do. But I changed my mind. Love makes you do crazy things. I guess it all started when I discovered that my Larry was bisexual. It kind of shocked me to the core of my womanhood. And nothing between us has been the same since.

My name is Viola Jean-Baptiste. A six-foot-tall, sexily dark-skinned, curvy and big-bottomed sister of Haitian descent living in the city of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. And as I mentioned before, I’m getting fucked in the ass. For the very first time. By my boyfriend. The dick that’s drilling my asshole belongs to one Lawrence Etienne, the Haitian stud who caught my eye at Carleton University’s library not too long ago. He looked like a younger version of Hollywood leading man Idris Elba. Only hotter, if possible. I just had to have him. I didn’t know this sexy brother had more baggage than an international airport.

Larry held my wide hips tightly as he thrust his cock deeper into my asshole. Thankfully he used the lubrication I gave him. Hard and fast he pounded his cock into my asshole. I licked my lips, wincing in both excruciating pain but also exquisite pleasure. Anal sex is an intense experience, no other way to describe it. I never thought I would ever try it. To me, women who let men stick their dicks up their asses are the lowest of the low. Bitches with no dignity and sense of self respect. The kind of chicks who let men walk all over them. To me, a guy has to come to bahis firmaları the front door to play or he doesn’t play at all. At least, that’s how I felt until recently.

I don’t know what drew me to Larry, or why I fell for him so passionately. He’s five-foot-eleven, and kind of chubby. I usually go for guys who are lean and at least six feet two inches tall. For some reason, this pretty bastard excited the hell out of me. He was shy and friendly, unlike the bold and stern macho men I usually went for. Yeah, I decided to try something new. And ended up meeting the love of my life. A Haitian guy born and raised in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, who moved to the boring little capital of Canada for higher education. Imagine that!

Yeah, that’s just how life is. You think you know what you want and then your own actions surprise the hell out of you. I chased Larry like my life depended on it. I just had to have him. Unlike most of the young Black women at Carleton University, I exclusively dated Black men. Why? I love my Black men. I like the way they smell and taste. White men are okay. Hispanic men are cool. Arab guys are great. However, Black men are my number one choice. They’re hot. They’re cool. They simply rock. And women of all races know it. That’s why a sister’s got some serious competition from White women and Hispanic women these days if she’s going after a sexy Black man. Yeah, it doesn’t make a Black woman’s love life any easier these days, that’s for sure.

Larry smacked my big round ass while slamming his cock into my asshole. He fucked me like he had been having anal sex for most of his life. After we had an honest discussion of kaçak iddaa his sex life, he told me that he had been with both women and men. And he dated across racial and gender lines. Prior to coming to Canada, he used to date an Irish chick named Lauren in the city of Boston. Their relationship was pretty serious and they even talked about getting hitched. Then she called it quits because she couldn’t handle his desires for sex with men. Larry told me that he was heartbroken after splitting with that Lauren chick and drowned his sorrows in the arms of random men and wanton women. A bisexual man’s way of dealing with the shock of romantic loss, I guess.

When I first noticed Larry, I had no idea he was that complicated. He looked like an ordinary guy. Just another business student at Canada’s capital university. He didn’t have bisexual painted all over his damn forehead. Would I have given him a second thought if I knew what he was from the beginning? I guess I’ll never know. Larry pissed me off by revealing his bisexuality only after I had fallen in love with him. As a woman, it made me mad. Anyhow, after months of pursuing the elusive Larry Etienne, I finally caught him and I endeavoured to make him mine. Forever.

Not an easy task for any woman when dealing with a bisexual man. I often asked myself if I would ever be enough for Larry. I’m not a man. I’m a woman. I have a good sexual appetite and I am kinky but I can only do so much. I have my limitations. Larry told me that he cared about me and that he wanted to give monogamy a shot. Well, I couldn’t ask for more. I decided to make it worth his while. What woman doesn’t go the extra mile for a man she kaçak bahis thinks is worth it? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Ladies, you know I’m right. When you meet the one you think is the one, you won’t stop until you make him yours. Even if it means going beyond your comfort zone.

Thus I went the extra mile to please Larry in the bedroom. I knelt before him and sucked his long and thick, uncircumcised dick. I’ve never been with an uncut man before. At first I found it odd but I liked Larry so I got over it. In time, I found his dick fun to play with. I loved him that much. I sucked his cock and licked his balls. Then I spread my legs and let him stick his cock into my pussy. He pounded his dick into my cunt like a pro. Afterwards, he put me on all fours and stuck his dick into my asshole. Face down and ass up, that’s the way my man fucked me. And he worked his dick into my asshole mercilessly. He made me scream as he fucked my ass roughly. I thought he’d be gentle with me since it was my first time. I thought wrong. In spite of that, I endured. I fingered my pussy as he slammed his cock into my ass. It felt kind of good at times, no lie. Definitely something I wanted to try again, if only he’d be gentle. He fucked me until he came, flooding my asshole with his cum.

After fucking me in the ass, Larry made me suck his cock. I hesitated but only for a moment. I swallowed my pride and sucked his cock clean. Then I asked him if I made him happy. He smiled and kissed me. Passionately. Larry pulled me into his arms and told me he loved me. He told me I was the perfect woman for him. The one who accepted him as he was. The one who went the extra mile in the bedroom. The only one he could see himself with for the rest of his days. I smiled at that and kissed my man passionately. Say what you want, I love the one I’m with. And nothing will ever tear us apart. Or so I believed at the time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32