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This story requires some set up. I was corresponding with a man who asked me for some photos of me undressed. A couple of years before, a colleague in the advertising agency in which I worked were lovers, and he took some sexy shots of me during one of our trysts. Since that time, both of us have married; me to my police detective hubby, and him to another art director. I telephoned him to ask him for copies of those photos so that I could send them to my Internet correspondent, and he made a blackmail-type demand, which consisted of a meeting in a motel. He always liked anal sex. What follows is my letter to my Internet friend:

My darling man. Below is the story of my adventure today. It was wonderful, and I thank you for sort of nudging me in that direction. I worked on it this evening, telling my husband that I was working on some ad copy for work. I do that from time-to-time, so he didn’t bother me.

I hope you like it. It is still fresh in my mind and this is a pretty good report of what really happened.

Well, I can tell you that I woke up this morning full of excitement, trepidation, nervousness, fear, and lust. After I made my husband his breakfast and shared the morning paper (still no snow. The weather report was saying we may get up to a foot tonight, but only a couple of inches today.), I went to the bathroom and did all my standard morning stuff. I didn’t feel I had the privacy, with my husband still at home, to do the enema properly, but I filled the bag only about half way with warm, soapy water. I hung the bag from the shower curtain rod, lubed up (KY Jelly is great stuff!) the long black nozzle and did the same with my anus, using two fingers to make sure I was well covered. And kneeled on the floor and sort of draped my body over the rim of the tub. Reaching back, I inserted, slowly because it burned some going in, the probe. I couldn’t resist pushing it in and out a few times. It felt pretty nice. Anyway, I turned the little knob and let the soapy water gush into me.

At first if felt sort of nice and warm, being filled up like that, but then it sort cramped some. But it wasn’t too bad as I used only about a half bag of water. I rubbed my tummy squeezing the stuff around in me. After only a couple of minutes (remember, my husband was just down in the kitchen), I moved over the toilet, pulled the thing from my ass, and flushed myself out! Pardon the pun, but that was a rush. I refilled the bottle with warm water and did myself again (as a rinse), and drained myself once more. Flush, and I was all clean!!

My pussy was feeling really tender. Not tender as in sore, but tender as in sexual excitement, and with little flutters inside. I think it is sort of like when you describe your cock tingling; a nice feeling.

In the shower I shaved my legs, which was a nice erotic sensation in itself. I shaved around my pussy lips, leaving a small patch of public hair above my slit. I soaped up my breasts and they felt very tender too, sort of like before my period, but better; wonderful, actually. I also cleaned myself very well between my legs and around my anus. The bath jell I use felt really slickery and good.

Afterwards, I did all the rest, makeup, lipstick and hair (thankfully, I don’t do a lot of terribly difficult things with my hair like some girls), nice white thong-type nylon panties, blue jeans, no bra, cotton tee shirt, dark blue sweatshirt (sort of bulky one that disguised my figure and didn’t give much of an indication that I was braless, white socks and a pair of beige Ugg boots. (I was saving my perfume for the car. I have a small vial in my purse, where I also stashed the KY. Incidentally, when I was in high school, I thought KY Jelly was “Kentucky” Jelly. When I called it that with one of my girlfriends I thought she would die laughing.)

About 11AM it started to snow, but not much. I had a few minutes to go before I had to leave for my “appointment”, which was for about Noon. The drive, in normal weather would be about half an hour from my house in Bergen County, NJ up to NY. Not really very far, but far enough from my husband’s jurisdiction to probably be safe. The NJ cops don’t really know the NY cops very well, and most of the guys who live in the NY County we were going to are NYPD, in any case.

I snuck a quick look at my yahoo email and saw your sweet note. I wish I would have had the time to answer you while you were still at work, but.., I had other fish to fry, so to speak. My husband and I left the house at the same time, he to his lodge, me to my assignation. My cover was a hair appointment.

When I got to the motel it was still snowing lightly, and just beginning to stick. I saw my friend’s car with its NJ license plates parked in front of a door that was open a crack. I parked a few spaces away, dabbed on a bit of perfume. I felt all nervous inside. Butterflies like I get before a big presentation. I think I was feeling more like I would before I would meet you for the first time. Not like I expected to feel seeing this guy again. It had been three years, but canlı bahis I still would have thought the meeting would be so stressful. But, it had all the feelings of a first date. Anyway, I checked my lipstick and face in the rearview, and said, “Well, let’s get going,” to myself.

I cracked open the doorway; hoping it was the right room. It was, so no story there. He was inside wearing jeans, a tee shirt with the name of some bar in Myrtle Beach, SC on it, no shoes. His jacket and shirt were on the chair. He smiled and turned off the TV. Rose from where he was sitting on the bed and came to me without a word.

He had a serious look on his face. He, still not talking, shut the door and latched it. I unzipped my coat and shrugged out of it. Then he said, “Elaine, you are still so beautiful.” I know I am not beautiful in the movie star way, but I blushed at the compliment anyway. I thanked him as he came to me, put his hands on my hips at my waist, and kissed me. It was a nice kiss, gentle with only a hint of tongue. He whispered that I smell soooo good. His hands roamed over my hips, ass and rib cage and up to my breasts. He could feel them without the bra. I am afraid I sighed because it felt so good to have has hands on me there. I felt a little weak in the knees.

My old lover is my age, 33, is tallish at six feet, slim, dark hair, and dark brown liquid eyes. Not a bad looking guy. He kissed me on my neck behind my ear, in the hollow of my throat, all the while kneading my tits. My nipples rose quickly as he massaged me. Pulling back from the kiss, he said, “Let me undress you…” He pulled my sweatshirt from over my head and tossed it onto the chair with our jackets. He smiled, looking at my breasts, my nipples clearly poking through the thin cotton tee shirt, my areoles clearly visible through it.

He ran his hands up under my tee shirt, and cupped my breasts again, squeezing them gently, and sort of hefting them in his hands as if he was judging their weight. He then stripped my shirt off, leaving me bare from the waist up. He placed his hands on either side of my neck and ran them down my shoulders, down the outsides of my arms. The feeling was nice and gave me goose bumps. His hands stopped at the top of my jeans, he unbuttoned them, and zipped them down. I kicked off my Uggs and he then pulled my jeans down to my calves, bending over and sniffing my crotch as he did so. It was such an animal-like thing that I was almost surprised at the thrill it gave me. I stepped from my jeans, leaving them in a puddle on the carpet. I bent over to remove my socks, and he said, “No, leave them on for now. Climb on the bed I want to look at you.” I did and started to lie on my back. “No, get on all fours and face me.”

I did as he asked, my face toward the foot of the bed, my breasts hanging down, wearing just my panties and white socks. He made a deep sound in his throat as he began to run his hands over me, down my back, under me to cup and rub my hanging breasts, down over my panty-clad ass, down the insides of my thighs, down my calves to my feet. He rubbed my feet gently, which felt really good. No one, I don’t think, has ever done that to me.

He licked the small of my back, his hands, one gripping my left breasts and his right rubbing my ass cheeks. He ran his tongue down to the elastic band on my panties, his hand moving between my legs from the rear, cupping my cunt. “You are so hot, ” he said. “Jamie (his wife) won’t pose for me,’ he whispered more to himself than me. He had encircled my nipple between his thumb and forefinger and was sort of tugging on it and squeezing it like he was milking me. It felt so good. I felt so naughty; so nasty there on the bed on all fours with this man touching me and stroking me. But, he also didn’t seem involved with me at all, other than my body. But that was okay, because he was making me feel my body in wonderful ways.

“Don’t move,” he said, and he moved back in front of me. I could see him looking at me as he pulled the Myrtle Beach shirt over his head. He undid his belt, unbuttoned his Levis and pulled them down. He stepped out of them still wearing his underwear; a pair of Calvin Klein tighties. I could see the outline of his cock and his scrotum through the fabric. He came up to me, his crotch close to my face, and ran his fingers through my hair. He pushed the lump in his underwear into my face and rubbed his member over my cheeks and nose. I could smell the faintly urine smell of him, and a denser, musk-like odor. He pulled his shorts down to just below his ball sack, his cock sprung free and bobbed in front of me. His penis is thick and about six inches long when hard. The head was poking out from his foreskin, and looked purple-blue in the dim light from the overhead lamp. His testicles hung down, and I could see each of them as individual ovals covered in his hairy sack. His pubic hair gleamed, curly and dark brown, a trail of finer hair rising to his bellybutton. And up and spreading lightly across his chest, his nipples dark against his pale skin.

He pulled bahis siteleri the foreskin back over his helmeted cock head and stroked himself a few times, the veins on his cock bulging out. “Kiss it, ” he ordered, pushing his penis toward my mouth. I licked his pee slit, and opened my mouth slightly as he pushed it into my mouth. His hands ran up my cheeks and over my ears, gathering my hair up and away from my face. I looked up at him looking down at me. I reached up with my right hand and cupped his nuts, jiggling them, feeling their weight in my palm. He pushed his cock deeper into my mouth until he reached the back of my throat. I could feel some of his soft pubic hairs against my nose, but he was still about one or two inches from being buried completely in me. “Suck me,” he instructed. I did and he began to stroke slowly in and out of me. I shut my eyes thinking of you. I know you would love this, and it made me feel warmer and fluttery thinking of you doing this to me. I could feel his shaft sliding over my tongue and all the little bumps and ridges culminating is the flaring head of his penis.

After only a few minutes of this he pulled his cock free of my mouth, slowly pulling it out until it left me with a soft pop from the suction, a strand of saliva running from just under the tip to my lips. The head was less blue and redder, and his entire cock gleamed in the light. “Don’t move,” he instructed as he moved along side of me. I could watch him in the mirror that was above the dresser facing me, as he stepped from his underwear. His cock stood out at a rigid angle as he moved to my side. I felt his hand run under the band of my panties and he slipped them over my hips and down to my mid-thighs. Kneeling by my hips, he bent his head over my backside. He breathed of me deeply, and I felt his nose sliding between my globes, sniffing me and turning me on. I watched my breasts shiver as he moved his head behind me. I could feel his right hand between my legs again, running up the inside of my thigh. He rested his left hand on the small of my back. I felt his tongue touch my anus, and I, involuntarily jumped when its wetness touched me there.

He asked me in a wicked tone of voice, “Did you like that?”

I could barely answer with a small, “Yes…”

I felt his fingers running between my pussy lips, the tips touching my slick insides. He bent back over me and began to tongue my ass. He then slipped two fingers into my pussy and began to finger me. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, his tongue dancing on my little puckered hole and his two fingers pistoning in and out of my pussy. I came almost at once, and I sort of collapsed onto the bed, my face on my crossed arms, my tummy on the mattress, my legs splayed apart with both my lower legs up, bent at the knee. I could feel the tightness of my panties as they imprisoned my thighs and kept them from spreading farther apart. My tits and ass trembled, and I felt myself shivering under my skin much like a horse does.

I sensed him pulling my panties off, and him moving between my open thighs. I felt his fingers spreading my ass and my sex and he began to lap me. He lay fully down between my open thighs, lapping and lapping, running his fat tongue up from my clit, along my spread pink lips to the opening of my vagina. He probed my cunt with his tongue, lapping my honey and drawing some with him up to my anus. Once again I could hear him sniffing at me. I don’t know what it was about that. He had never done that, to my knowledge, before, but it felt so very naughty and dirty to have him licking me all over and sniffing me like a dog. He stuck a thumb into my pussy as far as he could while he continued to probe my anus with his mouth and tongue.

I reached my hands under me, one gripping a tit and the other sliding down to my sex. I began to rub my clit as his thumb moved in circles in my cunt, and his mouth sucked and licked wetly at my backdoor. This was an entirely new way of sex between us. He had always been a fun, “Let’s screw” kind of lover. But this, this was basic and fundamental. It was thrilling to have someone so involved with my sex and my ass.

He rose up, kneeling between my legs, his cock head touching my cunt hole. He pushed it into me an inch or so and sort of moved his hips in a circle, wetting the tip. I felt his thumbs roughly spread my ass cheeks and then his cock pushing against my asshole.

“KY,” I said. Maybe I didn’t. But I thought it anyway just before he shoved his cock into my ass. His first push managed to get the head into me and my sphincter gripped his shaft just behind his bulging rim.

I must have cried out. It hurt when he first shoved into me, and I tried to pull away, sliding my hips to one side to try to free myself from his pole in reaction to the pain. “Don’t,” he commanded, his hands gripping my hips and holding me still. “Hold still,” he hissed between clinched teeth, as he began to sink his cock into my ass. I felt the tears spring to my eyes and run down the sides of my nose, as his manhood violated my ass bahis şirketleri without any lubrication. It hurt and it burned… But still he pushed into me. Suddenly he pulled back and then back down into me. He did that a few times and suddenly he was sliding into me freely and easily. It began to feel wonderful, and depraved at the same time, as he grunted above me—fucking my ass.

Gathering myself, I propped myself back up on all fours as he began to fuck my ass. He would pull himself almost free of me, then, s—l—o—w—l—y slide himself back down my chute, and suddenly, with about a inch free, he would lunge into me, making my breasts sway and my body rock forward. I could hear the slap of his belly on my ass. I could feel my ass shake at each final push, and his balls touch my pussy as they rocked forward against my now sopping cunt. Then hewould repeat the slow slide out, in and violent shove, Wap!

I watched him in the mirror. All I could see was his stomach and chest as he fucked me. His eyes were shut part of the time. His hands gripped me at the waist. His chest and neck were flushed. I grunted each time he slammed home in my ass. Slap, grunt—slap, grunt—slap, grunt, an animal display.

Suddenly, he pulled out of my ass and quickly flipped me onto my back, my head hanging partway off the foot of the bed. He grabbed my legs behind my knees and lifted them up, exposing my hungry cunt. He placed first one then the other over his shoulder, grabbed me where my thighs meet my body and pulled me toward him, toward his engorged meat. I leaned up slightly and could see his member, red, hard and erect, swinging between his legs while grazing my open cunt lips, his balls hanging loosely down between his thighs. He reached between us and, taking his cock in his hand, he rubbed the head up and down my slit. I yelped each time his spongy cock head slid deliciously over my clit. I hunched my hips repeatedly, wanting his cock in me.

He leaned down, pushing my thighs up until they touched my tits, compressing them slightly, and causing my hips to roll up. I felt his cock slip against my opening and then to push in, spreading the swollen, sensitive lips wider, wider and wider as it pushed down and down into my hot, moist, self. I felt him slide down and down and down into me until I could feel his silky pubic hair against my clit and his heavy, cum filled balls against my still partly open anus. I sighed a long, long exhale of pleasure. He kissed me, his tongue wide and wet in my mouth. My hips rocked against him several times in little “fuck me” motions, my hands slid down his back to his rump, I squeezed this ass cheeks, spreading them and reaching down until my fingertips touched behind his nut sack. I pulled him tightly against me and rubbed my clit against the root of his dick urgently seeking his cum.

He rested his head between my neck and shoulder and began to pump his swollen penis into me with long sliding motions. My fluids coated his cock and he slid easily out and it, out and in. He set a languid pace and my hips responded in the age-old counterpoint to his mating. I felt the tingling in my stomach; my nipples were on fire where they were rubbed against my pressing thighs, my anus was now covered with my sexual slime as he stroked me. I kept my hands on his ass, tugging at him each time he reached the outstroke. With a small groan I tugged him into me again and again, feeling his thickness within me, feeling his heavy balls, now wet with me, coming to rest against my grasping asshole again and again. I felt him breathing against my neck each time he plowed home.

He rose up, his head above my knees as his pace picked up. “Elaine,” he said, “I have to cum… I’m going to cum.”

“Where to you want to cum?” I said, my voice raw, the tendons in my neck beginning to contract during the first wave of my orgasm.

“Your mouth, ” he said, his eyes clinched shut, “I want to cum in your mouth,” he almost yelled. I spread my legs as he rose up, pulling his organ from my cunt and gripping it tightly in one hand. My hands went for my pussy, two fingers on one hand rubbing my clit furiously and the two from another plunging into my hot hole. He moved his knees up to either side of my ribcage, resting his ass on my tender abraded breasts, my juices dripping from his cock and balls onto my neck. I opened my mouth wide, my tongue a welcoming ramp for his sperm. He bent forward, and stroked his cock furiously as he placed the head on my flattened tongue. He came with a force that surprised me, the first jet streaking across my tongue and deep into my throat. I choked just as he forced his dick into my open mouth. Quickly I closed my lips around his organ as it leaped and bucked like a live thing spewing white ropes of cum into my waiting mouth.

His ass cheeks ground against my breasts, electrifying my nipples and my hands worked my cunt. Just as he tried to force his entire cock into my mouth, I came. I came with such power that I almost fainted. My stomach crunched up, my chin was pulled down by the force of the muscle pulls in my neck, my thighs spasmed again and again, and cum gushed from my now red cunt. My body was covered with me from my belly button almost to my knees. I felt some of his sperm back up my nose as I choked on his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32