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Break Up To Make UP
Break Up To Make Up

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. Always look both ways before crossing the pond. Beware of geeks bearing gifs. An answer known is a power broken. One man’s crisis is another man’s narcissism. This space to let.

Preface: Yet another of my stories based on Truth. The names have not been changed to protect anyone. This is about a man who vacillates on his desires until fate steps in and shows him what is important. I don’t do consequence-free bullshit. All actions have consequences and Alan’s story is no different. If you don’t like stories where real life can be downright painful then look elsewhere.

Yes, I need not just an editor but a collaborator as well. I have nearly 20 unfinished stories I need help with so if anyone is interested, please drop me a line. I used my Apple Pages spell checker and the free version of Grammarly to proof this so any other errors I beg forgiveness for…

And yes, to borrow from Tony Stark, I am Mithras…


Alan Davis paced about his home furiously, all the while staring at the cell phone in his hand.

“Why won’t she call back? Did I make a mistake? Did I push her too far this time?”

Alan was a very average man. Standing at only 5’ 9” with a soft, sort of flabby body. He looked much older than his 50 years. His fair hair was almost completely gray as was his bushy mustache.

For the last 3 years, Alan had been dating a woman named Chantel, Tilly to her friends. Her broad smile and bright blonde curls set atop a curvy, voluptuous body. Her broad curves were a road course that liked to be driven fast! At only 39 she looked pretty good for the stress of raising 2 teenagers alone. Her ex had abandoned them suddenly several years back and Tilly worked hard to make ends meet.

To describe their relationship as tumultuous would not do justice to the word. Both of them were fiery, passionate people, and sometimes that passion exploded into anger. They would be happy together, then fight like dogs, then have make-up sex. Unfortunately, their sex life was like that of an older married couple, the same boring routine every time.

One of their favorite karaoke songs to perform together was ‘Break Up To Make Up’. The fact that they actually lived two hours apart and only got together on weekends also exasperated the problem. Tilly’s two rambunctious k**s didn’t help either.

Finally one day Alan thought he had had enough. Yes, he loved Tilly and her k**s, but it was just too much, too difficult to continue, and he told her so. Tilly was surprisingly calm as she received the news, almost cold.

“Are you sure this time? If you want out once and for all I understand, but this time there will be no going back. Do you understand?”

Alan paused for a moment, not sure what to bahis siteleri say. He thought about their relationship and all the good times they had shared. He also flashed on the anger, pain and hurt as well.

“Tell you what, why don’t we just take a couple of weeks off and judge how we feel then?”

“Sounds like a plan. I’m maybe going out of town this weekend anyway. Let’s get together Friday week and decide if we want to go forward, deal? Oh, and by the way, let’s not talk till then. Maybe space will allow us to think clearer.”

Alan quickly agreed.

A few days later Alan noticed that Tilly changed her Facebook status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’. He also noticed that she was talking frequently with an old friend from high school.

“Is this her out of town plans?”

By Friday Alan began to regret his acceptance of Tilly’s terms. He wanted to talk to her. Wanted to see her. Hold her. Hell, he even wanted to play with her k**s! He began to realize what kind of fool he was for nearly tossing away a good woman. He sat down and sent her a long involved e-mail, telling her everything he was feeling, everything he dreamed for the two of them. Her only reply was “We’ll discuss it next Friday.”

Fear and jealousy began to take a hold of him, especially when he discerned that Tilly was indeed traveling to meet her ‘old friend’ for the weekend. She had never really mentioned this Mithras character before, but after scanning his FB profile and doing a bit of Googling, he now discovered maybe more about the man that he wanted too: Olive complexion, black curly hair, hazel eyes, and quite the ladies man. His imagination began to run wild!

“Surely she isn’t going to drive all the way there with her k**s just to sleep with him, is she?”

That afternoon Tilly packed up her two k**s and their overnight bags and set off to see Mithras. It took a few hours to drive to his mountain top cabin, but it was a quiet and peaceful journey. Even her normally boisterous c***dren were being very well behaved. Upon arriving she saw him standing on his front porch, a small bunch of wildflowers in his hands. He greeted her warmly and made a point of befriending the k**s and taking great care to get to know them.

In quick succession there was unpacking, romping across open fields and then a quiet walk hand in hand, with a gentle kiss as the sun set behind the mountain. Tilly’s mind was made up, Alan or no Alan, she was going to make up for lost time with her ‘special friend’.

Alan’s fear, paranoia, and jealousy began to drive him a bit mad. He had to talk with Tilly, had to make her understand how much he loved her, how he wanted her to be his, and his alone.

After a wonderful dinner and some TV, Tilly and Mithras put her k**s to bed and adjourned to his bedroom.

Alan fanatically dialed his cell phone, hoping it wasn’t too late.

Tilly and Mithras stood in his bedroom kissing tenderly and passionately. They were soon pulling at each other’s clothing, then dropping the discarded items onto the wooden floor. They were interrupted in mid-kiss, their attention bahis şirketleri was drawn to Tilly’s ringing phone.

Alan listened intently for Tilly’s phone to be answered, the knot in his belly growing ever bigger.

“You might as well answer it Little One, otherwise he’ll keep calling all weekend!”

Tilly reluctantly picked up her phone and pressed the answer button.

“Hello, Alan…”

Alan started to pour out his feelings in a kind of incoherent babble. Talking about love, commitment, even possibly marriage. The whole time he was talking, Mithras was caressing exposed portions of Tilly’s body and then he started to gently suck on her nipples.

Tilly’s nipples were a very sensitive spot, almost as if they were hard-wired into her clit. She began to overheat very rapidly. Mithras then pushed his hand inside her panties and started to finger her while she still attempted to talk to with Alan on the phone.

“I thought we agreed to wait and discuss our relationship next weekendddddd…”,

The phrase caught in Tilly’s throat as her first orgasm of the day shook her. Mithras’ lips on her nipple and his fingers on her oh so sensitive clit had brought her to her peak very quickly. Alan at once knew the sound that emanated from his lover’s mouth!

“Are you having sex with him? My god woman! Haven’t you been listening to me?

Tilly continued to make a****listic grunts while Mithras worked his magic on her, knowing full well that Alan knew EXACTLY what was happening.

“Treat a good woman like crap… He deserves this!” though Mithras.

Tilly continued to give herself over to her pleasure, her cell still clutched in her hand, Alan’s voice almost a distant memory. A second even more powerful orgasm ripped through her loins, causing her to cry out in ecstasy.

“Tilly, stop! Please for God’s sake STOP!” Alan screamed into the phone.

Tilly collapsed backward onto Mithras’ bed as he pulled her free of her panties, leaving her naked and very aroused!

“Tilly, are you listening to me? Please stop now! I LOVE YOU!!!” Alan cried out.

Tilly stared at her old friend, seeing him as never before, especially when Mithras dropped his pants and revealed himself to her. While only being slightly longer than average, he was, however, oh so deliciously thick! Tilly realized that Alan was still yelling at her through the cell phone. She glanced back and forth from her phone to Mithras’ turgid member, already dripping a dollop of pre-cum.

She smiled up at Mithras, her decision made.

“Not listening? ME NOT LISTENING? I think you are the one not listening! Weren’t we not supposed to talk till next week? Haven’t you been pushing me? Ordering me what to do or whom NOT to? Well lover, maybe you need to listen to THIS!”

Tilly dropped her phone on the bed next to her, but not before activating the speakerphone function. She spread her pale thighs and opened her arms as if welcoming Mithras into her.

“But what about Alan?” Mithras asked, glancing down at the phone.

“FUCK ALAN”, she yelled out, “FUCK ME!” She pulled him downwards towards her open, dripping pussy…

“Please canlı bahis baby, NO!” wailed Alan as a last resort, he heard only a loud squeaking of bed springs and a cry of passion from his lovers’ lips.

Alan listened for close to 30 minutes while Tilly and Mithras rutted like a****ls. He lost tracks of the number of times she came.

Finally, he heard Mithras call out “I’m cumming little one!” He froze in terror as his woman, the woman he wanted to marry, cried out in passion “IN ME, in me NOW!” Tilly had always been so careful to use condoms with Alan. Being incredibly fertile and having conceived the only two times before she had gone ‘bareback’.

She knew this, so did Alan.

Her orgasmic scream tore through his soul like a cold knife removing his entrails…

In tears, Alan hung up the phone.

Alan didn’t call or email Tilly until the following Friday. Sending her a message that he would meet her at her place that evening. He hurried through work that day and arrived at her home just before her and the k**s.

As Tilly exited her car she could tell that something about Alan was different, this just didn’t seem the man that she had once known. He strode to her and swept her into his arms, kissing her with all the passion he had withheld before. Unable to free herself from Alan’s embrace, Tilly yelled back at her k**s “Run next door for a bit, Alan and I have some adult things to discuss!”

In the door, up the stairs, and into her room they went. A trail of clothing leading to her bower door.

Alan attacked her, literally tearing off her clothes. “Wow!” thought Tilly, I like this ‘new’ Alan!”

The rest of the weekend was like a mad honeymoon, as Alan and Tilly mated furiously. Time and again thrusting against each other, any thought of their usual condoms ignored. Cries from behind her bedroom door that would have terrified her c***dren, if they had not been shuttled off to stay with friends.

By Sunday evening the two had come to an understanding. The previous weekend would be forgotten and all trespasses would be forgiven. Alan pulled out his grandmother’s ring and asked Tilly to be his forever.

Of course, she said yes.

The next three months was a flurry of activity, wedding plans, moving arrangements, and morning sickness.

By the time the baby was born vows had been exchanged and their new family settled in. Tilly’s other k**s were so happy that another baby was coming home and Alan was beaming like the proudest poppa there ever was.

Finally, the magical day came and Tilly delivered their baby. A baby boy, with olive skin and dark curly hair. A son that was most certainly Mithras’ c***d.

Nursing her son in the hospital room, Tilly looked at Alan with a cold glare as if daring him to say a word. Alan smiled weakly and looked away in the general direction of Mithras’ mountain retreat.

“Don’t feel bad hubby. You have no one but yourself to blame. if you had manned up sooner this would have turned out so much differently!”

Alan continued to look away towards the distant mountains, a tear running down his cheek.

“Don’t get all wimpy on me now Alan. Suck it up and you can sire the next one…”


This was one of several different endings I had thought out. What do you all think? Should I publish the variants or just leave this as is?


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