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What I want…is for you to tease me. I want you to bring me to the brink of orgasm, and then stop. Let the feeling subside, not enough so that I loose my erection, but just enough to keep me from cumming. Coax the pre-cum from my shaft, drop by drop. Tease me with you hand, your tongue, a vibrator, by whatever means necessary, but don’t let me cum. I may beg and I may plead, but do not give in to me. In fact, I’ll even help you a bit, if you get bored. I’ll let you watch me as I stroke myself, and hopefully I’ll have enough self control to stop myself. The feelings get more intense, the longer I hold out. As I lie here, hard on in hand, I wonder…are you wet? Does watching me excite you as much as it does me? Or are you getting bored? Again, I have to stroke myself some more. I stop typing for a moment, only to gently squeeze my balls with my right hand. Meanwhile my left one keeps a steady up and down beat, squeezing the head every now and then. Even now, I want to cum so bad. Yet I don’t.

See my balls, pulled tight against my body? That would be the first clue of just how close I am. Touch my cock. Doesn’t it feel warm and hard? Just begging for a female touch. Would you like to stroke it for a while? Don’t squeeze too tightly we don’t want any accidents. Wait, there’s a glob of pre-cum, use that as a lubricant on the underside of the head. That’s it, tickle it with your finger, and make small circular motions with just the tip of your finger. Take if fully in your hand now, and stroke it. Oh yeah, that feels so good. Up and down baby. Notice more pre-cum, it’s all your doing. You have me so aroused. Wait, wait, slow down. I know you’re anxious to see me cum, but not yet. Take a moment and gently knead my balls, yeah, that’s it. Watch my cock throb with each squeeze.

I’ll take control for a bit. I use my thumb on top and my index and middle finger on the underside of my cock, still using my pre-cum as a lubricant. It’s funny how it just seems to constantly ooze out when a man is totally aroused. I squeeze my legs together, in a one handed effort to squeeze my balls. Watch the head of my cock glisten with excitement. Time to slow down…that was close. I release the tension on my balls as I spread my legs open. But I continue stroking/tickling, this time with only my thumb and index finger. Laughing to myself I think this would make an interesting video, maybe canlı bahis şirketleri someday, if I were to get some positive feedback on it. Maybe you’d like to watch me cum??!!

For a brief moment I used two hands, one to grasp the base of my cock the other to jerk myself with. I did it for about thirty seconds. My pee hole is wet and if I give myself a squeeze, surprise of all surprises, more pre-cum. I just love tickling the underside of my cock, with just the one fingertip. It makes my cock stand up, so firm and erect, not to mention the steady throb. Are you watching me still? Maybe you’d like to play with your pussy while I play with my dick. We could make a contest of it, to see who could hold out the longest. Spread your legs, let me see. Oh yeah baby, that makes me harder still. My fingers are constantly teasing my cock in one-way or another.

I go back to stroking my cock, slow and steady. Sitting here thinking of you, you’re fully dressed, though your legs are spread wide, fingers desperately seeking out your clit through the seam of your jeans. You have no idea how hot the makes me, then again, maybe you do. Sitting here stroking myself, I have this picture of you…your sitting at your computer, you remove your hand just long enough to unsnap and remove your jeans. You sit back down, with just your panties and blouse on (in case somebody should happen to walk in). You begin by rubbing your pussy from the outside of your panties. God, I’m really throbbing now, just typing it.

Watch as I masturbate even faster just visualizing that. My hand slides effortlessly up and down my shaft. You make me want to cum so bad. Whoa, time to back off…almost. I have to slow down. You spread your legs and I can’t help but notice that you’ve made a small damp spot in the crotch of your panties; a huge drop of my pre-cum matches your wetness. As I pull on my cock, I watch your hand go beneath the waistband of your panties. I can only imagine how wet you must be. My cock throbs with anticipation. Your whole hand covers your pussy, but even thru the thin fabric of your panties I can plainly see your fingertips have found your slit. Every movement of your hand, I match with a stroke of my own. And when your fingers stop to caress your clit, I use mine to circle the underside of my cock again. I hear a soft moan escape from your lips.

I know I’m not canlı kaçak iddaa going to hold out much longer. Watch as I take full grasp of my cock. Up and down, wishing your pussy was directly in front of me. I want to smell it, to taste it, to eventually fuck it maybe. But this is our fantasy (I stop to massage my balls again). Again I visualize your fingers, deep inside of your cunt. Your moaning is becoming a bit more consistent now. You finally stand up and remove your now soaked panties. I watch as your pubes are exposed, totally matted, your pink pussy lips are glistening with all their wetness. You sit down and spread your legs. Giving me the full show this time. Look how hard I am…LOOK! It’s all for you. Do you want it?

You open yourself up to me. With your thumb and pinky you spread your lips open as your index finger begins circling your clit. Meanwhile I am so ready. I want to cum. But being the gentleman, I wait for you. I slow down enough, in hopes that you’ll catch up. Every now and then you stop and dip your index and middle finger deep into your hole. Typing for you has become secondary. Are you still thinking of my throbbing hard on? Don’t you wish you could have it buried deep in that hot cunt of yours? Keep your eyes on me baby, it won’t be long now.

As your fingers begin to move faster, so does the intensity in which I stroke myself. I am doing my best to hold off, but it’s becoming a real struggle. My cock glistens with pre-cum (I swear it drips out like a faucet with a leak). I’m watching you squint your eyes and squeezing your thighs together. So now it’s become a challenge for even you to hold back. I have to stop for a second. I am so ready to cum. Okay, I have to be careful, yes, I am THAT close. You open your legs again and shove your fingers deep inside, your gritting your teeth. But I see that you’re fighting it too.

The head of my cock has become extremely sensitive. My fingers have moved to the base to keep myself from cumming. For every movement of my fingers are critical. Meanwhile your pussy is saturated with your juices. I can almost hear the squishy sounds your fingers are making from here. Okay, I’m back to the head of my cock. Again I am using my whole hand (thumb on top, four fingers underneath). I try to pick up the pace a little bit, but not too quickly. I’m not ready yet. Almost, but not quite. Watch as canlı kaçak bahis I grab my balls. They’re so laden with cum. I stroke myself a little faster, trying to entice you even more. I am now squeezing my balls with just my thighs. I have released the grip on my prick.

I lean forward and my inner thighs masturbate my cock. It feels good, and it’s just enough to keep me from cumming. I am now rocking in my seat. The anticipation is killing me. I just want to grab hold of myself and let loose. My imagination is running wild with the thoughts of you sitting there, waiting for, wanting me to cum for you. Just from prior experience I know that all I have to do is touch my cock and it’s going to erupt. The steady throb is there, as my cock gently bobs up and down. Are you there yet? Are you ready to share your orgasm with me? Or are you going to make me do it alone? Your fingers are still working overtime in your pussy. I don’t know…

Remembering that you have the ability to have multiple orgasms, I once again take hold of my cock. Watch baby as I begin to build myself up to cum. I promise it won’t take long. Fully hard and ready to cum. I begin jerking myself off in earnest now. Watch as my hand slides up and down my pole. Yes, I am so close once again. I told you it wouldn’t take long. And yes, I am typing this with one hand. Are you ready to watch me cum? Thankfully there’s a bathroom right behind me. Wait, I’ve got another idea. Please excuse me for one moment…

I had to get up for a second. My cock was bobbing up and down as I walked across the room. I just remembered that I had an old girlfriends pair of panties here. I spread them out on my desk, as once again I resume stroking myself. I’ll just fantasize that they’re the ones you took off. Oh god, they look so hot. They’re made of white satin, and my cum will look so good on them. I’m jerking off with my left hand as I continue to type with my right (I usually use my right for masturbation). This time there’s no holding back. I feel my orgasm building rather rapidly once again.

I have to stand, so that I can cum on the panties. See my six-inch cock jutting out towards the computer? Watch me. I’m just about there. Oh god. I can’t hold back. I’m slowing down so you can see spurt after glorious spurt. I’m shaking I want to cum so bad. Here it cums…

After five healthy squirts, and a few smaller ones, I finally have release. The first one kind of over-shot it’s intended target, but that’s okay, it’s an easy clean-up. I wish you could have seen it. It was and it felt incredible. If you enjoyed it, let me know. Maybe we can do it again sometime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32