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Chameleon private Club 2 (The Naughty Weekend)
Another memory from The same Swingers club, Located in Midlands Uk.

We decided we was going to plan another Naughty weekend. at the same Private Club. first we checked into our Luxury Hotel, around 4:00pm.

Once we was checked in to our Room, we wanted to relax, both of us went down to use Spa. we booked a table for Dinner, later that evening, before we made our way to the Club.

Nasima wanted to wear the sexy Lace Lingerie set, with Black sheer stockings. Nasima was going to dress in Erotic lingerie, arrive at the Club wearing, my Black Mini-dress. when we left the Hotel, Nasima had to cover up, avoiding causing any Public indecency.

Nasima wanted to avoid the wet areas this evening, decided tonight we was going socialise with the Club members. tonight we wanted to check out the different Play-room’s, we was more confident following the first visit we had at this Club. a few weeks back.

We loved the positive vibe this club offered. The couple we met for our first Swingers, experience,  couldn’t make it tonight. So we decided to try this night out on our own. This time with no pre arranged dates. deciding not to set any expectations for tonight, we really wanted to go with the flow, and surprise ourselves.

The first time we attended the Swingers club, Nasima never had any Intentions to play with anyone. all we wanted to do was meet People from the Lifestyle.

The first wife swap. It’s a memory I will cherish for life. I have also spoken to my Husband about that special evening, let’s just say, this night always gets our temperatures rising. we was falling in love with this Lifestyle.

“Oh yes, we wanted to be naughty Swingers. Ready for round two at the same Club!“

Leaving the Hotel we ordered the Cab from the Hotels reception,  when we arrived at the Club, we made the Cab driver stop around the corner, from where the Club was located. walking through the Car park to the main entrance.

My Husband produced our Membership card to the front desk, The Club staff gave us the locker key. and we entered the Club through the security doors.

We went straight to the unisex changing rooms,  

Nasima removed the mini dress inside the locker room.  getting Ready for tonights fun. Standing there with my sexy Lingerie on, My Husband was removing his clothing and he was naked, with a white towel around him.

First we went to the Bar, we was analysing the Club, Both of us had A good look around, watching other Club members.  

We sat down for a few minutes. The staff remembered us from the last visit, we had a small conversation  with them. grabbing the drinks from the Bar. we sat there for a while grabbing a free table, we carried on watching the other Members walking around the Club and the new People who was still coming in.

Nasima felt so comfortable this time, we already tried this Club, we knew what to expect. We went for a walk about, going up the stairs, towards the Playrooms. 

Chameleon Playroom 1 (The Cinema Room)
We walked passed a few playrooms first before we saw the cinema room, there was a few couples inside. watching the Adult Movie on the Screen,  playing with there own partners. You can tell the couples in the cinema room knew each other. from the conversations taking place.

While they played güvenilir bahis and chatted to each other, in-between the Moan’s & Groans. coming from the Screen and the Naughty people inside the Cinema room.  Nasima Suggested we should check the other play rooms first.

Touring a few more play rooms, there was different kinds of sexual kinks taking place all around this club. This was going to be A steaming Hot evening.

Wow this made us very excited about tonight.

Especially when we entered this room and we watched one Curvy BBW British women, she was taking on 3 Mature Caucasian men. with there deep Birmingham Accents. you can hear the Dirty moans and bodies slamming together. Three Caucasian Men. took turns on her, Wow this was Crazy. we carried on watching them for a bit.

(this was real life, it don’t only happen in porno movies)

 Nasima liked the fun we saw inside the Cinema. we found our seats at the back we looked at the screen, we viewed the adult movie playing, starting of the night with foreplay, with an eye on the other couples in the same playroom.

I was massaging my mans cock, my Man was rubbing my Pussy, he played with my 36EE Indian Boobies, sucking on my brown nipples he was licking on my succulent Boobs. With lots off kissing and hugging.

We was playing with each, trying to watch what the couple who came in. finding a spot next to us.

We played alone for a bit, watching the movie, next thing the women next us was changing positions from giving head to her man, she was now ready to ride on her mans white cock. We carried in doing our thing.

Next the women riding on her man cock. I felt her hand on my Boob, Giving my Boob a gentle squeeze. the lovely lady asked if I Minded.

Nasima looks at her Husband with a Smile, he was licking my Pussy. my Legs Wide open inside the cinema room. The Welsh women was still playing with my Boobs, Riding on her mans Cock.

My Husband was Licking My Pussy. The Sexy Welsh lady was complimenting, me and my Husband. she started to discuss my Tits with the lady playing at the bottom inside the Cinema room. with the mixed-raced gentlemen. that lady was sucking the mix race mans Cock. it looked good from up here.

Nasima was now licking my Mans Cock, The Welsh women her name was Paula, wanted to taste me, I agreed to her request, Paula played with my Tits. licking my Indian pussy. her Man watched. after Paula was finished with my Pussy. she wasn’t done yet. she wanted my Husband next. now we all swapped positions.

Paula was sucking my Husbands Cock, Ian was playing with Boobs. now the couple at the bottom came up to join us. wow its getting on in here.

Ian was playing with my Boobs Fingering my Pussy, His Fingers worked magic down there. The other lady was playing with my Boobs watching Paula, Sucking my Husbands cock.

The Mix race Gentlemen waited for his turn. he got his chance her wasted no time his Mrs was licking Paula Pussy, Paula was Sucking my Husbands cock. Ian was licking my Pussy.

The mix race gentlemen wasted no time sliding his cock into my Mouth. his cock was smaller then Dwain’s and Richards. still his cock was nice.

Nasima enjoyed sucking his cock and getting finger fucked my Ian. now watching my Husband licking Paula smooth welsh pussy. the other lady was sitting on Paula Face, türkçe bahis Paula was eating her Pussy and she also had her hands on my tit at times.

Tonight we wasn’t looking, for a Full blown orgy, so we played with each other for a while, we also watched other couples thinking to come in, or peeking from the door, this made me so horny.

I loved this soft-play Couples, Orgy, inside the Cinema room. Nasima wanted to try some thing else. we stopped playing with them. going to freshen up in the locker room and going back to the Bar area.

Chameleon Bar

Nasima takes a short break with her Husband. having a Drink at the Bar, getting to know the other swingers, at the Club. making small talk, while we enjoyed a small break from all the naughty antics.

Once we finished the drinks, watching a Hot Blonde lady sucking off this Hot Black guy, in one of the booth’s on the other side made both off us feel very horny, we only got glims and we manage to see a bit more from the mirrors. we also watched another couple who just entered the Private club, Nasima and her Husband was attracted to the couple.

Nasima was feeling fresh again, Nasima then hints to her Husband lets go back upstairs, to the playrooms. going up the stairs to the club we walked passed other couples who was wondering around with women wearing sexy Lingerie. and then men Nude with a towel around there bottom half.

People was also wearing kinky leathers, there was so much going on around the club. we was so excited.

Chameleon Playroom Two

walking through the hallway, we met a small group sat on the Bus stop stand. having a good laugh. one of the ladies had a riding crop in her hand, she was spanking the members when they walked passed her.

we found them to be good fun and we had a good laugh with them the two ladies sat with the couple had a leather flogger in her hands and the midlands cutie gave the same treatment when you walked passed her. and her friend had the flipflop she like throwing on spanking your Bum with it. crazy people LOL.

Nasima entered the private room, we saw a Bull, who just finishing up fucking a Blond women on the round bed. her partner was standing on the side of the bed watching the naughty action. Nasima decided to watch the action for a bit. and now another couple came onto the bed. and the wife was blowing her mans cock.

The bull finished fucking the women. and moved of the bed talking to the husband he later walked passed us. His name was Big Rob, we recognised him from the swingers app.

Oh Indeed, this fine gentlemen was certainly on my short list this Hung hot Chocolate man was so Buff. when he spanked my Bum, I felt so shy. Big Rob told us to get on the Bed. and have some fun, go on get on the bed he encouraged. you need to fuck each other he laughs.

Nasima was encouraged to join in to the naughty fun By Rob, The square bed was big enough to hold a small Orgy. Nasima grabs her Husbands hand, pulling my Husband towards the square bed

Nasima is now on got on the bed, there was another couple playing on the bed, they started the Naughty fun with a Blow job followed by the wife, getting into the cow girl position she started riding on the Curation-man Willy .

I started kissing with my Husband on the edge of the Square bed, starting off with güvenilir bahis siteleri some fore-play., Big Rob came over to Nasima he fondled my succulent boobs, we kissed passionately, while my hubby held my legs in the air, he was lapping up eating my out my Pussy. oozing out with Nasima sweet pom-pom juice.

My Husband started to prepare his Hot-wife, for another fucking session.

Nasima husband was very Horny tonight, we wanted to fuck me in-front of the other members inside the playroom. He finished licking out my Pussy. spreads my Legs out, Standing on the Edge of the Bed, Nasima husband Inserts His 7” Cock into Nasima wet Pussy.

Nasima was engaged, with Big Rob, Holding Big Robs Big Black Dick, Nasima mouth was watering, this Cock Hungry Hot-wife was ready to taste his Big Black Cock. Big Rob Massaged my Boobs. while My Husband Fucked me.

we felt amazing, Pumping my wet Pussy. Nasima Husband fucked me hard, he was watching his naughty wife blowing the New Big Black Cock.

The two Ladies from the Bus-stop Stand in the Hallway entered the Playroom. watching and giggling at the fun we was having on the Square bed. the other wife was still riding on the man cock.

the ladies moved closer to My Husband. one off the ladies then Spanked, his cute little Arse. while was was Fucking me i was sucking on Big Robs, Big black Cock.

The ladies was now behind my Husband one was spanking his Arse the other lady was Rimming his Bum-hole. My Husband carried on Fucking me how embarrassing, my pussy was so wt i let off a pussy fart.

I was busy taking Big Robs Cock into my Cock Hungry Mouth. Big Robs pre Cum was oozing, dripping down my Wet Lips. Big Robs cock was sliding in and out off my mouth. i loved sucking his Big Cock.

My Husband was ready to unload his Love juice, Nasima wanted to feel his Cum deep-deep inside my Indian Pom-Pom. Hubby Shoots his load. The women was still Rimming his Bum Hole and the other was Spanking His Arse. My Hubby Slides his cock in to My Cum filled Pussy.

The Women pulled his cock away from Nasima Pussy. the Blond women started to lick his cock clean. licking my dirty Pussy in-between sucking on my husbands cock, Big Rob was licking out the other Lady, both laid next to me on the Square Bed. we played for a while.

Chameleon Shower rooms

Nasima then leaves the Playroom with Big Rob, we took a shower together and he fucked me in the Shower. we enjoyed a steaming hot shower together.

Chameleon Dungeons

My Husband moved to the Dungeons, with the other to ladies, he got a good spanking using the Leather Floggers, Riding crop, there was other Kinky Equipment for the BDSM Community. inside the Basement Dungeons.

Chameleon The Bar 2

I met my Husband in the changing rooms later. we headed back to the bar area for drinks and catch our breath back. we got chatting with this Mature Pakistani Couple, we got to know them at the Bar area. it was getting late we was both done for tonight.

before we left the club in-between chats the Pakistani man was groping me under the Bar table. Nasima felt very sticky, after all the fun we just had. Nasima tight Indian pussy was so Sore. we carried on flirting with the couple. we was thirsty the cold drinks felt like heaven. after a bit, we decided it was time to relax so went back to the Spa area, Tonight the Hot Tub was full and in full Swing. so we used the Steam room and Sauna, we Showered changed and we was ready to leave the Club.

Nasima headed back to the Hotel, with her Husband. where we ended up having our own Fun before Bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32