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A Story of Erotic Role Reversal

Part 4 – The Anal Gang Bang

Christina leaned over to Doc as he was stretched out on the bed. It was now time for the rest of the evening’s events to begin. And just so Doc knew exactly what to expect, she again began her verbal assault.

“Baby that was some good ass you gave me. Guess I can chalk up one more popped cherry on my bed post. I’m going to let you rest for just a few minutes. Then you have all my girlfriends to take – TWICE EACH!. Oh did I mention, Clare has an even bigger 14-inch cock and another 16-inch cock. That’s what I meant earlier by her monsters. Not only are longer, they MUCH thicker. She’ll be last as I really want to watch her fuck that sweet ass of yours. And you’ll get to watch that onslaught as well. In fact, you HAVE to watch while she takes that ass with her monster cocks. I want you to have those images permanently etched on your brain for the rest of your life, knowing I provided you with all this pleasure tonight. Then, after all my girlfriends have had their way with your hot ass and leave, believe me, I’m going to take that sweet ass some more. That’s MY ass now! It belongs to ME!”

But not before he ate her good and then begged her for someone, anyone to fuck his ass again. And she knew by teasing him, he would do just that – beg her for someone to fuck his ass again and again and again. He would beg for each and every one of her girlfriends to fuck his ass.

Christina worked her corset harness and 12-inch cock down over her hips. Once she had it off, she laid it on the bed next to Doc so he could easily see it. She then crawled up to the head of the bed. Once there, she spread her legs and rolled Doc back up onto his hands and knees, with his head right at her clit and pussy. Looking down to make sure Doc’s face was just inches away from her clit and pussy, she then looked up to her girlfriend’s to clue them as to what is expected of them.

“Ladies, our fuck toy has to eat my pussy now. He has to make me cum all over his face. Why don’t you have some fun playing with his cock and balls, and tease his ass. Make him ready to let each and every one of you fuck his ass. His ass is OURS now! It will soon be GANG BANG TIME ladies! Remember ladies, he gave his ass to US, each and every one of us.”

Guiding Doc’s face to her pussy, she grabbed his head tightly and began grinding her pussy up onto his lips and tongue. She then nodded at her girlfriends who began to tease Doc with no signs of mercy. As hands began to stroke his cock and balls, Doc began to moan into Christina’s pussy. When someone began to tease the anal plug in his ass, Doc really began to moan onto Christina’s pussy. Clare began a fucking motion with the anal plug, pulling it completely out only to fuck it right back into place. Over and over she continued causing Doc’s moans to only increase and reverberate against Christina’s pussy and clit.

Christina had a good view of Doc and of what the girls were doing to him. This just excited her even more. Doc’s tongue always caused her to “speak her mind”.

“Oh yeah, baby. Eat me good. My friends are going to keep you ready so they can each pop your ass TWICE before they leave. Oh yeah baby. Eat me. Get him ready girls. Your turn is next. Ahhhhh right there baby. Suck my clit. That’s it, right there. Ahhhh yes. A little more. Ohh ohhhh Ooooooooooooohhhhhh.”

Christina was not expecting her orgasm to hit her so quickly. But then again, the remote controlled vibrator had been teasing her pussy and clit all the time she had fucked her lover’s ass. She looked down to see Doc lapping up all the nectar she had flowing from her pussy. Glancing over, she saw Carrie lubing up her strap-on cock. She nodded toward Carrie and motioned her to come up to the head of the bed. Once she was there, she took Doc’s head and turned it toward Carrie and her glistening cock. As if he needed a reminder, Christina couldn’t resist the continued tease.

“Look at what Carrie has for our fuck toy. She’s going to pop that cock into your ass and fuck you really good for me. Now reach back and spread those cheeks for her. Be a good fuck toy and do what is expected of you.”

Doc just stared at Carrie’s slick cock. He got up on his knees, reached back and spread his ass cheeks wide. His eyes followed Carrie until she was lost from view as she walked between his spread legs. Soon he felt a hand twisting and teasing the anal plug in his ass. His hips instinctively pushed back at the sensation. Then he winced at the feeling of complete emptiness as the anal plug was removed. Christina continued the tease, bringing Doc back up to a new level of excitement and anticipation.

“My girlfriend’s name is Carrie. Be a good fuck toy and tell her what you want. Beg her nicely and she might give you what you want.”

Doc looked deep into Christina’ eyes. She could see an even deeper love for her. Something she had not seen before. As intense as the night had illegal bahis been, this was perhaps one of the most tender and enduring moments the two of them had shared. Her smile was all Doc needed to reassure him of the pleasure to come. He turned his head slightly toward Carrie and begged her.

“Carrie Please fuck my ass. Pop your cock in my ass and fuck me. Show Christina how you can fuck my ass and make me want more. Much more!”

Carrie had waited all evening for this. She was worked up to a point of no return. She did not want to waste time teasing and going slow. She was going to do just as Doc had begged her to do, POP his ass. Lining up the head with his well-gaped ass, she grabbed his hips. Nodding toward Christina as if in a way asking final permission to fuck her lover’s ass, she received a return nod and a wicked smile. Christina held Doc’s shoulders firmly so he could not move. In one heavy thrust, Carrie drove her cock completely into Doc’s ass. Doc immediately screamed out to the new invader.

“Ahhhhhh Yesssssss. Fuck me Carrie. Ram me with your cock. Show everyone how to fuck my ass.”

Christina echoed Doc’s sentiments.

“You heard our fuck toy Carrie. Pound our fuck toy’s ass. Make him beg for the next one. This anal gang bang is on ladies! Hear that fuck toy. You are the recipient of our anal gang bang. Your ass is OURS!”

As Carrie began fucking Doc’s ass, the other women gathered on either side of the head of the bed. They had their cocks in hand and were teasingly stroking them. Christina took Doc’s head and turned it to one side and then the other so he could see all the remaining cocks. That is with one exception. Clare was standing back out of Doc’s line of vision. She looked at Christina and Christina nodded smiling back. It was as if they had an unspoken code to keep Clare’s first monster cock a surprise.

Carrie reached down and turned her dual vibrators on. The additional sensations were intense for both Doc and Carrie. Carrie began to take harder and deeper strokes into Doc’s ass. Each down stroke also drove the vibrating bulb deeper into her pussy. Doc’s cock was back to full hardness as Carrie reached out and grasped it for leverage. She was pulling Doc’s cock back driving his ass back onto her cock. She was going to cum soon, too soon to suit her. Christina grabbed Doc’s head in her hands and tilted it upward so he could see the seriousness of her next instructions.

“No matter how much you want, you CAN NOT CUM. Do you understand me fuck toy? You have to fight it until you have the last of the first five cocks. If you fuck them all really well, I’ll let you cum while Clare pounds your ass with her first monster. This is going to be one great anal gang bang for you fuck toy.”

Doc began to thrust his hips back onto Carries cock, driving it deeper and deeper into his ass. At the same time, his motions drove the vibrating bulb deeper and deeper into her pussy. Carrie began to slap Doc’s ass as she began to cum. She wailed out loud as her cum hit her. With one final deep thrust, she had her cock all the way in Doc’s ass while her orgasm sent waves of electric sparks from the tip of her toes to the top of her head. Carrie slowly pulled back and watched as her cock as it pulled free of Doc’s ass.

Carrie had no sooner pulled away than Phyllis had poised her cock at Doc’s ass. No rest periods now. Doc’s ass was going to be gang banged hard and often. His ass was theirs now. Again Christina prompted Doc for the next round in his anal gang bang.

“Phyllis has her cock ready. Tell her what you want. Tell her.”

Considering Doc had almost whimpered when he felt his wanton ass empty, he quickly yelled back to Phyllis, begging her to continue.

“Oh God. Yes please, Phyllis, fuck my ass. Fill me back up. Take it. It’s your turn now. Fuck me.”

Just as Carrie had done, Phyllis slammed her cock in to the hilt. She grabbed Doc’s hips and began her own rhythm, her own style of ass fucking. She would pull her cock all the way out and then slam it right back in all the way. Over and over she assaulted Doc’s ass in this manner. She reached down and turned on the dual remotes to high speed. Doc was moaning as his head flailed from side to side. Instead of using Doc’s cock for leverage, she grabbed his ball sack. Taking a firm grip, she used his ball sack like a handle, pulling Doc back onto her cock. Over and over she relentlessly fucked her cock deep into Doc’s ass. The vibrations soon took their toll on her as well. Phyllis screamed out a string of obscenities as her orgasm raced through her body. Doc was moaning just as loud. But his vocalization was not intelligible. As Phyllis regained a modicum of composure, she slowly pulled her cock from Doc’s ass. Once it was free, she leaned forward and slid her tongue all around his gaped opening. As she backed out of the way, Mandy slid into place. Mandy had a longer, ribbed dildo. She knew she was about to spread Doc’s ass even more. Christina illegal bahis siteleri introduced Doc to his next invader.

“This is Mandy and she has a very special cock for you. It’s bigger and longer than the ones you have had so far. And it has all these wicked ribs all up and down the entire length. Do you want Mandy’s cock? Does our fuck toy want Mandy to take his ass? Tell her what you want.”

Doc was so turned on by what his lover had done for him. He wanted it all. He immediately quipped to Mandy.

“Please Mandy. Give me that ribbed cock of yours. Make me love it. Make me crave your cock. Give it to me. PLEASE!”

Knowing this would be intense for Doc, Christina once again grabbed his shoulders to keep him relatively still. She then nodded to Mandy. Mandy eased the well-lubed head into Doc’s ass and just rotated her hips as she pressed forward. As the ribs started to ripple into his ass, the expression on Doc’s face was priceless. Inch by inch, Mandy worked the entire 13-inch wonder into Doc’s ass. Each time a rib rippled into Doc’s ass, it caused another moan to escape from his lips. Doc soon felt Mandy’s harness against his spread ass cheeks. As he took a deep breath, Mandy completely withdrew her entire cock. Doc let out a series of rolling moans that was immediately replaced by a long hiss as Mandy slammed the entire length of her cock into Doc’s ass. The ripples were indeed doing their wicked trick on Doc’s ass.

Mandy had a wicked smile on her face as she began to quickly repeat the same process, slamming her ribbed cock into Doc’s ass only to pull it completely free. At first, Doc’s ass would close slightly as she removed her cock. But after the 6th or 7th time, it remained gaped wide-open, waiting for the next deep thrust. This was Mandy’s queue to turn on the dual vibrators. Once she felt the buzzing on her clit and in her pussy, she became a wanton fuck machine. She slammed into Doc’s ass and completely pulled free just to slam back in. No teasing, just good hard fucking. Doc was in a new world. His hips began to thrust back onto Mandy’s ribbed cock. As the ribs rippled into and out of his ass, thousands of erotic sparks were shooting from his ass to his spine and back down to his cock.

He was doing all he could to keep from cumming. Just as the others, Mandy screamed as the vibrations got to her. Doc moaned as he fought back his own orgasm. As Mandy’s cum hit her, she slammed hard and deep into Doc’s ass and just stayed there rotated her cock deep inside Doc’s ass. Doc could feel her skin and the harness grinding into his spread cheeks.

Mandy still had some wickedness in her as she quickly withdrew the entire length of her ribbed cock. The intensity brought another series of rolling moans to Doc’s lips. Jamie quickly took Mandy’s position. Her cock wasn’t as long as Mandy’s but it was bigger in girth, the same 4-inch diameter as Clare’s first monster would be. It also had a special feature in that it had a series of mechanical ball bearings that would roll up and down its length while the head rotated in a snake like manner. Christina gave Doc his next introduction.

“Almost there babe. This is Jamie. She has a real treat for you. She’s going to open your ass enough to take Clare’s monster cock. Believe me, you’ll be thanking Jamie when you see Clare’s cock. Now tell Jamie what you want.”

Doc was now looking past Jamie, if only for an instant. He thought of the words “first monster cock” and was indeed thankful to have Jamie get him ready. He yelled back and also wiggled his ass back to Jamie.

“Please Jaime. Take my ass. Fuck my ass with that big cock. Spread me open and take my ass. Get my ass ready for that monster cock.”

Jamie took a hand full of lube and worked it all around Doc’s gaped opening, and another handful all along her cock. As she placed the head into his ass, she had her own idea of how to take this ass. Jamie wickedly yelled up towards Christina and Doc.

“It’s ready. But HE has to fuck it. He needs to work it into his ass. He has to rock back on it until it is all the way in his ass. Then I’ll know he really wants it.”

Christina stroked Doc’s head before using his hair to get him to look into her eyes so she knew he would understand her instructions.

“You heard the lady. Rock your horny ass back on it. Push your ass onto her cock. Show her how much you want her to fuck your ass.”

Doc slowly rocked his hips back while he kept his hands gripped on his ass cheeks pulling them wide. This cock was indeed wider than all the others. Slowly he worked more and more of it into his ass. Just as he was about half way down the length, Jamie grabbed his hips and thrust the rest deep into his ass. Doc moaned loudly as his ass was stretched to accept the 4-inch wide cock. Jamie slapped each ass cheek one after the other as she pulled her cock almost all the way out, before slamming it back in. Not wanting to waste time, Jamie turned the remote to high. Doc’s canlı bahis siteleri eyes shot open as he felt the ball bearings rippling up and down the length of the cock and then even wider when the cock started to rotate round and round like a snake head in his ass.

Jamie didn’t use the in and out movement of the others. Instead she concentrated on working side to side, rotating her hips so that the 4-inch marvel could do its thing and get Doc’s ass ready for Clare’s monster. As Jamie would grind forward and rotate her hips, the movement caused the vibrating bullet to rub directly on her clit. Her moans were almost as intense as Doc’s. These new sensations were taking a toll on Doc. He was biting his lip to keep from cumming. He had to make it to Clare. He was determined to make it. Jamie’s rocking and rotating increased. She was really stretching Doc’s ass while at the same time grinding that bullet down on her little nubbin. Jamie had a unique way of cumming. Instead of screaming or yelling, she started with a low guttural growl that slowly became louder and higher pitched. As her cum hit her, she was almost howling like a she wolf. Jamie just stayed in place, her rotating cock was still working it’s magic in Doc’s ass. Christina nodded to her and Jamie turned off the remote control, and slowly worked her cock from Doc’s ass. But Clare was right there. She had an even larger anal plug lubed and ready. No sooner had Jamie pulled her cock free than Clare pushed the new anal plug into place. The larger size caused some initial discomfort, but Doc accepted it with a deep sigh.

Christina had been massaging Doc’s shoulders, but now prodded him to roll onto his back. As he rolled over, he could see every woman who had fucked his ass, and each woman’s favorite strap-on cock still presented for his inspection. Teasingly, the women were stroking their still lubed cock. Then he spotted Clare walking out of the corner of the room. His eyes immediately were transfixed to the 14+-inch cock in front of her. It was even bigger round than Jamie’s mechanical wonder. As Doc stared, Christina began prompting him for what needed to be done next.

“Scoot down a little more. Get that lovely ass right on the edge of the bed. You’re going to watch this one take your ass. Don’t worry, we’re all here to help you. Take it well, and you can cum for us. Just look at the size of Clare’s cock. She’s going to really open your sweet ass. And you’ll take all of it won’t you? You want Clare’s cock? Answer wisely, for if you say yes, you’ll get all of it. So does our fuck toy want to continue his anal gang bang and take Clare’s cock? Tell us. But BEG her!”

Doc’s eyes were transfixed to the monster cock that was approaching him. The site was intimidating but erotic at the same time. He mustered all his internal strength he had to force the words from his mouth. And then they flowed like a damn had been broken.

“Y y y yes. Please. I want you all to see me take Clare’s cock. Please Clare, fuck my ass with your cock. MAKE ME TAKE ALL OF IT. I’m begging you, please fuck me with that monster cock.”

Christina grinned widely. Her control was complete. She had fulfilled her lover’s wildest fantasy and desire. She had popped his anal cherry and taken his gift of virginity. Now, she was going to help him take this monster cock. She nodded to the other girls who came over. Carrie and Phyllis were on Doc’s left. Carried massaged his left ass cheek while Phyllis helped hold his left leg up and back, resting it on her breast and shoulder. Mandy and Jamie were now on his right side. Mandy began massaging Doc’s right ass cheek. Jamie held Doc’s right leg up and out allowing it to rest against her breast and shoulder. Christina was lying slightly across Doc’s stomach, massaging his balls and occasionally stroking his cock. Christina made sure though not to obstruct Doc’s view of Clare and her cock.

Clare stepped forward and positioned herself between Doc’s spread legs. She wrapped a hand around her slimy, lube covered cock and guided it first up and down the length of Doc’s cock. Doc’s eyes widened as he could see by comparison just how big her cock truly was. He swallowed hard as he felt the tip slide down and tease the anal plug that was firmly in his ass. Clare nodded and Christina took hold of the anal plug and began a teasing, twisting motion. Without warning, Christina pulled the anal plug free of Doc’s ass. Doc moaned aloud. His ass felt so empty again. But that was soon to change as he felt the tip of Clare’s cock just resting at his gaped ass. Christina reached down and grabbed the cock. She worked it round and round the gaped opening; getting Doc’s ass to open to it’s fullest. Christina then began to urge Clare forward. With just the tip in his ass, it felt enormous. Christina could not help but tease Doc at this juncture.

“Can you feel that baby. That’s just the tip of Clare’s cock. You sure you want this cock so you can cum? Remember, no cock, no cum. It’s your choice. Do you want your anal gang bang to end now, or do you want to feel Clare’s cock take your ass so you can cum? Tell us again what you want. Show us. Reach up here and take Clare’s hands. If you want her cock, beg her and then pull her into you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32