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Christmas gift to my hot Wife

My wife is definitely a raw & great fuck. She is 26. She is capable of doing all sorts of nasty fuck & never gets tired. She is 5’2”, milky white body with huge boobs. She is definitely a dream of her surrounding males & nightmare of females. Her voluptuous ass always steals glances. She looks wonderful in any dress even without it. If I am asked I would always like her in short, skirt & half sleeve shirt or tight top. I can’t sleep well if I see her in these dresses. Anyway, I described her looks in my previous stories. Hindi Sex Stories

Let’s come to the story. It happened on Christmas Day. We slept four hours in the afternoon. In the evening, we planned to go to church & having dinner outside. I slipped into a jeans, a casual printed shirt & a jacket. Priya took one hour to get ready. Initially I was bored but it seemed to me she was definitely looking gorgeous. She put on one full sleeve high neck yellow woollen pullover & a black tight skirt, which would be a inch short from her knees. She also put on a black semi transparent stocking with very high heels. It would be of 4 inch. Mmmmmmmmm. I teased her seeing her looks. We went to a church few km far from our residence. It was overcrowded. As usual, it was decorated very well. We went inside. We sat inside on the bench. Number of people along with their friends or family were coming & going. I saw a lady who was very good looking & checking out her assets. She was truly beautiful, thin frame wearing sari. You will definitely kill her if get in bed. Priya whispered smilingly. Mmmmmm this is church idiot. I warned her. I am not asking you to fuck her right here. She whispered again laughingly. Oh god. I uttered. That lady went away. We became silent again. I was enjoying huge crowd there. I forgot about Priya for few minutes. Suddenly it seemed to me that she was looking at a guy there. I turned to that guy for a fraction. I found he too was looking at her. I didn’t disturb her. She continued running her eyes on him & he too. He was accompanied with another guy. I turned again to that guy for a fraction found he was smiling looking at her. Can we go? I whispered.

No, not now. She cried. She came few inch closer to me & wrapped my arm with her hand & pulled over her boob. I felt softness of her boob. She continued looking at him. Priya started talking to me but her eyes were moving continuously. Let’s go & have panipuri. I said again after ten minutes. She agreed this time. We started walking out. She hold me like that way while walking. She didn’t turn back to see that guy. We came out. Just at outside we found one number of hawkers were selling different snacks. We stood near a panipuri stall. It was crowded. We had to wait to get our turn. Suddenly I found Priya turned her face back twice. I immediately turned & found those guys were standing at our back. I didn’t give any attention. Finally, paani puri wale asked us to stand in a row & started giving us one by one. Those two guys too were having. They stood just opposite facing Priya. Give some more chili. Priya suggested. Priya & that guy were looking at each other continuously. Those guys would be around 27-28; 5’8-9”.The guy who was looking at Priya was very fair. Other was fair too but not like him. Priya too was giving him naughty looks. She was enjoying that guy’s act. Add some more chili. Priya shouted again. Finally, pani puri wala added lot. It became too chili. I was having burning sensation. Priya too started oooaa oooo. Ab thik hai? Pani puri wale asked Priya.

She needs more. That guy said seeing Priya’s condition. I too smiled seeing her. Jal raha hai. Priya cried but she was laughing. That guy immediately took the water jug from side & offered Priya. Priya took it & pour some in her mouth. We finished there. Priya was still doing oooo ooooo ooo. We found one sweet shop nearby & asked for two-gulab jamun. Standing on road, we had that. Those guys too reached & did same. He smiled looking at Priya. Priya too smiled looking at his eyes. He looked at her top to bottom. His eyes stopped over her boobs. He looked very lustfully. Priya turned & stood facing him to display herself properly. She was very charged. It was too chili. Naa? He asked Priya. Priya licked her lips then replied. Yes. Priya was giving him very positive signal. She too checked him top to bottom two three times. We finished there & started walking towards our car. It was parked little far because of over crowd. The road was little dark where we parked. While leaving that sweet shop Priya looked back & saw him very seductively deep into his eyes. He understood immediately & started following us. Priya again hold my hand. After going few steps, I stopped & said, Priya I will get some rasgulla, you go & sit in the car. Priya stopped for a while then started walking towards the car. The road was soon sun that way. Only people were going to park their cars.

I stopped at sweet shop & looked that way. Priya was walking very slowly & those guys were walking beside her. That guy was very close to her. He could easily grab her so close he was. I was not worried about her safety as she was adding fuel in him. Instead of sitting inside, she leaned on the car & stood there. Intentionally I was doing delay. Frequently she was looking for me. Those guys too stopped nearby. Priya was looking at him. I took sweet & started walking towards there. Seeing me Priya went inside the car. Priya, come out let’s go to that lake. I shouted from outside & put sweet inside the car. One big lake was there nearby & that was the way to go there. Priya immediately came out & locked the car. She hold my hand again. She appreciated my decision. She turned to that guy again & smiled. They understood & started following us again. We entered in the park of that lake. It was huge but dark. No lights were there except moonlight & that was enough for us. We found few couples were sitting here & there. Few were walking also. We started walking by a narrow concrete path surrounding that lake. We were walking holding each other’s hand. A lot of benches were there beside that path. I was little aroused then. I wrapped my hand on her ass & hold her one cheek. She looked at me & smiled. She came very close to me. Her body was touching mine well. After walking around hundred meter, we found no body was there except us. Still those guys were following us from few meters back. I slowly wrapped my hand on her waist & pulled her on me & hugged her. She too wrapped her hand over my shoulder.

I hugged her & pulled her on my chest. She smiled & asked what are you doing? I am trying to fuck you. I whispered kissing her ear. Here. She said shockingly. We were under a tree by then. I leaned on it & pulled her. Without any, resistant she fall on me. I hold her head & started kissing her wild. She became my pet in no time, holding my waist she was enjoying my lips. Aaah mmm she was moaning slowly. Then I hold her face tightly & licked her lips. She parted my lips took out her tongue. Our tongues met & were playing. I started squeezing her back & slowly came down to her butt. I squeezed her butt very hard. Aaahh aaahhh she started moaning loudly. She stopped & looked a side to check that guy. He was seeing us from very close. They were enjoying our action. I sucked her mouth wild & was treating her very rough. She was fully aroused. While squeezing her ass I pulled her skirt up to middle of her thighs. Priya was looking at that guy frequently. Those guys too were restless seeing us. I left her after sucking her mouth & face vigorously. I had her lipstick & make up all. Hey, I want to smoke. I said. I looked at that guy & said, Do you have matchbox? He had one. He came close & handed me over. When he came close his body-touched Priya’s arm. Intentionally Priya did it. When I was lightening stick, they were exchanging erotic glances though her one hand was still on my waist. I gave his matchbox back. Thanks. Priya naughtily uttered seeing his eyes. Her eyes were sending him frequent message. That guy went towards his friend. Priya gave me a peck on my cheek & said, Vishal I am going there. Saying this she slowly started walking towards those guy near the lake. She stood beside them. Hi, Priya said very seductively to that guy. I think you people getting bored. She said. We were getting but not now. That guy replied laughingly. Priya too smiled shying. Is it? I am Priya. He is my hubby Vishal. Priya said. They introduced themselves as Sam & Deep. This is cold here. Priya said & sat on a bench nearby. Sam, that good-looking guy immediately sat beside her. Priya was talking in whisper tone to him & continuously seducing him licking her lips. She was combing her tightly knotted hair. They were local guys there work for some insurance company & not married yet.

Deep sit here, saying this Sam went little close to Priya. Her thigh touched her thigh. Priya noticed it & smiled. I was smoking then. When I finished I went close to them. Vishal sit here. Saying this she shifted towards him & now her body was touching him very well. I found little place & sat on the corner. It was not big enough. Priya’s body was completely in his control. Sam took his hand back & placed on the headrest at her back. His hand touched her back well. Is it Ok? Priya asked. If not you can keep on her shoulder. I cracked. I didn’t mean that. Priya said shying. Ha ha ha we all laughed. You people seem want to change your bed. Sam said. If you don’t mind, you can use my flat. It is good, not very far only 20 km from here on the highway. No body stays there. We go there to spend weekend. He continued. I looked at Priya. She was little doubtful. Don’t worry no body will disturb you. He was trying to convince us. Ok bahis siteleri let me think. I said. Priya got up & stood in front of us facing lake. We were talking. They were educated guy & from good family. I thought to give a try. Priya found a tap around fifty meter far. She wanted to drink water. Sam joined her. They were walking very close & talking to each other. Their body touched frequently. Priya drenched her sweater while drinking water. She showed me that. I got good chance to squeeze her mounts in front of them. After leaving one, I hold other one & gave her firm squeeze. She smiled. Take it out or you will be sick. Sam said. Priya smiled naughtily. Her smile said she was not wearing anything beneath. Priya became free with Sam. They were joking, laughing as they know each other since long. Priya’s eyes were continuously teasing him.Let’s go to bar. I suggested. They agreed in fraction. I drove half an hour & reached a hotel located little outskirt of the city. Sam & his friend followed us in bike. Bar cum restaurant was there in the first floor. Hotel was good but used for wrong purpose also. We entered inside the bar. It was excellent decorated. They made artificial garden inside. Lots of leaves, stems like construction were giving real antique looks. It was crowded too. We had to wait for half an hour. Finally, we got table at 10.00pm. We sat in the corner. Bulbs were hanging over the tables. A lot of families were there inside. Mostly people were enjoying drinks. I found the opposite corner would be good. It was completely separated from that big hall. We shifted there. I intentionally sat opposite to Priya so that Sam can sit beside her. We settled there & placed order. Drinks came soon. Slowly restaurant was getting empty. Priya take out your sweater. It was still wet. I suggested. Priya looked at all of us then slowly pulled her pullover up. She was wearing a thin inner inside. Half size of her mounts was visible. It was tight & short too. She was horny, her eyes seemed. Her deep navel was exposed too. Sam & deep were delighted. They both appreciated her beauty. We had two pecks whisky by then & Priya one. We all were having effect of it. Sam & Priya were touching each other frequently. Instead of leaning on the seat rest, she leaned on the wall. Her semi naked boobs were exposed in front of his eyes. He number of times taking his hands casually towards her globes but not touching. She was doing good demo of her body to him. He was appreciating that. I will give you key of my flat. You people enjoy there. Sam said to Priya. Priya looked deep into his eyes erotically. She took a sip from her second peck & went close to him. He liked it slowly put his hand on her shoulder. Priya didn’t resist instead went few inch close to him. In the middle one small dance floor was there too.

That was very small, hardly four five couples can dance but no one was dancing. Music was on. Situation was very romantic there. We all were very much ready for something different. We were getting more excited. Hey, I am going to toilet. Saying this I got up & went away. Intentionally I took much time there. When I came back, I found Priya & Sam was talking very erotically looking at each other’s lips. Their lips were very close, could be a inch away. His hand tightly wrapped over her back. Priya’s one hand was on his thigh. I sat on my seat. Priya, want to go there? I asked. She nodded her head. But we will be scare there alone. Ok, I will get you people settled there then come back. Sam suggested. Are you sure, you will come back. Priya whispered to him very seductively looking at his eyes. He smiled & said, let’s see. We decided to leave. Priya put on her pull over again. Sam’s residence was nearby. Deep too stayed beside his residence. He dropped deep & went to his house to get the key. We weren’t talking anything about what we were going to go. Mostly we were silent & talking some other thing. We were waiting outside of his residence. Finally, he came with smiling face. He asked us to follow him. We reached to highway in no time. We were very happy. It would be around 12am. Road was complete empty. Sam was riding in front of us. I want to sit on his bike. She told me. What? I asked shockingly. What? She also asked confusingly. Oh, I thought you said you want to sit on his dick ha ha ha. I teased her. She too laughed & slapped my arm. I blew horn & he stopped. Priya take this over coat. I ordered her. She went out of car. What happened? Sam asked. You are having cold so thought to help you out. First she took out her sweater facing him & threw it inside from back window then she put on my over coat leaving all the button open.

She sat on his bike keeping her legs in both sides. She pushed her boobs on his back completely. His ass was definitely touching her pussy mount as her legs were wide open. Her tight skirt went up. Priya kept her chin on his shoulder. Her lips were touching his neck, cheek. I didn’t expect that view in that mid night. Priya wrapped his waist tightly. It seemed to me her hand was caressing his dick. We reached to his house. It was not flat, a small farmhouse located on the highway. A big compound & a double-storey building was inside. He unlocked the main door. I took the car inside. I came out. Sam teach me how to ride. She cried. Hey, you gone mad? I shouted. Five minutes please, please she started crying. Finally, I agreed. She sat on it but not strong, enough to get his 150cc motorcycle down from stand. We laughed. You help her. Sam told me. I even don’t know how to ride motorcycle. I said. Sam was shocked but Priya assured that I don’t know really. Sam sat on her back. Priya looked at his eyes turning her face & smiled. He extended his hands to hold the handles. Excuse me. Saying this Priya eased her body & took out her overcoat & threw on my face. You bitch. I shouted. Ha ha ha. She laughed with high sound. Her skirt went up to her crotch. Sam leaned on him completely while holding the handles. She lifted her hips up & said, come close. She was teasing me & seducing him. That was her real intention. His dick was tightly pressed on her ass. It had to be hard enough. Priya again lifted her ass & Rahul pushed inside. This time she sat on his crotch. They went far. I couldn’t see them in naked eyes in that straight road. I waited for five minutes then immediately went inside my car drove towards that way. After riding few km, I found their motorcycle was standing at a side. He switched off both head light & back light. They noticed a car was coming but didn’t expect I would be there.

I found Priya came down from motorcycle. He was still sitting on it but at back seat. Priya turned towards him lifted her leg to sit on his bike facing him. Holding his shoulder, she sat on his lap & threw her head back so her hairs could get on her back. Sam hold her waist tightly. She again lifted her both legs & spread over his thighs. I tried to slow down but failed. I stopped beside them. Priya looked at me & said laughingly, I thought to pay his gurudakshina. Is it? Carry on. I made the situation ease for Sam. I drove my car few meter back & parked at their back. I kept the head light on. It was chilled outside. You pay him on his bed. I shouted taking my head out. Not bad idea. She shouted. Sam started his bike & turned back. Priya came to his house sitting on his dick. She hugged him tightly. A lot of times she grinded on his crotch. Finally we reached. We went inside. Priya was walking with him. Her hand was on his ass, waist. I was at their back. You are big. Priya whispered & smiled taking out her all teeth. We went to first floor. Great. It was a huge hall. Only a toilet was there inside. No more room. In one corner, one big bed covered with a deep blue sheet. In other corner, a big size TV was there. Two big paintings were there on two wall over the bed. One wall size mirror was there facing bed. Leather couch was in one side. It seemed the maker of this house could be very romantic & lavish person. One center table made of glass kept near the couch. I appreciated his room. I sat on couch. Sam first switched on heater then TV. He gave me remote. I found one music system was there under the rack where TV was there. This is truly romantic. Priya appreciated. Let’s listen to songs. Priya suggested.

He played some latest Hindi beats. We sat on couch. Sam sat beside me. Priya pulled a chair & sat on it facing us. She didn’t remove her high heels. I purchased one bottle of whisky from that bar. I took out that from pocket of my jacket. Wao, saying this he went down to bring glasses & water. Do some good show for me. I said to Priya smilingly. Sure. Bring your video cam if you want. She said & lifted her both legs on the table towards me & crossed her legs. We weren’t feeling any effect of drink we had in bar by then. He came back with glasses & water. He brought a packet of chips too. Priya, do you have nightdress? He asked foolishly. I thought not to put on anything tonight. She said naughtily. I laughed. Sam let’s go down. I need to bring my camera. We came down. I found one skirt was there in the car. I took that too. We came back again. Priya got up & was changing the song. She became free completely. Then she jumped on bed & lied on her back wearing heels. She kept her legs outside. Sam walked towards her & stood near her feet. Are you ok? He asked. Yes, come on sit. Saying this she sat on it & tried to take out her heels. It is absolutely fine. You are looking great in heels. You can take out your stocking. I will love to see your gorgeous thighs. He requested. Only thighs? Priya asked looking at deep into his eyes. She came to side & kept her legs on floor. He knelt down in front of her & kept his both hands on thighs. Can I dance bahis şirketleri with you? He asked. Sure. She got up started making peck for us. Sam came & stood on her back. He hugged her from back & kissed her neck. nnnnnnn Priya moaned closing her eyes & threw her head back on his shoulder. His face covered with her hair.

His hands were rubbing her naked belly. His fingers were teasing her skin softly. Slowly he was lifting his hands up with her inner like top towards her semi naked huge erected boobs. He pulled her inner up to her lower chest. She took two glasses in her both hands then turned fast. Your drink is ready honey enjoy it. He took one glass from his hand & all of a sudden, he bent to kiss her lips. She immediately turned her face & laughed smashing her boobs over his chest. Let me have some effect of drink honey. She said seductively licking her lips. You bitch. He whispered. Yes, Tonight I am all yours. Do feast like there is no tomorrow. She stole that dialogue from a 007 movie. Is it? He whispered kissing her ear. Fuck me as hard as you can. She whispered. Sam took a sip from his glass then he took his glass close to her mouth. Priya lifted her chin. Facing ceiling she kept her mouth wide open. He pour few in her mouth. Priya didn’t suck it. He bent on her & Pour his tongue inside her open mouth & sucked. He sucked her mouth for a while. Nnn mmmm mm mm. Priya was moaning. He left her & smiled looking at her eyes. Priya then took sip from her glass. They both kept the glass on table. They both pulled each other & went to the center of the room. They started dancing. It was fast music so they couldn’t do it erotically but they got enough chance to grind their ass on each other. Priya pushed her ass on his dick frequently. I was busy with my camera. Then that song ended. Hey, it is hot. Saying this Sam took out his shirt. Now he was in jeans & vest only. Next song was too fast beats. They both enjoyed dancing. His hands continuously squeezed her body. Soon they lost interest in beats.They started seducing each other. They were grinding facing each other. Their crotch met number of times. While dancing, Priya took out his belt & wrapped it on her neck. Sam got good opportunity. He too unfastened her white belt & threw on the floor. He pulled her close & hugged her. Still they were moving their body with the beats. He started licking her neck. Lace of her inner fall from her shoulder. He started licking her shoulder too whenever she was coming close while dancing. Suddenly he sat on his knee & pulled Priya holding her ass cheeks. He pushed his nose between her thighs. Priya too pushed her crotch on his face. Wao saying this he fall on the floor on his back. We all laughed. Vishal give my glass. Priya asked me. I gave her. She was so charged & horny she took it in one sip. Sam got up & finished his peck. Hey my head is spinning. Priya said. She went to toilet. When she was out. Her stocking was in her hand. She kept it on couch. Sam & I sat on bed. Hey, what happened? You people are tired. She came close to me. I lifted her with my hand & threw her on bed. I bent on her & sucked her lips. Aaaahh aaahhh I love you honey. She whispered looking at my eyes. I sucked her again & left her mouth free for Sam. I found Priya hold his vest, pulled him on her chest. He fall on her. His face was around six inch up from her face while his chest smashed her boobs strongly. One lamp was on near bed. Sam switch it off. Sam did so but still two higher watt bulbs were on in the room. She pulled him again on him. This time he fall with more force on her chest. Ouch, Priya moaned & opened her mouth. He didn’t come down to suck her. He became still & looked at her eyes. Priya lifted her head & pour her tongue in his mouth. She kissed her passionately. She tightly hold his mouth & pulled under. He hold her hand, spread it wide & pressed it tightly on the bed. They kissed each other, licked, played, sucked did everything very passionately. He left her hand. Immediately she took it down & started squeezing my dick over my pant. Still they were sucking each other. I started licking her thighs slowly pulling her skirt up. Mmm mmm mmm her locked mouth couldn’t make much sound. Her breath became faster. I stopped the music by remote.

She was in the middle, lying on her back & very much ready to get fucked wild. We were on our sides facing her. I started squeezing her thighs harder. She was trembling in excitement. They were still playing with each other’s mouth. I took her skirt far up by then. Sam didn’t notice that. Priya was playing with my crotch. He noticed that. He left Priya & smiled looking at her. He then attacked her bare chest. He licked it wild, ran his tongue on her naked skin. Yes, yes. She was moaning. Yesssssssssssssssss. She groaned feeling my finger near her pussy. I rubbed her crotch then left her. Priya pulled his Vest out from his head. She then looked at his erect cock & smiled. Her boobs became more exposed as her total volume went upwards. Still her nipples weren’t exposed. He bent again & licked flesh of her exposed boobs. He tried to take her as much as possible in his mouth. Can you give me a towel? She whispered seductively. Why? He asked. Give me. He got up & in no time brought one. He noticed how badly I took her skirt up. Priya was lying shamelessly. He again fall on her & started kissing her mouth. She got up & sat on bed. Still her mouth was inside his mouth. She left him & hold the towel on her boobs. Her black panty was visible by then. When she left his mouth. He came down & licked her upper thigh. Aaah aaaah Priya cried looking at him doing this. He liked her moan & looked at her eyes from there. Priya licked her mouth. He became desperate. His next kiss was on her pussy mount over her panty. Nnnnn nnnn nnnn Priya was shouting. He felt it was working on her. He planted one after one continuously. She moaned with his every kiss. Nnhh nnnnh nnnnh nnnnnh. Then she pulled his head holding his hair & planted a kiss on his lips. You smell great. Priya didn’t want it fast. She left him, holding the towel on her boobs she slipped her laces from her shoulder. She then unhooked it from back. Ladies are expert getting their inner very artistically. Her towel didn’t slip even for a second. I threw her inner on the floor. Vishal take out your shirt. She ordered me & slipped back towards the wall. She spread her one hand towards Sam to pull him on her. She sat on the bed leaning on wall. Sam too went beside her & sat like her. He then leaned on her. I went to her other side.

She kissed my lips while Sam was sucking her neck. She sucked our mouth one by one. We were doing real dirty things. Our saliva mixed with each other. Her both hands were on her boobs holding towel. Sam pulled her hand & kept two-side pillow at her back. Again, she leaned back & threw her head on it. Sam leaned over her & fed her his saliva. Priya sucked it. Priya enjoyed it. She lifted her head & looked at his eyes. Sam & I both kept our one hands on her back & other hands was on her thighs. We were caressing her respective thighs. He felt I was pulling her skirt up again. I lifted her thigh on my thigh. Seeing it, Sam too lifted her other thigh on his thigh. We parted her legs wide. I started squeezing hard, licking her skin. Sam was mainly concentrating on her upper body. He was crazy to suck her boobs. Priya hold towel very low on her boobs. The flesh of her mounts was very much exposed. Every time his face was pushing her towel down slowly. He left her thigh & pushed towel up from her belly. He slipped his hand inside & started licking. He slowly lifted her hand up taking the towel up & stopped just beneath her voluptuous breasts. Her boobs were hanging over his hand. Priya hold towel tightly, but was loosing her control. Aaah nnh nnh haaaaaaaaaa nnnaaaaaaaaaaaa She was making different noise. Priya’s hand was on his head. She pushed him towards her boob. He opened her mouth as much as possible & took her flesh into his mouth over towel. He sucked wild. In no time, that thin towel became drenched. Yes, yes yeah aaann aanaa aaaahhhh aaah. She was moaning high. She hugged his neck tightly leaving towel in excitement. He started sucking her wild. Seeing his crazy, she pushed him & slipped forward & again lied on bed on her back. She spread her both hands towards him & said, come on. He too lied on his side beside her & took his face close to her boob. She asked for my handkerchief. I gave her immediately.

She tied his eyes with it in no time. hey what are you doing? He shouted. Nothing honey, just playing with you. Saying this she pushed him & he fall on his back. She immediately got up & sat on his chest. She threw towel from her chest, pulled his both hands up to her boobs & started squeezing her own boobs with his hands. He couldn’t believe his luck. He squeezed few more time to realize those were real. I never felt so soft & huge tits. He complimented & started licking her nipples. Those were erected & hard. He squeezed very hard. His every squeeze was giving her pleasure. She threw her head back number of times while moaning high. Yes, yes, yes harder, harder, harder yeah yeah. She became a bitch completely. She was moving her crotch to & fro on his chest. I want to suck these. He begged. Priya fall on his face immediately & pour her boobs in his mouth one by one. Now his both hands, lips tongue all were engaged caressing her boobs. He sucked wild. She smashed her boobs hard in his mouth. Sometimes he became breathless. He slowly started caressing her ass. While sucking her boobs he took his hands on her ass cheeks & squeezed. He slipped his hands inside her thighs & grabbed her naked ass. Wait for a minute. Saying Priya stood up completely. Her legs were canlı bahis on his both sides. She unhooked her skirt on her ass & pulled the zip down. I am taking this fucking cloth out. He cried. No, I will go then. She too cried. Priya pulled the zip down completely pushed her skirt down. It fall on his chest. Say what is it?

She asked playfully. You’re fucking skirt. He answered. She lifted her leg one by one & kicked her skirt to a side. Then in one hard push, she took out her panty. She threw it on his belly. Say what is it? She asked again. He answered nothing. Took out her panty started sucking it. Waooo. He was delighted. Priya went a step ahead & sat on his mouth. Her crotch was still two three inch up from his mouth. He understood it. Take out your tongue. Priya ordered. He took out his thick lips completely. Seeing it, she couldn’t hold anymore. She pushed her crotch down. It pressed over her thick pussy lips. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. Priya shivered in excitement. He lifted his head, grabbed her ass with both hand & pulled her crotch close. He started sucking her inner thighs, pussy lips. He licked her clit very well. Priya lost strength. She sat on his mouth. He inserted his middle finger deep inside her cunt. Aaah nnnn nnnn yes Sam yes, eat this fucking pussy eat me yes yessssssssssssssssssssssssss She started fucking his mouth like anything. His face lost under her huge crotch. She looked down & rubbing her cunt vigorously. She was pumping her own boobs. She looked at me & asked me to take out my dick. I obeyed her. She leaned on my crotch & took my huge dick in her mouth. She was fucking his mouth hard. Sam was breathless. He was having pain. He simply took out his as much as possible & lied holding her ass cheeks. Priya was vigorously rubbing her cunt on it. It lasted for fifteen minutes. She got from his face. Your tongue is good. Saying this she lied diagonally on bed & unzipped his jeans. She pushed his jeans down. Finally took it out. She inserted her hand in his jockey & licked the tip of his dick. Her finger became wet with his pre cum. Priya sucked her finger looking at me seductively. She then took out his under wear. She leaned on his dick. Hold her both boobs close to each other. Then pressed both on his dick. His sticky pre cum stuck to her boob.
She had that cum with help of her finger. Sam was having good patience & he was enjoying too. He was no more complaining for that handkerchief. Priya took his dick between her globes & started squeezing his dick. His dick made her valley wet. She then started licking tip, slowly ran her tongue on its side. She hold his dick a side & took his balls in her mouth sucking fully. She sucked his balls well. Her both hands were busy too caressing his cock & balls. His dick & balls were huge. It would be of 8 inch & his balls were heavy too. She then pulled the skin down & licked it looking at my eyes. She left his dick for a second & jumped on me to taste my dick too. Both are good. She laughed. She then took his full length inside his mouth. How I don’t know, but she did so. I could see his balls stuck to her chin. You are a whore. I uttered. She continued sucking him. He was moaning in pleasure.aaah yesssss. Yes, He started stroking in her throat. Priya was satisfied seeing his size in full erection. You like this? she asked. Yes, come on now fuck me. He answered impatiently. Ok. Saying this she went ahead. She poured her tits in his mouth &lifted her one leg to ride him. She sat on his dick. he started sucking her nipples. He too thought to play with her. He grabbed his own dick so that Priya couldn’t get full penetration. She started stroking but his hand was creating real obstruction. Why the hell you holding it. Leave it. She cried. You like my dick haaan, like it?he asked. Yes I want to fuck it. Come on. Saying this she started stroking faster. He left his dick & pulled her on him tightly. She poured her face on his shoulder & fucking him vigorously. They weren’t having full penetration as Priya lied on him completely. He was not satisfied so he too started fucking her from down. His eyes were still closed. Aaann nnh nnh aaah aaah fuck me fuck me yes yes tear my pussyyyyyyyyy. She was groaning. Yeah yeah yeah aaaa aaaa aaaaa aaaa she was crying. He was squeezing & slapping her ass chicks hard. His dick was being invisible in her huge ass. He was slapping her thigh too. Then he inserted his hands between her thighs cupped her huge voluptuous ass. With every stroke it was making huge sound. You want to see me? Haan haaan She was saying breathlessly. Yes yes. I want to see your fucking pussy. She lifted the handkerchief slight up & his eyes came out. She hugged him tightly while fucking his brain out. His eyes were almost close in excitement.

He once thought to see her through the mirror of opposite wall & tried to lift his head. But he was unfortunate. Priya was in complete control. He could see only her bare shoulder. Priya started fucking him hard & hard. He found he was coming. He kept his eyes closed tightly in excitement. Look at me look at me honey. See me. Check out my tits. I don’t think you saw something like this before. Looking at his closed eyes she was fucking him deep. Keeping his dick fully inside for few seconds taking her hips out. Priya immediately covered his eyes again. You are a bitch aaaaahhhh aaahhhh he shouted & hugged her tightly. You like this? Aaahh aaaaaaahhh aaaahhh Priya too was close to her orgasm. She suddenly fall on him & her body was trembling like anything. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh she again started fucking him hard. Aaaah aaaahhh I am coming aaahh He too was groaning. Fill my pussy honey. Today this cunt is yours I told you. Fuck it, fill it do whatever you like. Saying this she started rubbing her crotch on him. He came deep inside. His semen was dripping from her pussy with her every stroke. Vishal want to taste it. She cracked. No. Saying this I ran away from there. She kept her palms on his chest & started grinding on him. Their crotch were completely wet. It was sounding patch with each stroke. She fall on him finally. They were breathing heavily. Can I open my eyes now? He asked. Noooo. If you want you can fuck me but keep your eyes closed honey. She whispered. He lifted his upper body from that position along with Priya & sat on bed. His dick was still inside her pussy & was same in size. Priya arranged her legs on his sides near his ass. She arched back & kept her weight on her palm.

She lifted her ass again & slowly started fucking him from that position. Wao, it is still big honey. She appreciated looking at his dick going inside her pussy. See how it is spreading my pussy wall. Aaah aaah. She was completely taking his dick in & her crotch was slapping his crotch. She kept her eyes on their crotch. She was moving her ass slowly sometimes, sometimes taking his tip only, and sometimes taking his full size. Sam was completely out of control. He couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. Even he was not daring to take that fucking piece of cloth from his eyes. Then Priya started giving him long stroke teasing him each time. His dick was coming out from her hole. She rubbed his dick on her clit & putting inside. He was again in charged completely. He pulled her on him & one strong push. she fall on bed on her back. He took her both legs on his shoulder. Then he shoot his dick deep into her cunt. Ouchhh Priya cried. He started fucking her hard, might be one full-length stroke in a second. Yes harder, harder, fuck this pussy yeas yeasssssssss aaaa aaa aaa aaaa She bite his chest in excitement & scratching his back with her nail. She was groaning random. She crossed her legs on his waist, holding his thigh he was pulling him deep inside. I saw he was having pain because of her torture. He leaned on him completely, pressing her thighs wide. Their bodies smashed on each other. Sam did biggest mistake. He poured his tongue inside her mouth. From then She took control. She pulled it deep inside her mouth & started sucking hard & hard. He was having pain definitely. Seeing no option he started fucking her wild. His dick was completely inside. His balls were slapping her ass cheeks. He became mad & next five minutes he fucked her brain out. Priya came again. She melted under his arm. They were sweating like anything. Priya didn’t leave his tongue till he offered his last drop deep inside her pussy. They both groaned wild.

Then complete silent. I could hear their heavy breathing. They lied on each other for few minutes. Then Priya pushed him & slipped inside a blanket. He took out the cloth from his eyes & looked at her intoxicated face. She became pink. Her eyes were drowsy but highly satisfied. He went close to her. Priya leaning over his dick cleaned it with her tongue. She sucked him dry. Wrapping that blanket she got up took her dress & went inside bathroom. She had bath then & came out wearing her dress. He was still lying on bed naked, trying to recall most fabulous moments of his life. Hey how was that? Priya asked him. You are a greatest fuck. He whispered looking at her eyes. I won’t forget that I couldn’t see my fuck naked. He uttered. Ha ha Priya laughed. Priya let’s go now. I suggested. No. Please stay with me tonight, please. He was begging. It was 2.30 am then. I made peck for three of us & started having mine. He went to toilet. Get bath properly. She shouted. She then sat on my lap. Are you tired? I asked. No honey. I can fuck both of your brain out.

She shouted. Ok, let me bring one more Disk. Saying this I went down. When I came back I found Priya was lying on bed completely naked. She threw her dresses on the floor. We heard sound of bathroom lock as Sam was coming out. She immediately covered herself fully. Sam came out naked. Sam you have one more chance. I said showing her dresses lying on floor. Oh my god. Thanks Priya. He was crying. Now shut up & come fast. Hey I will be here on couch. I said, They both agreed. Sam slipped in the blanket. I switched off all the lights.

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