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Crossing the Line
Following up from

A year later, she’s back. This time Saru is ready to up the game. While I have been surviving on the odd relationship, I had spent the odd weekend with Jeff and Kate though, I minimized this as Jeff was pushing the line.

The beauty of 60+ women, no periods, ready to fuck any time. Straight from the airport, we were in bed. After a couple of hours of catch up sex, she says – I have a surprise for you, go look in my suitcase.

I jump out of bed naked, bend down at the suitcase. I suddenly find her boobs pressed against my back, her fingers probing my ass, and then suddenly, something slides in!

She’s using a strap-on in me. It was painful, but I got into the rhythm and suddenly, my cock perked up. She grabbed it and wanked me with the same pace as her hips bucked into me. I came and how.

The weekend came, and it güvenilir bahis siteleri was to be spent with Jeff and Kate. Unknown to me they had a plan. It was Jeff’s birthday. It was to be a night on the town then drinks and more in a suite.

We arrive at the suite. Saru was wearing a tight dress which accentuated her huge hips. Kate was in a tight number.

After a rather erotic night out, there was talk of bringing another couple of blokes, but I nixed it. However, I was pretty drunk that night. Back to the suite, I plonked myself on the sofa

Saru came up and lifted her dress up. Her snatch was hairy and glistening, she buried it into my face. Kate was out of her black number and was down at my knees, takin my trousers off. She licked me into life and slowly straddled me.

Saru was literally suffocating me and drowning me at the same time. Suddenly I felt a most grip on my balls. I was in Kate, then perabet giriş I realized, I was pinned down and Jeff was sucking my balls.

Sensing, I realized the situation, Kate said, it’s his birthday and you are the treat. I’ve had my balls sucked but this was a really firm grip, I was in a such a frenzy that Kate dismounted and next minute, Jeff is sucking me off.

Most ladies a gentle, a man sucking you off was like a moist fist. Kate was wetting herself watching. Jeff stands up grinning. I was bewildered. Jeff’s dick was really stiff and glistening Kate took a wet hand and moistened my hand and told me to play with his dick. Saru was now sucking me off and tickling my anus, slipping the odd finger in.

I have never played with anyone else’s cock. Half of me was curious and half of me was disgusted. Bit like eating caviar for the first time. I gingerly grabbed it, it was warm and pulsating, precum perabet güvenilir mi was spurting, I u*********sly started wanking him.

Saru started licking his precum up. I stopped and absently mindedly sniffed it. It was like saliva and gooey. Saru went to the bed and opened her thighs,

I want you bad!

I enter into her and I was fooled again. Jeff penetrated me. After the Strap-on, it was different, getting a hot throbbing member pulsating in your ass. The pulsating part was actually a turn-on. Suddenly I felt a hot spurt and he was out.

The treat aint over yet! Your turn!!

I faltered, Kate was wanking me into shape, I was hesitant.

You’ve been in both our asses, why not his?

Oh well!

I enter him, he knew how to make his rectum pulsate, add to that Kate was sucking my balls off. I spurted and came out.

Both ladies were cleaning hi up with their mouths at both ends. They sucked up the cum and next minute spit it onto my stomach and lick it up.

I was stiff and sore and could not go on. The ladies were quite satisfied having watched us. The next time, they wanted to pick up a couple of blokes while Jeff and I played.

I don’t think so – If was interesting but not again,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32