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Cruise Ship Poker
So what a glorious day. I was on a large cruise ship that I had paid top dollar for and I had a suite close to the top of the boat and it was spectacular. Now I was always planning on taking this trip with my wife but a few years ago she decided to move in with a buddy so after the divorce and settling all the bills it took me some time to save and put away and finally I paid for this sweet suite and I was on this cruise by myself. Yes it sounds a bit boring but nothing in my life is ever boring so I figured what the hell lets give it try.

Well to get back to the day it was sunny the boat was on a rare day time move due to the distance to the next port of calling. So I was kicked back by the pool and I was sucking back some fruity drink from the bartender and just enjoying the view of all the pretty ladies in their sexiest bikini trying to our do the next one . I happen to notice this one couple and I had to admit my god she was freaking hot. She had long blonde hair most likely died but I didn’t care. She had a huge set of very firm tits probably man made but I didn’t care and her ass was to die for. Maybe injected but I didn’t care. I was enjoying her walking around the pool. She was wearing the skimpiest of tops and it barely cover her areola and the tiny little triangle bottom left nothing to the imagination. It was also a g string style so there was literally nothing to the imagination. She was a wet dream walking. Now we were on one of the upper decks as I mentioned and it was adult only up here so she could get away with it. I noticed some of the woman were making snide remarks and giving her dirty looks but my motto is if you have it flaunt it. There was some other hot chicks on this pool also so I was not spending all my time ogling her but I have to admit she got a lot of my attention. Now her partner with her was a mousy little guy so right away I figured oh money in his pocket . That has got to be the only way he got a wet dream like this for his wife. As luck would have it after a few laps around the pool she decided to settle down on the lounge chair right next to mine. As she was getting settled I could not help but try and get a better look of her tits, ass or even her pussy if possible. She was not shy about how she was preparing her lounge. She faced her back to me and bent over at the hips this stretched that little sting between her ass cheeks to the limit and it did nothing to cover her ass hole. The string went right up the middle but it was very obvious of her butt hole. The string also was just a little short so the triangle wedge of material was not covering just the very bottom of her pussy and I could see her wet pussy lips just poking out. I thought to my self excellent wack off material for later. Then she turned around and bent over again now facing me to get something out of her bag and her tits that were testing the strength of that bikini were all but right in my face. She lifted her head looked right at me staring at her tits, yes I was caught but she just smiled and I thought I saw a wink from behind her sunglasses. This chick was putting on a show and her wimpy little husband just sat there and did not seem to even notice. Finally she lay down and her perfect tits did not try and move to her armpits like some do they stayed right front and centre and they were rock firm. It was not to long and I had another drink in my hand and she had also ordered one. She looked at her husband and he was already fast sleep. I was shocked at how fast he passed out. She looked at me and asked

“Would you mind putting some suntan lotion on my back for me.”

I smiled and sipped my drink put it down and replied.

“With pleasure”

I laughed and she gave me a naughty little smile as I jumped at the opportunity. She handed me the tanning bottle got up lowered her lounge chair to the flat position and then she laid down on the chair face first. She reached around behind her back and untied the strings to the top of her bikini and said.

“Please make sure you get all of me.”

I positioned my self in such away that nobody else could see into our little hooded Tanning area. Around this pool the tanning areas were all pretty private and it was actually hard to see any one else the way it was designed and laid out. I put some lotion in my hands rubbed them together and I started to apply the lotion to her shoulders and neck. I was massaging her as much as I was spreading the lotion and I heard her let out a little moan as I was working her neck muscles. She reached up and pulled the string around her neck also. I massaged her neck completely now and I started to apply the lotion down onto her back and around the sides. She lifted her head and moved her arms up to place them under her head and rolled her head in my direction as I was applying the lotion. She said.

“Make sure you get the my sides please.”

I put some lotion in my hands and I was now standing on the side of the lounge bent over her and I was applying the lotion to her side on the opposite side. She moaned again and lifted her chest off the lounge just a little and I slipped my hands around and under her tit. I felt her nipple harden and I was massaging her tit tweaking her nipple. I looked at her face and she was watching me as she bit her lower lip and moaned again. I slid my hand out from under her tit and she rolled quarter way over onto that side now lifting her chest completely off the lounge. The bikini top remained on the lounge and her magnificent tits were now completed exposed to me. I looked at her and I lowered my face and took one of the nipples into my mouth and gave it a lick and a suck. She groaned this time and I was rubbing her other tit that was already slick with the lotion. She groaned again and rolled back down almost catching my hand under her body . I applied the lotion now to the close breast and she was wiggling her ass in the lounge chair. She said.

“Don’t forget my legs”

I now moved down a bit to sit closer to her ass and her legs as I applied the lotion onto her ass cheeks one then the other. She spread her legs just a little and I moved my hands down between her thighs and I made sure that she was completely covered in lotion there also. I was sliding my hand up and down over her pussy and I felt the heat from her lips she lifted her ass a little and I reached my hand down and around and I rubbed her pussy completely from clit to ass hole. She wiggled her pussy and pushed it against me hand and I felt her quiver a little. I moved the string to the side and with ease I slipped two fingers into her cunt. This time I heard a distninct groan as I was finger fucking her right there on the pool deck. I was working my hand in and out of her pussy and due to the lotion on my hand I was able to slide my thumb up into her ass. She groaned and wiggled again. I was slowing down and she said almost desperately.

“No don’t stop keep it up.”

I was finger fucking her pussy and ass and in no time at all I was rewarded with her pussy spasming on my fingers and I felt her fluids leak onto my hand. She let out a long low moan and then shook her ass to get my hand away from there. I straightened out her bikini and I finished the lotion on her legs making sure I reached around and completely massaged her whole leg. When I finished I put the bottle on the table and she looked at me.

“Thanks that was great.”

She rolled her head to the other side before I could speak and it was done as quickly as it started. I picked up my drink re arranged my hardening cock in my shorts and lay back down on my lounge. I started to watch some of the scenery again and I guess I must have fallen asleep. When I awoke I was by myself in the little tanning area and the hottie and her husband were no where to be seen. I chalked it up to a great day and I also rose to go to my suite to change for diner and have illegal bahis a shower.

When I was ready I had an invite tonight to dine at the Captains table and I was looking forward to a great meal and some good conversation. I entered the dinning hall and moved over to the bar to get a drink I was mulling around the table and I saw my name on a placard so I knew where I was sitting. Soon other passengers were starting to gather in this area and I was making some small talk getting to know some of the other passengers. We were all kind of waiting to be told what to do and then through the door came the fucking wet dream and her mousy husband. Holy Fuck she was all decked out tonight. Her dress was slit open to her thigh and it was of a different length on one side than the other. the long side reached to about mid calf while the short side was basically a mini skirt. The top was a deep V from the went to her navel and her magnificent tits were holding the V apart. He full roundest of her tits were on full display. The top of the dress was of a halter style and she was completely bare back. Her tan was smooth and all over there was no little white lines anywhere to be seen. The material of the dress was of a see through design with just enough pattern in the strategic locations to cover her nipples and her pussy. it was pretty stretched over her ass and it was clear to see that she was not wearing any panties as the design would not allow for it. He was wearing a nice suite but we all had on a nice suit. Mine actually was an Armani and it fit my well toned body very well. My large hard chest was cover with with a back satiny style shirt that was open the top two buttons. The jacket stretched across my broad shoulders and it cam to mid ass. The pants were tight and black and I was wearing a nice pair of black shoes also. The pants were stretched just right over my muscular thighs and I also was not wearing any underwear and my nice equipped package was hanging to right tonight. Then the bell rang and we all moved to the table to our assigned spots. I was sitting between two ladies and their husbands were on the out side of them. Directly across from me sat the Angle of ejaculation and her husband next to her. the other spots on the table were also filled with couples and it was obvious that I was the only solo guest tonight. The Captain entered and joined us at the head of the table and the meal began.

The food was awesome the conversation was great and there was lots of interest around the table. I found out I was right the little guy was rich but he idi not earn it he inherited the money and the business from his father. I thought to my self that he was not self made and I could almost feel his arrogance as he talked. She on the other hand was pretty cool she spoke of her life and that she was a dance instructor and she worked hard most of her life. I blanked out how they met I wa not interested in anything that included the little weasel. Now for my self I was also pretty rich. After the divorce and the settlement yes I had to work but I was still pretty comfortable. I had to safe for the trip due to I enjoy things more if I have to wait for them as I set my self a goal and I worked towards it. It took a little longer than I hoped but it was all well worth it in the end. I was living the dream on this ship. and in my life. After the meal had concluded some guys were talking about a poker game and if anyone was interested. I was not a great player but I though I could hold my own in this group. Now the buy in was 5 ,000.00 and you could play what you brought to the table. I was good with that I had a pocket full of cash that I always had on me so I was good to go.

We all moved to a private room that was set up for just such occasions and the game began. Some of the woman came to support their men and some just kind of relaxed around in the back ground. The little idiot joined the game as I knew he would it would be like a challenge for him to brag up his money and position. I was. little surprised that he actually just barely had then buy in on him so I was pretty confident that he was not prepared for such a night. I had read up on things like this happening on these type of cruise that is why I was well prepared. The game was not too long in when the first guy had already played out and he and his wife got up and left. I was surprised at how these guys actually played. There was some crazy betting and some very unorthodox playing of cards and trying to get hands. I was sitting back playing conservative watching the tells in the players. Finally I was pretty sure I could read the table and I started my game up. It was not too long again and another guy was out on his ass. soon another was got we had only be playing a couple of hours and there was there of the five out leaving me and the idiot as I thought of him. I looked down and I had the lions share of the chips in front of me there was no one else still in the room as everyone was out and had left. Babe was staring behind her husband and she ws encouraging him on but I could see that he had fuck all in this hand. He bluffed I called all in the dealer checked out the pots and he was way short. He reached into his pocket and took out a pen and the dealer said no ply what you have brought to the table no more. He looked at me and said what can I do. I smiled and said well you did bring her to the table. She looked at me and smiled and he was adamant that that was not an option. The dealer asked if he folded. She nudged him on and bent to say something in his ear. He looked at me and I could tell he was fucked. He called with her in the pot. Now I said

“Hold it we have to figure out some terms here.”

He looked at me and said.

“Okay one dance. ”

I laughed. I asked the dealer what the difference in the pot was. He quickly figured it out to be about $10,000

I said.

“No way just a dance.”

I looked at him and no way was he going to fold to me I had him. He said.

“What do you want.”

“The rest of tonight and the next port of call tour on land.”

” No way” he yelled.

She nudged him again and tried to get him to play.

“The rest of the night”

“Look you are not in a position of strength here you have no money I am $10,000 up on you and I make the terms. The terms are the rest of the night and tomorrows land tour”

She nudged him again.

“Alright it a bet.”

The dealer confirmed the bet and wrote it down we both signed it and it was time to flip the cards.

I had four of a kind aces high with a King. He flipped a full house. I fucking laughed right in his face. He threw the cards and then right away he tried to re-neg on the bet. The dealer held the bet in his hand and he up held the bet. The idiot was furious. his wife was trying to calm him down and she was saying it is all right it is just a few dances and a tour. She was being calm and the little idiot did not know what to do. I gathered all my winning of $25,000 and I moved around to their side of the table. I looked at him and I put out my arm to her. He tried to step in between but the dealer had called for some security and he explained the situation. The security were to watch us all night and make sure there was no problem. They stepped up and he moved back as I knew he would. What a fucking idiot. but I knew his ego would not let him back down. I found out her name was Nicole and we left the poker room. We walked down the hall and the security kept him in the room until we were out of sight. As soon as we were out of sight I took Nicole straight to the elevator and we descended down to the main floor. This is where all the dance clubs were. Also I knew the fear in him would not allow himself to leave the comfort and security of the top floors. The security that was with me basically told me to have a good night and we shook hands as he moved away. He was still keeping pinbahis güvenilir mi an eye on us more like he was watching for the little idiot to appear which we all knew was not going to happen.

Nicole and I walked along arm in arm and we were chatting away when she dropped the bomb. She said’

“I saw your hand I knew you had him beat that is why I kept pushing him to play. After what you did to me at the pool today I was not able to get you out of my mind. Plus,” she said as she leaned into my ear. “I saw the size of your cock today and I just have to have it.”

“Well babe I am going to fuck you tonight like you have not been fucked in a long time. Let’s have some fun first.”

We entered the biggest of the clubs and the place was hopping. The music was blaring and the dance floor was full. There were a lot of younger people here and they were obviously abusing the alcohol but the girls were dressed up and the guys were not. Hell some of them were still in the shorts they had on all day. Nicole immediately started to swing to the music. She leaned over and just about screaming in my ear so I could hear her.

“I have not been in a club since we got married 4 years ago.”

“Go nuts” I said as I watched her swinging to the tunes. Fuck she was so hot in that dress. Without a doubt she was the hottest woman in there. I found our way to the bar and ordered two drinks. The big bouncer security guy from earlier waved me over.

“Hey buddy follow her she will take you to a table.”

I gave him the thumbs up as we followed the waitress and she lead up up a few flights to a roped off area. The bouncer at the rope lifted it and we were in to a VIP area. It was still pretty busy here but there was a table against the railing so we could look down over the dance floor. The waitress took our drink order and she disappeared as Nicole did not even sit she was swinging to the music at the side of the railing. I leaned over ,

“Why don’t you go down and dance have some fun.”

I was not concerned at all about who she was going home with tonight. Nicole was off I watched as the bouncer lifted the rope and then he watched her sweet frame descend the stairs. He was shaking his hand in the air to indicate how hot she was. I smiled as I knew I was going to banging that later.

From my vantage point I could see Nicole make her way onto the dance floor and watched as she was dancing around and it was not long before it was obvious that she new how to rock her body. Soon people started to give her a little room and she was really sexing it up. Someone lifted her up onto a raised dance floor and there was guy with a live feed camera up there. Soon Nicole was projected on to the huge screen at the end of the club. The guy with the camera was getting some pretty risqué angles and I was sure that on more than one occasion I saw Nicole flash her pussy to the crowd. I was not sure but then the crowd went crazy and I knew I saw what I thought I saw. Some guys attempted to dance with her and she moved with them for a little bit but then brushed them off just a fast. She was not interested in anything on the floor she was there to have some fun and dance. It was great to see her freedom. She was down on the floor for awhile and while she was there I was getting body shots with the fucking very hot waitress. The shooter was low between her tits and I was sucking the glass out as I tipped my head back and drank it with no hands. Then another girl came over and she wanted one also so the waitress did a body shot with her also. The place was really a lot of fun and everyone was into it. There was the odd guy to drunk but he was watched pretty closely and if anything happened he was escorted out so the party atmosphere stayed very energetic.I had to admit it was the most fun I had had in a long time and watching Nicole on the dance floor with all her sexy moves and teasing others around her just made the party that much better for me.

Nicole appeared again at my side and she was shiny from her perspiration. (Women do not sweat they glisten) I was told that once. she lifted her hair off her neck and she blew some breath up onto her forehead in an attempt to cool down. She looked at me and leaned over.

“Let’s get out of here.”

I nodded and we were off. We left the bar and once we could hear one another again. She looked at me and gave me a big wet deep passionate kiss. When we broke apart she said.

“Thanks that was the most fun I have had in Ages.”

I put my hands around her and I cupped her ass cheeks in both hands as I brought in close and said our time is just starting we have lots to do and with that I kissed her and slid my tongue into her mouth as she opened her sweet lips and we slid our tongues around one another. I released her ass with one hand and I slid my hand up and cupped her tit. I could feel nipple get hard almost immediately.

“let”s go fuck” she said.

I laughed and we made our way to another Elevator. I pushed the top button and she said,

“Oh that floor is above ours.”

“Everything I have is above his.” I laughed grabbing my crotch and squeezing it toward Nicole.

The door opened and the floor security guard was there to keep wandering passengers not allowed on this floor off. I nodded at the huge guard and I took Nicole’s arm and I lead her down the hall way to the suite. After opening the door Nicole stepped inside and she let out a low whistle of impressiveness. The door opened in to a small foyer that lead into the main lounge area. Nicole letup an approving whistle. On the right side of the lounge was an open doorway the lead into an impressive large washroom shower area. The vanity was a double sink and there was a large mirror on the wall above both sinks. The wall on the other side was a glass wall that separated the two headed shower from the main bathroom. There was a door off to the left that lead to the facilities. On the other side of the lounge was a door that lead into the master bedroom. This room was equipped with a King size bed and a large dresser with an equally large mirror above that. There was a large screen TV mounted on the wall angled in the corner that pointed directed at the bed and the exterior wall was a glass wall with sliding doors the lead out onto the balcony. This glass wall extended all the way through the lounge also with a set of sliding doors leading to the balcony. As ship Cabins go this was a pretty sweet one.

Nicole reached up and unfastened the top of her halter dress and let it fall to the floor she was nude except for her shoes and as she walked to the shower over her shoulder she smiled and asked.

“Join me”

I nodded as she disappeared into the room. I went to the bar and removed a bottle of wine opened it and set out two glasses. Then I stripped off my clothes and followed the path to Nicole in the shower. When I entered I could see her under the rain shower style head and the water was cascading down her body. She had her arms raised above her head and her fingers were running through her wet hair. Her back was to me and I instantly started to get hard as I looked her body up and down. I slipped into the shower and slid my hands started at her hips up her body reaching around and cupping her tits. My thumb and fore finger lightly pinched her nipples and she leaned back into my chest reaching her hands back above her head to place her hands around my head. She leaned her head on my shoulder and let out a little moan as I continued to caress her tits. I slid one hand down her body and I brushed over her bare mound and let one finger filler her slit and she moaned again when my finger bumped over her clit. Still keeping her hands behind her back she reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock and slipped her hand around the shaft and started to stroke it up and down. I bent my head and kissed her on the nape of her neck and I pinbahis giriş slipped my finger into her cunt and curved it upwards searching for the illusive “G” spot. She was stroking me harder and I was finger fucking her pretty good also. I turned her around to face the glass wall bent her over slightly at the waist and I slipped my leg between her to open her legs a bit. I grabbed my hard cock and I rubbed the head of it up and down her very wet slit and in one motion I jammed my hard large cock all the way into her in one motion. She yelped with the feeling of the sudden intrusion to her pussy and I held her and my self still as her pussy stretched to accommodate the size. I felt her move a little wiggling her ass into my crotch and I slowly with drew my cock and when just the very tip was still in her I again jammed my cock all the way into her. this time she groaned as I hit the base of my cock agains her pussy. this time I did not wait and I withdrew again and slammed into her again and with each thrust she was letting out a little groan. I reached down and gripped her hips and I started to fuck her hard slamming my cock in and out of her pussy. ;I grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her head up so she could see herself in the mirror above the sinks as I fucked her. She spread her arms out to the sides and placed her palms on the glass so that she was able to push back when I slamming into her. Her beautiful tits were bumping up against the glass smashing them out into flattened circles with her perfect nipples as the centres. She was really getting into the fucking I was giving her and I felt her start to tighten up on my cock as her orgasm began. I released her hair grabbed her hips and continued to slam into her. I fucked her hard right through her orgasm and I felt her start to release as her arms slid down the glass. I Wrapped my arms around her and lifted her into a standing position leaning against me with my cock still in her pussy. I stepped back pulling my still very had cock out of her and we quickly rinsed off in the shower . I guided Nicole out f the washroom and across the lounge to the master bedroom. As soon as we entered the room I pushed her over the edge of the bed and I stepped up behind her sliding my hard cock into her very wet pussy again. She gave a little wiggle and moaned. I gripped her hips and stared to bang Nicole from behind. I was slamming into her so hard that our bodies were making a slapping sound when we slammed into one another. Her top part of her body was lying flat on the bed and she reached up above her head and gripped the bed spread in her fists as I continued to fuck her hard. Nicole lifted her head and let out a groan and I felt her pussy juices start to squirt out of her cunt and run down my legs. I pumped and pumped her hard as she had an explosive orgasm. Nicole dropped er head back to the mattress and just kind of melted into the bed. I pulled my still hard cock out of her pussy and I lifted her up onto the bed . I spread open her legs and I dipped my face into her quit and I started to lick and suck her red engorged pussy lips. I flicked my tongue up and over her clit a few times. and cover her pussy with Monmouth. I sucked her clit into my mouth and trapped it between my teeth lightly holding it in place as I ran the flat of my tongue up and over it several times. Nicole was twitching with the sensitivity oh her pusy and I released her clit and kissed and licked my way up her body until I reached her neck. I slipped my hand down between us and gripped my cock and o slipped it into her pussy. I started to fuck her again this time more slowly and with purpose. I kissed her lips and her mouth opened to accept my tongue. Our two tongues rubbed and twirled and battled with one another and I kept up my slow meticulous rhythm sliding my cock in and out. Nicole reached above her head and placed her hands flat against the headboard and pushed her self to stay in position and I continued to pump in and out. I felt her start to quiver and I felt my balls start to contract as I was approaching ejaculation. I was picking up the pace and was again slamming in and out of her pussy. She opened her eyes wide as she started to cum and I pushed my huge cock all the way into her and I felt the spurts almost blow the end of my cock off. I pushed my cock hard into her and held it there filling her pussy up with my man goo. her eyes rolled back into her head and she looked like a demonic demon as she groaned and moaned and had a very strong orgasm again. Finally I was done pumping my juice into her and I rolled off her to the side and just collapsed on the bed. the two of us did not move for several minutes just catching our breath.

Finally I got up grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and I went and got the wine and glassed from the lounge. Nicole was resting on her elbows still with a sheen of perspiration on her body making her skin look all shiny. We sipped out wine had another quick shower and finally we fell asleep in one another arms. I awoke with the sun streaming into the bedroom. and I looked at the clock on the table it was 07:45 the land tour started at 08:00 that I had bet in the card game last night. I rose naked and stepped out on the the balcony from my point I could see the launch along side the ship loading with the guest going on the 8 hour tour . I was leaning over the railing when I felt Nicole run her tits up against my back and I turned around to meet her. She smiled at me gripped my cock and slid down my body she slipped my cock into her mouth and started to give me a tremendous blow job . I glanced over the railing and I saw what I wanted. The little jerk Nicole’s husband boarding the launch as I knew he would. I figured he would go on the tour to keep an eye on Nicole and I. Nicole slid my hard cock right to the base into her mouth and down her throat. It was my turn to groan now. The launch pulled away from the road and I focused back on face fucking Nicole. I ran my hands down through her hair and grabbed two handfuls of hair and started to pump my cock in and out of her mouth. There is one thing I love and that is a blow job in the morning. I was face fucking her and slamming my cock into her throat. She was gagging and coughing and sputtering but she never stopped giving me a good wet job. I felt my balls start that familiar feeling and I gripped her head held her and I started to shot my load into her mouth. I leaned back against the railing of the balcony and blew my load into her. She was unable to take it all and she pulled my cock out of her mouth. I shot the last few spurted onto her face. I looked down and she was smiling looking up at me. My cum was running down her face and she was catching it with her fingers and sucking her fingers clean.

We went to the shower again and again while we showered Nicole got me hard with her hands and some soap. My god this woman was insatiable . We fucked everywhere in that cabin and had another session on the balcony also. Finally it was time for her to leave as the bet had come to an end. She put a robe on and gathered her clothes . When I opened the door the security guard was there and he gave me a huge smile as Nicole did her walk of shame back down to their cabin.

Later that day we docked at the end of the trip and I had gathered all my suitcases and had them loaded into my car. I noticed Nicole and the little jerk in the car in front of me and I walked over. He was holding the door open and Nicole’s already seated in the rear of the Limo. I walked past him bent over into the interior the car and I gave Nicole a deep passionate kiss while running my hands over her braless tits making the nipples hard. When I stood up I made the signal with my little finger and thumb to my ear and mouth and I mouthed the words “Call me Babe.” With that I laughed at him and turned on my heels and walked back to my car. I slipped it into gear and stepped on the accelerator causing my rear wheels to spin and squeal as it laid down and patch of rubber. I leaned my head back and laughed knowing full well I would be banging that piece again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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