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Daisy was getting the seat wet.

She couldn’t help it. Her panties didn’t do much to stop the cum from seeping out of her, albeit slowly, onto the leather beneath her. She hoped Nate wouldn’t mind.

He didn’t say much as they drove. He seemed to be thinking. Occasionally he would reach a hand over and squeeze her thigh, almost reassuringly. But just when Daisy thought he was only being friendly, his hand crept up her thigh and began to tickle her clit through her panties. She sighed and spread her legs wide to give him better access.

“Do you like that?” he asked her, his eyes on the road.

She smiled. “Yeah. It feels good.”

“Is this what you do when you’re alone to make yourself feel good?”


“What else do you do, honey?”

Daisy blushed. “Sometimes I…sometimes I put something inside me.”

“Yeah?” Nate glanced over at her. “Like what?”

“Like…a dildo,” she admitted, her blush deepening. “Or my fingers.”

“Does that feel good?”

Daisy bit her lip. “Not as good as your cock.”

“Naughty girl.” Nate ran his fingers down the crevice between her swollen lips and pushed his fingers into her hole. They didn’t go far with her panties still on, but it felt good–nasty, even. Daisy moaned. “What else do you do, little girl?”

“Sometimes I…sometimes I touch my tits,” Daisy admitted. She looked down at them, two enormous bulges in her top divided by the tight seatbelt. Her nipples were hard.

“Do it now,” Nate instructed. “Touch them the way you do when you’re at home alone.”

“But…someone might see,” Daisy protested, even as her hands crept up to her jugs.

“It’s dark. No one will see.”

Her fingers found her nipples and began to stroke them through the thin cotton. They stiffened even more, thrusting out an inch from her tits, even inside the confining top.

“Are you rubbing your nipples?” Nate asked her, glancing over. “That’s a good girl. I bet that feels good. I bet you want someone to suck on those big fat nubs, don’t you? Pull your shirt up, baby. Let me see ’em.”

Daisy sighed. She slid her top up, slowly, inch by inch, until the fabric was bunched up below her collarbone. Her tits bulged out around the strap between them, seeming too big for the space she was occupying. She saw Nate glance over at her, once, then twice, a quick double-take. He smiled. “There you go, honey. Those titties should never be covered up. They look so good like that. Stroke those huge nipples for me. Attagirl. Fuck, I’m hard again. Good thing we’re almost home.”

Nate intended to eventually set her up in her own room, but he had nothing prepared for her, so she slept in his bed beside him. That first night, she cried a little, asking for her father. “Why doesn’t he want me anymore?”

Nate lay beside her, stroking her flat belly, wondering how long before it began to grow. “He does want you, Daisy. canlı bahis He just needs to sort things out with your mom first.” That was the story they had agreed to, and she seemed to accept it.

“You’ll take care of me?” She turned to look at him, her eyes wide.

“Oh, I’ll take care of you.” Nate climbed on top of her and buried his face in the soft flesh of her tits. He rubbed his lips and nose against her nipples until she sighed. Then he pulled one into his mouth and sucked.

She didn’t protest when he worked his stiff cock in between her bulging pussy lips. She wrapped her legs around him and encouraged him in, moaning. Her cunt was still slippery with his cum, but tight nevertheless, and he fucked her slowly, enjoying the sensation. She was a good lover, though clearly inexperienced. Even if she had just laid there, her body was enjoyable enough to entertain him. He came more quickly than he had intended, squirting every drop into her defenseless twat.

As he rolled off her, he said, “Put your panties on.”

Obediently, she found a pair from her overnight bag beside the bed and slid them up her long legs. He watched the gusset settle into her damp, well-fucked pussy before she settled, topless, into his arms and fell asleep.

When Daisy left with Nate, Tom stopped by the bathroom for a quick piss, then headed out the back door to the shed. There was a bit of unfinished business that awaited him.

The door opened, and Shawna immediately began to swear at him. “Where the fuck have you been? I came, like, ten times and I can’t stop. This thing won’t stop fucking me. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuuuuck, here we go again–” Her words turned into screams and Tom watched from between her thighs as she began to cum. Droplets flew from her pussy with every thrust of the dildo. She didn’t squirt like Daisy, but she was clearly still cumming, and Tom was pleased. The snake had fallen out of her ass at some point, and was now coiled on the floor beneath her. Shawna’s anus was red and swollen and altogether too empty.

He shut off the machine. “You’ve done really well, Shawna, although I instructed you not to let the dildo fall out of your ass.”

Shawna was still recovering from her orgasm, panting hard. “Fuck,” she moaned. “I tried to keep it in, but I was cumming. Ten times–no, eleven. It just fell out, I’m sorry.”

The dildo slid out of her cunt with a wet squelch. Tom wheeled the machine away, then crouched down between her thighs. When he buried his face in her ass, she groaned. “Oh god, yeah. Eat my ass. Oh yeah, that’s so good.”

Tom pulled away and stood up. “No. Not that. I don’t want encouragement. If you like what I’m doing, pretend you don’t. Or just keep that mouth shut. I’m going to do what I want, and I don’t want to hear you tell me what to do.”

Shawna looked shocked. She reddened and her mouth snapped shut. “I’m sorry, Mr. Erickson.” bahis siteleri Then, a moment later, “Please don’t put your mouth on my asshole. I’m so dirty there. It feels so wrong, oh please, don’t.”

He glanced down appreciatively at her. “That’s better.”

Shawna tried to squirm away from him, but her binds were too tight. His tongue slipped inside her weakened ring and she almost moaned with pleasure, but stopped herself just in time. “Oh god no! Please, Mr. Erickson, not that. No, that’s so dirty! Not your tongue, not there!”

“I’ve got something better than my tongue,” Tom growled. His finger sank in to the hilt with one thrust. Shawna cried out.

“Oh, no, not your finger! I’m a virgin back there, Mr. Erickson. No, it feels so wrong, like I have to use the toilet. Please no, not my ass!”

Tom’s cock was hard. Her perfect anus looked so delicious wrapped around his finger, but one wasn’t enough. The second finger slid in just as easily. The third encountered some resistance. “Oh no, please, that’s too much. I can’t take any more inside my ass.” Shawna almost sounded believable.

It wasn’t until the fourth finger that she began to really beg. “Oh, Mr. Erickson, please. I’m so full. my asshole is stretched so wide. I honestly can’t take any more. Please.”

Somehow her anus was like elastic around his fingers. He worked them in deep, all the way to the first knuckle. She begged him, but her body was willing. She was tight and hot inside, hotter than Daisy’s pussy the night he had worked his whole fist inside her.

Shawna felt the tip of his thumb stroking her asshole, and she screamed. “Oh god, are you going to fist my ass? Oh fuck, Mr. Erickson, no, please, it’s too much, it’ll never fit.”

“Do you want to be a beautiful little pornstar, or just another anonymous teenager?” Tom growled. “You could make a living off of this sweet asshole alone, if you wanted. But maybe you just want to be a slut who gives it away for free. Huh? Answer me.”

Shawna whimpered. She had always wanted to be a pornstar, had always envied all the girls in the magazines and the videos, and wanted to be just like them. Anal looked so easy when they did it. And even now, it didn’t exactly hurt, it was just so much pressure, and she was so nervous…

When she felt his fingers beginning to slide out, she cried out, “No! Don’t. Leave them in. Fuck my ass with your fist. I can take it.” She immediately regretted her outburst as his hand began to creep back inside her asshole.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Tom soothed as the tip of his thumb pushed past her taut ring. “I’m taking video, so you’ll have proof. That’ll make a nice audition, won’t it? Sitting around watching on a big screen TV as your best friend’s father shoves his fist into your little teenaged ass…”

Shawna gritted her teeth. Her ass ached, but she was determined. She heard and felt him spit on her hole, and another bahis şirketleri few millimeters slid inside. Her hands pawed restlessly at her own tits, squeezing them and working the nipples until they ached. Her anus stretched wider and wider, until she thought she would tear apart.

“You’re almost there, baby,” Tom urged. He couldn’t believe she was letting him do this to her, but they had agreed to all kinds of things after Daisy had run out of the room. Shawna had been concerned about her friend first, but Tom had managed to calm her down, teasing the exposed parts of her body with his fingers and tongue. He coaxed out a nervous, giggling confession that Shawna liked having an audience, and that she had always dreamed about being a pornstar. Tom had told her he would help her, teach her, prepare her body for that kind of life. The first lesson had been one squirting orgasm after another. It was at that point that he had left her, already covered in pussy juice and sweat, to recover while he checked on his daughter.

And now, this. She was doing it. She was actually taking his fist. The widest part of his hand was stretching her anus so far he could have fit at least two dicks inside her. The thought of that turned him on even more, reminding him of Daisy and Nate, and he gave a little push.

His hand sunk in, slowly, swallowed inch by inch by Shawna’s clutching asshole. She was groaning and wailing, utterly incoherent.

Tom had never felt anything like this. Shawna’s ass was so hot and tight, like a vise grip around his wrist and a velvet glove around his hand. He carefully eased his fingers into a fist, and just like that, he was fisting his daughter’s best friend. “Is that better? Do you like having a man’s fist inside your little shithole?”

Shawna wailed. “It’s too much, I’m too full, I’m gonna shit myself, oh god, oh god, oh no, don’t fuck me! Oh no, no, no, no, I’m gonna cuuuu–” Suddenly her pussy exploded with a violent orgasm that sprayed Tom full in the face. He continued to pump his fist into her ass, massaging the insides of her bowels. When she was done squirting, he pushed his face into her dripping cunt and ate everything he could get his mouth on.

Tom would miss having a little sex slave in his shed, but there were several advantages to the arrangement he made with Shawna. First of all, he would stop spending so much time outside the house, which he suspected was beginning to arouse suspicions in his wife. Secondly, she would arrange to visit him whenever his wife was out, so that they could produce more films together and expand her portfolio. He gave her a copy of the video he had made, keeping the original for himself. He had watched her dress, moving slowly and carefully.

“Are you sore?” he asked her unnecessarily.

She blushed a little, pressing a hand to her tight little bottom. “I don’t think I’ll be able to run for a week.” Then she smiled almost sheepishly. “But it’ll be worth it, don’t you think? When I’m a world-famous porn star?”

Tom smiled back, his eyes on her red, raw anus that dilated easily as she bent forward to pull up her panties. “Absolutely.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32