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Danny looked down into Helen’s pale blue eyes, her straw blonde hair splayed over the pillow like a golden fleece. Her full lips were wet with anticipation as Danny struggled to get his small cock into her.

‘Well?’ Helen demanded after a minute of fruitless prodding followed by his getting the tip of his penis between her pussy lips. Danny thrust into her a couple of times before the angry look in her eyes made him begin to wilt and almost instantly flop out of her.

She loved him to tickle her clit with the tip of his cock, but he knew she was never satisfied with what he could offer her in the way of penetration. He was a good size for her arse, but she didn’t always want that.

Danny rolled off of her with a sigh, slid out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

‘Stop.’ Helen ordered. ‘That’s the problem. If you didn’t keep wanking all the time, you might have enough left for me.’

‘I don’t..’ he began, but he did, and the look in her eye told him she knew just how often he did too. ‘Alright,’ he said. ‘I’ll try to cut down. But I can’t help it, whenever I think of you I get hard and I’ve got to, you know.’

‘That’s sweet, I think,’ Helen climbed out of bed and stood in front of Danny. Her breasts large and full, her little diamond of hair above her pussy glistening with sweat and her juices. Danny felt himself getting hard again.

‘I was looking online today and have an idea that will help,’ she grinned as she opened her knicker drawer and pulled out a small tubular steel cage, about six inches long and three inches across. From the open end draped four fine, but sturdy looking chains.

While Danny stood dumbfounded, Helen placed the cage over his cock, squeezed his balls in there too and wrapped one pair of chains bets10 around his waist. He heard her lock them together with a small padlock. The other two chains wrapped around his thighs and were pulled tightly before being secured to the cage by a second padlock.

‘That,’ Helen said with a wicked looking grin, ‘will stop your wanking. I will keep the keys and if you want it removing, you will have to ask.’

He looked at the small steel cup enclosing the tip of his cock. ‘What if I need a pee?’

‘Then you will have to ask me. And you had better hope I’m in a good mood.’ She turned and sat on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide. She began fingering her clit as she raised a querying eyebrow at him. ‘Well? If you want to be able to use your cock for anything tonight you’d better put your tongue to good use.’

Danny dropped to his knees and buried his face into her pussy. The smell of her sex, and the taste of her juices made his cock throb and start to grow. In its restricted state it pressed against the cage, the harder it pressed, the more it hurt, the harder it wanted to get. After a few minutes Danny was groaning in delicious pain at the discomfort.

He used his tongue on her juicy clit, before pressing it into her hole, his teeth stroked her nub as he strained to fuck her with his tongue, faster and faster. The more he worked, the quicker he felt her finger joining in, the more his cock pressed against its bonds. The pain grew from restricting to hurting, to feeling like his member was being crushed in a vice. He tried to shift it with his free hand, but there was nowhere to shift it to, there was no slack in the chains, he tried to stroke it to make himself cum in the hope it would go down despite the provocation, but bets10 giriş he couldn’t get more than a finger tip to it for the cage.

At last he couldn’t take it any longer. He sat upright with a cry. ‘It fuckin’ hurts, take it off.’

Helen just looked at him. Her face a mask of disappointment and frustration. ‘Do your duty, make me cum and I might take it off.’

Carefully, he dropped back to his knees and buried his face back into the folds of her pussy.

Her musky scent sent his cock throbbing against the tight cage. Clenching his fists around the sheets he tried to push the pain to the back of his mind so he could concentrate on what she liked.

He flicked his tongue in and out of her hole, while stroking her clit with his nose, saturating his sinuses with her juices. The pain in his cock slowly increased as it strained against its bonds, feeling like it was going to snap in two or simply explode. After an interminably long time, his tongue aching almost as much as his punished cock he felt Helen’s thighs clamp his head in a vice-like grip.

Danny knew this signalled she was close to coming. He also knew she would suffocate him if he didn’t make her come soon. He worked his exhausted tongue harder and harder into her pussy before drawing her engorged clit into his mouth. He sucked on her nub of a clit as hard as he could whilst stroking the end of it with his tongue until she exploded her come all over his face.

Her thighs squeezed tighter still as she screamed through her orgasm. Just as Danny thought he was about to black out, she released her grip and he fell backwards.

Gasping for breath, wiping her juices from his chin he momentarily forgot his cock’s anguish, but it quickly reminded him. He bets10 güvenilir mi looked down to see it straining against its confines. The end pressed so hard against the end of the cage the bar practically disappeared into the slit.

Danny’s cock throbbed and ached, the skin over his balls practically glowed red and smooth as it was stretched to its fullest.

‘Please can you take this thing off, Helen.’ He cupped his dick trying to will it to go down while he was desperate to come.

Helen sat up, her nipples as red as Danny’s ball sack – Danny assumed she had been punishing them as hard as he had been working on her pussy.

Helen smiled, rolled onto her belly and reached out to the bedside table. She plucked the key from beside the lamp and, still on her belly, tossed it to Danny. ‘As you have done such a good job,’ she leered. ‘You can put it where it has some effect.’ She thrust her arse in the air invitingly.

Danny didn’t need inviting twice, although it took him a couple of fumbling goes to get the cage unlocked. When it finally came away he breathed a sigh of relief so great he guessed he must have been holding his breath for an hour.

He spat on Helen’s puckered arsehole, before pulling her cheeks apart. She was already stroking her cunny again. His cock throbbing even harder now it was finally free, he shoved it into Helen’s arse, forcing it through the initial grip of her sphincter until it was all the way in.

He pulled back, then thrust in again. He was going to make her pay for the cage. Danny thrust harder and harder, but the torture had been too great and he shot his load into her arse before he had even got a good head of steam.

As his cock slid slowly from her hole, Helen turned, grabbed the cage and clamped it back onto his dick. ‘You will wear this all the time, Danny.’ She said. ‘When you need to pee or wank, you will have to come and ask me to unlock you. And when you do you will address me as mistress.’

‘Yes, mistress.’ Danny pouted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32