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Gina reads the story on the laptop screen.

‘Pressing the buttons on the device, the woman’s body transforms into a different one, one that is younger, slim, and well proportioned. Another push of a button and her left leg becomes a short stump. It is something she had dreamed of all her life.’

“Fuck a duck,” Gina curses aloud, slamming a fist against the desk beside the laptop before reading more.

Gina had never been happy with her body – too fat, too short, and no breasts to speak of either. At forty-three, she had never had a lover – male or female – that rocked her boat. She had just explored several pages of information about a device called the Transform Mark II, and everything seemed on the up and up.

The package arrives none too soon. Gina eagerly rips at the tape, spilling packing material across the dinning room table. The device is smaller than she expected, slightly smaller than her iPhone. Next, she opens an envelope and pours out the memory cards she’d ordered. They are of five women, younger but not too young, of similar size making it easy to share clothing.

Crutches lean against the wall, already adjusted, and a titanium wheelchair sits near as well. All were from months before so she could pretend and explore feelings. The web site had measurement for bodies available on memory cards, and she had already purchased clothes and shoes.

She lets the cards roll about in her hand like dice about to fly down a craps table. “Seven come eleven,” she mumbles aloud. The one landing closest is the one she wanted most, number 582, lovely with looks to die for – tall, slender, wonderful breasts and hips, and long, long legs. Soon, there would be fewer limbs, after all that was the goal, or one of the goals.

Naked in front of the tall dressing mirror, Gina models the new body, twisting back and forth. The right shoulder is missing the entire arm, just a rounded shape above the armpit. The level of arousal is greater than she had ever experienced or could have imagined. Nectar drips down her thigh, more puddles between the lips of the opening. She fondles the shoulder and the quaking of an orgasm roars though her body, not stopping for a minute or more.

She steps back to the device resting on the dresser and removes all the left leg. Catching a reflection in the mirror, she trembles and shakes almost losing balance. She bends forward, unable to stand, and leans against a hand resting on the dresser. Her hips rock and move with more honey dripping down the remaining thigh.

Resting against the edge of the dresser, she stabs another button on the device and the arm vanishes, the shoulder becoming a twin to the other. She wants to touch a nipple, the inability intensifying the arousal even more. She grabs the device with her lips and hops to the bed, sprawling forward across the sheets. Parts of her wished to remove the remaining leg, others to restore one arm.

Contemplating how either might occur, a new orgasm begins then subsides almost as quickly. She wriggles forward until her nose can press the buttons and taps in the sequence to restore her left arm then removes the remaining leg completely. She sits, loses her balance, and then sits again, before fondling her shoulder.

Gina spends a few hours having various limbs gone from body 582, never finding something that excites her more than another combination. Finally, she leaves the right arm off midway between the elbow and shoulder. Dressed in black slacks, a short-sleeved white tee shirt with bare nipples on firm breasts pressing against the tight fabric, and red pumps with two-inch heels, she parades about the house a while before slipping her wallet into a pocket.

The host at the casual adult restaurant seems to drool as Gina enters. Others look with similar interest. She loves the attention, letting the visible part of the arm stump move, drawing stares. She wonders if others might share an interest and if so, maybe one of the lovely women or perhaps the handsome man who just let go of a woman’s hand, probably his wife. The woman leans close, whispering something, and then pecking a kiss. What did she say? Was it a tease about her being like Gina? Was her pussy throbbing with desire? Was he rock hard? The curtains drew closed on her fantasy when the host asked her to follow.

Gina walks, almost strutting, behind the host, all the while enjoying the attention several men seems to be paying her. She had never observed so many stares directed at her. Of course, there was the missing arm; maybe that was the cause of the glances. Maybe it was the drop dead gorgeous looks of her body.

“Like a goddess,” the host remarks as he helps with her chair.

“You’re too kind,” she coos, a big smile covering her face as the last work escaped her lips. “Could you tell the waiter I’d like a whiskey, up?”

“For you, anything.” He walks away, and she lets a fantasy rage in her mind for a moment.

The outing had more than thrilled Gina, it had left her addicted to not only the attention offered by others, bahis firmaları but also missing limbs. Since a young age, she had found the sight of an amputee more than just curiously interesting. It was not until she was old enough to know about sexual feelings did she understand.

The first amputee she had seen was her first grade teacher, Miss Martin. She had been missing her left leg. In the third grade, Miss Kipper was missing her right arm. Gina had asked her mother what happened, but she offered no meaningful answer other than ‘probably an accident’ or ‘bad things happen to good people’. In the eighth grade study hall, a girl was missing her left arm. Gina fixated on her and rarely got any homework done. She had tried to speak with the girl without success.

Gina is still missing the one arm as she undresses down to just panties. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she rubs a thumb over the device considering the possibilities – an arm, a leg, both arms, both legs, or an arm and a hand. The image of each flutters though her mind.

Missing most of one arm and just the hand of the other, she strolls about the small house touching things with the longer stump. She understands soon how difficult life might be if she happened to be that way all the time, but still it is strangely exciting. She opens the fridge and rubs the stump along a cold bottle of beer but cannot find a way to pick it up.

Back in the bedroom, she restores one arm leaving the hand missing. She rubs it across her lips, kissing and sucking over the smooth rounded end. The arousal roars across her and continues until the stump leaves her lips.

Sitting in the wheelchair, she removes a foot, and pulls herself about the house using the other foot. Though not as awkward as missing both arms, missing a hand or arm plus a leg seems difficult at best.

Now with both arms restored, she removes both legs at the hip, and retraces the path about the house. This offers pleasant feelings, and as easy as missing just one arm or just one leg.

She knows that she cannot appear as one woman missing an arm one day then a leg another, so she begins mapping which body would be missing what limbs. She writes notes: 582 the right arm above elbow, 476 left leg above knee, 629 right hand, 329 both legs near hip, 499 missing nothing. She would buy more cards if she wanted or needed to be something else.

The alarm-radio is on when Gina wakes. She reaches out to slap the snooze button, but neither arm will reach that far. As sleep begins to fade, she realizes that she had fallen asleep without them. Standing by the nightstand, she taps the off button with her nose, before standing upright and stretching her body.

In front of the tall dressing mirror, she watches approvingly as she models for herself enjoying the complete lack of arms. ‘If only I could go to work like this’. She knows it is not possible and searches for the device to return to her former self.

“What’s up?” Carly cheerfully asks as Gina sits at a neighboring desk at work.

“Same ole, same ole.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Got to get this report finished, but then maybe we can take a break.”

“Sure. I’d love that.”

Carly is the closest thing to a ‘girlfriend’ Gina has. She is about the same age, and married for a few years to Frank, though reportedly not always happy with him. Gina settles in as her computer comes to life so she can check her email and schedule.

Gina is still deep in the middle of a task when Carly clears her throat. “Are you ready?” she quizzes softly.

“Oh….” Gina looks around as if returning from a deep sleep. “God, already?” she mumbles.

“Girl, we need to get you some ‘good’ coffee.”

“Anything would be better than….”

“Hell, yeah-h. The stuff in the break room is black sewer water.” She groans. “I like that place down the street.”

Minutes later and without much conversation, they are sitting at a small table in the shade on the sidewalk, sipping coffee.

“‘This’ is what I needed,” Gina, quips.

“After last night, some heroin would be what I need.” Carly groans and takes a big sip. “Frank can be such a jerk. I don’t know…why…I….” She sniffs and dabs a tissue at one eye.

“Not the first time. What is it now?”

“Ah, he was lusting over some young chick, again. I know I’m not a pinup model kind of gal, but I try to keep myself looking good.”

“You are a doll.”

She waves a hand dismissively. “Thanks for the complement.” She chuckles. “I guess the biggest problem is he treats sex as a duty so often. I’d do anything to have him ‘enjoy’ me…all the time.”

“If only we could slip into new bodies.” Gina laughs.

“Oh, my, yeah. How about a how little number about twenty with a hard body, great boobs, and a tight ass?”

“I have my little fantasies from time to time. In a heartbeat, I’d trade. Sometimes I see an actress or model and wonder what it’d be like to look like her.”

“Imagine if you could point at a picture and suddenly look like that person.”

“Such kaçak iddaa a dream.” Gina laughs then looks around to see how close anyone might be or if anyone is listening. “I once read a fictional story about a gadget that could let you do that. Mostly transsexuals, but a few so they could be missing a leg.”

“Guess if I had to be missing a limb to use such a device, I would. There are worse things than having one leg.”

“I guess.” She sips. “Would you, you know, want to be missing a leg? Really?”

“If that was the only way.” There was a nervous giggle. “Maybe if it were only for a short time, it’d be just fine.”

“I bet that’d piss Frank off regardless of how delicious the body was.”

“Hmmm. That might make it worthwhile. You know, piss him off so much we’d split up and some young stud pool boy could do me. Now that’s a dream.”

Gina finishes the coffee and turns the cup around a few times in one hand, reading the label as it passes. “If I stumble upon such a gadget, I’ll let you know.”

“An arm…or a leg?”


Carly stares at Gina for a moment then finishes her coffee. “Would you rather be missing an arm or a leg?”

She shrugs. “Not sure.”

“Maybe this device would let you try different bodies and different missing limbs.”

“Actually, that’s the way it worked in the story. You’d slip a memory card in the device, and then you would have the body stored on the card but keep your thoughts and memories. You could be a man or a woman then if you want, remove a limb. Or several limbs.”

“Fantastic.” Carly shifts in her chair looking across the street at some trees. “Multiple limbs. What would that be like?”

Gina chuckles. “Now you’re starting to sound like the people in the story.”

“I’m just wondering. It is nothing serious.” She looks at her watch. “Where does the time fly? I’ve got to get back.”

Gina finds nothing interesting to eat at home after work and walks into the bedroom. The device is sitting on the dresser begging her to hold, touch, and use it. She scans her list of cards and which will be missing what limbs. If asked, each body was just as desirable and just as beautiful. She closes both eyes and lets a fingertip circle the list a few times before stabbing the paper.

“476 left leg,” she reads aloud. It happened to be the perfect choice for now, and quickly she is in that body without the leg. Few people would notice if the stump were half missing or completely off. Tonight the leg is completely off.

Dressed in a short khaki skirt, light-yellow blouse, and black pump, she comfortably crutches about the room a few times before driving to eat.

“Where have you been all my life?” the host at the dark and formal restaurant offers, letting his eyes rape Gina while they are alone.

“I guess I didn’t know to come here before. Did I?” She snickers, blowing him a small kiss. “What would I tell my husband?”

“That you want a divorce.” He laughs, picking up a menu before leading her to a table.

“Thanks,” she coos suggestively. “You made my day.”

“Mine too. I think I’ll have something new to dream about.” He spends a moment looking into her cleavage. “Husband? Just my luck.”

“Let me ask….”

“Sure, fire away.”

“What interests you about me? Most men don’t….”

“I’m surely not ‘most men’.”

“Is it my, ah, lack of one leg?” she whispers.

“Maybe it’s tacky of me to say, but yes. Yes it is.” He drops a business card on the table. “Call me if ‘he’ gets tired of you.”

“Wait….” she says softly.

He returns. “Yes?”

“So, if I’d still had both legs?”

“I might not have noticed. I’d love to know more about you.”

“Let me think about it. I’ll call.”

“No, you probably won’t, but that doesn’t stop me from hoping.”

Carly bends forward over the kitchen island, with feet spread wide and dress up over her hips. Frank continues to drive himself deep enjoying the wetness of her slit with each stroke, thighs slapping her hips time after time.

“Baby, baby,” he roars, her head reared back, mouth gapped open. “So-o…good-d.” Slap, slap. “Great ass.”

“Hard cock-k.” She rests her head on the granite counter and juts her hips back even more. “Hmmm-m-m, yeah-h.”

“Sorry, ’bout to blow a load.”

“I’ve come several times. Blow away. Of course, I’d like you to keep going.”

“Arrg-g!” he groans loudly as his jism slams hard at her far depths. His hands squeeze more tightly on her waist as he shoves deep one last time.

She lets her dress fall back down as he pulls away. “You’re an animal.” She chuckles. “You made me a happy woman.” She chuckles again, combing fingers through her hair.

“Thanks. I don’t know why, but that turned me on seeing you bent over like that.”


“Oh, yeah-h…big time.”

“Do you fantasize when we fuck? You know, about someone else or my being different in some way.”

“Sure, don’t you imagine I’m some handsome stud, a biker bad boy, or something?” kaçak bahis He laughs.

“Right, Frank, all the time,” She teases, dragging a hand down his chest then pecking a kiss. “No, really. I’m curious.”

“I guess, sometimes, I do. Everyone has fantasies.”

“Would you rather I was tall and slender? How about my breasts?” Cupping the fabric around her breasts, she holds them up. “Bigger or smaller?”

“Yeah, I guess…ah, firmer.” Patting his stomach, he mumbles, “Maybe I could lose some of this belly too.” He laughs.

She snickers, pulling a foot behind her hip. “Missing a leg?” she quizzes.

“Nah. Now, if you lost an arm….” He laughs, trying to turn it into a joke.


“Nah, just pulling your stump.”

“I guess some men find amputees erotic. Did you know that?” She continues to hold the foot against her hip and waves the knee about.

“What caused you to think about all this?” He motions a hand towards the knee.

“I read a story once about a woman that wanted to be missing a leg. I don’t know why I thought of it again, but I did. We were talking about fantasies, and having different bodies, and I just wondered….”

She lets the foot down and walks away trying to not let on that she had just read the story Gina emailed her.

“Years ago, I knew a guy into shit like that. He said he’d date only women missing the left leg, not the right leg, and surely not either arm. He was very specific about it all, length of stump. You know.”

“Tell me more, would you, darling? Did he have many lovers missing legs?”

“More than I’d have expected, some quite lovely as well. I guess I’d always imagined only ugly women lost limbs.”

“That’s a little harsh, isn’t it?”

“Well, knowing Ralph helped turn that around for me.”

“Did you ever date any of his ‘rejects’?”

“Yeah, I did. Maggie was stunning and missing her right leg at the hip. She was a girlfriend of Judy, a lady he was dating or trying to date.” Frank laughs. “He just wanted in her panties, and she insisted on double dating.”

“Since she was missing the wrong leg for him, I guess you didn’t have to worry about him horning in.”

“Heavens no.”

“What was it like to fuck an amputee? I suppose you got in her panties.” She chuckles.

“It was different.”

“I bet, but was it ‘good’ when she wrapped that single leg around your waist?”

“Carly, I’m surprised that you want to know all this.”

“What did her stump feel like? Did touching it turn you on?”

“She liked me to massage her stump. Yeah, I liked to rub it.”

“Was she the only one?”


“What, cat got your tongue?” She laughs. “I had no idea you were a coinsurer of amputee women.” She rubs his chest with a fingertip again. “Would you want me like that?”

“You wouldn’t be happy missing a leg.”

“How do you know?”

“Would you…be happy?”

“Guess I never thought much about it, other than reading that story I told you about. Sounds as if being that way would spice up our sex life. Imagine me bending over the counter, jutting my ass out, and having not any thigh dangling from one hip.” She rubs his crotch. “God, Frank. Rock hard.”


“Don’t be. Now I know what to say when you are having trouble getting it up for me.”

“I don’t care why or what happened, but I’m loving this evening.” He chuckles. “We might just have to ‘do’ each other again.”

“I was considering the same thing.”

Gina drops Robert’s business card in an empty wooden bowel on the dresser after making notes on the back about which card she had been using and what she was missing. Maybe there will be others. She wonders idly if she should act on her feeling towards him. He did excite her, and he was defiantly interested as no other men had been.

Using her list, she becomes each missing the appropriate limbs. After spending half an hour, she saved the amputated body to a blank memory card and labeled it. Each night she plans to rotate though the five memory cards spending hours as each woman.

That evening she goes to bed as 329 – the legless body.

“We need to talk,” Carly says to Gina, leaning hard on one hand resting on the corner of Gina’s desk, a foot crossing the other ankle.

“Now, or can it wait till break?”

Carly shrugs and walks away.

“Now you’ve got me curious. Let’s go.” Gina hurries to catch up and lightly touches her friends back as the elevator doors close.

“The story you sent me…about the ‘device’, well I read it. I read it several times even.” She growls. “Wow-w.”

“I wondered if it might be too over the top or too graphic.”

They walk out into the bright sunshine of the morning and follow the sidewalk to the same coffee shop. Sitting at the same table, they continue.

“No, it was wonderfully sexy. I guess it brought the nasty part of me out. By the time Frank got home, I was so horny.” She sips, her eyes roaming Gina’s face.

“And? You can’t just stop.” She reaches over and holds Carly’s hand briefly. “Come on, spill the beans.”

“Was that just fiction?”

“How’d you relieve your ‘horniness’?”

“I bent over the counter, and he pounded me from behind. I was in heaven.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32