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WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. This is a story from a series of as yet unpublished Doctor Zach stories and his various encounters.


I am an emanate internist and dietitian and I concentrate my practice to young females with eating issues, and female patients seeking “weight control”. I usually find myself providing the daughter and the MILF mother with my special treatments.

I attend a few medical conferences throughout the year and when given the chance I love taking the overnight train to the major city holding that medical convention I plan to attend. I like the quiet time to review my medical notes and work on my current contribution to Literotica.

When you take these trains if you are a single they sit you at a table with other passengers. So I was led to a table of three. I said hello as I sat in the seat facing a young mother holding her baby. I’m a guy so of course I checked her out. She had a very pretty face and her hazel eyes sparkled as she smiled brightly. Her long raven black hair covered her shoulders and she flipped her locks as women sometimes do when they know someone is appreciating what they are seeing. She had nice full sized breasts under a white blouse but two pockets hid whatever was behind them. I was sure she was still breast feeding the small baby girl she was cuddling so the pockets would be nursing flaps.

I said hello to her and as it turns out also her mother. They introduced themselves, Olivia holding baby Caitlin and grandma Norah. Calling Norah a grandmother was doing her a disservice. She must have popped Olivia out in her early twenties because she was still quite a fox. I had a side view of very pronounced breasts still sitting up high and firm. She shot me a broad smile when she caught me looking her over and appreciating what I was seeing. She sat back and up and pushed her breasts out and turned them towards them. She had a U shaped top on and her cleavage was an arrow pointing down to her large play toys. Her brunet hair was bobbed across her shoulders and she would flip it from time to time as she laughed as we talked.

We ordered our dinners and I added a bottle of wine. When it came Olivia said she couldn’t have any as she was still breastfeeding Caitlin and she blushed. I told her that was nothing to be embarrassed about and that more women should breastfeed as long as the baby wanted. I then shared I was a doctor and what my specialty was and said from what I had seen they wouldn’t need my services and we all laughed. Norah had no problem helping me consume the larger portion of the first wine bottle and most of the second. By the end of dinner she was enjoying herself and would occasionally touch her hand to my thigh under the table and rub up and down. The more wine she had the higher up my thigh her hand traveled. I thought I’d call her bluff.

What I have always liked about my cock is that it stays its fat eight inches then gets hard when excited. If the woman was petite enough her fingers could not encircle my shaft. I usually go commando and like to roll my cock up unto my thigh when I am seated on a plane or manspreading in a hotel lobby or conference. When the women guess what I’m packing it often leads to cell numbers or room number match ups at the same conference.

Under the table I rolled my cock on my thigh through my pocket. I chatted with Norah and waited. She reached under the table and placed her hand on what she thought was my thigh. This time she rubbed up and down gripping tightly then she stopped suddenly. She turned her hand and gripped and re-gripped my cock until she was sure she knew what it was.

“Oh my goodness!” she shouted then laughed embarrassingly and squeezed my cock hard.

“What’s the matter mom?” Olivia asked.

“Oh nothing really. I got a little twinge in my side, that’s all,” she laughed again and turned beet red.

I leaned over and whispered to her that what she was gripping was much more than nothing and it causes twinges in three or four more places than her side. Norah laughed slightly and hide behind her hair. But she didn’t remove her hand just kept stroking it and squeezing the head and measuring how long the fat cock was by sliding her hand up towards my crotch. She was taking in long breathes through her teeth and humming the air out. She would run her moist tongue across her lips and moan softly.

Just then a porter came up to Olivia and spoke quietly. They had an animated conversation but the porter shrugged and walked away. I asked politely what that was all about. Olivia said they had booked the train at the last minute and were hoping for a sleeper cabin but all were taken. They would have to spend the night in the passenger cars taking turns holding the baby.

“Look I’ve already been cleared by the TSA to not be a terrorist or serial killer and I’d be more bahis firmaları than willing to share my sleeper. I always book the largest room and it can accommodate both of you and the baby,” I offered.

Olivia fussed and declined but her mother kept trying to convince her daughter to take my kind offer. All the time she spoke she massaged my cock taking as much in her hand as possible. Olivia still said, “No Thank You,” and her mother huffed loudly in defeat.

I gave them my number number and told them to come by if they changed their mind or the baby fussed too much. I told them the travel cars did recline but could be noisy from other travelers and families. I wished them well and went off to my room. I did a little light reading and prepared for bed and turned in.

I woke from a deep sleep hearing a tapping on my door. I sleep nude so I just pulled the door curtain aside and in the sparse light of the train aisle I saw that it was Olivia with the baby and Norah outside with their baggage.

I opened the door and slightly crying Olivia said, “The baby is too fussy and I have to breastfeed and there is no privacy and we would never get any rest out in the noisy car and mom is a little hammered from the wine and has been no help. Could we please, please stay the night in your room?”

I told them to come in and stow their stuff. When Norah turned to face me she saw I was naked. Her eyes traveled down my body and stopped midway. Norah stared at my cock for some time then laughed quietly and said she better get changed for the night. She kicked off her shoes but was still loopy from the wine at dinner and was slurring some words and weaving when the train rocked. She laughed each time she had to catch herself.

While Olivia tended to the baby Norah walked into the bathroom but kept the door open which gave me a clear view inside. She unzipped her skirt which dropped to the floor and holding their hem she pushed her blue panties down and wiggled them off her feet. She turned her back to me, bent over and picked them off the floor. She was unsteady and gave me a wonderful view of her brunet hair lightly coated pussy and a dark rose colored backdoor button.

She took in a deep breath then pulled her panties off her feet. She stood up and turned towards the toilet and sat and let out a ‘six pack’ piss. She smiled broadly then stood and removed her blouse and matching blue bra. She leaned over and brushed her teeth shaking her hips and pointing her MILF plump ass in my direction. She them weaved out to the doorway and stood still looking at my cock.

Norah was in great shape for fortyish. Her breasts stayed high with just a little wiggle. Her abs were tight and nice hips surrounded her area of interest. Her pubic hair was trimmed across her labia and a curly forest sat above where her pussy lips came together. She widened her thighs and she had that nice gab under her pussy which shined a little from her moistness gathering there.

On purpose I twitched my cock and she watched it rise and fall. She huffed out loudly gave up her naughty plans and slid under the sheets and let out a deep breath. She tossed her wet blue panties towards me and whispered, “Here these should pay for my ticket tonight.”

“Mom you’re naked! Put a nightgown on!” Olivia hissed.

“Oh grow up Olivia. Doc Zach is naked and besides being a woman’s doctor he’s seen stuff like this all the time. “Good night,” she moaned out and started snoring lightly.

Olivia huffed, “Oh well, I’m sorry about my mom’s condition,” and stood up and started taking off her clothes. She stayed in her pink maternity bra and cute matching panties with lace across the top and along her thighs. Her bed was parallel to mine so she sat facing me with her back to the wall and pulled a bra flap down to feed Catlin. Her nipple was very dark, long and thick which sat in the middle of a dark rose areole and had a drop of milk hanging on. She move Catlin and the baby latched on and started feeding.

With her eyes closed almost in rapture she said, “My fiancé who I thought loved me dumped me when he found out I was pregnant. I was so hurt that I started blogging about that and kept it up all during my pregnancy and birth. I blogged through my post-partum and it worked into an e-book. Sales and royalties pretty much has me set for life. I’m actually on my way to meet with a publisher for a new book idea to follow raising Catlin. I also found out I loved being pregnant and delivering and caring for Catlin. I think I’d like to get pregnant again soon. I’m not taking protection and think this might be my fertile time.”

She unhooked her bra and let her milk filled breasts float free. They were still young and high but filled with milk they did sag just a little. She moved Catlin to the other breast and moaned deeply, “Breastfeeding Catlin makes me so horny. When she sucks it’s like she is pulling on my love button. My poor pussy lips get so swollen and hot and juices leak into my panties getting them so kaçak iddaa wet.” She carefully placed Catlin next to her on the bed and looked deeply at me.

“Olivia, play with your tits and nipples,” I ordered.

She took in a deep breath and had a discussion within herself. Should she give into this older man’s request or try to stop her body from taking control. She stared at me and her cheeks and torso turned bright red. Kate slowly moved her hands upward and rubbed then pulled on her nipples and showed me the rock hard points surrounded by those rose colored areoles. Olivia then slowly slid one hand down to her panties and slowly moved that hand up and down. The area along her labia started to darken. Olivia slipped her hand under her panty hem and rubbed her sex knot in a circle.

“Show me,” I growled.

Olivia looked at my hard cock as I sat on the side of the bed with my heavy balls hanging down. She closed her eyes and moaned as she pulled her panty crotch to the side. Her pussy lips with lightly covered black hair came into view. She used her fingers to spread her pussy lips and I watched as pussy juices leaked out to pool around her ass.

“Open your eyes and Cum for me little girl,” I whispered.

Olivia moaned as her blue eyes bore a hole in the back of my head. Slowly a few fingers disappeared up her pussy. Her face and neck got dark red and sweaty and her legs pushed out straight. She exhaled a gush of breath and her entire body shook for minutes.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cccuuummmiiinnnggg,” she moaned.

Her legs trembled as she pleasured herself until she reached nirvana and settled her breathing to somewhat normal. “I’ve never cum in front of someone before in my whole life. That was so fucking hot! My poor pussy just soaked my panties,” she hissed.

I hung my long fat hard dick between my legs and looking at Olivia said, “Climb up on my fat cock and fuck me until I shoot a huge wad of baby butter up that dripping pussy.”

Just then the lights went out on the train but something warm took hold of the first few inches of my hard eight inch cock. I realized Olivia had found my cock in the dark and began bathing it with her tongue and lips. She was sucking on the helmet and bathing the male nub under the head with her tongue. She just kept my dick in her mouth but made no other movement.

I humped my hips and more of my dick slid deeper into her mouth. She hummed “mmmmmmmm” on my dick and I took over for my own pleasure. I pulled my hips back and Olivia sucked tight on my dick on the way out. I pushed my hips forward and Olivia softened her lips and most of my dick slid in going to the back of her throat. Olivia worked on the length of my cock with her mouth and tongue as I moved it in and out. I picked up the pace and Olivia tightened her suction on my dick. When I got close to the tipping point I pulled out of that warm oven.

I felt her take my hand in hers and placed it on one of her firm breasts then squeezed. She patted my hand then moved hers aside. I had all the permission to explore Olivia’s tits as I needed. I cupped that one breast, squeezing and releasing and rubbing my palm across her nipple until it got rock hard. I moved to the other one and repeated the same exploration. I could just hear Olivia moan softly as I played with her milk filled breasts. They fit very nicely into my palm.

After more breast play that had her moaning Olivia pulled me down onto the floor. She straddled my hips and my fingers began their exploration and discovered her soaking wet pussy. I took my two middle fingers and stroked her pussy mound until I separated her nether lips. I pushed into the fold of her pussy lips and moved my finger up onto her love button. I circled that nub until Olivia shuddered.

I circled her nub then rubbed it with increasing speed. I then captured her swollen clit between my two fingers and pulled on it as it doubled in size. Olivia shifted then grabbed my fat cock and brought it to the entrance to her love tunnel. With her pussy being soaking wet it was easy to slip past her pussy lips and enter her hot, hot canal. With my cock slowly filling her tight cunt my palm mashed her clit.

I increased the speed of my fingers across her pussy lips and the pressure on her clit. Olivia began to moan louder. She had my cock in a death grip up her pussy as she brought herself closer to her orgasm. I slipped my other fingers outside of her pussy picking up thick hot pussy honey. Moving my hand behind her I slid down her ass crack until I found the button to her back door. I circled her anus with her slick pussy juice and slipped my ring finger into her dark tunnel. Olivia moaned and shuddered. I pulled one finger out and placed the pinkie next to it. Her anal ring gave way and I slid both of them up her ass to the end of my fingers.

“Oh I never had my ass played with and filled while riding a fat cock. I feel so filled and so fucking hot. I like this!” she moaned

I could feel my cock as I slipped the kaçak bahis two larger fingers into her ass and began a double penetration while my thumb rubbed her clit. I picked up the pace of sliding my fingers in and out her ass and driving my fat cock to the back of her pussy. A few minutes of pounding Olivia’s two tunnels I could feel Olivia’s pussy and ass begin to tighten around my fingers. A few more pumps and both tunnels began to pulse and pussy juice poured out soaking my fingers and fat cock shaft.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cccuuummmiiinnnggg again,” Olivia moaned.

Olivia slammed her hips down hard capturing my hand and prevented my fingers from doing any more pleasuring to her ass and my cock in her pussy. She humped and shook her hips as she swam through several intense orgasms pulsing on my fingers and cock.

Olivia finally expelled a long drawn out breath and slowly pulled my fingers out of her ass. She brought the pussy fingers to her lips and sucked them into her mouth. She cleaned her pussy juice off my fingers with her tongue and suction of her mouth. She rocked slowly on the shaft of my cock as my dickhead massaged the door to her womb. My dick was rock hard and at its full thick eight inches. I moved it up her pussy and slid the base of my dick through her pussy lips till it was soaked with her thick hot juices. She shuddered each time my dick was fully into her pussy.

“Oh damm, you are filling me up, all the way to the back. Never had a cock this big in my poor little pussy,” she moaned.

I pumped her pussy for a minute or two until I felt her cum again and coat my thighs with more pussy juice. She was breathing deeply and moaning out nonsense sounds. She lost her strength and dropped her tits down onto my chest. As her pussy pulsed I felt her milk wet me.

She moaned and began to breathe heavily. I told her to push more and slapped one of her ass cheeks. She moaned deeply and pushed back slowly until my large dick was fully up her pussy again.

“Oh damm that feels so wicked and so great at the same time. This is all so new to my poor little pussy. But do it, do it and fill me up with your cum,” she sobbed out.

I then started to slide out almost all the way then slowly slid my dick all the way back in. Her ass was very hot and very firm as I gripped it. I increased my pace but went easy on her because of her youth. As I got close to cumming I felt her pussy tighten down on my cock. She now was riding my cock like a jockey on a winning race horse.

She must be rubbing her clit against the base of my cock because I felt warm juices washing my balls. That just stirred the cum in my heavy balls and it began the trip of my hot cum to my dickhead.

She moaned, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, dammit, I’m cumming again. That dick feels SO big in my pussy. It’s touching so deep in me. My pussy won’t let go of that cock. Do it, drown my womb with your hot cum.”

That did it for me as a slid all the way up her tight pussy chute and shot load after load of my cum deep against the doorway to her womb. All at once my thighs got another soaking of her pussy juice. I stayed deep in her for several minutes while we caught our breath. I slowly slid out of her pussy and kissed the top of her head. She slowly pushed up and looked into my face and kissed me hard on my lips. She stood and moved Catlin into a mini crib then moved to her own bunk and quickly fell asleep.

I stood rolled onto my bunk then lay with my back against the wall and soon fell asleep. Sometime during the night I awoke from a very sexy dream. It was very dark in the room and I realized I was cupping a very large breast and a rock hard nipple. A warm ass was spooned up against my hard cock. Was it Olivia that was moaning softly and had her hand on top of mine on her breast?

Still pretending to be asleep I let her pinch her nipple with my fingers until she began to shake. She opened her legs and moved my fat long dick between her thighs and slid it between her hot wet pussy lips till it was coated with her hot juices. She then rubbed my wet dickhead between her ass cheeks several times. She centered my dick at the entrance to her back love canal and slowly pushed back. My cockhead slowly began to push her rosedoor open and she moaned softly. She pushed back again and my cockhead popped in. My helmet was fully captured by her warm tight anal ring and it squeezed me several times as it spasmed.

She took a few deep breaths and slowly slid back on me until my full eight inches were buried up her ass. Her one leg was bent upwards at the knee opening the hot wet area of her pussy which was dripping hot juices onto the shaft of my cock.

“Oh dam I’ve never felt anything so nasty and so good at the same time,” she moaned softly. I realized it was Norah.

Thinking I was still asleep she began to fuck her ass on my cock, pulling out to the head then sliding fully back down to grab my balls with her ass. She kept her own pace which soon became faster and faster. It was a tight fit but I felt her one hand slid between her legs and she found her clit. She moaned loudly and her body shuddered. She slid to the top of my cock and I would feel her ass chute grab my cock each time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32