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I am married to a very beautiful lady and always have very good sex with her including oral, anal, and normal pussy sex she has been very good sexual partner and I love to fuck her very much. But I always had hot thoughts about her younger sister who is also very cool and has a good body and always thought about having sex with her oral, anal or normal.

Well, it is not long before when my sister in law came to visit me and my wife. I have been married for about 4 years and always had hot ideas about my sweet little sister in law, who is about twenty now. Long before my marriage I have always been dreaming about having sex with my sister in law. Finally I got a chance when she came to visit us at our home.

One day when my wife was sleeping in the afternoon we both went out side the bedroom and sat in the study and started having chat. Soon our chat went too long and we even started talking about sex as well. I took it as a chance to complete my long desire of having sex with her, so I turned the topic towards self playing and other sexual acts. Soon she told me that she had played with her self only once and that was all sexual canlı bahis experience she had.

We talked a lot about sexual acts and I told her about oral and anal licking as well, she was amazed to know about anal licking. I told her that it the best form of having slow pleasure if some one is willing to do and get it. She felt excited and I could feel her rubbing her thighs as well, so I made a move and asked her about her getting wet. She told me in shy voice that she was wet now so I asked her about doing some oral on her. She said she wanted to do but was afraid of her sister. I told her to be cool and not to worry as my wife was sleeping. She was afraid but I never wanted to miss this chance, so after I locked the door I told her to come on the couch and sit there.

I came near her and removed her lower part of dress to her knees and parted her legs and was amazed to see her young hairless tight pussy. I just placed my lips around her mound and started licking it with full zest her pink pussy lips were too good to be left unattended. I kept licking her pink inner lips and her clitoris as well. It was too much for her and bahis siteleri she closed her eyes and started moaning in low voice. I removed her lower dress completely and turned her on her tummy and started kissing her soft round butts. She is quite fair and her butts seemed too good to resist.

So after licking her butts I parted them and found her anus to be very tight and pink in color with hairy area bit brown although there were no hairs there as well. It was clear to me that she would never be able to take my 7 inch cut dick in her anus with ease, rather it will tear her anus apart. So I dropped the idea of fucking her ass if any chance was given.

I licked her anus from out side first and then started doing it right on the ring and she liked it very much and started responding by pushing more towards my lips. With other hand I started playing with her pussy so a combination of fingers and tongue took her to the limits of sexual pleasure. Soon I found her cumming and I even then kept doing the act of licking her anus and playing with her pussy, finally she was exhausted and was not able to say any thing even to move it was bahis şirketleri very hard for her.

I turned her over on her back and started French kissing her, soon I was playing with her boobs which were still covered in her upper part of dress and her bra. I unhooked her bra and told her to remover her upper part of dress, by then I have removed my complete dress which was just a T shirt and a short. So we both started having kisses with our naked bodies together.

She just accidentally brushed her hand with my dick. I told her to take it in her hand and rub it so that she can also feel a real male hard dick in her hands. She looked down and asked is it always that big? And I started laughing. She was amazed to see me laughing. I told her that it is hard and of this size every time while doing sex. I asked her to suck me if she liked. She was willing to do so. So I brought my dick close to her lips and told her to kiss it.

She did kissing then I asked her to lick it and after some licking I pushed head of my dick in her mouth and started pushing in and pulling out. Soon she learned the art of sucking and kept sucking till the time I came in her mouth. She liked the taste of my sperms and sucked every drop of it.

That’s how I did oral sex with my sister in law, about doing anal sex and other sexual activities I will write the second part.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32