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Doing things I shouldn’t \ Two older ladies
This is the second part following the story “Doing things I shouldn’t \ What should I call”. The ‘What should I call’ is a typing error by the way. I was going to use a name that’s too long. You can find it here. . The events I am telling about here are an adventure in their own right. You can read it as a standalone if you want, you’re not missing too much context.

If my previous night and morning with Samantha was full of excitement, it was nothing comparing to the next one. When I told her I’d be back early enough for dinner, if she wanted to share one, Samantha replied her friend would come over and they wanted to get Chinese or Thai takeout. I could join them of course. We confirmed the time, and when asked for my preference I voted for Thai. And so she asked her friend Jenny to get it on the way to her.
Jenny came on time. She had the takeout food with her. I went out beforehand to get wine, got a shower, and dressed a bit better than my usual shorts and tank-top.
I saw Samantha greeting Jenny when I finished dressing. To my surprise, apart from a hug she gave her a passionate kiss, if short. I was introduced to Jenny and we sat down for dinner after pleasantries were exchanged. In many aspects Jenny’s look differed from Samantha’s. But there were two distinct similarities. Jenny was top heavy, with noticeable natural tits, and you could see how pretty she was, although her looks did not fully hide her age. She wore a short black dress which has shown the nice features of her full, long, very long legs in dark stockings, atop high heels. Also very tall, the heels put her at about my height. Without the heels she was about 180 centimeters tall, 5’11. The dress cleavage was very modest, but it seemed there was nothing under it, and she was free boobing a rack that could easily be a size F. Her boobs did not sag that much relatively to their size, but with the absence of a bra her impressive rack was all too massive for such a display.
And her face, so pretty.! Blue-purplish eyes, small nose, soft pale skin, a hint of freckles, rosy cheeks and really yummy lips, in Black lipstick (which was very unusual güvenilir bahis at the time, and especially for her age), to match her long black hair.
Samantha was dressed really nice too. No longer in an old fashioned dress or surprising see-through night gown. She wore a modern casual red and black dress, her massive saggers well defined in it, hidden behind what I found out was a J sized bra. Her age was showing a bit on her pretty face, but the red lipstick really complemented her lips. I made an error in the previous story about her height in one of the measurements by the way. She was no less than 175 centimeters tall (that’s unchanged), which I was told means closer to 5’9.

The first bizarre moment happened right then and there at supper. They sat at each of my sides. We had some wine first, which was lovely. They only took two sets of chopsticks and forks. And just started feeding me. Before I had a chance to say anything, Samantha said “You should listen to mommy and aunty, and must behave like a good boy”. And then they took turns feeding me. While one ate, the other fed me delicious Thai food. Jenny ate very quickly, and when she was done, while I was still eating, Jenny exposed one of her breasts. All I could say was WOW! the view was just amazing. In between real feedings, she put her nipple in my mouth, playfully fake-feeding me. I tried to play with it to arouse her, but the food kind of threw me off focus. They kept most of the focus feeding me, although whoever was free touched me while the other was busy.

When we were done, Samantha said: “You ate very well when aunty fed you, but misbehaved with mommy.” The role play was ridiculous, but I liked where it was going. “Now you must get a spanking” she continued. It was great fun. I was put over Samantha’s knee, and Jenny did the spanking. She hit didn’t hit hard, but it was still fun. I am very resistant to pain. And so, during the spanking which was supposed to be moderate, I just smiled. It was kind of fun, more silly though. They switched, and now that Samantha did the spanking the force and intensity increased. Still not really painful, it was now arousing. While she was doing that, Jenny started playing with my balls and shortly after moved on too my cock. Learning from her previous error of sorts, Jenny was now forceful. Squeezing my cock and balls hard, spanking the balls to the point türkçe bahis they were red. It was awesome! I was hard as a rock. Samantha did her share too. She not only spanked but also scratched my back hard. It was nice. Not too long before I was ready to shoot a load on Jenny’s dress and feet, they stopped.

I got up and removed my shirt to remain fully naked. For a space they ignored me, diving into a long lustful kiss, caressing each other, and passionately devouring each others lips. They didn’t go further though, telling me after a minute or so as they stopped they didn’t forget about me. They took me to the bedroom where they undressed each other. Samantha lay on her back first. A sight to behold. A gorgeous, very mature BBW, full in all the right places. Glorious belly and massive saggy tits. Just yummy. I was given an instruction to “Take care of mommy’s feet and give her a great foot massage”. It was really fun. While I engaged Samantha’s fat sexy feet, Jenny positioned herself on top in an awkward 69 pose. But it worked. Each dove into the other’s pussy, moaning in pleasure while the other worked, in a great game of muffdiving, but to be honest, there wasn’t much muff. They had very neat intimate haircuts. Both pussies were actually very aesthetic. They looked so yummy!
After a short while I went to the other side of the bed. While Samantha took care of Jenny’s pussy, I found my way to her ass. Licking and playing. Her hole seemed almost virgin at that point, though it was really not. Just nearly closed, out of practice. A little extra saliva, and in came my first finger, then second, and a third. She responded. Her moans were getting really loud. Samantha was doing her part, and not too long after she had Jenny’s fluids in her mouth. I licked off what I could from Jenny’s pussy following Samantha, and right after Jenny moved I kissed Samantha. Sharing Jenny’s taste, and enjoying Samantha too.

The ladies moved so Jenny could lie flat on her back and rest. Her womanly form presented in all it’s sheer perfection. I was rock hard just from looking at her. Samantha poisoned herself in a doggy style pose with her friend below. Almost smothering her with the giant saggy tits. Knees at each side, belly’s touching, hands on the bed for balance. My tongue gave Samantha’s private parts a quick workout while Jenny was already playing with her tits. And it was finally güvenilir bahis siteleri my turn to fuck. I went in from behind, penetrating Samantha’s surprisingly tight asshole. Initially she screamed, perhaps in some surprise, but I could feel her moving into position. We continued. Moment after moment her huge ass and small hole were more and more welcoming.
We fucked for quite a few minutes. When I felt my sexy older lady’s body started to convulse, I was really happy. Here we were, ready for her to reach the almost mythical anal orgasm. When she was peaking, moaning loudly, I was really excited and happy. But it was a bit too soon for me. She finished and fell to her side. I took my cock out of her. Quickly, still hard, put my dick from above into Jenny’s mouth that was just in the right place. Well, not really. She was lying comfortably. I couldn’t make this pose work, so I got up and came from the side. I was standing, she was lying, and sucking. And most importantly, she was OK with me going ass to mouth. I took control and really fucked her face. I came quite fast. I then lay in between the girls, and leaned in for a kiss with Jenny, sharing my cum.

We fell asleep as we were. I woke up a couple of hours later. Still dirty and sweaty from our fuckfest, Samantha was licking my nipple while Jenny was licking my balls. When I was alert, Jenny quickly mounted my, sleepy yet hard, and Samantha sat on my face. Jenny rode me like a cowgirl, while I was pleasuring her friend. It was great. At some point Samantha turned to face Jenny, I switched over to her asshole, while the ladies kissed and started playing and sucking each other’s boobs. Again, from what I could see, they did it all very passionately. That session lasted, them kissing for minutes, sucking, playing, and me eating out Samantha, and Jenny moving up and down rhythmically. I came inside Jenny, and my hard-on held just long enough for her to cum seconds later. Samantha was last to climax after I switched back to her pussy, relieved from Jenny getting off of me. Finally her fluids filled my mouth, and I took it all in. I shared her salty juices with her and Jenny in two deep kisses, one after the other. I love the taste of a satisfied woman. There’s something amazing in it.
We finally did get to the shower, all three. It was crowded. Very much so. And so much fun. After messing around for quite a while, role playing a sexy shower with mommy and aunty, we each took our separate shower. Jenny actually stayed over and we shared a bed. It is sufficive to say we had a very nice night. In fact, the whole day and the whole trip took quite a spectacular turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32