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With a leisurely deep drag on a 120 cigarette, Julie’s opal-shaped blue eyes drifted down to the fashion magazine laying open in her lap. My tongue rapidly flicked in and out of her vagina, while she absentmindedly turned the pages of the magazine, and then exhaled a long tight cone of smoke.

Wisps of smoke hung above her, like tiny white clouds. The smell of tobacco permeated the room, especially emanating from her yellow sundress, which was hiked up high above her waist to give me easy access to her pussy. Her long pale legs hung over the stuffed arms of the chair, leaving her spread-eagled. Julie’s long black hair cascaded over her shoulders, covering her large breasts. She was beautiful, exotic, aloof, and sexy as hell.

I redoubled my efforts to please her. She totally ignored me, taking another long drag, as my tongue quickly fanned her clitoris. Instead of moaning or even looking at me, she blew a series of small round smoke rings over my head, as if I wasn’t even there. She took a double hit off her cigarette, held the smoke in her lungs, tilted her head, and then blew a long white narrow stream straight up. Despite her lackadaisical demeanor, her stomach began contracting, indicating she was close to coming.

This cat and mouse game had evolved over the years, starting before we were even married. It had grown out of our unique traits and desires. I had a strong smoking fetish, and was submissive by nature, with masochistic tendencies. Julie was dominant, with a sadistic streak, and a heavy smoker. Over time, we had developed a rhythm that fit each of our needs. She would remain detached, smoking and reading, while I went down on her, doing my best to make her come, multiple times.

Julie had gotten quite good at controlling herself during these sessions. If it weren’t for the fact that my head was buried between her thighs, anyone watching would have assumed that she was bored, entertaining herself by thumbing through a magazine, while she smoked a cigarette. For my part, I wildly moaned, licked and sucked her pussy.

She seldom glanced down at me, and when she did, she almost never acknowledged my strenuous efforts to get her off. However, if I had done a particularly outstanding job, she would give me the slightest of smiles. I lived for those gossamer smirks.

This afternoon, as she climaxed, I eagerly swallowed her juices. If aroused sufficiently, Julie had extremely wet orgasms. She could squirt so much cum that I had a hard time swallowing it fast enough. This amused her. As her back arched, she glanced down and blew a heavy stream of smoke into my face, hoping it would cause me to gag and choke on her cum.

Since I don’t smoke, I had to fight the urge to cough, while continuing to lick and gulp her cum. This was her third orgasm, and her third cigarette. Once she was fully satisfied, she extinguished her cigarette, rose from the chair in our living room, and slowly walked to the kitchen. It had become our custom for her not to acknowledge my presence for the next thirty minutes.

However, this afternoon was different. The doorbell rang. Although Julie was dressed, she told me to answer the door. I was dressed too, but my hands were bound behind my back, firmly secured to my ankles with a rope. I struggled to free myself and get up. She giggled at my futile efforts.

“Silly boy,” she said, walking over and, with a tug a key rope, casually releasing my bonds.

I scrambled to free myself and get to the door. I was relieved to discover that the delivery driver was already gone, but a large box sat on our front porch. It was heavy, so I dragged it into the front room. Julie indicated that I should open it, so I carefully removed the shipping tape and slid the contents onto the floor. She grinned widely, as I gasped.

“Is that a fucking machine?” I said.

“Clever boy,” she said.

Under her supervision, I assembled it. It had a large powerful electric motor, attached to a wheel, which spun. Each rotation of the wheel caused a long steel rod to move back and forth. The rod and wheel could be adjusted for short, medium, or long strokes. A remote control allowed the user to control the speed of the rods thrusts. She had me adjust the wheel for the shortest strokes.

The last piece of the machine was a black dildo. It was enormous! At least 12 inches long, heavy, thick, and made out of a rock hard plastic.

“Are you sure this illegal bahis will fit inside you?” I said, scratching my head.

“Not me,” she said, winking.

I gulped, “No fucking way!” I said, standing up.

“Yes fucking way, and now,” she said, in her dominant voice.

I hung my head, and reluctantly pulled off my jeans and underwear. She detached the ominous looking dildo from the rod, took it to the kitchen, sterilized it, and then applied a generous amount of Vaseline. By the time she returned, I had maneuvered the heavy machine in front of the chair where we played our games.

I was on all fours in front of the chair, with the steel rod laying between my legs. Julie walked behind me, secured the dildo to the rod, and without a word slide the tip into my ass. I groaned loudly. She sat in the chair, placing her feet on my shoulders, and firmly pushed me backward, forcing the large black cock deep inside me. I groaned in discomfort.

I looked up, and saw that she was holding the remote control and grinning. She slid the chair close to my face, and wrapped her soft thighs around my head, forcing her cunt into my mouth. She lit a cigarette. I always loved the sound of her lighter igniting. I began licking and sucking her pussy.

I felt the dildo move slowly in and out of my ass. She took another deep drag, and used the remote to increase the speed. My knees buckled, causing my mouth and tongue to plunge deeper into her pussy. She exhaled a long slow cone of smoke over my head.

As she leisurely smoked her cigarette, taking long drags, and exhaling slowly, as the machine repeatedly pounded my ass. By the time she had finished her first cigarette, my legs were shaking, and I was panting. With each stroke, the dildo moved faster and faster in my rectum. I was dizzy from the intense pounding. Julie slide down in the chair, forcing the dildo even further into me.

She picked up her magazine, and began thumbing through it. She took another deep drag from her half-finished cigarette, titled her head up, and blew a tight cone of smoke that almost reach the ceiling. I worked feverishly on her pussy, as the machine continually plunged deep into my ass.

Suddenly, I realized that Julie had taken absolute control of our sex life—to the point that I had become the woman in the relationship. It was her cock penetrating me, and I had to take it. I was no longer the pitcher, but now the catcher. The final power shift in our relationship hit me like a thunderbolt. My masculinity had been stripped away with each stroke. I whined and whimpered like a little girl.

Julie took a double drag, and twisted the dial on the remote yet higher. The machine roared, as it climbed toward its top speed. The strokes were so fast that I couldn’t tell whether they were going in or coming out. Despite her practiced composure, I could tell Julie was really enjoying my complete capitulation to her.

By her third cigarette, I was exhausted and my ass really hurt. She turned her head to the left, and exhaled a long thin cone of white smoke. With my legs spread, taking her giant black cock, the sight of her exquisite exhale made me come. I had never orgasmed like this before.

Normally, either she would give me a hand job, or allow me to jerk off, while she watched. But this time it happened without me even touching my cock! I squirted sperm all over the floor beneath her chair. And, unfortunately, my bowels simultaneously broke loose, shooting excrement onto the floor behind me.

She put out her cigarette and turned off the machine. I was trebling and mortified, but trapped between the chair and the dildo, which was still firmly held by my rectum.

“Dirty messy little boy!” she scolded.

My faced turned redder. She scooted the chair back, finally allowing me to collapse on the floor, free of the dildo. When I got up, I was covered in my poop.

“You look and smell terrible. From now on, you will take an enema before our sessions,” she said.

I was wearing a short chain attached to a choke collar around my neck. She grabbed it, and pulled me upstairs to the bathroom. I rinsed off, and then went downstairs and cleaned up the mess. Afterward, Julie led me back upstairs. I was still naked from the shower, except for the choke collar.

In the bathroom, she had me kneel down on all fours, and placed my arms between my legs. She secured my legs and wrists together illegal bahis siteleri with a spreader bar. With my arms firmly locked between my legs, my ass was thrust high in the air. Julie got out a large red enema bag. She attached a strange-looking nozzle to the hose.

I hadn’t had an enema since I was a child. As Julie filled the four-quart rubber bag with hot water, my legs shook. I knew better than to question her, as it would only earn me a stinging spanking with her oak paddle. She slipped the strange nozzle deep into my ass, which was quite sore from the machine downstairs. I whimpered.

“Oh, you are such baby. Women take it up the ass all the time, and don’t whine like you,” she said.

I felt something inflating inside of me. I managed to look back and saw that Julie was pumping a small rubber bulb. She saw me, and grinned.

“This is a folio-catheter. It will keep you from making another mess,” she said.

The growing pressure of the inflated catheter made me groan again. I tilted my head, and saw the full enema bag gently swaying back and forth on the shower rod, high above me. I heard a distinct click, which must have been the release valve, as I felt hot water rush down the tubing into my rectum.

It was too hot. I squirmed, as it quickly began flooding my intestines. With the bag hung so high, the pressure was immense, and I began cramping badly. My arms and legs were trapped. All I could do was beg Julie for mercy, which was a mistake.

“I have had it with your complaining!” she said.

She forced a large ball gag in my mouth, fastened it tightly behind my head. With my legs spread, arms secured between them, head pinned to the floor, and mouth firmly gagged, I had no choice but to take the hot water rushing into me. Worse yet, the inflated nozzle kept me from expelling. I tried to push it out, but it didn’t move at all, and not a drip of water escaped. Totally helpless, I slumped down, fully submitting to the enema and my wife.

It seemed like an eternity before I heard the gurgling sound signaling that the bag was empty. My stomach was painfully distended, almost touching the floor. Imagine a nine-month pregnant woman who had swallowed a watermelon. That is what my stomach looked and felt like.

“I am going to have a cigarette, while that soapy water works through your colon,” she said.

I tried to beg for release, but only a few mumbled sounds escaped the ball gag. She walked over to the bed, sat on the floor next to it, so I could see her. She lit up, and I watched her smoke, as my gut churned. The soapy water was irritating my bowels, causing them to badly spasm. As I watched her inhale and exhale slowly, the spasms became ever stronger, racking my entire body.

The spreader bar kept me from arching my back, so I to suffer each spasm, without any hope of relief. The pain began to blur my vision. I could just make out her taking the final drag, letting a wisp of smoke escape her beautiful lips, before sucking it up her nose. The exhale was so tight that it sent smoke five feet across the room in a narrow cone. Although I was sweating and my stomach was killing me, her exhale gave me a rock hard erection. To my dismay, she lit another!

She was a skilled smoker, and knew many smoking tricks. Julie inhaled deeply, then let the smoke float out of her mouth, before snapping it back. She blew another perfect cone across the room. Another deep inhale, followed with a set of smoke rings.

When she finally finished her second cigarette, she got up, walked to the toilet and sat down. I couldn’t see her, but I heard her giggle and get up. She reached up, and unhooked the enema bag. I heard her peeing into the bag!

“A yellow rain shower just for you, dirty boy,” she said, giggling.

Her bladder must have been very full, as it took several minutes to empty it. She hung the bag back up, and I felt her warm urine drain into me. It was very humiliating, and erotic at the same time.

She waited a few more minutes, and then released my restraints, but made me lay on my back, not allowing me to expel the four quarts yet and her urine. She squatted over my mouth. I thought she wanted cunnilingus, as she removed my ball gag, but she began peeing again, this time into my mouth!

“If you spill one drop, you will be quite sorry,” she said, menacingly.

I reluctantly swallowed her piss, and it tasted canlı bahis siteleri sour and awful. I gagged several times trying to swallow it. I could taste the beers she drank at lunch—I had to fight the urge to throw up. To my amazement, she had a lot urine left. When she finally stopped peeing, she let be expel the enema in the toilet, while she watched me. It was humiliating and embarrassing beyond words.

Unfortunately, it was only the beginning, as she made take two more enemas to clean out the soap sods. Each time, she bound me in the same fashion, making me retain four-quarts for a long time, as she smoked a couple more cigarettes.

During the second enema, she placed nipple clamps on me. This was my first experience with them, and they hurt like hell. However, the third enema was the worst, as she paddled me the entire time it was draining into me. And believe me, my wife can paddle hard. She attended college on a baseball scholarship. So she could deliver a swat with all the power it takes for a home run, again and again and again. My ass was bright red and burning by the time she finished.

After expelling the last enema, which was totally clear, I could barely get to my feet. She yanked the short chain attached to the choker, and pulled me up, and then down the stairs. I almost fell on the way to the front room.

Julie had brought down the spreader bar. She placed it between my legs, and secured my hands between them. I was so exhausted that I went along without complaint.

After she slide the dildo back inside me, she placed a comfortable pillow in front of the chair and positioned herself so that my face was in her cunt again. My head was bent at an uncomfortable angle, but I did my best to lick her.

Soon the machine was rapidly pumping my ass, but far deeper than last time. Julie remarked that my licking and sucking was feeble, and retrieved her riding crop. As I tried to pick up the pace, I felt the snap of the crop on my bare ass. It really stung.

As she cranked up the machine, and snapped my ass, I somehow summoned the energy to satisfy her carnal lust. She came like never before, squirting cum all the way down my throat.

Her back arched with each squirt. For a moment, I actually thought I might drown! Spurting and coughing between gulps, I managed to swallow every drop of her cum, while giving her pussy the attention it required. She slumped back against the pillow, and lit another cigarette, as the fucking machine kept pounding me mercilessly. Julie looked down into my eyes, and smiled wickedly.

Despite my exhausted state, I came again. As each orgasmic spasm racked my body, the spreader bar painfully prevented me from arching my back. Julie blew a tight cone of white smoke into my face. She loved watching me shift between pleasure and agony.

“You know why you are able to come so many times today? In the last enema, I gave you a double dose of Viagra,” she said.

Before I could say anything, she leaned forward, pinched my nose, forcing my mouth open, and then gave me a firm French-kiss, blowing smoke into my mouth. I coughed and coughed. She repeated this process several more times. I was hacking so badly, I could barely catch my breath, while the machine continued fucking me relentlessly.

Finally, she slapped my face really hard, and stuck her fingers down my throat. I gagged, but didn’t struggle. She took one last long drag, and then blew a plume straight up my nose. I choked and coughed for a long time.

Julie kissed me gently, switched off the machine, and then released me. I cleaned up the front room, crawled up the stairs, washed myself again, and climbed into bed next to her. She snuggled close, putting her mouth right next to my ear.

“You did great today. Should we try the next higher setting tomorrow?” she whispered.

Her words terrified and thrilled me. She climbed on top of me, shoving my hard cock into her pussy. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t move, so she shoved a pillow under my ass, and fucked me. Julie fucked me hard, until we both came. Then, she collapsed on top of me.

“Yes, let’s try the higher setting tomorrow,” I whispered in her ear.

She grabbed my hair and kissed me passionately, plunging her tongue into my mouth. I could taste the tobacco on her breath, as we French-kissed.

She told me to open my mouth, and spit several times down my throat. I eagerly swallowed her saliva.

She relaxed on top of me. As we drifted off to sleep, I was surprised that the thought of being fucked by her again excited me. She now owned me in every way possible. I felt content and totally satisfied being her bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32