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Book 1

Chapter 1

Donna Scott’s boss had called her into his office and she briefly stood before he asked her to set down in one of the chairs in front of his desk. Kevin Madden was a big time attorney in St. Louis and Donna was his legal assistant. She was dressed in a black business suit with her skirt hemmed to about an inch above her knees which was part of the new office dress standards that Kevin had just changed when she recently started working for him. That hemline was higher than the current fashioned trend as most skirts were hemmed to about an inch or so below the knees; although hemlines had been creeping up in the last couple of years. Donna also wore a pair of black suede opera pumps with 4 inch stiletto heels and needle pointed toes, which again met his new dress code that required the women working in the office to wear stiletto high heels.

Higher spike and stiletto heels had just come into style in 1962 after the 2 to 3 inch spike heel era of the late Fifties through about 1961. Since starting to work for Kevin in late May, Donna’s had become very comfortable wearing 4 inch heels. Prior to that in her college years, she occasionally had the opportunity to wear high heels, although it was very sporadic. She had two or three pair of 3-1/2 spike heels from those days that she had worn for special occasions and sometimes on a date if they were going to some dressy affair. Donna also had a pair of 2-1/2 kitten heels that she rarely wore since she didn’t’ like the way they looked with that low of a heel.

Most stores were now selling 3-3/4 to 4 inch heels since they were coming in to fashion. Donna wore her 3-1/2 inch heels the first few days in the office to get used to wearing high heels consistently all day. By the second week, Donna had picked up a few pair of the 4 inch stiletto heel pumps from a local department store and now wore them regularly in the office.

Donna was a very pretty woman with short black hair carefully styled, and had a shapely figure and dressed impeccably since had she started working. She was rather petit at 5 foot 3 inches and with those 4 inch heels; she had to admit that she felt a lot taller and was now about the same height as the average for a woman. Donna had quickly gotten used to wearing them so quickly because she practiced wearing them at home in the evenings and the weekend of that first week. She also polished up on how to properly walk and stand in those heels and after a few days of practice, Donna became so comfortable in regularly wearing 4 inch stiletto heels they now just seemed to be a natural part of her accessories.

Donna was now setting front of Kevin’s desk, when he commented out of the blue, “I see you’re wearing your usual 4 inch heels today.”

“Yes, I really like wearing high heels to work and now when I take them off, I feel as if I’m not properly dressed. I know that when I interviewed you said, at a minimum, 4 inch stiletto heels were required as part of the office dress code. However, you allowed me a few days to wear 3-1/2 inch spike heels until I had a chance buy some higher ones. I know that the four inch is the minimum height, but I can’t even find any 4-1/4 higher heels in the stores,” Donna responded to his comment, thinking he was not happy with her minimum heel height stilettos.

Kevin followed after Donna’s response and said, “No, your heels are fine, but I think you would enjoy wearing higher ones since you have become so comfortable with the 4 inch height, which is why I asked about you heels. I was hoping that you could wear some much higher heeled stilettos that would be helpful on a new assignment I have in mind for you. It involves you going to a custom shoe and lingerie store that also is a ballet supply house. If you’re willing, I want you to go there as an undercover investigator posing as an ultra-high heel shoe customer and see if you can find out if the there is any suspicious activity going on there. I’ll tell you the details in a minute, but I wanted to know for sure if you would be willing to wear some much higher heels to that store in order to establish some credibility for going there the first place. At first I was a little hesitant about asking you to wear heels that are much higher than your 4 inch stilettos, but you seem so confident in them, I’m sure you can quickly take on ultra-high heels. Do you think you would be interested in such an assignment?”

“Oh, it sounds exciting to me, and I’m sure I could quickly learn to wear what you say are ultra-high heels because I didn’t have any problem going from 3-1/2 to these 4 inch stilettos,” Donna responded enthusiastically.

“It’s great that you are so confident because for this new assignment you’ll need to be able to wear ultra-heels reasonably well and present an acceptable appearance in them. I remembered that you told me you had ballet training in high school, so it should help you to wear a lot higher heels since you must have trained güvenilir bahis your ankle and instep muscles to be able to do a full Pointe. And, oh by the way, I’m not talking about 4-1/4 inch heeled stilettos that you mentioned; I’m talking about much higher heels than that, but we’ll get to that in a moment,” Kevin explained.

Donna was thinking to herself; how high of heels could he talking about when he kept mentioning ultra-high heels? It raised her curiosity and the thought of ‘much higher heels’ really intrigued her now that she knew that she didn’t have any trouble with 4 inch heels.

She finally responded his remarks by saying, “Yes that’s true, I did have ballet training, and was able to do some Pointes, but I didn’t connect it to high heel training until you just now mentioned it. I guess that would help in order to really get into ultra-high heels.”

“That ballet training and your ease in wearing 4 inch heels is why I thought you would be a good candidate for this assignment,” Kevin remarked.

“As I said, this undercover role involves you being a rather new devotee to ultra-high stiletto heels and that you are looking for a local store to shop for them. You can say that the ones you have on you got by mail order. I have all the shoes you will need for this assignment over there in the closet,” Kevin motioned towards the large closet in his private office with three sliding doors.

Kevin continued and said to Donna who was still setting in one of the padded office chairs, “I just got these stilettos from the previous owners of that store I was just talking about. I’m sure you remember the Salveno’s who sold their shoe store to an out of town group and we handled the sale for them not long after you started working here.”

“Oh yes, they seemed like such a nice older couple. Did something go wrong with the sale?” Donna questioned.

“Not exactly, they just want me to look into the some possible suspicious activity that one of their longtime customers came to them about recently. I think it’s an overreaction by them, but I agreed to check it out thinking that you could be the inside person. That’s one reason why they gave me several pairs of stilettos that were in their basement. The Salveno’s had brought them home from the store since the new manager said he was going refresh all the display samples. These had been used by the Salveno’s as unworn display shoes in one particular ultra-high heel height. The stilettos were in excellent condition since they were in their original boxes with desiccants. All of the shoes were in the standard display size of 6-1/2 AA. I remembered you saying one time that was your shoe size when we talked about you wearing high heels in the office. Anyway, I want you to start wearing them and get use to this particular heel height so that you can go to the shop and pretend to be a potential long term future ultra high heel customer and see if you can spot anything suspicious,” Kevin enumerated.

“That does sound very interesting and intriguing as well. When do you want me to start wearing those heels that you’re talking about?” Donna questioned.

“Since the Salveno’s didn’t want the ‘display stilettos’ any longer as they were just taking up space, they gave me the whole lot that you and Karen could wear in the office, or anywhere else for that matter. Therefore, if you are willing to take on this assignment, we can get started right away if you want. What do you think?” Kevin questioned.

“It sounds great and I’d love to start wearing higher heels, and I just know I can start wearing those ultra-high heels right now! Remember you said that I should be a recent devotee to ultra-high heels!” She announced.

“Well, I’m Happy to hear that, and if you and Karen agree, I think it’s time to change the office dress code. We need to keep up with the new trends and present a more fashion conscious office environment by raising the minimum heel height limit. And since all these shoes that the Salveno’s gave me are in yours and Karen’s size, I think we should change the dress code minimum heel height to that of the stilettos they gave me!,” Kevin announced and paused to wait for Donna’s reaction.

“Wow that sounds awesome. Like I said, I want to get started right away,” Donna gushed excitedly.

Kevin then continued and said, “You mentioned, when you recommend Karen for the job, that she had the same shoe size as you and that if she needed some heels for the office, she could use some yours to get started. I’m sure you can make this transition very quickly, particularly with your ballet training. I’m not sure about Karen,” Kevin announced as he got up and walked over to the closet and opened the far right hand sliding door exposing what appeared to be about 15 to 20 shoe boxes.

He then bent down and selected one of the boxes, noting that it contained a pair of black suede pumps similar in color and material to the 4 inch heels that she was wearing. türkçe bahis Kevin walked over to where she was setting as he opened the box and pulled out one of the pumps and handed it to Donna. The similarity of these shoes to the ones she was wearing ended with the classic opera pump style and black suede leather. It was made with exquisitely tooled high quality leather and had long needle pointed toes with low V-cut throats. But what took her by complete surprise was the stiletto heel height and thinness!

Donna eyes widened as she held the wicked looking pump with both hands and exclaimed, “Wow, these are some heels. They really arch the instep don’t they?”

She continued to examine the pump and felt how it was constructed with what appeared to be very high quality materials and excellent workmanship.

Kevin observed how she appeared to be so mesmerized by that ultra-high stiletto heel and said, “I thought you would like this heel height since you will be much taller in them which is something I’m sure you will enjoy. Why don’t you try them on and get the feel of them while standing and walking?”

“I can’t believe how high of heels they have; and yes I want to try them on now and see how they feel. They’re so beautiful. I really want to see what it’s like to walk in them,” Donna exclaimed excitedly.

“I’m sure you won’t have a major problem in mastering this heel height, but I’ll help you try on these heels now and if you wish, the Salveno’s will further assist you in the whole process. They gave some printed instructions to follow if you don’t want them involved just now,” he said.

“No, if I need them, I can always call for their help, if necessary,” Donna quickly responded as she continued to fondle the stiletto in her hands.

Kevin showed Donna several typewritten sheets and shuffled through them till he found one that had some short of a chart on it. He pointed out that the chart detailed the various arch and heel angles for all shoe sizes and heel heights. Kevin explained that the Salveno’s had pointed out that this particular heel height was 5-1/4 inches for her 6-1/2 shoe size and that they would arch her insteps to about 64 degrees with a heel angle of 40 degrees so that the difference was 24 degrees! He continued by saying, apparently that combination of arch and heel angles would produce the maximum heel height for any given arch angle.

Kevin repeated what the couple had pointed out to him when he picked up the shoes, “The Salveno’s also gave me another small booklet that they had given all their ultra-high heel customers when they were doing business. The main points they emphasized, I’m sure you already know. They summarized those points by saying you should always remember; ‘Heels down first’ when walking and ‘knees locked back’ while standing up straight. Finally, they said to get the feel of the proper balance required for any given ultra-heel height, you should stand straight and slightly shift your weight from side to side and heel to toe to find the correct center of gravity. They also told me that these high quality stilettos were designed such that the sole of the foot made complete contact the inter sole and that they would arch the toes up in the center of the foot such that the all the weight would not be placed on the ball of the foot!”

Donna was certainly impressed with the technical aspects of the product they had sold. She inspected the inner sole of the shoe and could feel the slight curve that they were talking about. She understood what Kevin was conveying as that curve would force the weight to be more evenly distributed to the outside of the toes, thereby shifting a lot of it from the ball of the foot. She also observed how tiny the heel was at the heel tap. She guessed it was less than a quarter of an inch!

Kevin removed the other shoe from the box and set it on the carped floor near where Dell was setting and asked, “Are you ready to try them on?”

“Oh yes, I want to do it myself so I can get the feel of the proper method. I know that I must point my foot to the extreme and slip my foot in carefully,” Donna eagerly explained as she was really getting into this whole scenario.

“That’s exactly what the Salveno’s told me to tell you,” he said.

Donna quickly took off both of her 4 inch heels and set them aside and started slipping her right foot into the 5-1/4 inch heeled stiletto as she pointed her foot to the extreme. Delicately she pushed her small foot into the opera pump and noticed that it was narrower than the regular width pumps that she had just taken off. Donna knew that her actual shoe width was AA, but she rarely could find them in stores, so she had to generally settle for the standard B width which was the case with those 4 inch heels. She could tell that these were going to be a much better fit. Kevin handed Donna a shoe spoon that was in the box in order for her to complete the operation. With the help of the shoe güvenilir bahis siteleri spoon, her foot slid firmly into the shoe with sudden whoosh! She was amazed how the pump held her foot captive and yet firmly supported it, without pinching. Donna also felt how the shoe insteps and heels supported the entire inter surface of her foot by making full contact with them. She performed the same deliberant operation and slipped the left shoe on her other foot.

Donna just set in the chair with both stiletto heeled pumps flat on the floor out in front of her so that her ankles were bent about ten degrees past were they would have been if she were just standing straight up in those heels. It would be much like the angle they would momentarily be bent or flexed to while taking steps forward in them. She could feel a slight strain on the front of both her ankles as she set marveled at how sexy they felt and looked on her feet. Donna just sat there and slid her feet even further forward and then back to flex her insteps to even greater degrees to get a sense of how much more muscle and tendon exercising would be required to maneuver easily in this heel height. Since there was no apparent straining of her insteps, she thought that only her ankles would have to be slightly retrained to regain the flexibility they had from her ballet days in high school.

Donna then indicated that she was ready to stand up and correctly balance in these 5-1/4 inch stiletto heels. Kevin stood nearby in case she needed help as she slowly rose up from the chair by pushing herself up by using the chair arms while steadying herself at the same time. Finally Donna stood straight up with her knees locked back and felt the full effect of the 5-1/4 inch stiletto heels for the first time! She did shift her weight slightly back and forth from heel to toe as well as from side to side to understand where her center of gravity was with her ankles pitched so far forward. It didn’t take her long to find that proper position.

As Donna stood up straight, she was amazed at how such ultra-high heels made her feel so tall and yet somewhat confined or restrained at the same time. There was some strain at the front of her ankles, but as she had previously thought, because of her ballet training, her highly arched insteps felt perfectly relaxed and fully supported by the shoe insteps themselves. The shoe design helped a lot as the insteps made complete contact with the underside of her feet. The entire experience was actually somewhat sexually stimulating to Donna and she looked forward to taking her first steps in these beautiful 5-1/4 inch stiletto heed pumps!

She then took a very cautious six inch, quarter step forward with her right foot and stood with her left foot still in its original position in order to make sure that she didn’t lose her balance. Donna again shifted her weight between her two feet to understand the proper balance required since her center of gravity would temporary change to this position each time when taking a stride forward. She then brought her left foot forward and placed it alongside her right foot and again regained the proper balance for that position. Next she took another quarter step forward with her left foot and repeated the balancing technique by shifting her weight between her left foot and her right foot which was six inches behind. Again, Donna moved her right foot forward and placed it next to her left maintaining the proper balance for that heel height while standing. She slowly and carefully repeated that process several times, except for decreasing the standing time between each quarter step. Finally, Donna took a half step forward, without stopping with one foot forward and one behind, after gaining enough self-confidence to warrant that action. She found that it was relatively easy to maintain her balance when taking that half step of about six inches. Gaining even more confidence, Donna took another half forward of about eight inches leading with her other foot. She took half steps several more times and increased her stride to about 18 inches. Donna made up her mind to take a full step forward of about 18 inches. She was pleasantly surprised to find it rather easy to keep the correct balance through that process although she had to concentrate on doing it. It wasn’t going to be a natural process without more training and experience. After taking several more full steps, Donna starting taking multiple steps and finally started walking around the room for a couple of minutes returning and setting down in the chair where she had put those stilettos on a few minutes before.

Kevin had intently been watching her the whole time and was very pleased that she was at able to walk properly in those 5-1/4 inch heels, even though he could also tell she was going to need a more training and practice to master them in all street situations.

“Donna, you did fabulous for the first time in 5-1/4 heels; particularly since you had never worn 4 inch heels on a daily basis, until the last couple of months. You’re going to be great wearing ultra-high heels in your new assignment as well as sprucing up the office when you’re here in them,” Kevin complement Donna profusely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32