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I’ve played sports all my life, soccer, football, swimming, basketball, anything and everything that I could compete in I wanted to be a part of. This experience happened to me when I was 18 playing on my last club level baseball team. A city association over the summer, nothing high end, just local kids randomly mixed onto teams that duked it out once a week for a small cost. Parents still came once in a while to see their boys play, cheer, help coach a base or just socialize.

The lady that always kept score was Donny’s mom, Viv. She was divorced and didn’t work so she was always there. All summer she’d sit behind the bench in her lawn chair with the scorebook ready to announce who was up to bat as we came off the field to hit our end of the inning. She was in her mid fourties, short, indigenous, with long black hair and had tattoos scattered over her body. She smoked constantly, always had a thermos of something next to her chair, wore large dark sunglasses, cut off jean shorts and tops that always let you see a bit of cleavage.

Viv was one of those people who was overly friendly with everyone. She had a way of getting real close to whomever she was chatting with. All the umpires would gab at her between innings, dad’s would sit with her and pass the time over the course of our games. She would even flirt with the guys on the team, much to the embarrassment of her son.

We had a game early one upcoming Saturday but my parents had another commitment and couldn’t get me to the park. Viv found out and offered a ride but suggested because of the earliness of the game I stay over Friday at her and Donny’s house. Seemed like a good plan.

Friday night came. Mom gave me some cupcakes to bring over and I headed to Donny’s.

Donny and Viv lived in the main floor of a subdivided house, other tenants lived upstairs and down, it was tight. One small bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a living room. Viv slept on a pull out couch in the living room normally and the two of them shared the storage in the bedroom.

We ate dinner, watched a couple movies, snacked on popcorn and cupcakes. Viv drank beer all night and seemed even more flirtatious than normal, maybe because she was in her own home. It was a fun Friday night, until it was actually time to fall asleep.

The sleeping arrangements had Donny and myself crashing in the living room while Viv took Donny’s bedroom for the night. Seemed reasonable till Donny fell asleep before me. I had never heard someone snore as loud as Donny. Dude sounded like a broken lawn mower. I tossed and turned in the living room for an hour before I was ready to loose my mind. There was no way I was going to fall asleep with that noise disaster in the room.

I picked up my pillow and sleeping blanket and tip toed my way to the bathroom, closed the door and curled up in the tub partially closing the shower curtain. Even there Donny’s snoring made the walls vibrate and I still couldn’t sleep.

Viv stirred in the middle of the night and came into use the bathroom. I was wide awake still. She was wearing a long white t-shirt that came down to her thighs, didn’t bother turning the light on, just sat on the toilet and let loose. She finished and I moved casino siteleri ever so slightly making the tub squeak.

“Hello?” She questioned, pulling the shower curtain back from the bathtub.

“Hi” I replied without any grogginess in my voice.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“I can’t sleep with Donny’s snoring” I explained making her laugh quietly.

“Come with me” she held out her hand and helped pull me out of the tub.

She led me to Donny’s room where she dug into the drawer of the bedside table. The window was open with the curtains apart to let air in but there was no breeze. An oscillating fan passed back and forth on the wardrobe moving hot air around the room. The amber streetlight cut a pattern on the wall illuminating the room enough to watch her. Against the window I could see the silhouette of her body through her shirt. With no bra on her chest hung low, you could see every movement. The shirt she was wearing raised ever so slightly as she rummaged around in the drawer revealing the bottom of her ass. I was wearing only gym shorts and in the darkness and the heat of summer I couldn’t help but start to get hard.

“I’m immune to his snoring now but there was a time I couldn’t fall asleep without these.”

She said as she found what she was rooting for.

She turned around and met me face to face in the middle of the small room. She reached up with both hands to my head and I pulled back for just a second, I could smell her smokey breath.

“They’re just earplugs” she comforted.

She moved forward again. I was much taller than her and she had be on her tip-toes to reach my head. Her breasts brushed against my chest for the briefest moment as she inserted the earplugs. I tried to turn so that my full blown erection wouldn’t poke her in the stomach but I wasn’t quick enough, it was her time to pull back for a moment when she felt my cock rub her side.

“Oh” she exclaimed and took a step to the side.

In the light of the window she looked at me up and down. It was hot, I was shaking, small beads of sweat ran down my chest.

“Thanks” I turned to leave.

“Wait a sec” she whispered.

I froze. She walked around me giving me a slight push at the hip, the room was small. I didn’t turn but heard her close the door.

“You know if you get rid of that it’ll be easier to fall asleep”.

Her soft footsteps made the floorboards creek. My heart was pounding, I stood looking forward at the window as her right hand pressed on my back, she reached around with her left and let it fall on my chest. There were goosebumps all over my body. She traced her right hand down my sweat covered back till it reached the top of my shorts. Her fingers dug into the waistband making room for her whole hand to slip in as she reached around and grabbed my cock at the base. I tried to turn and face her but she tightened her grip and pulled me towards her pressing her chest against my back. I could feel her shirt become wet from my sweat. I couldn’t move.

“Breathe” she instructed.

As I let out my breath she pulled up on my cock.

Viv sighed “Again.”

She stroked down. I took deep breaths in and out canlı casino as her rhythm kept steady, in and out. She started to kiss my shoulders. I reached backwards and grabbed ahold of what I could, we almost lost our balance but we pushed against each other keeping us upright. Together our bodies moved as one as she stroked my cock up and down. I could feel the wave coming, her nails dug into my chest pulling me down as I tried to stand up taller. My whole body shook as I erupted in my shorts and all over her hand.

She stoped pulling on my cock, the floor returned below us. Her nails released from my chest and she pull down my shorts from behind. My cock was still half erect and pulsed with excitement as she crawled on her knees to be in front of me.

“Young guys are always ready to go again right away” she said with a smile as she began to lick the remaining cum off of my cock.

My erection began to firm up immediately. She gave me a push towards the bed and I fell back with my legs hanging over the side, completely under her control. She stood up, the front of her shirt was damp from sweat and stuck to her as she pulled it off. Standing in the light of the window I could see her whole figure, she looked amazing. Caramel skin, dark nipples, a tattoo high on her inner thigh of a turtle, her long dark hair hung over her face keeping it in shadow.

She bent down to the bed and pressed her breasts over my body as she slithered her way on top of me. Sweat made our bodies slick, her tits parted over my cock and across my chest. I reached down and helped guide her head until she was face to face with me. Her breath was horrible, she must have smoked two packs a day. I could feel the heat from her crotch hovering over my cock as we kissed. My hands ran up and down her sweat covered back and ass.

I tried to push her down onto my erection as we made out but she resisted and sat up flattening my hard-on with her vagina. She gyrated back and forth as our wet groins gilded on top of one another for a moment before she began to shuffle forward on her knees across my chest till she was straddling my face. Her pubic hair wasn’t manicured at all and the musk of her dripping sex was pungent. I wasn’t sure what to do but I stuck my tongue out and let it brush over her slit. She guided me, moving her hips forward or back, up and down depending where she wanted me to focus. Eventually I hit the right spot, she sat up tall, stretched her arms up against the wall next to the bed and softly began to moan. I reached up and began pawing at her chest as she rocked back and forth, my mouth lapping at her clit. Over time her movements sped up, building until she lost control for a moment smothering my face as her body convulsed and shuttered.

“Good job” she praised as she sat back up off of my face.

I tried to continue but she pulled away and pressed my head back letting the after shocks fold over her. The sweat was soaking the covers behind my back. I sat up on the edge of the bed as Viv crawled back to straddle and hover over my eager member. She reached down, took my cock in her hand and guided it into her as she sat down. She began to grind her hips in small circles. We sat face to face kaçak casino with our arms wrapped around each other struggling to hold on with our bodies perspiring so much.

“Don’t hold your breath, keep breathing” she instructed.

She leaned back pushing her tits up to my face. I took deep breaths when I could as her pert nipples bounced around in and out of my mouth. I began to thrust up and down matching her pace as she continued to grind. She interlocked her hands around the back of my head, kissed me hard, pulled away, looked me in the eye and picked up her pace, grinding faster and faster. I could feel my cock almost coming out of her but she would always find the perfect angle to drop right back onto my shaft. Our glossed bodies made a slapping sound as we crashed against each other.

“Oh yeah, I’m there, I’m there” she muttered as her tits bounced around freely smacking me in the face.

I could feel the rush of an orgasm beginning.

“I’m going to come” I exclaimed as my breath began to shutter.

“Okay” she assured as I started to pump faster.

I grabbed ahold of her ass as we bounced off each other. I let out a loud breath and with a few long thrusts I burst into her with a shiver. I pulled her close and squeezed as hard as I could pumping a few more times as my cock continued to pulsate.

We slowly stopped moving. She didn’t take herself off of me. Beads of sweat fell from her neck over her breasts. Her bangs were plastered to her forehead. The slightest breeze came from the open window sweeping over our moist bodies giving us a welcomed chill.

My erection began to subside. Viv kissed me on the forehead, got up, grabbed a new shirt from the wardrobe and walked quietly to the bathroom. I laid back onto the bed and closed my eyes for a moment. The silence of the night was only interrupted by the sound of Viv running the tap in the bathroom and Donny still sawing logs in the other room. Even with that irritating sound making the walls shake I could’ve fallen asleep then and there but Viv came back in the room and threw a towel at me.

“You’re gonna have to go back to the tub to sleep, would be hard to explain if you slept in here” she informed.

“Right” I realized.

I towelled off the sweat from my body as Viv stripped the soaked top sheet from the bed and slung a new one haphazardly in its place. I picked up my gym shorts and wiped the inside of them off before putting them back on. Viv playfully patted me on the ass as she pushed me out of the room.

“Don’t forget the earplugs” she reminded as she handed me the earplugs.

She kissed her hand and pressed it to my chest giving me the last push out the door before closing it. The night went silent again except for the snoring. I made my way back to the bathroom, hunkered down into the refreshingly cool tub, put the earplugs in and fell asleep.

Donny woke me the next morning when he came into the washroom to take a leak. The three of us laughed at the situation around the breakfast table and made fun of Donny for his ridiculous snoring. Viv would steal little touches here and there when Donny wasn’t looking. It drove me nuts cuz I would start to get hard and have to hide my growing erection but we made it through the morning and on our way to our game.

We lost. I played terribly, couldn’t focus, baseball didn’t seem to matter anymore. All I could think of was how can I spend the night at Donny’s house again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32