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It’s been a long day at work and I’m dying for a chance to wind down. I can feel my hands gripping the steering wheel as I speed towards the gym. If I don’t get to the gym by mid-night they’ll close and I’ll miss my workout for the third time this week. I hope that cute employee isn’t there(that’s you), she always makes me feel so uncomfortable. She just stares at me while I work out, its like she knows how hot she is and she’s just teasing me with the fact that she’s out of my league. I pull into the parking lot, grab my gym clothes and rush the front door. Just as I slip through, I bump into you coming around the corner, keys in hand. You let out an annoyed sigh.

“I was just about to close up.”

“I know, sorry.” I catch my eyes wondering all over your body, so I close them. “I’ll try and make it quick, I really need this work out though.”

“It’s ok.” You bite you lower lip, look me up and down and breathe me in. “It’s my job.”

I jog into the locker room, change and head for the weights. I can’t seem to get that little conversation out of my mind. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought you were flirting with me. Of course, you could have just as easily been annoyed or sarcastic. Damn women, they never make any sense. Before long I’m taking out my confusion and frustration on the weights. Eventually, our conversation fades into the back of my mind; and I start to get out my woes from work through means of the bench press. As force out one of my more intense thoughts about my boss, I open my eyes to see you standing above me.

“You really shouldn’t do this without a spotter, ya know?”

“Uh…yeah sorry. Well, I’m done now. I’ll be more careful next time.”

“You’ve been having a pretty intense work out.”

“Just getting out that frustration. Thanks for staying open for me.”

“Like I said, it’s ok.” This time you lick your lips. “It’s my job.”

“Yeah, well, thanks.”

I head down to the locker room. Why did you lick your lips? I’m probably just projecting this onto the situation but you sure looked like a starving person standing before a buffet. HA! Sometimes my imagination runs wild. ME? A buffet?! All that because her lips were dry. Damn women. As I head into the shower I can’t get you off my mind, especially as I wash güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri “down below”. It feels so good to have the warm water running all over my sore body. I feel like I could trace the path of each individual drop across my skin. I finish rinsing off and turn off the shower. As I walk naked across the shower room, I see you standing at the towel table and I stop dead in my tracks. “I thought you were gonna make this quick, couldn’t you have showered at home?” you say, practically ignoring the fact that I’m naked.

“Sorry, I…uh…” I try to reach around you for a towel but you step in the way. “Excuse me…”

Acting as though I hadn’t said a thing, you say “I was gonna offer you a massage after that intense workout,” then nodding towards my half-hard dick “but it looked like you gave yourself one already.”

Jesus! Had you watched me take my entire shower? I can feel the cold start to bite my skin and I know the embarrassing effect cold can have(suddenly I’m kinda thankful I’m half hard, it makes things look better). Without saying a word I grab a towel and wrap it around me as I start to walk away. I feel your hand grab the towel right above my butt and I have time to think “please?” before you jerk your arm and turn me back around. What would that full thought have been? Please let me get out of this un-embarrassed? Please let this be what I think it is? Please don’t stop? Please….? Probably one of those. But it doesn’t matter, because you don’t give me the opportunity to finish the thought.

“What nice manners you have.” you say. “Please what?”

Oh my god!! Did I just say that out loud? “I don’t know….”

“Please….this? maybe?” you say as you take my towel off and rap your hand around my growing cock.

“Mmm…yeah….that works.”

“Come here, follow me.” You giggle to yourself as you run out of the locker room. Not stopping to think I follow, completely naked and mostly hard. I follow you across the gym and into the main office. Once inside you grab my dick again and walk me over to the couch.

I have to ask, “You know? I had no idea that you….I mean you always seemed like…Well you’re very hard to read.”

“Hard to read? I’ve been flirting with you for weeks.” You sit on the couch güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and stroke my penis.

“I thought you were just teasing.”

“Why would I do that?” You start to lick from base to tip.

“Well, I mean I just figured your were out of my league, so teasing made more sense than…”

“Honey,” you say “with a dick like this, no one is out of your league.” Then you press it into your mouth.

I gulp and let out a moan of pleasure. Damn you are good. “Thanks..I…uh…I mean…So, then, you like….”

Peeling your lips from around my hard cock, you say, “I like….what? Big dick? I love big dick!”

I secretly give myself a little pinch on the leg to make sure I’m dreaming before I proceed. “So you think I have a…big dick?”

Then you look up at me with surprise, there is a little pause and you say “Yeah. You have a huge dick. I mean look at it. Its enormous.” With that you put your chin in my crotch and my dick runs up the length of your face.

“Thanks. And you like it?” I ask again, just for assurance.

“Ok, now I’m repeating myself. Yes! I love it. You have a really really big dick. Its gorgeous. And I love big dick. Mmmmm!! I love your big dick.” With new energy and ravenousness you swallow my dick again.

I lean my head back and moan. I haven’t felt this good for a long time. With a great deal of self control I pull your head of my throbbing cock and stand you up. Filled with confidence, I pull you close to me and tear off your t-shirt. Underneath you are wearing a sports bra, I pull it down around your waist and your breasts bounce out.

“Wow!” I jump a little bit.

“What?” You sound almost worried.

“Oh nothing” I say “Its just that I thought you had a nice figure before, I hadn’t realized you were holding so much back. Damn! You have nice breasts” I give them a squeeze and place the left one in my mouth. I suck on your nipple and flick it with my tongue.

“Thank you.” you say ” I am to please….Mmmmm”

“No, I mean it. You have a pair of beautiful breasts. Firm. Round. Big…” I start to suck again.

“34C isn’t big.” you protest.

“Its certainly bigger than average. And its my new favorite size. Mmmm 34C….God you have wonderful tits.”

“How güvenilir bahis şirketleri do you know what average is?” you ask.

“34-36B. I know because I read.” I continue to suck on your breasts. You role your head back and place your hands in my hair. You toss my hair this way and that, and thrown my head from one breast to the other. You turn us around and push me onto the couch. I reach forward, unbutton and remove your pants and reluctantly your thong(its hard to take off something that looks SO good.) Placing my hands on your butt, I guide you down on top of me. You slide me inside of you and we both gasp and hold our breathe for a moment. You lean forward and hug me around my head, pressing my face into your breasts. “Its so big.” you whisper. Slowly you start to rock your hips. I begin to rock with you. I open my mouth and lick your nipples. Gradually we begin to gain speed. Your grinding your hips into me and I’m pumping back at you. You rub your breast all over my face, teasing me as I search for your nipples you suck. My hands are running all over your back and your butt and your hands run my shoulders and head. Our thrusting becomes more and more fierce. You can hear my moans of please with each stroke. You start to scream. “Yes Yes!! Keep going!! Keep going!!”I push harder and faster and deeper into you. I’m grunting and moaning in pleasure. “Faster! Faster! I’m almost there!” you shout. I feel the muscles in your back start to flex and your grip my head to your chest. “Yes Yes! I’m orgasming! Ohhhh!” you shout as your breathing becomes erratic and your hips fuck me wildly. I scream “Oh god” and with one strong thrust I fire inside of you. We grip each other tightly as we come down from our high, all the muscles in our bodies are on fire. Slowly we relax. We pump in and out a few more times, getting out the last urges. We sit for a minute, just holding each other, me still inside of you, and we shiver every few seconds as the pleasure runs it course through our body’s. We kiss, surprisingly for the first time that night, and its almost as nice as the entire experience we just had. After a few minutes of cuddling, you begin to dress and I head to the locker room for my clothes. When I return you are standing at the front door smiling with your hand behind your back.

“Here this is for you.” you say, as you hand me a video tape, “Security tape. I thought you might want it for your viewing pleasure. I know I’m keeping a copy.”

“Thanks.” I lean forward and give you a kiss.

“So I’ll see you again tomorrow night?” You ask.

“Don’t close without me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32