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I was just getting out of the shower at the end of the evening when my wife, Jeanette, came in as she was finishing up a phone conversation.

“Yeah, just about 15 minutes. No problem, it’ll be okay.” she was saying as she hung up the phone.

“What’s going on?” I asked her. It was after 11pm, so it was a little unusual for us to get a phone call.

“That was Karen, she’s having some issues with her breast pump. The baby is sleeping, she’s full and in pain. I told her you would go right over and try to help her out.”

It should be noted at this point in the story that I have a bit of a breast milk fetish. My wife knows about it. My wife does not like it. She has never been interested or supportive of this, in fact quite the opposite. It has caused many awkward moments in our relationship as she breastfed our 2 kids. She has basically seen it as a major, major turnoff. Consequently, she’s still super gun shy every time my lips get anywhere near her breasts. Because of all of this history, I made perfect sense that she told Karen that she wanted me to try and fix the pump.

“So, I’m not sure I’ll be able to fix it, babe. I mean, I can take a look at it, but…..” I trailed off. I wasn’t exactly a tinkerer, so kicking it and making sure it was plugged in was going to be about the extent of my help.

Jeanette looked at me matter-of-factly. “Look, I don’t really want to talk about this much, so here it is. I don’t expect you to fix the pump. She’s in pain, Boyd’s gone and she doesn’t really have another option. She can’t go out in the middle of the night and buy another one. And I figured you’d be willing to help, because of….well, you know. So, just…just go and help her and let’s not talk about it, okay? Please?”

“Sure, okay.” I said simply and started to get dressed avoiding any more eye contact. The room just got officially uncomfortable again. Just like every time the subject came up.

When Jeanette gave birth to our first kid, her breastfeeding was nothing sexual for me. Maybe it was because he was our first, or the lack of sleep or whatever, but I just didn’t pay much attention. But a few years later, when she had our second kid, it seemed to be all I could think about. Every time I saw her exposed breasts, I went into overdrive. I would try to sneak glimpses of her nipples as droplets of milk formed and fell. I would stiffen almost without thinking about it, just at the sight and the thought of putting my lips around her nipple. I wanted to draw in that milk, work my tongue around her nipple bahis firmaları and drink until she was empty. As this continued, I started exploring lactation porn on my computer and often masturbated in the next room while she breastfed. After thinking for a long time about it, I finally told her of my interest, and she was completely befuddled. She looked at me like I was a monster, like I disgusted her. We weren’t have a ton of sex anyway, but it pretty much dropped to zero from then on. I tried to talk about it a few days later, but I only got a vague “I just don’t know how I feel at this point, I need to think more” response. It was very very frustrating to feel like I had just screwed up an otherwise healthy relationship by bringing it up.

As I was driving over to Karen’s, I was thinking more about everything at home than what was going to happen when I got to Karen’s in 5 minutes. It suddenly hit me… I had no idea what Jeanette had told Karen. Maybe she had told her everything and Jeanette will forever think of me as a perv. Or, maybe she’d made it sound like it might take some convincing, but she’d get me to help. Hell, maybe she told her nothing and Karen thought I’d be coming over to try and fix the pump. I had no idea what I was going to say when I got there. This was shaping up to be very uncomfortable.

Jeanette had known Karen for about 10 years now, longer than she’d known me even. Karen had always been attractive, but always came off as very high maintenance. As I was driving over I was thinking about her again and realized how great of a body she’d always had. I’d always caught glimpses of her ass in her tight pants, but never though much more, because her prissiness had always been a turn off for me.

I knocked quietly on Karen’s door and she quickly opened it. She’d been waiting anxiously. She was wearing a bath robe and had an arm keeping it closed. I hadn’t seen her since before her pregnancy, and given the state she was in, I wasn’t surprised that she wasn’t looking her best. Even given that, she was still very easy on the eyes, and while it looked like she’d become a little more curvy, I thought she benefitted from it.

As she brought me in, I started to say my prepared speech. “So, I’m not sure what exactly Jeanette told you…” but she cut me off almost immediately.

“Look, I’m in pain, and I need your help. I’ve tried hand expressing, but I barely get anything out and it’s just not working. This is weird for me too. But can we just do it, because I’m really dying here.” Her eyes were kaçak iddaa tearing up, and it finally hit me that this wasn’t going to be the Penthouse Forum letter I thought. I accepted that I needed to just help her out go home.

“Sure, you tell me how you want to do this.” I said.

Karen sat down on her couch and opened up her robe. Underneath the robe, she was just wearing a nursing bra, that appeared to be barely containing her very full breasts. I tried to be polite, but I’m sure I was staring. Karen didn’t seem to notice, though. She pointed to her lap and suggested I lay down on the couch. I took off my shoes and positioned myself on my side facing her stomach. She realized that I wasn’t quite in the right spot, so she inched a little lower on the couch to get me in the right area and then started to quickly unlatch her bra.

I realized this was the closest I’ve been to another woman in 8 years, basically since I started dating Jeanette. What struck me at this moment, as my head was right up against Karen’s body was how good she smelled. Maybe just because she smelled different, but laying my head on her lap I started to feel excitement at just the newness of this intimacy.

As Karen unlatched her bra, I looked on as she exposed the most beautiful, thick brown nipple and areola that I’ve ever seen. Her breast was full, with bright blue veins straining against her skin. She used her hand to guide her nipple to me and I opened my mouth to accept it. I wasn’t quite sure how much I needed to suck on her, and seeing as she was already to the point of pain, I decided to be gentle. After a couple of sucks with nothing happening she said “Suck harder, please” in a voice that really conveyed what misery she must be in. She was anxious and tense. I drew her nipple in more and sucked hard. I got just a small taste of something at first and then it came. Each suck became more and more productive as she let down in my mouth. I heard Karen let out a big sigh after I’d taken a few mouthfuls of her milk.

I was barely able to keep up with her flow, but after a bit I got into a rhythm. Her milk tasted so sweet and delicious. After it finally slowed down, she pulled her breast away from my mouth and started to unlatch the other side.

“Don’t you need to leave some for the baby, when he wakes up?” I said. I really wanted more of her, but I wanted to make sure she took care of him first.

“No, no, don’t worry about him. I’ve got some milk frozen in the fridge and this side is still killing me. Please, can you drink kaçak bahis some more for me?”

She meant nothing sexual about it, I’m sure, but hearing her asking me to drink her milk got my cock stirring. I settled back in and she brought her beautiful full breast to my mouth. She tried to stay quiet, but I heard her make a small “Mmmmmm…..” as my mouth enveloped her entire areola. She’d been dripping milk already on that side, so I was able to taste her before I sucked at all. And when I did she began flowing so fast that I had to work again just to stay ahead of it. My dick continued to grow as I sucked on her, this time becoming more aware of exactly what kind of a crazy situation I was in the middle of. I tried to shift my hips so that my erection was hopefully not so noticeable. I had no idea if she’d seen it or not, but I figured this would end up being something no one was going to talk about again anyway, so what the fuck, right?

When I’d drained Karen’s second side all of the way, I kept sucking a little longer, not wanting it to be over. But, decency finally took over and I decided that my time was up here. I moved my head away from her breast and laid my head down flat in her lap, not wanting to look her in the eyes. I had no idea what she was thinking at this point. Karen started to more quickly latch her bra back up, almost as though she was concerned I’d see something. I took that as a hint to pack up and get out. My cock was still at full attention, which would make my exit a little difficult, but I figured I’d just keep it quick and try to not think about it. I certainly didn’t want to overstay my welcome trying to wait it out. I got up and started putting back on my shoes, making it pretty clear what I was up to. Without looking at her, I said “Feel a bit better now?”.

“God yes!” Karen said. “That was excruciating. Thank you so much for coming over so late tonight. I can’t imagine what else I would’ve done. I assure you. I’ll be buying a replacement pump first thing in the morning.

“That’s good to hear. So, I’ll see you later, Karen. Have a good night.” I said and opened up her door to leave. She followed behind me covering up in her robe as she got up from the couch.

“Drive safe!” she said and as I turned to say “I will” we made eye contact. I quickly looked away and rushed into my car, but as I drove away I thought about it more and more and realized that her look to me wasn’t one of uncomfortability or awkwardness. It was one of gratitude….one of relief. It was friendly. I smiled as a I drove home, half because of what had happened that night and half because I knew that I now had a memory that would fuel my masturbation sessions for a long long time. And now I couldn’t wait to get home and get started on that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32