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This is not a true story but a work of fiction. It reflects the writer’s fascination with mature women and how I would like to have been introduced to the joys of sex at a young age by a much older woman. It is my first attempt at writing erotica and I would appreciate readers’ criticisms and comments and opinions as to whether I should continue the story.


Helen Daniels was a 40 year-old widow who lived alone with her son John as she had done for the past ten years, ever since her husband died. She was a highly educated woman who was now a purchasing executive with a large cosmetics firm. She was also very attractive, voluptuous without being fat, with long shapely legs, a neat waist and large soft breasts, of which she was very proud. She had looked after her very curvaceous figure, so it was surprising that she had not had a regular boyfriend since she had become a widow. She’d had the occasional one-night date, but she had never indulged in sex beyond kissing, cuddling and an occasional mutual grope. Her life had been mainly devoted to her son.

Since her husband died, she had doted on John who was now 18 years old but she realised, too late, that she had made the mistake of becoming over protective towards him. She had sent him to a boys’ only school and consequently, having never had much contact with girls, he was very naïve and sexually, very immature.

Like all boys of his age he was curious about the opposite sex and took every opportunity to gaze at pictures of naked girls. He was constantly hearing the older boys talking and laughing about their sexual experiences with girls and he desperately wished that he could have an experience of his own.

He would have loved to have a girlfriend who would be willing to let him see her naked and feel her breasts, but as he was, by nature, a very shy boy, there was not much chance of this happening. Being very curious, he was constantly trying to get glimpses of his mother in the nude, but she was rather prudish where he was concerned and was always very careful to keep herself at least partly covered whenever he was around. He was fascinated by her generous bosom and at every opportunity, he would try to look down her blouse hoping that one day, he would catch her unawares and get a to see her breasts, if only for a quick glance.

He would occasionally, in all innocence, ask her questions about words or phrases he had heard at school and didn’t understand. Most were of a sexual nature and Helen was too awkward and embarrassed to give him a truthful answer. He was in his last year at school before going on to university and as a former university student herself, she knew what temptations lay before him. She didn’t want him to be totally innocent of what sex was all about, yet she felt it would be far too embarrassing for her to have to explain the facts of life to him. She was in a dilemma. She was finding it more and more difficult to evade his questions and decided it might be a good idea to ask her best friend Val for advice and, if possible, some help.

Helen and Val had been best friends since their school days and confided in each other with their most intimate secrets. Val was a very attractive widow, fifty years old but looking much younger. She had had three boys of her own, now grown up, but in spite of that, she had really taken care of her figure. She was in excellent physical condition with long shapely legs, firm fleshy thighs and a trim waist, which emphasised a very large bust. She always tended to dress much younger than her years and was not afraid to reveal her generous cleavage and shapely legs by wearing low-necked tops and short skirts.

The opportunity arose one day when Helen was asked to attend a five-day sales conference, so she decided to ask Val if John could stay with her while she was away. She had the idea that perhaps she would be able to off-load some of her motherly responsibility to Val. Helen rang her as soon as she knew she had to go away and asked her to call round for coffee as she had a favour to ask.

“Well, what’s this favour you want to ask me?” Val enquired when they had exchanged pleasantries and were drinking their coffee.

“It’s about John ” Helen replied “I have to go away for a week and I wondered if you would be good enough to have him while I’m away.”

“Oh, is that all, you could have asked me that on the phone. Yes of course I’ll have him. You know I like John and it will be nice for me to have some young company for a change.”

“Well … actually that’s not all Val. I have an even greater favour to ask you, which I couldn’t ask you on the phone and I’m not sure how you will feel about it.”

“That sounds very mysterious Helen, but whatever it is, I’m sure I shall be pleased to help if I can.”

“Well it’s about John again … I’m afraid I have a problem. I think I have been over-protective towards him. He’s quite naïve and very immature and he has been coming home from school and asking me questions about sex which I just can’t bring myself güvenilir bahis to answer. I find it too embarrassing to talk to him about it and I just dry up and try to evade the issue whenever he raises the subject. He is naturally very curious and I’ve noticed that he is constantly looking down my blouse trying to see my breasts. I know I shouldn’t have been so self-conscious about my body when he was younger and I should have let him see me naked but I’m afraid I’ve left things far too late and I couldn’t bring myself to let him see me now.”

“Are you going to ask me what I think you are going to ask me Helen? Are you going to ask me to let him see me naked?” Val said throwing Helen a knowing smile.

“Oh Val, if only that was all I wanted to ask you.”

“You mean there’s more?”

“Well yes, I’m afraid there is. I don’t know how to put this, but you’re a woman of the world and having brought up three sons and you must have had to answer awkward questions. I know it’s cowardly of me to ask you, but I wondered if you could possibly give John some sex lessons while I’m away. I want him to have a healthy introduction to the subject and I don’t want him to feel the odd one out at school or be embarrassed about it in later life. He will be going to university soon and you know what that means.”

“Well Helen, I I must say I never expected that, but I understand how you feel and of course I’ll do what I can to help. There is just one thing though.”


“I just want you to be sure you are fully aware of what will be involved. You do realise, don’t you, that it will not be just a lecture? If I let him see me naked, I shall want to see him naked too. And if I am to teach him properly, we shall have to go further than that. Are you sure you won’t have a problem with that?”

“No Val, I’m quite aware of what your lessons may involve and I am in full agreement with you doing whatever you think necessary. It would just be such a relief to me to think that he will be in good hands.”

Val smiled at the unintended pun. “Well as long as you fully understand what will be involved, I agree. I’ll take things gradually so you have no need to worry and hopefully, you will have no more awkward or embarrassing questions in the future.”

“Oh Val, thank you so much. You don’t know what a load it would be off my mind and I can’t imagine trusting him with anyone else.”

Val left and drove home in a daze. She hadn’t had a man for months and now she was, to all intents and purposes, being given permission to have complete sexual freedom with an innocent, young, virile boy. What fantastic luck! She intended to make the most of this heaven-sent opportunity and was already preparing just how she would excite John’s interest and just how she would go about his education.


When John arrived home from school, Helen explained that she had to go away for a few days and that he would be staying with Val.

“You just have a good trip and don’t worry about me Mom I shall be fine with Val.”

Secretly, John was quite pleased at the thought of spending a week with Val. He had always liked her and as long as he could remember, he had always been fascinated by her lovely figure. He had tried not to make it obvious when he sneaked a look at her huge breasts, but they drew his gaze like a magnet and the thought of being close to them for a whole week made him quite excited creating a pleasant sensation in his loins. Yes, he was quite looking forward to the following week. He decided that his project for the week would be to see how much he could see up her skirts and down her blouse and since he couldn’t get a glimpse of his mother’s tits, he would do his best to try to get a glimpse of Val’s. As he recalled, she always wore tops with low necklines, so his chances should be pretty good.

It was going to be an interesting week for both of them.


Time passed slowly for Val and for John, each having their own particular reasons for wanting Monday to arrive. Val found herself becoming quite excited as she anticipated the week ahead. She had decided to start her lessons gradually but without delay; after all, she only had a week in which to take advantage of this amazing and unexpected opportunity. She made herself look as attractive as possible but without appearing too obvious. She wore a skirt that came to just above her knees, and a button through blouse. She hardly ever wore a bra and on the few occasions when she did, it was always one with peep-poles for her long, thick nipples. Today, however, for John’s benefit, she decided to go braless. As she moved, her breasts bounced provocatively stimulating her nipples so that they were in a state of constant arousal and clearly outlined against the flimsy material of her blouse. She was well aware of John’s fascination with her breasts and had observed him looking at them on many past occasions. She had left the top two buttons of her blouse undone, so that he would have a generous view of her deep cleavage.

John türkçe bahis hurried round to Val’s house straight after school. He really liked Val and as he hadn’t seen her for a couple of years and was eagerly looking forward to seeing her again. He was quite excited with the past memories of her lovely full bosom and had found it difficult to concentrate on his lessons. Had he known what Val was planning for him, he would have found it impossible!

When she opened the door, John gasped with undisguised delight. She was looking very attractive, her makeup was perfect, her clothes very smart and the sight of that wonderful cleavage sent his senses reeling.

“Hello John, come in, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again. It’s been quite a long time, hasn’t it?”

“Hello Val. Thank you, it’s nice to see you again too.” John gazed at her with approval. She approached him and as she gave him a welcoming kiss on the cheek, John breathed in the wonderful aroma of the expensive perfume she was wearing. She led him into the lounge and as he followed her, he enjoyed an eyeful of her shapely legs and firm, round behind.

As they hadn’t seen each other for some time, they sat chatting and getting to feel at home with each other. Val was pleased to notice that John kept on stealing quick glances at her cleavage as they sat facing each other and so as they chatted, she deliberately leaned forward from time to time giving him exciting views down the deep canyon between her ample breasts. As she moved around in her chair, she let her skirt ride up too, giving him additional tantalising glimpses of her legs and thighs.

John was in his seventh heaven as he endeavoured not to let her see him glancing from her breasts to her legs and back again. The erotic views started the onset of an erection, just enough to make a bulge in his trousers, a fact which Val’s sharp eyes noted with satisfaction.

Eventually, Val got up and went into the kitchen. John followed her and watched her as she prepared the evening meal. He became aware that she was not wearing a bra and he was mesmerised watching her breasts swing freely under her blouse as she moved around the kitchen. She frequently and deliberately reached up into a high cupboard for no particular reason other than to give him a seductive view of her shapely thighs.

As they ate their meal, John became more and more aroused when, apparently innocently, she leaned across to hand him more food, and giving him more opportunities to gaze down her blouse. He found the sight very arousing and he now had quite strong erection, which he desperately tried to hide. He was careful not to let Val see him watching her as she cleared away and washed the dishes when the meal was over,

“Let’s go and chill out in comfort.” Val said and led him back into the warm comfortable lounge

John sat down on the large sofa and Val again sat facing him in an equally large easy chair. He now had a strong erection, which was quite obvious to Val and she was quite taken aback by the apparent size of the bulge for an eighteen-year-old boy. She continued to torment him by moving around giving him frequent glimpses of legs and breasts. John could see her nipples protrude as the material of her blouse stimulated them. He was, of course, quite innocent of the fact that all this was deliberate and just thought how lucky he was to be able to see so much without Val realising it! He shuffled in his seat, trying his best to hide his growing erection, hoping that Val hadn’t noticed it and he was relieved when she spoke.

After a few more minutes of casual chat, she asked, “Would you like a drink John?”

“Oh yes please.” He replied. That would give him chance to try to curb his excitement while Val was in the kitchen.

“What sort of drink would you like? I’m going to have a glass of wine … would you like one too?”

“Oh yes please. I’ve never had wine before and I would really like to try it.”

Val went out to the kitchen and returned with a tray. As she bent down to put in on the low coffee table, John had another fantastic view down her blouse … better than any he had had all evening or even down his mother’s. His erection was now quite strong and it was quite obvious to Val’s gaze. She sat down again and continued her little game of seduction. She enjoyed giving him frequent forbidden glimpses and watched him with amusement as he desperately tried to disguise his discomfort.

“Well, how do you like your wine John? Would you like some more?” she asked him as soon as his glass was empty.

“Oh yes please … I think it’s rather nice.” It didn’t take long for the wine to have its effect and he was already feeling a little dizzy and very relaxed.

Val got up to fetch more drinks and as she went into the kitchen, John put his hands on his lap to hide his erection. As she left the lounge, Val left the door slightly ajar. Before she went into the kitchen, she peeped through the gap in the doorway and was delighted to see him rub his stiffening güvenilir bahis siteleri cock as he tried to hide the bulge and make it more comfortable within the tight confines of his jeans.

“It’s time to give him his first lesson.” she thought and poured them both a large whiskey and ginger ale. Then, before returning, she unfastened two more buttons of her blouse, which was now open almost to the waist. Held together by only the bottom button, the bulging flesh of her breasts and the deep valley between them was now plainly on display.

She returned to the lounge and as she bent to put John’s drink on the low coffee table in front of him, she made sure that her blouse gaped open so that John would have an almost uninterrupted view of her breasts. John stared in disbelief as they swung loosely down inside her blouse like enormous melons, only inches from his eyes. Then with a slight movement of her shoulders, not discernable to John, she encouraged one of her breasts fall out, becoming completely exposed in front of him.

John stared, thinking she had not noticed. She looked at him and when he lifted his gaze from her breasts and met her eyes, she asked “You seem to be very pre-occupied John, is anything wrong?”

“N-n-no, nothing Val” he stammered, his face flushing with embarrassment. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He had been hoping he might catch a glimpse of the treasures down her blouse, now suddenly here she was leaning over him with one of her magnificent breasts dangling fully exposed and only inches from his face.

Then Val looked down to follow John’s gaze then acted as if she had just noticed her open blouse. She gasped with feigned surprise and shock

“Oh my God, all my buttons have come undone … I don’t know how that can have happened.” She said in mock dismay.

She stood up and quickly stuffed her breast back into her blouse, but deliberately made no effort to fasten the buttons. She was more concerned about apologising to him than she was about her state of undress and she stood in front of him with her deep cleavage fully on view. John found it difficult to tear his eyes away.

“Oh John, I’m so sorry about that,” she said after a few moments still looking him straight in the eyes. “That was so embarrassing for both of us and I don’t know how my blouse can have got into that state. I hope it didn’t upset you seeing my breast like that John but if I’m not mistaken, the sight of it has made you quite excited.”

She looked directly at his bulge, which was now growing by the minute. John shuffled in his seat. He blushed crimson and looked very sheepish but was still unable to drag his eyes away from the erotic sight.

“Oh Val, I…I…I’m very sorry. I didn’t see it properly … it all happened so quickly. I didn’t mean to look but I just couldn’t help it … I’m really very sorry … please forgive me.”

Val felt almost sorry for his embarrassment and smiled at him reassuringly. Without attempting to fasten her blouse, she took her drink back to her chair and as she sat down, John had another generous view of her cleavage but still she made no attempt to cover herself and sat brazenly before him, her breasts still almost completely revealed.

“That’s alright John, I know you couldn’t help it and I’m not at all cross with you. It’s only natural for a man to look at a woman’s breasts. You know, a woman likes to have her body admired and to be honest, I would have been very disappointed if you hadn’t wanted to look at mine. Tell me, have you never seen a woman’s breasts before?”

“No I never have – at least not for real. I have seen a few pictures of naked women but I have never seen any for real.”

“Has your girlfriend never shown you hers?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend. I never get the chance to meet girls.”

“Well then, surely there must have been times when you have seen your mother’s?”

“No – hers least of all. She always keeps herself well covered up when I am around and I have only never seen her in less than her bra and pants.”

“Well you do surprise me. Most boys of your age have seen their mother naked, if only by accident. Now tell me honestly, have you ever tried to sneak a peek at your mother’s breasts?”

John blushed and replied, “Yes I have.” He admitted. “I look down her blouse whenever I can, or try to peep at her when she has been undressing or having a shower but I have never been able to get even a glimpse. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. I would give anything to see them but please don’t tell her Val”

“No of course I won’t tell her. I hope I’m not embarrassing you talking about women’s breasts.”

“W…well not really Val, in fact talking about it is rather nice.” he admitted shyly “I really wish mum would let me see hers but she is very careful to keep covered up in front of me, so I don’t suppose I ever shall.”

Val smiled at him. “You’re a bit of a naughty boy wanting to see things you really shouldn’t aren’t you John? But you never know what the future holds. If you’re so keen to see them, how would you feel if I said I might be able to arrange it for you. Your mum and I are very good friends and I might just be able to persuade her to show them to you. Would you like me to try?”

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