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“Oh, fuck!” Elene gasped.

She had just made a left turn on the castle wall but had miscalculated the jump point. She landed in a ditch.

Ok. Not her really, but her character, Scarlett Fox.

She was playing Temple Run on Dr Patrick’s computer on his office desk. Behind his desk on the left is a 7 Ft high book shelve. A three-levels letter tray is on the far left corner of the desk, a telephone and a few other items lay on the table.

She restarted the game and started running on the castle wall again. She bounced her ass on Dr Patrick’s face in sync with jumping over a fallen tree. She shifted her butt a little bit back so that his nose slid back into her butt crack right under her anus.

Prrrrrr Prrrrrr Brropppp!!

She ripped a loud and smelly fart on her lecturers face right there in his office as she used his face as her chair. He sat on the floor with his legs extending forward under the desk and his head reclined backwards on his well-padded executive office chair.

A depressingly ugly stink enveloped his head. The odour went up his nose into his lungs. The smell was so strong it suppressed all his senses. Though he was suffering under Elene’s small but poisonous ass, he was glad to be one of the lecturers accepted as her slave alongside several other students on campus, both her classmates and even guys not in her class.

The next run was long and she almost beat the high score already set by Dr Patrick. She turned right and rolled under a barricade, but was not fast enough to make the next quick jump. She crashed the fire line.

She just left the game and browsed a few other things on his computer. Then she turned her attention on the pile of answer sheets of the exam in which she sat on Joshua’s face and stunk him with her farts so much that he could barely write the paper again.

“Aha! Hey you!” she gasped as she bahis firmaları found her own script.


She blew another deeply smelly fart on his face. He struggled to breathe and all he could get was her warm and stinky flatulence.

She rested her weight more properly and crushed his nose further down as she picked one of his pens on the table and began to add to her answers.

After sufficiently editing her answer sheet until there was nothing more to write, she continued going through the answer sheets.

“Oh, this motherfucker! He has never served me…” she took Eddy’s sheet out and cancelled some of his answers by shading them away with the ink.

She wiggled her ass on Dr Patrick’s face.

“I want him to fail this course, or maybe just barely pass with the lowest grade possible.”

Eddy is a transfer student actually and was just getting used to the culture around there and Elene’s reign over everyone, but that would be his punishment for not being fast and brave enough to fight for his place under her divine bottom.

Dr Patrick was now sweating under her ass. Apart from the fact that there wasn’t any fresh air for him, her farts were warming his face up. But oblivious to his sufferings, she continued sieving through the sheets until she found Joshua’s.

“Oh, the poor boy!” She gasped.

She laughed hysterically seeing that he practically wrote nothing sensible except for his name and exam number.

“How in the hell did he phase out so much he couldn’t even write a thing! Are my farts that terrible?” she asked Dr Patrick while grinding her ass on his face.

Though his mouth was also pressed down by her ass, he was about to manage to talk when she ripped another loud one in his face.


This fart was very shitty and stinky it so much irked him. He felt like vomiting kaçak iddaa though there was nothing to vomit. He almost passed out. His head sank further into the thickly padded chair under her full weight. She spent several minutes grinding his face lower until he had inhaled all that shitty fart.

By the time she stood up and turned around to look at him, his face was teary and he looked like he almost passed out.

“Now you understand what this poor boy passed through. He served me well, even as you have just done. This will be his reward; make him pass!”

“Yes, Goddess!”


Joshua hurried towards Elene and went on his knees before her. She was seated on a chair at the back row. They had just resumed a new semester and to Joshua’s surprise, he had his best grade in the course for which he wrote next to nothing because he was stunned by Elene’s farts. He knew she used her influence to reward her, though he wouldn’t have regretted failing the course for her sake.

Joshua’s girlfriend, Aby, had become friends with Elene, after Elene rescued her from the shame and embarrassment she brought upon herself by disapproving of her boyfriend slaving himself to Elene.

She sat beside Elene and thanked her alongside her kneeling boyfriend.

“It’s ok, Aby, I like to take care of my slaves, though I know he wouldn’t mind failing for me, right Joshua?” she stared at him.

“Yes, Goddess, That would be a privilege!”

She looked back at Aby: “You see what I’m saying. My farts reconstruct their brains to only care about pleasing me.”

“Your boyfriend is not the only one like this,” Elene continued, “All my slaves choose me over their girlfriends and wives. I just have that effect over them.”

“Wow,” Aby remarked as she shook her head slightly. “Is that why he even passed the course more than I did?”

Elene kaçak bahis laughed. “And that’s another reason why you should be happy he is my slave.”

“Just look at his stupid face begging to get under my ass,” she stood up and motioned for him to present his face as her chair. “Don’t be shy, bitch!”

Joshua quickly placed his upturned face on the spot she was sitting on.

Elene descended her ass on his face and smiled at his girlfriend.

“I know it may be a difficult thing for you to watch me sit on your boyfriend and fart on his face…”

Aby smiled shamefully and replied: “It’s ok.”

“Of course it is, dearie.”

She rested her full weight on Joshua’s face and held Aby’s hand just to emotionally support her through having to witness her boyfriend serving as her human chair.

“I can feel his nose crushed in my ass crack. I’m sure he really needs me to fart now because he really needs some air,” Elene told Aby.


Aby’s face beamed with surprise as he heard that explosion from her ass. She just farted on her boyfriend’s face in her presence!

“You know, his face is really soft and I like it!” She confessed to Aby.

Joshua was happy to have some air to inhale, however how disgusting the smell was.

She asked Aby about their love life, when they started dating and future plans, if they have marriage and kids in view. They both chatted about all there was to chat about while Joshua’s face flattened under her ass.

Brrrrr Brapppppp!!

She ripped another smelly fart up his nose. He inhaled deeply and sieved all the oxygen he could from it.

She smiled and looked into Aby’s eyes.

“The dedication with which these fools serve me is amazing. And I’m glad you and this one have found love in each other’s arms.”

“Thank you, Elene.”

“You’re welcome, dearie. And you know he is my bitch. If you run into any troubles with him, just come straight to me and report him. I will straighten him up!” She winked at Aby,

And ripped another fart on Joshua’s face,

Frfrfr Frrrrrapppp!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32