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Ken sat in front of his computer stroking furiously. On the screen was a video clip of his wife, Karen. She was on all fours being fucked from behind by a tall, thin red headed woman with a strap-on. The red headed woman, Sue, turned toward the camera and smiled.

“Do you like when I fuck you Karen?”

“Yes Sue!” Karen pushed back with each stroke, her sizeable boobs erotically shaking.

“Do I fuck you better then Ken?”

A sound escaped her, but Ken couldn’t make it out.

Sue stopped fucking. “What did you say?”

Softly, Karen mewed. “Yes.”

The short brunette began fucking the toy, but Sue slapped her ass and held her hips still.

“I can’t hear you.” Sue leered at the camera.

“Yes! Sue, yes!” Karen looked over her shoulder. “Please keep fucking me.”

“Well since you asked nicely.” Sue turned back to Karen and began moving again, controlling the pace with her hands firmly on the brunette’s hips. “And after I fuck you. Rob is going to fuck you.”

“Oh yeah…”

“And what will you do when you get home?”

“I’ll have Ken lick me clean.”

“You’ll have Ken lick what?”

“My pussy!”

Sue began thrusting with purpose. She looked back over at the camera. “Honey, why don’t you let Karen warm you up?”

Ken saw the camera move closer to the two women. The viewpoint swiveled around to the front of Karen. Ken saw Karen’s expression — full of passion. But that didn’t keep her from fishing out a nice sized cock.

It was an incredibly erotic sight. Sue clearly fucking Karen while the petite woman began sucking on a hard cock.

And then the video ended.

Ken restarted the video again. And again. Until he came. Ken closed out the window and read the email that had delivered the video clip.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]


Here is a little reward for being so good. Karen’s been absolutely delightful for Rob and I and we appreciate you sharing. We want you to record yourself pleasuring yourself to the attached video. Send it to us soon!

After Ken had cleaned himself up, he replied to Sue’s email and attached the video he had just recorded. As he waited for it to upload, he thought about this new sexual situation he and his wife were in.

They had been invited over to dinner where Rob and Sue had seduced the two of them, playing on the fact that Ken had been setting up men to flirt with his wife. After some furious lovemaking, Rob and Sue had set forth their proposition.

“Ken, we know about your postings to get men to flirt with Karen.” Sue indicated his wife. “Yes, she knows too. We also know that you have gotten off from the stories of these men seducing Karen. But that isn’t a very safe situation for someone you love.” She put an arm around Rob. “That’s why Rob and I are going to invite Karen to be our play partner.” She got up and gave Karen a big hug. “Don’t worry Ken. Nothing will be happening covertly. You will always know when Karen’s invited over to our place.”

Once a week for the past three weeks, Sue had called Ken. Each time, she told him it was his responsibility to let Karen know they wanted to play with her. Each time, Karen had dressed in a sexy outfit, only to return very late and slightly disheveled. Each time, an email had been sent to Ken with a video clip of the tryst and demand for him to pleasure himself.

The kids came crashing down the stairs and ran into the living room to watch cartoons. He heard Karen’s unsteady steps coming. Sure enough, she walked past, giving Ken a peck on the head before walking to the kitchen. She brought back to steaming cups of coffee and handed one to Ken.

“Thanks Karen.”

“No problem.” Her expression turned mischievous. “Did you send your video to Sue and Rob?”

He blushed and looked down. “Yes.”

“Good.” She gave him another kiss. “Listen, on Saturday Rob wants me to help out with a poker night.”

“A poker night? What does he want you to do?”

“I guess his guy friends have a poker night every few months and they usually hire a woman to serve drinks.”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“Rob said the women make good money on tips.” Karen took a sip of her coffee. “We could use the money and it should be too difficult to serve drinks and flirt with five guys.”

“Why can’t Sue do it?”

“Silly! It’s a woman who is supposed to flirt and tease. You can’t have a wife or girl friend do that.”

“Well I guess if you want to…”

Karen got up and gave him a quick kiss before heading into the living room. “Great! I knew you wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

Ken looked after his departing wife, wondering about the lifestyle he had chosen.

On that Saturday morning, Ken got a surprise call from Rob.

“Hey Rob. Did you want to speak to Karen?”

“No Ken, I wondered if bets10 you’d be able to help me out.”

“What’s up?”

“One of the guys, Andy, dropped for tonight’s poker game. I thought you might want to get in. It’s a $200 buy in and we play Texas Hold ’em.”

“Oh… wow.” Ken felt weird talking with a guy he barely knew yet had fucked his wife multiple times, but at the same time he was gratified at the invitation. “I guess. That is I think I can get a babysitter.”

“Great!” Rob said enthusiastically. “You’ll also want to bring extra money for booze and tipping. Get to my place around 8, ok?”

“Sounds good!”

Ken thought he might go over there with Karen, but she left around 4 to meet Sue out for shopping.

Sue and Karen had a great time at the mall and then relaxed with a mani/pedi. They picked out a rather risqué outfit, but Sue assured her that it would be perfect for the night.

“So I am guessing that there is a little more than flirting going on.” Karen looked at her Sue with a direct stare.

Sue smiled. “Most of the time… but all the guys are gentlemen. While they expect to have a little fun, they totally respect boundaries.”

“And you don’t have a problem with Rob going to this poker nights?”

Sue shook her head. “Rob and I have a semi open relationship. As long as the other person is upfront and honest.” The red head winked. “Plus he isn’t the only one who plays separately… as you well know.”

Karen blushed. “Yeah, but now that Ken will be there. I mean it was one thing to do… all that we did with just the four of us. How is he going to react with five men flirting with me?”

“All you have to do is gauge how he treats you. If he introduces himself as your husband then he’s marking his territory and you know he’ll want you to tone down how work interact with the others. However…”


“Well, if he pretends he isn’t your husband then you can guess he wants you to go as far as your limit is.”

Karen peeked into her bag one last time. “I think the guys will love my outfit!”

Ken arrived at the apartment a little nervous.

A few seconds after he had rang the doorbell, Rob threw open the door. “Ken! Glad you could make it! Come on in.”

Ken heard male voices talking and laughing in the next room, but before he could turn the corner of the anteroom Rob grabbed his arm.

“Hey Ken, before we go in, I just want to make sure there are no surprises.”

Ken looked at Rob. “What do you mean? Karen? Yeah, she told me that there’d be flirting.”

Rob smiled. “Ah, that’s good. I know her and Sue bought and outfit especially for tonight. Guys are used to having a hot woman in a sexy outfit serving us.”

“Yeah, I kind of figured that.”

“There’s usually a lot of flirting and touching going on. Hard to say how far it will go, they always respect when the woman says no. But…”


“There WILL be some stuff going on and I don’t know if you want them to know Karen is wife… but it’s up to you.”

Rob brought Ken into the living room. Four other guys stood in a loose circle. There was a large bucket stocked with beer and ice and a basketball game was playing on the TV. The guys looked to be about Rob’s age, meaning five or so years younger than Ken, except there was one older, vaguely resembling Rob. “Hey all, here’s the new guy, Ken.”

A shorter, stocky guy walked up to Ken and gave him a firm handshake. “Hey Ken. I’m Todd.”

“Hey Todd, nice to meet you.”

“That blond douche bag is Cal.” Ken waved. Cal nodded back, he was about Ken’s height but clearly very fit and looking like he’s could be right from a men’s magazine. “Then there’s Dill.” He was skinny and his shaved head and goatee definitely gave off a musician vibe. “Sid.” He looked a bit younger, not helped by a very baby face. He was tall though which offset it somewhat. “And then there’s Old Man River.”

“Very funny Rob. Hey Ken, I’m Matt, Rob’s cousin.”

“Good to meet you.” Ken shook his hand took the proffered beer.

“You too. I’m also the money collector.”

Ken fished out his bill fold and counted out the money. He was pleased that everyone appeared laid back. He had been half afraid that his wife was going to be the center of a testosterone fest.

Cal called out. “Rob, we getting this game started.”

Rob laughed. “Eager to lose your money Cal?”

“Yeah, like that’s happened since high school.”

Rob shook his head but motioned for the table where the chips were already set up. Ken took a seat next to Matt. Cal and Todd sat opposite while Rob and Dill took the ends of the table.

Dill grabbed one of the decks and started to shuffle. “More importantly, where’s the girl?”

Todd nodded. “Yeah, I hope it’s better than last time. What was her name? Crystal? She was hot, but definitely a cold fish.”

Rob called out. “Misty! We need drinks!”

Ken felt a momentary wash of relief. Rob had found someone else! But then the kitchen door swung open and his wife stepped out. Voices bets10 giriş of approval greeted her. Ken was shocked. Karen stood with a sexy, confident pose. She wore a tight, white button down half-shirt. It wasn’t buttoned but instead tied across, barely constraining her breasts. A plaid skirt hung just past her ass and white thigh highs and black high heels completed the outfit.

“Hey boys.” Karen jutted out a hip and ran her tongue along her top lip. “I’ll be your server this evening.” She walked around the table to Ken.

Ken was in turmoil, but he tried to appear at ease. “Hi Misty, I’m Ken. I’m fine with a beer, thanks.”

Matt slapped him on the back. “Son, at the table it’s hard liquor.” He gave Karen a smile. “Two vodka tonics.”

Ken watched his wife take orders from the others, he couldn’t believe it. She was flirty, fun, not like her usual shy self. She walked back into the kitchen, but not before giving the men a shake of her ass.

Approval murmured around the table.

“Nice job Rob.”

“You see her rack?”

“Rack? Her whole package!”

Ken felt himself harden in response to all these men talking about his wife.

Todd rubbed his hands. “I caught a glimpse under her skirt. She’s not wearing any panties!”

Dill shook his head. “Dude, like you could see anything.”

“It’s the truth!”

The other guys shouted him down.

Karen came out with a tray full of drinks. “What’s this? Fighting already?” She began rounding the table, putting down drinks. “Tsk-tsk boys.”

She ended up near Cal who smiled up at her. “Todd believes he saw something… or didn’t see something.”

At her questioning look, Todd piped up. “Are you wearing panties?”

Karen laughed. She twirled but held her skirt down with her hands. “That is very naughty!”

Cal held up a twenty. “How about this to give us a peek.”

Todd reached into his wallet. “I’ll go in on that.”

“Me too.” Dill held a twenty between two fingers.

Karen reached out and took their money, seductively tucking the bills into her shirt. She turned and flipped up her skirt. The guys cheered. Nestled between her ass cheeks was a thin white line from her thong.

Rob handed one of his shot glasses to Karen and everyone raised their glasses.

Rob smiled and toasted. “To a lucky night!”

“To a lucky night!”

Two hours later, it was not a lucky night for Ken. Perhaps it was the cards. But more likely, it was the fact that he had a hard time concentrating while watching his wife flirt with the other men. He lost track of the number of times a hand had caressed her ass. Todd (or at least his fifty dollars) had even convinced her to shake her tits in his face. He knew from her flushed cheeks that she was buzzed and maybe drunk. The men had encouraged her to participate in their toasts of which there had been a half a dozen.

Ken looked at his pitiful pile of chips. Cal and Rob had been the big winners, but Ken was clearly the loser thus far. He sighed and folded his hand once again. He leaned back and watched Karen put a drink in front of Dill. He called and then motioned Karen down. He began whispering in her ear though his eyes were glued to her cleavage. She laughed at whatever he said and shook her head. Dill flashed some money and put it between her breasts. Ken was sure he saw him grab her whole breast.

Karen walked around the table to Cal and began massaging his shoulders. She pressed her breasts into the back of his head.

“You trying to distract me Dill?” Cal threw a few chips into the pot. “Call.”

Dill smiled. “Just trying to make sure you are relaxed.”

“I’m doing just fine.” Cal leaned back and moved his head back and forth between her tits.

Rob flipped the turn and said. “Alright, how about whoever wins this hand gets Misty for the next hand.”

Karen gave Rob a look. “And why would I do that?”

Cal brazenly reached up and kneaded her breast. “You get half the pot.”

Ken waited for her to swat away his hand. But Karen merely looked speculatively at the pot while Cal continued to molest her. Ken looked at the table and guessed there were a couple hundred dollars worth on the table. Finally, she grabbed his hand and pressed it against her.

“Alright, sounds good to me.”

Cal pushed his chair back and patted his lap. “Come and sit Misty.”

With a smile, she sat on his right leg. Ken watched Cal’s hand return to her breast. She giggled and wiggled on his knee. She gave him a big, dreamy smiled and Ken’s hard on returned as he wondered just how far this would all go.

Matt won the hand and pumped his fist. “Get on over here.” After Karen sat on his lap, he had her divide up the chips while he played with her boobs. Ken had a hard time keeping his eyes straight ahead and breathed a sigh of relief when the next hand started and Matt’s hands left her chest. After the flop though, Ken looked over. Her legs were spread and Matt’s right hand had disappeared under her skirt. He tried to keep the conversation going so the bets10 güvenilir mi other guys wouldn’t realize that she was getting fingered.

From the smiles around the table though, Ken realized that the guys knew what her half closed eyes and flushed cheeks meant. As Ken bet, he thought he heard a soft moan. He looked over and saw Matt’s hand had moved back to Karen’s thigh. He was confused and then realized that the older man was teasing her, keeping her from cumming. After the river, Matt’s fingers returned to their work with Karen’s hips clearly moving in response.

Dill won the hand and Karen got off of Matt’s lap with a look mixed between lust and disappointment. Ken saw a wet spot on Matt’s leg, when he looked up, Matt gave him a wink and a smile.

He leaned over and whispered in Ken’s ear. “We definitely got a hot cat tonight.”

Ken nodded and shifted in his chair.

“Before you come sit with me, why don’t you get a refresher for my drink and another round of shots. Jaggermeister will do… and don’t forget one for yourself!” He stuck a twenty in the waistband of her skirt and then let his hand trail down her leg before giving her ass a light smack.

As soon as she went into the kitchen, Todd leaned in and whispered. “Matt?”

Matt nodded and sniffed his fingers. “Oh yeah, she’s definitely wet. She would’ve even cum if I hadn’t stopped for a bit.”

Cal smiled. “Well I say we try for rounds of bjs next, she’s definitely hot for it.”

Ken realized that Rob was looking at him while this conversation was going on. He blushed and averted his eyes.

Rob nodded at Dill. “Well you start us off. Be sure the tip’s big.”

Dill smiled and Ken realized with a shock that he was unbuttoning his jeans. By the Karen came out of the kitchen, they had started the next hand. She served everyone and then they all did a shot together. When she went to sit on Dill’s lap, they all heard her give a gasp of surprise. Ken looked and saw his wife staring at Dill’s exposed penis. He pulled her onto his lap and moved her hand to his cock. Ken could just see her hand began to slowly stroke it. By the time the turn card was flipped, Dill was whispering into her ear. She shook her head, but he peeled off two bills from his roll of cash. She looked at it while he peeled off two more. She looked over at Ken, but he just looked down. He felt a smile curl across his face.

He heard movement and then saw Karen duck under the table!

Dill didn’t say anything but the huge grin on his face told it all. Dill ended up folding early and leaned back looking under the table. Ken couldn’t help it. He kept looking at his wife giving a stranger head. He nearly jumped when he felt a warm hand on his leg.

Matt whispered in his ear. “Yeah, she’s definitely hot for it, isn’t she?”

Ken’s voice caught in his throat and he blushed furiously.

Matt mistook his reaction. “Oh… I guess you were looking at Dill’s snake.”

“I… no…. but I…”

Matt patted Ken on the back. “Hey, don’t worry about it. It’s cool.”

Thankfully, Cal won the hand, diverting Matt’s attention from Ken. Cal grabbed some money and held it under the table. “Hey Misty, there’s a new winner.”

All the guys seemed to held their breath. Softly, they all heard a shuffling under the table. Then Cal had a huge smile on his face and he gave the rest of the guys a thumbs up. Ken swore he could hear a slight slurping sound.

“Hey Ken, your big blind.” Cal ordered as he dealt the cards.

Ken looked at his stack of chips. Soon, he’d have to go all in if he wanted to have any chance at winning.

He actually had a halfway decent chance. After the flop, he had four clubs, king high. “All in.”

Matt, Cal, and Dill stayed in. The turn revealed the queen of diamonds. Damn.

The three other men put into a separate pot. Cal clearly was having trouble concentrating. The river was a four of spades. Disappointment washed through Ken. He was out. Matt won with three queens. Cal looked even more disappointed at his two pair. Ken felt Karen brush up against her legs as she crawled over to Matt.

However, the older man scooted back. “Hey Misty, give those knees a break. Come up and sit on my lap.”

Rob laughed. “Aunt Rose keeping you on a short leash?”

“Eighteen years of marriage will do that to a guy.” Matt smiled ruefully. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t let my hands wander.”

Karen was blushing furiously as she settled her on his lap. Her hair was messed up and lipstick definitely askew. Matt held up a shot glass for her which she downed in one grateful gulp. His hand went over her breasts and she arched her back to meet them. But he didn’t stop at her tits. Instead, his right hand trailed down to the knot of the shirt. With a firm tug, her shirt flew open, bills showered the table, and her magnificent bosom was revealed.

The men cheered as Karen reflexively covered herself.

“Awww… don’t do that sweetie.” Matt cooed in her ear. “A set like you have deserve to be freed.”

Karen blushed and averted her eyes. Her gaze fell upon Ken’s lap, his excitement clearly visible. Karen’s eyes travelled up to meet her husband’s gaze. Her expression changed to triumph and she deliberately pulled her hands away to the applause of the table.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32