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Enjoying a new black guy at the gym
That morning I was making some workout at the gym as usual, when I looked over my shoulder and saw a new instructor.
The guy was around his early thirties; he was very muscle toned and he was black. A handsome huge black man…

I was wearing my usual gym clothes, as my hardened nipples were showing through the tiny material and my camel toe was in full view to everybody.
I could not keep my eyes off his sexy body and to my pleasure he also could not keep his eyes off me.

Eventually after several days of this flirting between us; he approached me and introduced himself as Peter. As he talked to me, I could almost feel him undressing me with eyes. I kept looking at his groin area…

We became very friendly in such a short time. He also knew that I was married and I told him that our marriage with Victor was perfect.
Peter asked why it was so perfect and I told him again I had the perfect marriage: I played and my hubby did not know….

That was the green light he needed. He asked me if I wanted to join him for some drinks the following night at the gym bar. I accepted the invitation.
My loving Victor was out of town for three days; so nobody would care at home if I came back so late. Peter held the keys and he would be there at the bar after the closing of the gym, just an hour before midnight.

That day I picked out a very sexy dress with a low cleavage; stockings and some high stilettos. I felt excited about seeing that huge black guy.
When I arrived I did not want anybody to see me so I waited in the car for the last people to leave. Peter had told güvenilir bahis me that he would call me to indicate the place was empty. I finally answered the phone and he told me he was alone in the gym bar. I knocked on the front door and almost instantly Peter opened and dragged me inside.

He held me in his strong arms and clamped his lips on mine; as he pushed his tongue down on mine. Then I felt my tiny thong immediately become damp with my pussy juices.
We went to the bar, where he had some gin tonics and margaritas.

After enjoying some drinks, Peter led me to the swimming pool area, where he had the Jacuzzi warmed up. Then he undressed and jumped inside the hot bubbly place, wearing nothing but his nice huge smile. I could get a quick glimpse of his hardened cock and saw it looked really huge…

I was a bit fuzzy after so many margaritas; but I managed to slowly let my dress fall to the floor, revealing my boobs, stockings and the black thong.
Peter first stared at my hard nipples and then his eyes slowly looked the rest of my whole body. I could see he liked what he saw because his cockhead protruded now above the bubbles. Peter then asked me to take all my clothes off. I again very slowly peeled off my stockings and the thong.

The black guy held out his hand and brought me into the hot water. My heart started to run faster as I felt my cunt getting even wetter.
I sat opposite him and he leaned forward, kissing me hard and desperate.

I kissed him passionately back wanting this young man’s cock inside me but also I did not want to rush things. He whispered türkçe bahis in my ear that I was sexy.
I laughed throwing my head back as I said I was twice his age. It did not seem to bother him as his fingers trailed over my nipples down to my belly and to my pussy lips. By now I feel his growing erection against my body.

I wanted his fingers inside me but instead he lifted my body onto the edge of the pool. Then he opened my legs aside and buried his head into my labia.
I felt him licking my clitoris as he pulled my pussy lips apart with his fingers.
He knew exactly what he was doing as his tongue circulated my twitching clitoris and his fingers played and then pushed deep inside my hot cunt.

I reached down to feel his enormous erection and wrapped my fingers around it. It was my turn to tell him what I wanted.
I begged him to stand on the edge I then positioned myself so I grabbed his hardened buttocks and pulled him towards my mouth. His cock was something magnificent; huge and with a very dark head.

Then I began to lick the cockhead and found it difficult to suck him because he was pretty thick. Soon Peter was moaning out of control, so I lead him to the cushioned seating area where I laid down and he got on top of me.

My cunt was so wet by now but I told him to fuck me slowly.
Peter placed his cock against my entrance and using his hand he guided it into me. He was very gentle and with each thrust of his cock he went even deeper a little more each time. After a dozen thrusts he had all of him inside my warm cunt. Suddenly I had my first orgasm, screaming like crazy.

I güvenilir bahis siteleri begged him to fuck me hard and fast. I was not disappointed, since he started to pump me with all his powerful black cock. All of a sudden he tensed his back and he filled my cunt with a generous amount of semen.

We laid there totally exhausted and I looked over to his impressive black cock as it was twitching. Peter grinned at me as he took my hand and placed it on his growing dick.
I stroked it only a few times and placed it into my mouth. Amazingly it grew instantly between my red lips. I could taste his salty semen on it.

As Peter was really hard, I stood against a wall facing it and begged my new black lover to fuck me from behind. This time his huge cock easily slid into my wet stretched cunt. My second orgasm came after two minutes pumping.

What I really liked about this second session was when Peter started to finger my butt hole…as every stroke of his cock pushed me against the wall.
Peter finally came in my womb, making me cum for the third time. He whispered in my ear I was the best married white slut he had ever fucked and he pulled out of my sore pussy.
We spent two more hours fucking in every corner of the gym.

When he let me go back to my car, I found streams of sticky semen running down my legs. I arrived home and went directly to have a warm shower.
Early morning called me Victor, asking if everything was fine with Peter.
I got a shocking surprise, asking my hubby why he did know the name.

Victor smiled and said he had met Peter before he went to the gym as instructor. He had also seen my black lover naked and he was aware of the huge black cock Peter carried between his legs…

So, it was easy for my hubby to know that sooner or later, I would fuck the black guy… or better we should say… the huge black dick…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32