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Episode 106 – the new PA
The doorbell rang – Annie wriggled out from under Emma’s grasp and kicked gillian at the foot of the bed: “get up you lazy sub – go and answer the door”.

Not a movement – Annie looked down at the sleeping teenager, that she and Emma had been alternately fucking most of the night: “oh all right I’ll get it – although I cannot imagine who it is at 9 o’clock on a Sunday morning”.

The doorbell rang again, rather more timidly this time. Annie pulled on a short bathrobe over her nakedness, only loosely tying the belt and stomped downstairs.

Opening the door: “Sarah – what on earth are you doing here?” {Sarah was her new office PA – rather attractive at 32, divorced, but probably not submissive – yet}

Sarah: “You sent me a message to come at 9 prompt – although the spelling is a bit odd – look it says ‘cum’ – it’s just signed ‘A’ “.

Annie thought back to last night, when gillian had borrowed her phone: “that little slut must have sent it – she is in so much trouble. Anyway, now you’re here you might as well cum in”.

Annie stepped back to allow Sarah to brush past her in the narrow hallway; the bathrobe falling open to reveal her freshly aroused bare body.

Sarah’s shock at the sight of the protruding purple feeldoe strapon was evident; her mouth falling open as Annie kissed her full on the lips, tangling their tongues.

“I’m sorry – I should never have…” Sarah trailed off as Annie pushed her up against the wall, beginning to respond to the lesbian assault.

“Your message said to dress sexily, but no underwear” Sarah unzipped her short skirt, revealing crotchless tights framing her neatly trimmed black pubic triangle.

“Perfect” breathed Annie, kissing her new PA again, while cupping the delectable wet pussy: “I think we are going to get along just fine”.

“But I’ve never… er… been with a woman. My husband was very controlling – we could only fuck once a week with the lights off and he never let me wear slutty clothes or go out with my girlfriends. We divorced when I found him in bed with our neighbours 15 year old son – I never even realised he was actually gay”.

By now Emma and gillian were wide awake and sitting half-dressed in the lounge. Annie slapped gillian’s bare thigh, demanding she get up and make them breakfast.

Sarah sat, rather primly, smoothing down her skirt, between Emma and canlı bahis şirketleri Annie. They both explored inside her blouse for conformance with the no-underwear rule: “nice tits, for a straight lady, baby girl – these should take nipple clamps very well”.

gillian returned on her knees with their coffees on a tray, spilling some. “Take it back, slut, and serve us properly”. Annie pulled open Emma’s robe, revealing the second sticky feeldoe: “and while you’re down there – suck these cocks clean of your filthy cuntal secretions”.

“Yes Mistress, Yes Emma” repeated as gillian’s head bobbed up and down servicing their strapons with her mouth until they shone purple again.

“Now get those ridiculous boy-shorts off and make us both scrambled eggs on toast – mine is white and Emma’s is brown”.

Sarah watched gillian’s bright red slapped arse as she shuffled on all fours back to the kitchen; realising that might be her fate too as several fingers explored her slick pussy.

“Shall we fuck the bitch upstairs or just push her down onto the carpet here – what do you think Emma?”

Annie already had a tight grip on Sarah’s tits, directing her onto the floor to kneel between her legs; then removing the feeldoe, held her new sub’s face against her immaculately smooth crotch. Emma had done a superb shaving job, cleaning them both up after a stimulating massage last night.

“Suck bitch” Annie demanded “see if you can make me cum before breakfast is ready”.

Emma and Annie ate, hungrily, feeding the occasional titbit to gillian and sarah crouched at their feet.

Mistress kicked gillian: “fetch down the new paddle and you can clear off and satisfy Emma somewhere else”.

Sarah looked at the harsh paddle in horror: “nooooo – I’ve never done this before – does it hurt?”

“Oh yes” replied Annie “this is your first lesson – get that pretty butt up here and stop touching yourself without permission – there’ll be plenty of time for that later”.

Sarah took the whacking with renewed enthusiasm, reminding her years ago of dad’s use of her hair brush for bad behaviour. Her moans and the juices flowing down her thighs were giving away her naturally submissive behaviour.

Annie pushed her backwards on the sofa, handing her a black vibrator: “OK, babe – show me how you masturbate – but no cumming until I tell you – just edge those süperbahis firm lips for my pleasure”.

Sarah was beginning to pant as the fast vibrations ran up her body, initially embarrassed at her easy arousal, but warming to the pain in her clamped nipples. When did those get attached? Annie tugged on the chain, dragging her small breasts to one side and then the other.

“OK, you can cum now – let it go – I’ll catch you”.

Sarah erupted, much to Annie’s delight: “good girl – let it all out” as her sub burst into tears, clinging on as her long delayed climax hit.

Annie nibbled her neck, causing another flood of pussy juice, allowing two curving fingers to locate her tender g-spot between those red hot lips.

“OK babe, now it’s my turn – fuck me with vibrator – nice and fast – I need another orgasm”.


Meanwhile back at the farm, where slut had spent a cold night in the stables, she couldn’t believe she was now an integral part of gillian’s dad’s racehorse breeding programme. Prince and the other ponies much preferred to deposit their valuable sperm inside a hot human pussy, for subsequent turkey-basting into the mares, rather than the unfeeling artificial vagina the vet used.

The long, cold, boring days were only broken by slut’s attempts to stop Prince mounting her and the rare visit by the fat henchman. He brought odd scraps of bread and cheese with some bottled water, which slut rightly assumed were interfered with. He always dropped his trousers for a good wank between slut’s tits, leaving the Great Dane to sniff around and lick her crotch.

One time he actually thanked her for relieving him of a particularly large volume of sperm, which he smeared over her face and neck for the dog to clean up.

slut thought one horse cock was much like another until in her imagination she was introduced to the stallion: “oh shit” she moaned “there is no way I can take that cuntally – I suppose you’d better lubricate my arse” ….

Desperately thirsty, but knowing she dare not drink the doctored water, slut shouted until Gillian’s dad dragged her back into the farmhouse.

And this was where she was found during the RSPCA raid on Monday morning, chained to the floor, dripping in sperm.

The police had received an anonymous tip off of unusual sexual practices involving a****ls being filmed at the farm and süperbahis güvenilir mi organised a dawn raid under the cover of an equine flu inspection.

The examination by the young female police doctor produced 6 discrete semen samples for analysis, later revealing one dog, two horse and 3 human. Together with slut’s testimony, enough to charge Gillian’s evil dad and his henchmen with a string of offences.

Dressed in a simple one-piece paper jumpsuit, slut recalled most of the events of the last two days in very graphic detail as evidence. She spoke with great affection of her encounters with the dog and horses, but with horror of the men.

Then Annie was phoned at work and requested to collect slut.

Healthcare Office

As Annie’s new PA, Sarah took the call while on her knees under the conference table.

Before she retired, Suzy and her PA – Annie had somehow managed to hide their D/s lifestyle relationship while in the office, but now Annie was in charge and had the big private office, she could dominate Sarah all day.

“Permission to speak, Ms Adams – there’s a call from the police – slut has been found – they want you to collect her”.

“Tell them I’m busy – slut can get a taxi. Now get your pretty face back up my skirt – and you can call me Mistress”.

All of Annie’s colleagues filed into her office for the daily briefing. Some sat at the conference table, others standing, talking quietly.

The room went quiet as Annie stood behind the seated PA, stroking her spiky hair and casually glancing down at the tops of her exposed breasts.

“Good afternoon – I’ve called you all in here to introduce Sarah – my new PA. She’s going to be a shared resource, so will willing satisfy any of your reasonable office or personal requests”.

Under instruction, Sarah slowly pulled open her blouse, revealing her newly pierced nipple bars.

“Now, ladies – these were only fitted this morning, they’re going to be a bit sore for a few days – so be gentle with her”

Annie laughed at her own joke, grabbing both breasts and twisting the nipples between thumb and finger. Sarah just looked up and moaned “if it pleases you Mistress”

“OK that’s all for today – anyone wanting to check out her cunnilingus skills can stay behind, but I’ve got to pick up slut from the police station”.

Back home

As soon as Annie opened the front door, slut’s new Great Dane puppy bounded down the hallway, furiously wagging his tail and sniffing their crotches.

“I’ve put his basket in the guest bedroom, so you have someone to sleep with, slut. But right now I’ve got this 2 day itch that needs scratching – let’s go to bed”.

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