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The summer breeze lifts the curtain in the hotel room like a skirt and it joins the wavering light of a day skipping carefree towards night. Stereo speakers brim the hotel room with sensuous Memphis blues.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go on this trip. After fourteen years of marriage and two kids, I wasn’t sure I could find the magic anymore.

But when I lock my eyes on Donna’s swaying hips, I begin to change my tune.

Her short, pleated summer skirt tests my restraint each time the wind catches it. Her cotton shirt is sleeveless and it sweeps low, racing down to the ample cleavage from her DD boobs.

The now hardest part of me involuntarily stretches, reaching for the hot space between her long legs.

I had just showered off of me the long, grinding week of work and the tiring day of travel. As I stand watching her, my desire is barely covered by the damp towel around my waist. The middle of my body is a large sideways tent.

She turns, sweeping her hips, the skirt lifts again. “It sounds sooo good,” she says with a smile. Then she stops. “Babe,” she begins, but her voice catches. Her eyes seek my thoughts.

“I love you,” I say, without having made the decision say it.

The blue of her irises seem to bloom like petals opening to the sun. Her smile reaches across her whole face.

And at that moment all the cares of the days before this day feel like nothing but wispy shadows.

She takes my face in her hands. They feel like silk gloves. “I love you too,” she says.

Her words ignore my skin, my bones, strike far deeper. Something inside of me bursts wide open, a barrier smashed asunder. I grab her ass with both hands, grind her into me and smother her lips with mine. Greedily I lick her mouth with my tongue and knead her ass, her firm ass, so well tended at the gym.

Abruptly, she extends her arms and escapes my hold. Her look is feral as her gaze lowers to the bahis firmaları tent pole under the towel. I can almost feel her warm mouth sucking on my cock. I stiffen more.

I want to grab her again, but i can tell she is enjoying her ancient snake charmer power over me.

So we stand and enjoy the moment. I gaze at her shirt and picture her boobs, recalling an old thrill, the first time I saw them in the flesh, so many years ago. I remember thinking how lucky I was to be able to see them, touch them, suck them. I want them badly now.

I move my view to her high heels, up her long, bare legs, up to the sweet place beneath her skirt.

My lord, she is beautiful.

I can only shake my head. Even after fourteen years…

Something vulnerable shows in her eyes. Then it is gone, a younger ghost vaporized by time and trust.

“I want to see you -all of you, now!” I say.

Her smile is knowing. You command, it says. But who is really in control? She takes her time, but finally her arms cross her chest and her shirt rises, creasing as it moves, as if her skin has fingers and is shyly resisting being exposed. She drops the shirt to the floor. Her white bra is patched with lace. Her sweet boobs strain the fabric. Her lips curl ever so slightly at one corner. Then her long, slim fingers, with nails adorned with creamy white polish, slip to her waist and meet at the skirt’s side button.

When I nod in confirmation of what I want, her fingers pull the button back through the buttonhole. The skirt abruptly disappears, as if yanked down by the floor itself. She is wearing a thong: white, lacy. Her pussy lips press against the sheer fabric.

I am just managing to breathe, as her hands move behind her back, like a magician enticing wonder. The deftness of her hidden maneuvers are revealed by the bunching of the shoulder straps. Finally, the bra falls away. And I stare at the sight of gifts to kaçak iddaa me: those bountiful boobs capped with beckoning pink nipples.

My heart is pounding so fast it is a struggle to remain standing. My brow is moist. I watch her fingers skim along the top of the thong. She turns around, bends over slightly and slowly pulls it down. The lace leaves the lovely cavern of her ass, reveals her pussy lips and falls to her ankles.

The word -WOMAN- vibrates in every molecule of my body.

She turns around, instinctively watching me closely, like a doe being measured by a wolf.

I am so hard, my erection could cut a diamond.

A cloud of doubt appears just beneath her skin.

I smile at her, reassuring. I move to her and my hand caresses her cheek. “I love you, so much,” I say.

The cloud is swept away. The tension in her face softens.

I embrace her. Through the towel, my hot, hard erection presses against her belly and bends back against my stomach.

My hands ride up and down the smooth curves of her back. I love the delicate bones, like balsa wood. Delicate, but this body bore two kids.

She nuzzles my neck and as she does so, she pulls the towel off of me. With one hand she grabs my ass cheek, with the other my cock. She strokes it. “Mmm, you feel good,” she says. “Babe, you have such a nice cock!”

My lips find hers. Her breaths leap into my mouth.

I grab her hips, use my leg to part her legs a bit, then thrust my cock into her pussy. It is burning and soaked.

“Ohhh!” she moans.

I growl and suck her earlobes.

I slam into her again and again. I go for five heavenly minutes, every thrust pushes a yelp of ecstasy out of her mouth. Finally, I feel the cum ready to release, so just in time I pull out. I am not ready to end this yet. She sighs, looks bereft.

I drop to my knees. I love the smell of her desire for me. I kiss her inner thigh kaçak bahis again and again, working my way higher. I suddenly lunge at her pussy like a beast released from a leash and I bury my face in her musky wetness. My tongue goes deep inside and she gasps. My lips close on her clit and I suck it. My face is covered in her juice. I continue licking and sucking, revelling in the silky slickness.

Finally, she reaches down and pulls me upright. Her mouth captures mine. We share the taste of her.

“You are amazing,” I say. I need to bring this to conclusion. I grab her wrists and maneuver her to the bed. Once more I have her bend over and I luxuriate in the sight of her tight ass and pink pussy.

She turns her head and peeks at me.

What did I do to deserve her?

I thrust into her with such power her arms buckle and her head flops to the bed, leaving her ass even higher in the air. I am wild with need. She is moaning over and over. My thrusts are so hard my balls ache.

“Baby, you feel so fucking big!” she yells.

“Sweety,” I say between thrusts, “it is all because of you!” The head of my cock is massaged with molten heat with each thrust. I speed up, sprinting toward the finish line that is rushing towards me.

Suddenly, I feel her move and I am outside of her. The change makes my head spin. The answer to my confusion comes quickly, when my throbbing cock is engulfed by her mouth. Her head rocks back and forth in a blur.

“Oh baby!!” I groan, louder than I have ever in my life. I clutch her soft blonde hair in my hands and follow her head as it works on me.

She can only grunt, as women learn to do with their mouths full of their men.

I bend back a little, enraptured, and stare up until I feel the roof lift from the room, opening my face to the cool, infinite night, glistening with stars and I think, no I know, that in the midst of the vast possibilities of the universe, it is here, with her, that I belong.

“I LOVE YOU!” I exclaim.

I can’t hold back anymore. A huge load of cum rockets out of me, filling her mouth to overflowing.

As I collapse I am empty, yet so full.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32