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Evening the Score – Chapter 1
My wife, Jessica, and I are in our mid to late fifties, and have been married for 30+ years. I’m 58, while Jessica is 55. I’m 6’2”, about 200 lbs, pretty good shape, buzzed blond/gray hair, blue eyes, and scruff beard. Definitely, a “Daddy” look. Jess (as I call her) is 5’1”, about 120 lbs, almost shoulder length dirty blonde hair, green eyes, pale white skin, a nice, firm, tight ass, and a pair of C cup tits with huge nipples to die for. She is also very, very beautiful. We met, dated and married when we were both in college. I was 23 at the time, and she was 20. Perfectly normal thing to do, in that period of time.

Having recently, myself, discovered Xhamster, and all the wonderful stories there, I never thought my own life would ever be a plot for an Xhamster story. But, here it is …

My wife and I are kaçak iddaa both degreed professionals. Her in accounting, myself in engineering. We both work for huge companies. Her, in a large branch office close by our home. And me, because of my years and seniority, working at home most of the time, with occasional trips to the home office, and occasional travel as well.

We’ve both worked for the same companies our entire careers, so we’re 20+ years each. We’re getting ready to retire, enjoying our non-working life together for a few years, then see where our interests and needs take us.

My wife, being the accounting professional, has been working occasional weekends throughout our married life. Lately (the last couple three years), it’s been every weekend. I understand the accounting cycle, beginning of the fiscal year, getting all perabet güvenilir mi the accounts ready, reports completed, budgets, end of fiscal year,, meetings, meetings, meetings, etc. But, nothing prepared me for what I very recently discovered.

Being another Saturday with her working, I decided to surprise her with a visit and lunch.

I drove down to her office, and, surprise, her car was not there. I figured, ok, its lunch time, she may have gone to a place for lunch, so I looked up her phone location, with the thought of surprising her wherever she had gone to. To my surprise again, her phone showed it was turned off. Hmmm … definitely not what I expected.

I decided to drive to all the places she’s had lunch over the years, and nothing. No sign of her car.

Confused, worried, and suspicious, I decided tipobet giriş I needed to check this out, so I drove to a security shop in town, and purchased a couple of tracking devices that worked with my phone. Maybe it was all the stories I’ve read online, but this was not something I would have ever considered doing. Until today.

I continued to watch my phone, looking to see if her phone would show up, and its location. Later in the day, it did, and her location was her office.

She came home later that day. Nothing different in her appearance or demeanor. Just another Saturday evening. Said she was horny, and wanted sex. So, being the dutiful husband, I obliged her, pounding all her holes mercilessly. Having been married so long, we’ve enjoyed each other in every way possible. Up to this point, I’ve always fucked her with all my feelings and emotions in every thrust. Today, however, It was just sex, exactly the way she expected it. For me, no emotions whatsoever. Just the mechanics. Nothing more.

Tomorrow, Sunday, she’d be going back to work, for another day. We’ll see what happens.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32