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My true story on becoming Bisexual. A follow on from my earlier story Exhibitionist Bisexual. Part 2.


Towards my late twenties, I became curious about sex with another man, the more I thought about this the more excited I became. These thoughts had been floating around in my head for a few years.

I have already told my story of being watched by a peeping tom whilst wanking myself in the car, remembering how I got so turned on exhibiting my hard cock, ejaculating a flood of semen all over my bare body for him to see, now I was getting excited about taking this to the next level.

I had split from Susan about two years previous, a heartbreaking painful split, for me anyway. I had a few short casual relationships with women recently, but just never felt it, nothing with any feeling.

I fantasised about taking a mans cock into my mouth, wondering what it would feel like for a man to cum inside my mouth and swallow his sticky hot seed.

I know what cum tastes like, often lapping my sticky mess from my hand after masturbating.

I also wondered what it would feel like to be fucked by another man, would it be the same as what a woman would feel when being fucked? Would i feel the same sensation? Would I be able to feel the warmth of a mans cum as he shoots his hot seed inside my tight virgin hole?

Am I turning gay? I wondered.

I still enjoyed pussy, and was strongly attracted to girls, but these gay thoughts increasingly excited me and this was beginning to pre-occupy my mind.

I had ventured outdoors whilst wearing my lycra running leggings too, I would get some admiring glances from both women and guys, I had just walked past two young women, i overheard one young woman say to the other,

“Phoar! I would love to get my hands on his bum.” They giggled.

It was the men who seem to blatantly stare at my cock bulge. This i enjoyed very much, once I was resting perched against a picnic bench after a run, this chap in his thirties was passing by and i could see him focused on my cock. I was wearing sunglasses so he could not see that my eyes were looking directly at his.

He slowed his pace and seemed to loiter for a while before approaching closer and asking if i had a light for his cigarette. I hadn’t a light for him but he remarked,

“Nice,” you really look good in them.” He said.

I wanted him to stay a while longer, I felt my cock swell and bulge out the thin lycra material, I swore he wanted to touch me and feel my hardness, I think he lost his nerve as a dog walker was approaching.

I had heard of an area where gay men would rendezvous, there was no internet in them days and so information like this was very hard to come by.

I knew of a back road running parallel to a coniferous wood ten miles from where i lived.

Several natural paths ran in all directions inside this wood, leading to an open moorland with a little hillside brook running through.

There were some very large flat rocks precariously balanced by the brook side making an excellent place to discretely sunbathe.

A few weeks had gone by and i still had these gay thoughts.

It would have to be an attractive clean man, not some fat smelly person. Many restless nights would follow, the thoughts would intensify in my dreams. I would often wake with my heart pounding with the most rock hard erection, if i was going to get any sleep at all that night I would have to masturbate to relieve my swollen balls of pent up cum.

Kicking back the bed sheets, I would gently stroke the underside of my fat cock head, rubbing my banjo, this was so sensitive.

Thinking about my fantasy, a man pumping his hot semen down my throat had my cock spewing cum within a few moments.

A powerful orgasm pumping my cum so high in the air, it seemed an age for it to splash land spattering my chest and flat belly, raining droplets of warm spunk, splat! thud! and one final rope right on my chin and neck.

Finally i could try and get some sleep.

I discovered cock rings, large donut shaped heavy metal polished rings worn around the scrotum and the root of the cock. This would constrict blood flow out of the hard penis and keep you hard, very hard for much longer. This ring would also have a lifting effect and thrust the scrotum and push the cock upwards and outwards away from the body giving the appearance of a much larger bulge.

Wearing this under my lycra running leggings really did make me look like i had a monster cock and huge balls. The ring also bahis firmaları made my 7 inch cock size swell giving a much thicker girth and what looked like greater proportions all round.

It was mid July and we were having a mini heatwave. I thought about visiting this wood and perhaps having a discrete sunbathe on the rocks. I had a week off work and plenty of time.

I woke that morning, I would shower use hair removal cream on my pubic area, bum crack and upper chest, not that i was very hairy, i just felt i wanted to be completely smooth. I would make myself smell nice i then slid the heavy cock ring in place.

I wore my lycra running leggings a tight white cotton t shirt followed by my running shoes, a glance in the mirror, first to my rear, noting my smooth perfectly rounded bum then my cock ringed enhanced and very pronounced bulge encased in lycra had my cock twitching.

I liked what I saw I only hope a guy would too.

About lunch time I had arrived at this remote location and parked behind the only other car in the lay by.

The car had a man sat inside behind the wheel, I would have to walk by the side of his car to access the style over the wall leading through the wood. This would give this man a perfect close up view of my pert backside as I walked from behind his car.

I shut the car door and walked by with a little ruck sack containing a towel and a bottle of water. I negotiated the style but briefly pausing to give the man in the car a good view of my long legs, cute bum and enhanced bulge to my front.

Taking my time strolling through this wood, the only sound to be heard was the birds singing their songs. Shafts of light beaming through the trees had a magical effect.

I knew I was in the right place, within the bushes there were many opened packets of condoms and empty lube packets, even a woman’s thong and a bra.

Why do people leave their rubbish like this?

I strolled through enjoying the feeling of my lycra clinging to my arse, thighs and cupping my semi swollen manhood, i felt on fire.

I came out of the wood to a clearing where the brook trickled its way down by the huge stones. I climbed on top of one of these flat stones spread my towel as it was in full sun, stripped off my t shirt and lay face down, facing the exit of the wood from where I came.

Only a few moments later the man that was sitting in his car appeared.

He looked about thirty, very tall, slim build with a mop of brown curly hair. He wore a white t shirt and little red nylon running shorts, the type that had the curved slits up the sides and a pair of trainers.

He looked quite a fit guy, He either was an athlete or a runner like myself.

I was nervous, how would I initiate a conversation? I had never done this before.

“Hi! lovely day,” the man said.

“Oh yes, I thought i would get a little sun on my back.” I said.

“Can i join you on that rock? Is there enough room?” the man said.

“Of course!”

He stepped up and lay by my side but not too close.

“My name is Mark.” He said.

“Andy,” i replied.

“If you prefer some peace i will find somewhere else.”

“No, no I would like some company.”

We made a little more small talk, I was still lying on my front but leaning up on my elbows when Mark asked,

“You into running?”

“Yes,” but I haven’t ran today I just enjoy wearing the gear,” I replied laughing.

“Hmmmm, These are very sexy, I wish you was in my running club, but then again I would not win any races,” He laughed,

“Why?” I asked.

“Well I would be behind you all the time, you have a nice body and a fit arse, i love the leggings.”

“Can I feel them?” Mark asked.

I said, “Your’e so kind please do I would like you to touch me.”

Mark came a little closer and placed his palm on the rear of my thighs and ran his hand slowly and smoothly up my thigh and on the cheeks of my buttocks, I lowered my head onto my arms and murmured,

“That’s nice Mark, I love your touch.”

This was the signal and all the encouragement Mark needed.

His hands were thoroughly exploring my buttocks and occasionally slipping his hand down between my legs and sliding them slowly and very seductively between my cheeks of my bum.

My heart was thumping in my chest his touch was so erotic, I was becoming incredibly excited and turned on.

By now my hardened cock was trying to drill itself into the stone which we were lay on.

I lent up and said to kaçak iddaa Mark,

“That feels so wonderful.”

He gave me a most gorgeous smile.

I turned over onto my back, I wanted to see Marks face as he was caressing me in the most sexual way.

“Oh my! Wow! You are turned on, that really is a most horny sight.” Mark stated.

His hand was now wandering and caressing my huge swollen cock bulge, gently squeezing the shaft, rubbing the clearly visible outline of my cock head in his palm, and over my smooth flat stomach.

I was in an utter state of excitement my legs trembled with the adrenaline pumping through my body.

I noticed Mark’s breathing had changed, a bit heavier as he must be getting turned on too.

He said, “What you into?”

I said, “Well this is my first time and…”

“You mean the first time here?”

“No, I mean, the first time with a man.”

“Well I am a lucky chap, I better do a good job, I wouldn’t want to put you off.”

“I think I’m bisexual as I’ve had many fantasies about this.” I nervously explained.

Mark was expert at fondling my huge arousal, I had pre-cum beads seeping through the lycra.

“Much more of your touch and I think I will cum in my pants.” I stated.

Mark knelt close to me I glanced at his little red running shorts which were also tented out in a nice bulge, his cock had slipped side ways through the high cut side slits, he had a very large swollen helmet shaped head with a large drool of pre-cum dribbling down his smooth thigh.

His cock juice was glistening in the sun light. I wanted to see all of Mark’s cock not just the few inches poking out.

Mark stood up and slid his shorts all the way down and off.

“Oh my god!” i exclaimed, as his cock sprang out and upright with such force. He was a little longer than mine but much fatter, heavily veined with a huge helmet head and big egg sized pendulous balls hanging.

He stood like a huge stallion with his love prong pointing skywards.

I gasped, “Is it safe here to strip bare?” I asked.

“Oh yes, the only people come here are Gays and Transvestites looking for sex.” Mark added.

I must be gay then i thought.

“I want to see and feel your wonderful cock now Andy.”

Mark slid my leggings down and my cock also sprang free.

“Oh wow! Not so innocent then wearing that wonderful cock ring.”

Marks hands were fondling my smooth heavy ball sack, gripping my shaft with his other hand and slowly wanking my rigid pole.

Never before had my body been explored by another male, i felt wonderful, my nerves had dissipated and now I felt a new feeling of eagerness, eager to take Mark’s cock into my slutty mouth.

Mark commented on my smooth cock and balls,

“I like my partners smooth and boyish looking, when I first saw you stepping over that style my heart skipped a beat and I made a bee line for you, You’re tall have a great body, fit arse and now an amazing smooth cock.”

“I must have you! Am i the first man to touch you? I feel its my lucky week.” Mark said.

I reached up and caressed Marks heavy balls and gripped his veined cock shaft.

He leaked a rope of pre-cum from the massive slit in his cock head, I raised my head under this clear silver bead of cum slime, opened my mouth and gathered the thread with my outstretched tongue. I enveloped his massive cock head in my wet open lips darting my tongue into his cum hole.

Mark groaned and let me go to work with my tongue, lips and warm wet mouth.

I had never sucked a cock in my life, but i had many girlfriends who had sucked mine.

I knew what i liked, that was slow gentle tongue and lip service and constant eye contact with my girl.

I did exactly the same to Mark, looking up into his eyes, tasting his saltiness, teasing his pre-cum from the wide slit.

I adored the way Mark was gently rocking back and fourth forcing apart my lips as his huge helmet pushed and pulled from my mouth.

I would gently cup and fondle his scrotum feeling his huge balls, squeezing very lightly.

I reached behind and gripped Marks firm muscular buttocks, lightly persuading him to enter further into my mouth, I knew I would never be able to take his full 8 inch length, and his girth stretched open my mouth to its fullest.

I gagged when his length bottomed out at the back of my throat, with a few inches of his thick rod still to go.

Mark was now groaning and repeatedly saying,

“Oh fuck! Ohh fuck! You must kaçak bahis of done this before you are so good hmmmm.”

The little short bobbing strokes, just using my lips over his head gland, had started to make Mark groan and pant, my heart was thumping too with excitement, my cock was still rock hard, dribbling my slimy clear pre-cum goo over my balls. I was about to receive my first cum feed.

Mark blurted out,

“I’m gonna spurt very soon!”

I upped my bobbing speed whilst feeling his full ball sack, his moans and groans intensified.

“Oh Ohhh I’m gonna shoot!”

I felt his thick man meat start to buck and twitch between my lips, his balls pulled up in their sack, his cock now convulsing in my mouth, then i felt it.

A great salty warmth squirting to the back of my throat, followed by several more long hot blasts of his milky semen, one blast catching my throat making me cough a little.

His cock still bucking twitching and pumping his man goo over my nose, lips and cheek as i tried to get his cock back inside my mouth.

Marks groans had reached there peak as he gently cradled my head and pushed me onto his spewing cock, the last jet of his thick cum spitting out directly down my throat, tasting him and swallowing all of him.

Oh my god this man can cum like a bull filling a cow, i thought. I was quite proud of how much cum I could squirt but Mark was so virile, his cum load was impressive.

Marks orgasm had subsided leaving his thighs quivering as his shrinking cock slithered from my cum drenched mouth.

Mark saw the ropes of cum on my cheek, nose and dripping off my chin, he gently scooped the dribbles up and fed them in my mouth, I found this so erotic.

I said to Mark,

“I have been missing out, that was such a horny exciting and very erotic experience, I want more.”

Mark turned his attention to my pre-cum dribbling cock and began to gently wank me, rubbing my slimy mess over my engorged cock head, tickling my swollen helmet with his darting tongue.

“You smell wonderful,” he said.

He then licked and slathered up his middle finger, gently pushed me back lay me down and parted my thighs a little.

His wet finger tickled my rose bud and lubricated my entrance, gently forcing his middle finger into my tight virgin man pussy.

No one had ever done this before to me, I found this a little uncomfortable but sensually nice at the same time.

I was in such an excited state that my own orgasm was fast approaching.

Mark spat in the palm of his other hand and used his slimy palm to gently message my cock head.

I had one big convulsion, expelling an involuntary noise from deep within,

“Uhhh! Oooph!” followed by a few intense pulses which shot my cum filling and soaking Marks palm with my sticky man fluid. My sphincter muscle contracting on Marks finger impaled inside me.

My cock head was so sensitive i could hardly bare his gentle rubbing.

My cum fluid saturated his palm, it was dripping between his fingers.

He then offered his hand coated with my cum to my mouth and said,

“Eat it all up Andy.”

I did as i was told and obeyed eagerly lapping it from his hand and cleaning it free of my cum goo.

We both calmed down and re-dressed,

“Oh god! That was incredible sex, I cant ever remember sex so intense, not since fucking my first girl.” I said.

Mark replied, “The pleasure was all mine, you are so good at doing that Andy, I cant believe you have not done that before, considering how i enjoyed it.”

“I want more of that, I cant believe what i have been missing.” I said.

“I would love to fuck you Andy, show you how good gay sex is.”

“I would like that, I would like you to show me, and be my first, but I’m a little nervous.”

We talked some more revealing information about each other. I asked Mark several questions on how to prepare myself for a fucking, Mark gave me all the information i needed.

“Are you free tomorrow?” Asked Mark.

“Not during the day but can be after 6pm.” I replied.

“I have a house a few miles away, if you would like to sample more, meet me here at 6pm and you can follow me round to my place, I have gay porn video’s or we can just talk.

“Are you free all night? these things are best not hurried, I would like more time to ravish you.” Mark said laughing.

“No pressure, just see what happens.” Said Mark.

“OK I’m quite excited and look forward to it.” I eagerly replied.

Mark leaned in to me, kissing me passionately on my lips and inserting his tongue, into my receptive mouth.

“I’m very excited too.” Mark replied.

“See you tomorrow sexy.”

Off he walked back through the wood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32