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The days of summer were long and lazy. Megan tried to spend them as far from possible from the Texas heat. The majority of her time was spent with her best friend, Jill, at the local mall, pizza joint, ice cream stand, and especially at the pool. All of the guys would stare at her in her tankini as she walked around the pool. She supposed she like the attention, but she’d never really met a guy that she was crazy about. To tell the truth, she wasn’t really all that crazy about guys in general. Still, it was certainly gratifying to have 20 teenage guys following her ass with their eyes. She only wished she had a bigger chest. Like Jill’s. She would swear that for every set of eyes following her ass, there were 5 following Jill’s chest.

When she wasn’t out of the house, she spent a lot of her time in front of the TV. Her dad had some kind of lesbian fetish; all of his videos were all-girl. She felt weird about it, but there was no denying how much they turned her on. She kept popping them in. She especially like to watch scenes involving double-headed dildos. There was something about two women, both so full, their every movement pleasuring the other: it really turned her on. In general, the days were passing really slowly; and she found that she had a lot of time to herself and almost nothing to do.

Megan was checking her e-mail canlı bahis about 3 days after her parents had left, when she found yet another ad. “Goddamn spam” she said, and was on the point of deleting it when she read the subject. “” it read. That gave her quite an interesting idea. She clicked the letter open and headed towards the link.

The first thing that astonished Megan was the incredible size of the website. She had never imagined that there was such a huge variety of sex toys. Everything from “magic” pleasure oils to handcuffs to huge, vibrating dildos mounted on chairs. She went to a link labeled, “essentials.” The page popped up, listing about ten must-have toys. Mostly basic vibrators. She looked them over, and then picked an interesting one to put in her shopping cart. Thank god her parents had given her a credit card! It was a medium sized smooth blue vibrator called “the blue devil.” Corny name, but it certainly looked exciting. She was about to checkout when her eyes caught another interesting picture. It was a string of 5 metallic balls connected by a wire. On one end, there was a vibration control. It looked really hot! Megan popped it into her cart. She suddenly felt guilty using her parents’ credit card for this, but her hand drifted over her mouse and placed the order. She felt very naughty as she ordered, bahis siteleri yet inside couldn’t wait for her package to arrive.

Just thinking about it was making her hot. As she closed netscape, she realized that her right hand was rubbing at her crotch through her cloth shorts. She unzipped them and kicked them off, revealing the incredibly wet crotch of her cotton panties. They were really getting wet as she continued rubbing, so that they became semi-translucent and clung to the shape of her pussy. The sight of it turned her on even more! She ripped off tee-shirt and began squeezing and pinching her nipples with her left hand as her right hand continued to rub her clit through her panties. Eyes sealed, she was leaning back in her chair and moaning.

Megan needed to be filled. She pulled off her panties and pushed her middle finger deep inside of her, pumping with it as she used her thumb to keep rubbing her clit. She didn’t feel full, but it still felt great. She was moaning loudly now. She felt an orgasm building in the pit of her stomach. She groaned and nearly fell out of the chair as her pussy spasmed, squeezing her finger and pouring its juices out on to her legs and the seat of the chair.

Megan took a minute to calm down before getting up. She was naked, and her pussy was soaked. But she was still horny, and bahis şirketleri needed more than a finger. She couldn’t wait for her toys to come! Then an idea struck her, and she headed downstairs.

Once in the kitchen, Megan headed to the island in the middle. She had detoured on the way to pick up some Vaseline. Heading straight for the fruit bowl, she withdrew a banana. The mere sight of it made her horny. She needed to be filled up.

She opened up the jelly and took a scoop on to her finger. She rubbed it up and down the outside of the banana until it was well coated. Pulling a chair out from the table, she sat down and propped her right leg up on the table. Her pussy was almost bare. She didn’t shave it, but she kept it well trimmed. The pinkness of her engorged clit was showing from between her lips, and she was desperately horny.

She took the tip of the banana and pushed it slowly in. She could feel it stretching the lips of her pussy. It felt incredible! She pushed it in farther, taking about 6″ of it inside her snatch. “Oh god,” she moaned. She started to slowly pump it. She was tossing her head from side to side and moaning. Her left hand pumped while her right hand played with her clit. IN and out, in and out. It felt incredible. She was close to coming now. Megan made a mental note to get the video camera out next time. She wanted to see this: she couldn’t even imagine how hot she must look with her legs spread wide and a banana plunged into her!

“You couldn’t even imagine how hot that looks,” came Jill’s voice. Megan froze with fear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32