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Now well into the first weeks of June, a young man and woman were wandering out in nature together.. With the heat of the imminent summer now starting to really kick in, Derrick now found himself taking a hike through the woods with another acquaintance he had not seen in some time.

“It figures you a high scholar like you would be into nature, Josie,” Derrick commented to his current companion.

“But of course,” she smiled, enjoying the breeze on her face.

Josie had long, black hair cascading down her back and an even more petite frame than Ashley. Her figure was less womanly overall but has its own adorable charm to it.

Now strolling through the nearby woods, it became clear how different the mood here was compared to when they had set this meeting up. It was easy to have extended an invitation to her in the afterglow of that furious evening with Ashley, but now that they were reunited with the heat of that moment gone, it was a swift reminder that neither was particularly gifted in creating conversation. The sounds of nature helped fill the void of silence as they made their way along the path, taking in the scenery together.

Sooo… you seemed to have gotten my message,” Josie was the one to break the ice as they paused at flowing stream, “From a few weeks ago, I mean.”

“Yeah, that was certainly something…” he murmured his response, “Got my attention that’s for sure.”

“Well, you’ve had mine for a while,” she responded, “I always preferred the more reserved types. You had a mysterious allure about you.”

“I’d hardly call myself reserved. I just didn’t always have a lot to say in school. I just wanted to get home and play video games.”

“When your parents keep you at home studying like mine often did, video games are a good escape.”

“What were your favorites?”

“I like The Legend of Zelda games,” she gave a casual answer.

“Those are good, simple fun. So are they as strict now?”

“Not quite, but I found it best not to tell them I was meeting a guy out here. Same with that movie we went to.”

“I understand,” Derrick paused to dip his hand into the current.

Even while taking this moment to cool off, Derrick could sense a hesitation within Josie. Something she had wanted to say since the moment they had stepped outside together. He could see her face trying to muster up the courage for what it was that she had on her mind and it seemed to come after a deep sigh.

“I know you agreed to have me out today, but I saw that you and Ashley were already…”

“It’s complicated,” he kept his explanation simple.

“So how did you end up doing that?”

“Hot tub and some old, unfounded rumors.”

“I can see how that might lead to certain things. Sorry that I bought into the gossip.”

“You had nothing to do with it. I admire your choosing to do what you felt was respectful to my privacy.”

“I never would have taken you for such a showoff.”

“I could say the same for you. It’s always us quiet types, huh?”

“Well, I mean, that picture I sent…” she fumbled with her words, “I only would’ve sent something like that to you… I just got so fired up and frustrated by what Ashley was sending out to us that I just had to do something, you know.”

“Trust me, I get it. I just wasn’t ever expecting to have that effect on anyone.”

“How can you say that, I mean, just look at you,” Josie motioned with his hands to his apparent confusion.

“Hey I never thought of myself as ugly, but I’m hardly a heartthrob,” Derrick missed the point.

“That’s not quite what I mean,” Josie re-emphasized, “I’m talking about looking at all of you.”

“Oh, that, of course,” he briefly felt like a moron.

“Not that the rest of your body is bad or anything. That part is simply… special,” she started to blush.

“It’s gotten some attention as of late,” he offered the typical understatement.

“I noticed long before then,” she turned a deeper shade of red, ” It was just… more than I ever could have guessed.”

“Ashley let me in on how you used to deliberately state, you didn’t notice it by chance,” he revealed as her embarrassment started to overflow.

“Oh, come on, why couldn’t she keep that a secret?” she began to pout instead.

“Hey, it’s partially my fault. I did some stupid stuff too,” he admitted with nor further elaboration, “I didn’t think it would still bother you this much. I was only teasing.”

“No, no, no,” she tried to slap some sense back into herself, “It’s wrong, it’s rude, and I should apologize.”

“If I accept your apology, can we start fresh?”

“Alright,” she pulled herself back together.

“Then let’s use this chance to cool off. You look like you’re on the verge of overheating.”

They both removed their shoes to dip their feet into the brook. Once the cool water at worked its magic on their toes. Derrick bent over to splash some water in Josie’s direction prompting her to suddenly back away from him.

“Hold on, I don’t want to get my shirt güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri wet, Do you mind?” she positioned her hands to remove her top.

Once Derrick shook his head, Josie lifted her shirt up and over her head to place on a rock at a safe distance away from the splash zone. Now more suitably dressed, she felt up to a little roughhousing with her old classmate. At first, it started with laughter but before she realized it, Josie heard Derrick make a bigger splash than the ones before it.

“Are you okay?” she inquired.

“Yeah, just fell on my butt, nothing to concern yourself with,” he replied

Trying to back away from her splashes of water had caused him to lose his balance somewhat and fall on his rear into the water. It didn’t hurt that much, but it caused his lower half to end up entirely covered in water. The one unexpected effect of this sudden soaking though was how neatly it caused the material of his shorts to cling to his loins. He only realized just what had happened when he spotted how suddenly Josie had turned away from him.

“Oh come on, you don’t need to be like that,” he almost wanted to laugh, “It’s not like you did that on purpose, and you already know what’s under there.”

“I wanted to start fresh with you,” she insisted “I can’t go back to doing what I would’ve done in high school.”

“Then I won’t do what the younger me would’ve done either,” he decided to take a risk based on what he had learned from Ashley.

All at once, he took off his pants and underwear to leave on a nearby rock while he got back in the stream. It felt gratifying to have the sun and fresh air upon the substantial appendage now out and hanging between his thighs once more. What was hidden now was Josie’s face which she immediately buried within her hands to block out his striking visage.

“Oh my God, what the hell are you doing, Derrick?” she wanted to gasp.

“Leaving them where they can dry without taking on any more water. You shouldn’t complain since you were the one who got them wet.”

“You can’t do that out here. Someone might see.”

“Why should I care?”

For all her perfect grades and test scores, Josie could not muster an answer to this question whatsoever. Instead, she struggled to keep her eyes from peeking through her fingers as Derrick walked back up to her side.”

“Let it go, Josie. I already know what you want. Trying to hide it again is silly. I know you’re smarter than that.”

“If only you knew what I really want.”

“Try me.”

Josie uncovered her face and did her best to simply stand upright before him, looking up at him firmly with no concern for what awaited her down below. Her act worked a little too well as Derrick found himself placed on the defensive by her glare.

“Okay, I get the point you’re trying to make,” he tried to crack her facade, “We can move on if you’d like.”

“I want you to handle me as you did her,” she spoke sternly, “I know I’m not as curvy as her, and a bit of a shut in, but I want to be viewed as a woman just the same. She told me what you did later. What do I have to do to warrant that same treatment?”

“Nothing special. All of that just sort of happened,” he took a half step back.

“But you’re out here with your pants down with me and you’re not even the least bit erect,” she went right along with him, “What do I lack to catch your fancy? Do you solely like tits and ass?”

“What? No, that has nothing to do with it,” he desperately searched for a new tactic, “It’s just that I wasn’t thinking of sex at all. I just wanted you stop acting so bottled up. You had me worried.”

“Worried? About what?”

“Worried that I had left you intimidated, I suppose,” he pieced together an answer, “I didn’t want you thinking that all I was out to do was to break you in half.”

“You honestly think that you would?

“Well, you’re a bit smaller than Ashley, and she liked it a bit rough to begin with. I figured you would be a bit more fearful of what I’m packing.”

“Fearful? You saw the pic I sent, right?” she at last openly acknowledged what she had done.

“A toy like that hardly compares to the really thing.”

“Is that so?”

“…would you like to find out?” he dropped the heaviest question thus far.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” she took his offer without an ounce of hesitation.

His eyes darted around in search of a more comfortable spot to take the next step in. What he ultimate settled on was a rock shelf with some moss on it for a makeshift cushion while using the towel he had brought along in his backpack as a makeshift backrest. He sat with his legs open for Josie to settle in between but she opted to sit by his side instead.

“Sorry, I’m not into that porno type stuff,” she slyly remarked.

“I didn’t mean to insinuate you were,” he narrowed his legs somewhat, “I just thought you would…”

“That idea of sexuality isn’t healthy,” she continued over him, “So rough and violent. The body is meant to be handled güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri more carefully than that.”

She casually reached a hand over to his lap where she could at last lay her grip on his loins. Her hand was noticeably tinier than Ashley’s but that didn’t stop his manhood for immediately perking up in her grasp when her fingers made first contact.

“Hmm… so you do see something in me you’re attracted to,” her slow motions had him swelling in her palm.

“Of course, Josie. Sincerity is always a turn on for me.”

“Sincerity, huh? So you’re not a fan of that internet crap either.”

“Only amateur stuff between people who actually know each other.”

Josie was more than content to use her gentle fingers to gradually awaken Derrick’s arousal as his eyes demonstrated their approval. It was mostly silent except for the ambiance of nature, but he could make out her speaking faintly under her breath. He figured she was mentally counting out each centimeter he grew, but something soon came out to prove him wrong.

“Mmm… that eighth inch should be coming up soon,” she muttered under her breath.

“Inch? I figured you’d be loyal to the metric system like Ashley.”

“There’s indeed a terrible crudeness to this imperial system of ours, but that’s what makes it perfect to use on cocks,” she revealed an odd number kink.

“Then you should be on the lookout for number six as well,” His girth suddenly expanded to where her fingers could no longer meet. around it, eliciting a light gasp from her.

The growing sensual aura between them helped it get from eight to nine much more quickly, and her eyes took on a new flame as she sped up her strokes to see just how close to ten she could get him to manage. She lacked any sort of real ruler but could tell just how easily she could get three hands around his shaft without even covering the head. The pulse pounding through it told her how much of a strain this sort of mass must actually be on him, so she slowed down towards the end so he could comfortably settle into a physical state of peak arousal. All the while, she had fought to prevent herself from looking him over too closely until his manhood had reached its zenith, but she allowed herself to begin a more closer inspection as she reached the full unveiling and found not a trace of disappointment in what she now had heavily throbbing for her.

“Would you believe me if I told you that we never see anything like that in medical school?” she masked the extent of her excitement with a joke.

“What do you mean? You ought to try becoming a veterinarian where they’ll let you take a look at some donkeys instead,” she was surprisingly sharp-witted in spite of his current state.

“I figured this thing would be taking up too much blood to think that quickly,” Josie continued to up the ante with him.

“I had enough left for one good line,” he sighed.

“And put it too good use indeed,” she retorted before it sank in just how little how own mind knew of what to do next.

She continued her careful stroking, which Derrick hardly minded, but the anxiety and confusion on her face rapidly became more and more apparent.

“Mind if I help you with that,” Derrick reached his hand to hers, adjusting her grip, “It feels better when most of the pressure is on the underside.”

“I see…” Josie took his advice but clearly remained out of her element.

“I can see that this stuff isn’t covered much in medical school either,” he tossed her own joke back at her.

“Hey, I tried to study it on my own, but it wasn’t exactly clear,” she didn’t appreciate the humor nearly as much, “I mean, from what I could see it seemed like rubbing it was enough, but, especially with one like yours, it’s easy to forget how real it is. It’s easy to forget that you have specific ways you like being touched, just as we do.”

“You’re not the only one still learning,” he replied, “Would it help if I tried what I studied on you first.”

“What do you mean?”

“After all Ashley did to me, I had to ask her how to return the favor correctly,” Derrick’s hand snuck across her thigh until reach reached a spot where her own fluids of arousal had dripped on to.

“You mean you’d really want to do that with me, not just her?” she looked into his eyes.

“Seeing is believing,” he prompted her to remove her own shorts and panties as well.

Josie’s undressing revealed to Derrick the first sight of a smooth, virgin pussy in his life. He had seen the dildo she claimed to personally use, but just how smooth and tight it looked compared to any he had seen made it seem doubtful. Either way, it enabled the truth to finally sink in of how he had now become the teacher with her as his student. He moved the rolled up towel he had been resting on to the ground for his head to rest back on. He encouraged her to come over to him with a wag of his tongue.

“You can’t seriously mean to…” she trembled at the present thought.

“”Try me,” he kept on licking his güvenilir bahis şirketleri lips until she did so.

Hovering her womanhood over his face, she slowly lowered herself with special mind being paid to not place her weight on him all at once. Her controlled pace didn’t dissuade him from making the first strike in using his fingers to pry her open until she was low enough for his tongue to get to work. He was certainly thankful that she didn’t yet have anyone to compare him to, but perhaps it didn’t really matter his she reacted to his ministrations on her folds and clitoris just as Ashley stated a woman should. What he didn’t realize was how quickly he’d dismiss the notion that a toy could compare to an actual man from within her brain. The tenderness of his tongue against her inner flesh was radically different enough but what she really wasn’t used to was what she was now staring at in front of her.

“Oh my God, Derrick,” she whispered as she leaned down further.

At the very least, she had thought she understood the nature of male arousal going into this. She’d stimulate his penis a bit, it would fill with blood and become erect to ejaculate with further stimulation. That was the playbook she had been going with which Derrick had now completely trashed. Untouched and unhindered in front of her eyes, Derrick’s manhood was bursting to life in a way her hands had utterly failed to capture. Wrongly thinking he had reached his peak, His size lurched closer to a ten and a seven than the nine and six she had gotten used to. The heartbeat she had only felt before had intensified to where it could be seen pulsing along his entire length through burly blue veins. His rotund testicles squirmed in his sack as his pre-ejaculate leaked all over the glans. She could even detect how his masculine odor had strengthened from how she could smell it from a distance it had failed to reach her nose thus far. On one hand she wanted to touch it again, but on the other, she wanted to see what his erection was capable of unencumbered, dancing in the air as its rigidity defied gravity yearning for a mate. She had never dreamed that she could ever elicit thus kind of desire from a man to be that mate, but she trusted in his promise that seeing was believing. Now she could only hope her own body was up to the task but that would have to wait until after the thunderous orgasm now being foisted upon her, leaving her body writhing and twitch as much as his proud dick.

“Fuck, Derrick,” she struggled to stop trembling all over, “Was that really your first time doing that?”

“The first I wouldn’t considered practice,” he compromised, “You’re not the only one dedicated to learning.”

“Believe me, I’ve learned plenty as it is,” she wriggled off of him to recapture her breath, “I guess ought to return the favor now.”

On the surface it would’ve seemed that they had returned to their original positions, but she knew that couldn’t have been further from the truth. She had come to realize what she wanted to do yet at the same time remained clueless. His cock had already dwarfed her hand as it is but now it seemed wholly inadequate. She tried flexing her jaw but quickly reached the same conclusion there as well. The pressure of knowing just how severely such an erection must need release, but she suddenly found comfort in seeing how calm and clear his face still was.

“Stop overthinking things. I just want to see you do as you feel led and comfortable with. It’s that direct and pure attitude that I’m finding so enticing right now. Don’t think about doing anything right or wrong. Just be yourself for me.”

“…Alright, fine,” she took one more breath to gather determination.

Unlike before, Josie actually did take the offer to nestle between his legs this time. He adjusted his current position to where he could see what she was doing while still mostly lying back. This new angle place her head squarely in the show of his towering dick as she held it up in all its glory.

“I can’t even fathom my pussy being built to take something like this but I have the most earnest of intentions to try,” she announced.

“I look forward to seeing what you’re capable of.”

“But first I have to prove myself worthy. I haven’t adequately paid my respects yet,” the scholar completed her thought.

Utilizing his advice from before, she brought her lips to nibble on the rolled back foreskin where he had said his most sensitive area was. Even with only minimal contact she could feel him swell further with delight. Next, she brought her head all the way down to the bottom where his balls awaited.

“In the early stages of human evolution, a male breeding with but a single female was unthinkable. It was only the advent of Judeo-Christian philosophy that monogamy became a cultural norm. In our most natural state, females would have had to do all they could to demonstrate that they were the one best suited for an organ like this.”

“What kind of class did you pick that up from?” He gazed in awe as she deeply inhaled the odor of his scrotum.

“Evolutionary Psychology, you should give it a try,” she continued to drink in his odor, “What matters most to the male is the female giving birth to his genetic successors. Many animals will kill the prior offspring of prospective female mates before taking them.”

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