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This series of stories were written for person who’s very special to me. Thank you for being my muse. You know who you are.



My plane lands in Las Vegas. My first year in the IT department and I’ve already worked my way up the ladder to a lead position. My reward, I get to come to Sin City to represent the company at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show. This is one of the largest Expos in the world in one of the most decadent cities in the world and I’m here on business. Shit. I pick up my luggage, get my rental car, and make my way to the Las Vegas Convention Center to check out where I’ll be setting up my company’s booth. All of that mess out of the way, I head over to my hotel to check in and settle in for the night.

I pick up my passcard at the front desk and trudge up to my room; the jet-jag kicking in already. After the long plane ride and the multiple layovers (damn tight assed travel budget…), a nice hot shower and some dinner sounds just perfect. I call down to room service and order a club sandwich and a beer and fire up the shower. The hot water pounding on my back relaxes the muscles bound up from hard lobby seats and crappy, 3 inch reclining seats on the plane while the steam acts to clear my sinuses thrown out of whack from the drastic changes in humidity. A knock on the bathroom door lets me know that my meal has arrived.

I get out of the shower, dry off a bit and wrap the towel around my waist and walk out into the main part of my room. On the table is one of the biggest club sandwiches I’ve ever seen. But then again, this is Vegas. I unpack my laptop and set on the table next to dinner and start it up. It boots up and I connect to the ‘Net through the hotel’s network. I log into the company’s network and update my bosses on the current status of everything then kick back for some general surfing. I visit my usual haunts and make a few posts here and there before getting bored before firing up AIM. I’m hoping for a specific person to be on. Ah, there you are, my Lady.

I double-click your name and we begin chatting. It’s been a few days since we’ve talked due to the fact that I’ve been busy getting everything ready for these next couple of days. I fill you in on everything that’s gone on and you seem to be surprised to hear I’m in Vegas for the show. Soon, we’re making our normal innuendo filled comments and, as usual, they progress to the point where suggestion has flown out the window and its full-blown cybering. Finally, we sign off for the evening as it’s getting late and we both have early days tomorrow.

It’s the first morning of the show and I’m agonizing through the day. The company couldn’t have picked a less suitable person for this. Other than some of our long-term clients or people I my self have meet or dealt directly with, I tend to not get along well with the general public. Occasionally, women come by and, me being the male that I am, I tend to treat them better than the other visitors. I get a little flirty and actually attempt to engage them in conversation and do my job. About midway through that first day, I notice one rather attractive woman taking a bit more notice in our wares than most of the previous other people have.

She’s Asian, about 5’2″ and petite, except for her breast size which is at least a D cup. She’s dressed in a casual, but slightly evocative black dress that shows her off well. Her hair is just about to the middle of her back in length and has a slight, natural wave to it. It’s arranged to frame the fine features of her face perfectly. I move over to her to do my job and I catch a hint of her perfume. It’s sweet and light, very natural just like the rest of her. The overall effect canlı bahis is a hint of refinement, a hint of sensuality, and a strong impression of confidence.

Maybe it’s just me, but she seems to be a bit more into my spiel than any of the other people I’ve pitched to earlier. We’re hitting it off rather well and it seems that we can do a good bit of business together. The bosses will be happy with this since this has all of the indications of turning into a fat, juicy account for us. As we exchange cards at the end of our conversation, she tells me, “Thanks for information, Hg.” What!? That’s part of my Internet handle! How does she know that!?

My head snaps back to her, a confused, puzzled, and shocked expression on my face. She laughs at my discomfort and reaches out to her card still in my hand and lifts it in to my line of sight. I take a good look at it and things start to fall into place. The purple printing. The Hawaiian address and phone number. The name Elle. HO-LY SHIT! My heart skips and a lightning storm fires off in my head. “Lady Ayane?” I ask incredulously.

Again you laugh at me, but it’s not a mean laugh. You nod your head and I reach out and wrap you in giant hug. “Dammit, you could have told me you were going to be here as well!”

“Now where would the fun have been in that?” you ask.

“Do you know how incredibly unfair it is that you’re the only one who’s seen a picture of the other? I don’t know why you never sent me yours, you’re simply gorgeous…”

We quickly make arrangements for dinner later that evening at my hotel. The rest of the show goes by in a distracted daze. The end of the day can’t come fast enough for me. Finally, the expo closes up and everyone starts to put things away and straighten up for tomorrow. I tell the other guys that I need to go ahead and head back so I can inform the home office about the day and to start following up on the leads we picked up. I practically fly back to my hotel and grab a quick shower and change of clothes. One pair of khakis, a button down Oxford shirt and a pair of tennis shoes later, I step out of my room and head down.

I get to the hotel restaurant with plenty of time to spare. Fifteen minutes later, you walk in. You’re dressed in a killer mid-thigh length black dress and 2 inch black heels. Your hair is pulled together and over the front of your left shoulder. The neck of your dress V’s down and accentuates your cleavage to outstanding effect. You have the attention of every person with a Y chromosome in the place. Looking at you, I get a lump in my throat and in my pants. Incredible. I stand up and you walk over to me. I lean down and place a kiss on your cheek then step back and take another admiring look. “Damn,” I tell you. “I feel like a bum at a fashion show, now.” You blush at the compliment and we make our way into the restaurant. Dinner is intimate and romantic followed by a couple of glasses of wine.

While we’re enjoying our drinks, I tell you that there’s something I need to let you know. “What’s that?” you ask.

“I *really* have the urge to kiss you right now.”

“Oh. Well, there’s nothing wrong with urges as long as you know what to about them,” you reply with a smile.

I place my glass on the table and reach for yours to do the same. Reaching up and placing my hand on your cheek, I stroke the back of my finger from your chin to beneath your ear, around the corner of your jaw then under your chin. You sigh slightly and lean into my hand with your eyes closed. I hold your chin with my thumb and forefinger and tilt your head up slightly. Your eyes open to look into mine and I begin to lean in slowly giving you plenty of opportunity to pull back if you bahis siteleri wish. The space finally vanishes between our lips and they touch lightly at first, then with increasing pressure and intensity.

I reach up with my hand and place it on your neck, just below your ear. You moan from the intimate contact and your lips part ever so slightly. I tentatively reach out with my tongue and touch your lips with it. You moan again and open your mouth even further. My tongue slips forward again and meets yours. The tips flick and probe each other then slide past each other and begin to entwine. You reach up with one hand and place it on my chest and the rest the other on my leg, just above the knee. We break the kiss long enough for you to suggest that we go up to my room. I sign for the bill and charge it to my room and we head for the elevators.

The moment the room door closes behind us, you press against me, wrapping your arms around my neck and pulling my head down. Our lips meet again, this time much more passionately that earlier. I slide my right arm around your waist and the other under your shoulder and around your back pulling you tight to me. You break the kiss for a moment and step away. Grabbing my hand you lead us into the rest of the room,

You step over to the stereo and turn it on, moving up and down the dial until you find a station you like. The sounds of jazz fill the room and you look pleased. You turn back to me and ask me to dance with you. Taking your hand, I place the other low on your waist and we begin to slow dance in time with the music. Nothing is said between us verbally, but plenty is said with our eyes and bodies. We get closer to each other as time goes on. You lay your head against my chest and put your arms around my neck. I pull you tight against me and place my chin on top of your head.

Again it’s you who breaks away. You step back and look up into my eyes. “Make love to me,” you ask me. With that, I take you’re your face in both hands and kiss you fiercely. You moan in response and seem to get weak in the knees. Slowly, you reach up and begin to unbutton my shirt. Fully undone, you pull the tails out of my slacks and slide your hands up from my waist and over my chest and to my shoulders, pushing it off and down. Your fingers play in the light amount of hair on my chest.

I reach behind you and pull the zipper for your dress down to your waist. You shrug your shoulders out of it and I let go allowing it to fall to the floor. I caress your smooth shoulders and back and slowly lower one hand to your ass. By now, you’ve begun unbuckled my belt and are trying to open my pants. I help you out and you push my pants down once they’re undone. Now we’re standing in our underwear; you in a matching black lace bra and panty set and me in my boxers.

Moving back in for another kiss, you place one hand between us and begin to knead my growing erection through my boxers. My hands move to your back to unhook your bra and end up fumbling around lost. You laugh at my confusion for a moment before reaching up and unclasping your bra at the front. Chagrined, I blush slightly before returning to the kiss. The attention you’re paying to my cock increases and I respond by fondling your breasts; your nipples beginning to tighten under the palms of my hands. You moan again and fall into me.

It’s my turn to step away as I grab your hand and lead you to the bed. When we get there, I turn you around and kiss you again, tongues searching and wrestling. I push you back and begin to lower you onto the bed, never breaking the kiss. Laying you down, I brush the hair from the sides of your face. I begin to plant small licks and kisses down your neck bahis şirketleri and across your shoulders. You reach up and place a hand on the back of my head and press me to you. I kiss my way down your chest and to your breasts. Licks and nibbles on your sensitive nipples cause you to gasp and moan.

I slide my right hand down your flat stomach until I reach the waist of your panties. I work my fingers under the elastic and cup your pussy; squeezing, pressing against it, grinding over it in circles. You moan throatily and hunch your hips against my hand in response. “Please, take me now. Please!” you almost beg.

I sit up and slide my boxers off then grab the waist of your panties. You lift your hips up and I pull them off and toss them over my shoulder in the general direction of the rest of our clothes. I position myself between your legs and you reach down and grab a hold of my shaft. Holding myself up on one hand I look down at our crotches. You pump me a few times before pulling me to your dripping pussy. You aim the head right at your opening and grind your hips up, forcing me into you. The feeling of your heat and softness overwhelm me for a moment. “All the way in… Go all the way…” you beg. I begin to push and you gasp in response. Once I’m all the way in, you wrap your legs behind my back and lock your ankles together, trapping me in you. Like I was going to go anywhere at the moment…

After adjusting to my length buried in you, you urge me to begin moving. I start slowly, but you want nothing of that. “More, more!” you implore me. I increase my tempo but you’re still not satisfied.

I give in and begin to piston in and out hard and fast. You begin to writhe underneath me as I give you what you want. Your hands fly to my back and you dig your nails into my back. The slight pain only causes me to increase my efforts. Your gasps are now whimpers and moans of ecstasy as you get lost in the feeling. At this pace, I know I’m not going to last much longer. I tell you that I’m getting ready to cum. You moan loudly and squeeze your legs and arms around me, letting me know exactly how you feel about that.

All of the building pressure finally hits the breaking point. My body begins to stiffen and my strokes become short and irregular. My breathing becomes hoarse and raspy. “Don’t stop, don’t stop. Cum in me!”

Suddenly I cry out as the force of my orgasm releases itself. With each spasm, I grunt and my hips involuntarily mash against your clitoris. My arms can no longer support my weight and a collapse onto you. “Ohgodohgodohgod,” you repeat incoherently. I bite down on your neck and it sends you over the edge yourself. You clench your jaw and a flush spreads across you r neck and chest. The rest of your muscles tighten up and spasms as your legs threaten to squeeze me in half. A sweat springs up all over your body as you join me in release. Just as I’m starting to worry if you’ll pass out, you take a deep, shuddering breath and start panting as if you just ran a marathon.

Both of us gulp in ragged breaths as our bodies collapse limply. I begin to withdraw from you but you shake your head no and emphasize your point by readjusting your legs still hooked behind my back. We simply lay there, and I gently brush the hair away from your face. I soften to the point were my cock falls out of your pussy and only then do you release me.

I reach for the corner of the bed sheets and pull them free. You move just enough to where I can pull them out from under, then over us. You roll over on to your side and I spoon up tightly behind you, draping one arm over you. I take a hold of one of your hands and lace our fingers together and place the entwined pair directly over your heart. I place one final kiss on the back of your neck. “That was simply amazing.” You whisper.

“Yes, you were,” I respond. You sigh happily and snuggle back against me. Together, we drift off into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32