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I thank Indiesoul for her edits and suggestions on an earlier draft.


Sally lay face down in our bed. Clad in only her panties; her soft dark curls fanned out across her shoulders. I was slowly rubbing her back and neck in the soft light of the early morning.

“Hmmmm,” she hummed as my hand kneaded and caressed the muscles in her shoulders and along her spine. My other arm supported my head as I lovingly touched her. I loved looking at her body. Sally had broad hips and a full, round ass. Her thighs were probably best described as “thick” but were proportionate to her body. I had always found them lovely, especially when they were wrapped around my waist. The skin on her back was soft and while she was enjoying being pampered, I was getting aroused by the intimacy.

“Rub my buns” she whispered, slightly shy, but more than willing to demand what she wanted.

I gave a little, flirty growl, “You bet, gorgeous.” My hand slid lower, pushing her panties down around her thighs. I began to slowly caress her round globes, first one side, and then the other. Alternating between using my full palm, and just letting my fingers dance across the more sensitive skin along the lower edges of her buttocks. She sighed a mewling moan.

I began to tease a little more, my fingers sliding a little further between her legs and then gently tracing the crack of her lovely ass. She would tense a little, signaling me to back off, my palm still caressing her with care. However, each time, my fingers would start to explore her forbidden areas again. I used my pinky finger to push her boundaries as the others brushed and caressed her full cheeks. Gently, my finger found her tight rose bud, and she whimpered slightly. Almost objecting, but not quite. Again and again, I teased and I played.

I slid down the bed, kneeling next to her outstretched legs. My hands grabbed her panties on either side and pulled them down until they cleared her thighs, and then easily slid off her calves past her feet. Gently, I spread her legs and crawled between her knees. I let my fingers slide along the insides of her thighs, slowly teasing as they got closer and closer to her now exposed sex and ass. Sally mewled, a sound of uncertainty mixed with arousal and desire.

With my right hand, I began to tease at her pretty little pussy. My fingers danced along the edges of her labia as she lifted her hips up to expose more of herself to me. She was starting to get wet, and my fingers slipped between her pink folds easily. I gently brushed her clit and caressed her glistening opening. With my other hand, I began to tease and caress her bahis firmaları rose.

Her cheeks clenched and her hips thrust against the bed, as she tried to avoid my attention to her ass.

“Relax, Sally, just enjoy it,” I whispered.

“But,” her voice a mix between arousal and a whine, “it’s dirty back there. I shouldn’t let you.”

“Shhhh, baby. It’s beautiful, it’s not dirty. It turns me on.” My cock throbbed at her words and her conflicted desire. She whimpered again, relaxing but still unsure.

I waited, teasing her pussy more, before resuming my attention to her delicate little bud. This time when my finger gently started teasing, just barely at the edges of the crepe like skin, her barely audible whimper was a reluctant acceptance of her own desire. A guilty admission of enjoying the sensations she was feeling.

I let my finger slowly circle her forbidden pink rose, circling closer to the center, and then back out. Lightly teasing, and then occasionally letting my fingers drift back across her curvy globes. Each time I returned to her tight bud, she whimpered with guilty pleasure.

I paused and reached up, grabbing a pillow. Guiding her hips with my hand, I slide the pillow underneath. She relaxed more, and I slid down on my stomach between her thighs. Supporting myself on my elbows, my hands just under her thighs, I began to kiss and nibble at her inner thighs, just barely below her sex. Her low moan was as encouraging as it was arousing. I moved to the soft skin right where her thighs joined her ass, my lips nibbling and sucking at her. Her moans turned to mewls, and then I let my tongue slide between her lips, tasting her tangy juices. Her moan turned deep and throaty.

Her hips rotated, urging my tongue to address her needy clit. I let my tongue slide and tease her pussy, not quite reaching her clit. Delving into her tunnel and sucking on her thick, aroused lips. She arched more, silently begging for me to lick her clit. I held back, still teasing as she moaned her wordless needs. Then, I let my tongue slide up to her ass. Her arched back and rotated hips had opened her ass wide, and her little back door was extremely exposed. The taste was dark and musky, but her reaction was nearly a scream. My tongue swirled and teased as she collapsed her hips back onto the pillow as I continued my attention to her virgin back hole. I used my hands to push her hips back up, almost feeding her gorgeous ass to my mouth. Her whimpers suggested that she wanted to object, but her body was overruling her mind.

After a few moments of teasing her ass with my mouth, I slid my knees back under kaçak iddaa myself. I let my right hand begin to tease at her sexy pink pussy again, and my finger soon found her swollen clit. “God, yes,” she gasped as I started a slow swirling motion around it. Her hips pushed down, demanding more pressure. With my left hand I rubbed and caressed her full ass. “Don’t stop,” she demanded, and I obliged her.

In a moment, she exploded, her hips bucking against my trapped hand. My other hand teased at her stunning ass some more, taking the opportunity to build the association between orgasm and ass play. After a moment, her convulsions began to subside and I slipped my hand from underneath her. Using her juices as lubricant, I slowly pushed my middle finger into her ass.

“Oh…” she paused. “Stop…” pausing, “wait.” Her surprised objections coming between her attempts to catch her breath from her orgasm.

“Shhhh, just relax, Sally,” I whispered. I held my finger, just one knuckle deep so far, not moving, but not removing it either.

“I don’t know,” she breathed, and then she relaxed slightly. I waited, and then slowly began to slide my finger deeper. Past her tight ring, until it was buried completely in her beautiful ass. With my other hand, I caressed her globes, her thighs, and teased at her sensitive pussy. I could feel her begin to relax and I slowly pulled my finger back out. I paused, waiting to feel her relax and adjust, before slowly sliding it back in her ass. Her moan was almost a grunt, acquiescing, but not quite accepting.

I added a second finger and she squealed, not quite in pain, more in surprise as it stretched her. Slowly, I pushed them both into her, until again, they were as deep as I could reach. I waited, my other hand still caressing and teasing her. Again, she started to relax and I began to fuck her ass with my fingers. “What…” she paused, “what are you going to do?” She asked, but we both knew the answer. I wanted to take her virgin ass, and she knew it. I remained silent, slowly finger fucking her lovely ass.

“Please,” her voice a mixture of fear, but also desire and arousal, “use more lube.”

I slowly and gently slid my fingers out, and reached over to the nightstand. I took the bottle of lube, and squirted a generous dollop into the palm of my hand. I put my fingers into the pool, carefully coating them and warming the lube. They slid into her almost effortlessly, and I felt her relaxing. I spread the leftover lubricant on my throbbing cock, as I continued to slowly prepare her ass.

I was surprised at how quickly she was accepting the new intrusion. I could feel kaçak bahis her relaxing and opening to these new, but challenging sensations. I continued my ministrations, gently probing, teasing and letting her move beyond mere acceptance. Slowly I began to fuck her ass with my two fingers. As she mewled slightly, I knew she was ready, and I shifted to prepare myself.

Taking another dollop of lubricant, I added it to my cock, and then spread a little around the slightly gaping opening of her ass. She whimpered and I said, “Relax baby, we’ll go slow.”

I positioned myself on top of her, my cock just barely pushing at her tight rose. She gasped, “Please, if it hurts…please…,” her voice questioning, hoping, fearing, wanting and needing all at once.

“Shhhh,” I comforted, “yes darling, relax, it’ll be ok.”

I began to slowly push myself into her. She gasped as I entered and then squeaked when the head of my cock pushed past her inner ring. “Oh, God, wait…wait, stop,” her voice was breathless.

I stopped, holding myself as still as I could, my cock throbbing with the pleasure of the tight grip and my mind reeling with the heady excitement of a fantasy finally being fulfilled.

“Shhhh, relax baby, it’s so sexy. God, you feel so good.” I stayed still until I felt her body start to relax again. Then, I slowly began pushing my cock deep into her ass again.

I moaned into her ear, “Oh, God, yes, Sally! That feels amazing!” My voice low, thick with arousal and wanton desire.

I paused when I was fully inside her. “Sally, I love your ass! It’s so gorgeous, and feels so wonderful,” I whispered into her ear as I began to slowly thrust in and out.

I was ready to stop if she objected until I heard her shaking voice, “Oh, God, oh…,” her voice rising in pitch.

She started to moan and whimper. Between the heady sensations and her sexy vocals, I found myself quickly reaching orgasm. My cock pumped hard as I groaned, “Oh. God! Yes. Ohhhh, Sally!” In a moment, it was over and I lay still on top of her, catching my breath. Her ass still gripped my now softening cock and I finally rolled off her, slipping it out with almost a ‘pop’ as my head cleared the tight ring. I laid on my side and she turned her head to face me. I steeled myself for her to be angry or ashamed. She had always objected to anal, and I feared that she would feel used. Her eyes twinkled a little, though, as a wry smile crossed her face.

“Did you enjoy it?” her voice soft and genuine.

“Yeah,” I admitted sheepishly, “was it at least unpainful?”

Her face flushed a little red. “I think I came,” she admitted with deep embarrassment, “if I didn’t, I think I could next time.”

I must have looked really surprised at the words, “next time.”

She giggled, “Well, only if you do the same kind of job preparing me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32