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I was shocked and confused when I found them. A box containing a DVD titled ‘Chicks Balling Boys’, a bottle of lube & dildos of various colors, length and thickness. The box was hidden in the back of a closet, in the back bedroom, obviously not for me see.

My boyfriend, David, is 5′ 10″ with an average build and a cute bubble butt. My name is Cindy. I’m 5′ 5″ with a slim body. I have perky C cup breasts and a shaved pussy that was tingling while I stared at the box of dildos I have found.

‘What could he possibly do with these?’ I thought.

Some were thicker than my wrist. Others were longer than my whole forearm.

I put the box back where I found it. I wondered if I should tell him what I’ve found or just leave that for another day.

Although while putting the box away my pussy was getting wet thinking of my boyfriend taking these big phallic objects up his ass.

He came home that Friday evening from work and we did our normal routine. We made dinner, went for a walk and watched some TV.

My girlfriend Ashley called me asking if wanted to go out to get some drinks. I said I would. Knowing David dislikes being social, I didn’t even ask him if he wanted to go.

I put on some jeans and a nice spaghetti strap blouse. I packed some things to stay the night just in case I got to tipsy and needed to stay at Ashley’s.

I told David I would be gone for a few hours if not the whole night, depending on how wild Ashley and I get.

I drove to meet Ashley at her place about 15 minutes away. While I was there I realized I’d forgotten my ID in my other purse.

Ashley said ‘It wouldn’t be a problem to stop by real fast to grab it.’

As we drove up to the house we noticed all the lights were off in the front rooms.

‘That’s weird’, I thought, ‘what’s going on?’

A illegal bahis naughty thought hit my mind. ‘What if David was playing with his box of toys right now?’

I decided to go around the back instead of use the front door.

The lights were on in the back room. All the shades were drawn except one was slightly crooked on one side and stayed open about an inch and a half.

When I peered into the small opening in the blinds, I saw the box of dildos and my boyfriend laying naked on the bed, on a bath towel playing with his hard dick, watching something on the TV.

He suddenly got onto all fours. His ass was positioned straight towards me as he was still mesmerized by the video he was watching. He grabbed the bottle of lube and put a big glob on his middle finger. He started to rub his asshole slowly slipping in one finger, then two fingers, then three fingers.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My boyfriend was finger fucking his asshole.

A twinge of horniness arose.

I undid my jeans so I could play with myself.

I was wet with the thought of secretly watching my boyfriend’s kinky fetish.

David pulled his fingers out of his ass and reached for a dildo in the box. He pulled out the large white one. It had to be at least 9-10in long and 2in around. He put some more lube on the head of the dildo and layed down on his back. He rubbed the tip of the toy over his asshole and slowly started to push it in his awaited hole. He got the head of the dildo in and then stopped. He let it rest there for a few seconds before he pulled it out and reapplied more lube. He repositioned the dildo and pushed it into his ass again. This time he didn’t stop at the head, he was able to get about half in. Then he started working that large dildo in his ass more. Before long he had all 9-10 inches illegal bahis siteleri of that toy deep in his ass. He slowly pulled it out to the tip then eased it fully back in into his ass. He started to pick up the pace of his thrusts, using the entire length to pleasure himself.

By this time I’m rubbing my clit feverishly, fixated on watching David play with himself.

So much so I didn’t realize Ashley was standing there watching me peep through the blinds.

‘Cindy, what are you doing?’ she asked.

Before I could answer she looks through the opening in the shades and sees David on his back with his legs in the air pounding his ass with a large dildo.

‘What is he doing to himself?’ Ashley asks with a shocked look on her face.

‘What does it look like?’ I retorted ‘He is sticking large dildos in his ass.’

‘Did you know about this kinky fetish of David’s?’ she asks.

‘I did not.’ I replied ‘But I will admit, it makes me horny watching him take a dildo in his butt.’

‘I’m always horny.’ Ashley said as she also undid her pants so she could play with herself while she watches my boyfriend dildo his ass.

We both looked through the opening to see David continue to pump his ass with the full length of the dildo. He suddenly stopped and pulled the dildo out of his ass. He got into his knees and set the dildo aside. He reached into the box and pulled out a much bigger dildo.

‘Holy shit.’ We both whispered looking at each other.

The new dildo was black and must have been 12-13 inches long and 2.5-3in around. Definitely thicker than my forearm.

He lubed up the big dildo and sat slowly back onto it, easing it into his asshole. First the head popped in and he immediately pulled it out only to pop it right back in again. He sat back in that huge black canlı bahis siteleri dildo until it was half disappeared into his ass. He started to grind on the dildo, inching it deeper inside him. Slowly but surely he got the full length of that huge 12-13 inch black dildo deep in his ass. He started to work that big, thick dildo, up and down, up and down. His cute bubble butt was shaking as he started to go faster. He was using the full length of the dildo to pleasure his ass.

Ashley and I couldn’t take our eyes off of what we were seeing. How easily that huge, thick dildo disappeared into my boyfriend’s now gaping asshole.

We watched David ride that huge dildo and stroke his hard dick for the next couple of minutes.

Then David grabbed another dildo from the box. This one was way smaller by comparison to the one he had in his ass right now. It was flesh colored, probably only 6-7in & no more and 1 inch around.

He started to lick this new dildo up the shaft until he got to the tip and he started sucking on it. Now he has a dildo deep in his ass and one in his mouth. He started to jack his hard dick. He pulled the dildo from out if his mouth, placed it under his dick and started to cum a big, thick load all over the smaller dildo.

Then he did something that I never thought I’d see with my own eyes. He picked up that cum covered dildo and licked up his dripping cum like it was a melting popsicle.

Ashley and I both looked at each other with a look of shock and lust.

After David was done licking up all his cum, he pulled the huge dildo from his ass. His asshole was big and stretched out.

‘I could probably fit both my fists up there, easily.’ commented Ashley.

David gathered up the toys he used and headed to the bathroom.

Ashley and I both snuck back to her car and headed back to her place.

We didn’t go out that night. Instead we talked about what we saw that night and had a few mutual masturbation sessions. We also discussed the naughty things we each wanted to do to my boyfriend’s ass.

Next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32