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Adriana Chechik

The following is fictional. Names, and locations have been made up and are not meant to depict real people, living or deceased. These stories also depict dangerous, unprotected sexual encounters. In this day and age of killer STDs, please be careful and wear protection! Only YOU can keep yourself healthy.

This is an adults only story. If you are underage in the community you live in, please do not go any further. Thank you and happy reading!


Chapter 9 – Holiday Happenings At The Four Sisters Saloon

Greetings and salutations from the Four Sisters Saloon! The ladies and I sincerely hope you’ve all had joyous and happy holidays so far. We’ve been pretty damn busy here at the FSS, with our main party room booked solid through the end of the year. We’ve almost haven’t had time for any fun. Notice I said almost.

We recently got permission to stay open until 4 A.M. on the weekends and on holidays so we hired three new waitresses here at the FSS. There’s Susan, Joy and her sister Jill. Naturally, they’re pretty damn hot, if I do say so myself, and I just did!

Susan is a thin girl, not usually my type, but there’s something about her face. It just gets my blood boiling (along with my sperm). Susan, or Susie-Q as I like to call her, has smallish breasts but an ass to just die for. It’s nice and round and tight. She says it’s from her days as a runner. Whatever it’s from, it’s very, very, very nice.

Joy and Jill, although close in age, look nothing alike. Joy has big breasts, DD acording to her, and is rather tall. She’s a raven haired beauty and is really gorgeous. She’s also in her mid-forties. Her sister Jill, on the other hand, is short, barely five foot, even in pumps. She’s in her early forties, has blonde hair and deep, sexy blue eyes. She probably a large B cup but her breasts sit firm and high on her chest. When she wears a crop top, the guys in the bar can’t seem to keep their mouths closed. She don’t take shit from anyone though and can hold her own. The ladies have really complimented my wife and her sisters. Susie-Q, Joy and Jill have become fast friends with Carla, Cindy, Amy and Fran despite only being here a few months now.

Last Friday night, Dave, the biker that has his parties here on a regular basis now, had a Christmas Party for his bike club. The usual suspects were there, along with some of the ladies that ride with them. The drinks flowed freely and the guys were having a lot of fun with the new girls. Susan, Joy and Jill really had their hands full with the guys but it was all in good fun. Even some of the biker women were hitting on them. Susie-Q really enjoyed the attention she was getting while Joy and Jill just laughed it off. Prior to being hired, we had warned the three of them that it can get pretty raunchy and quite unpredictable at the Four Sister’s Saloon and that if they had a problem with that, they should look for employment elsewhere. All three of them told us that it would be no problem. I was still worried though. I wasn’t so sure the women would be as calm as they said they would be if any sexual shenanigans broke out. As it turns out, I needn’t have worried.

The party had it’s usual flair for the erotic. I had the servers dress up like Santa’s Elves while I was Santa, of course. The girl’s costumes were quite short and showed lots of skin. The women who came in with Dave and his party were scantily dressed as well. I have to hand it to Dave, he knows what I like to see and made sure the ladies wore their best. It wasn’t usual biker fare. There were lots of dresses and skirts. Of course, they were all pretty short, so it was all good.

As the night wound down, the few people left were regulars. There was Dave, Carl, Danny, Jim and Alan from Dave’s biker group and a few of our city’s finest, both police and fire. Even the canlı bahis Mayor and his wife were there. I finally closed the front doors around 1 A.M. and we retired to the back party room. Susan, Jill and Joy stayed to help clean up. We let whomever was left in the bar stay until we were ready to leave. We had probably 15 – 20 guys and the ladies.

“Hey Tommy, can you come back here a minute,” Dave yelled from a table in back. I walked over to where he and his friends were sitting.

“Yeah Davey Boy, what’s up?” I asked.

“The boys and I were just wondering, which of the new ladies has the best tits?”

“Well, I haven’t seen them so I wouldn’t know.”

“Come on Tom, you mean to tell me you haven’t at least taken a peak? I find that hard to believe!” He exclaimed.

“Honestly Dave, I haven’t had the time. You know it’s busy around here this time of year.” I replied.

“Yeah, but what about before then? Didn’t you have them flash you to get the job?”

“No, I didn’t Dave, but I’ll tell you what, if you can talk them out of their tops, I’ll have Cindy and her sisters go topless too.

“You got a deal!” He shouted. He called Susan, Joy and Jill over to the table. I stepped back to the bar to watch. Cindy, Carla, Fran and Amy joined me at the bar.

“What’s up?” Asked Amy.

“Oh, Dave’s trying to get the girls to take off their tops.” I explained.

“No shit! Do you think they’ll do it?” Cindy asked.

We took side bets to see if Dave would be able to cajole the ladies out of their shirts. I bet he wouldn’t be able to, while my wife and her sisters took the bet that he would. They each took a length of time it would take for Dave to get them topless. I then informed my beautiful wife and her sisters that if the other ladies went topless, they would also have to go topless. There was nothing but smiles all the way around.

Susan came up to the bar. “Um, Tommy, Dave over there has had too much to drink. He’s asking Joy and Jill and me to take off our tops. He’s even offered a rather large tip if we comply and well, the three of us talked about it and we’ve agreed to do so, if it’s alright with you. I just feel bad about taking money from your friends.”

I turned to Cindy and her sisters and gave each of them a $100 bill. “You win ladies,” I just smiled.

Susan had this shocked look on her face. Carla just laughed and started to take her shirt off. “Come on Susie, let’s see what kind of money we can get you and the two J’s.”

Carla took Susan’s hand and headed back to the table. Cindy, Fran and Amy were already working on taking their tops off. I helped them get topless, copping a feel as I removed their tops and bras. Cindy stayed with me at the bar, while Fran and Amy walked over to Dave’s table.

It was very quiet in the bar. The guys were all watching the women as Susan, Carla, Fran and Amy walked to the table. Joy and Jill looked over at me and I just smiled. They looked nervous but on the other hand, their nipples were hard as rocks. I didn’t think you could get a nipple show through the heavy elf costumes they were wearing. Dave and the rest of the guys were in for a treat!

The ladies peeled down their tops to reveal three lovely pairs of breasts. Susan was the first to go. Her breasts were much like I imagined them; small, pert and with a pair of diamond cutting nipples. Joy went next, her big breasts spilling out of her top. She has very impressive breasts; big, hanging with large nipples and aerolas. You cold hear the guys’ mouths water. Jill was last but definitely not the least. When she took down her top, it was like watching a beautiful sunset. Her breasts spilled out; firm, high on her chest with light pink aerolas and nipples.

My sister in laws got behind each of the girls and grabbed handfuls of tit. They bahis siteleri started to massage and pull and tug on the ladies’ nipples. Susan, Joy and Jill sighed and laid their heads on my sister-in-law’s shoulders. I could see some of the guys starting to rub their cocks through their pants.

“Simply beautiful,” was all Dave could mutter.

My sister-in-laws moved from behind the girls and stood in line with them. Damn, what a sight! Twelve sets of perfect, gorgeous breasts. Cindy was rubbing my cock and soon got down on her knees, unbuckled my pants and started to suck on my cock. I gently held her head, as she worked my dick in and out of her mouth. I reached down and pulled on her nipples, causing her to moan a little. I love watching Cindy suck my cock. She’s so into it and so damn good at it.

I looked over at Dave’s table. The girls were busy as well. The guys had paired off and were busy playing with the ladies’ tits. Joy was getting a lot of attention, naturally, but so were the other girls. It was all I could do to keep from coming in Cindy’s mouth, as I watched the girls in action. The fondling and massaging soon turned to groping and sucking. I could hear soft moans coming from the girls, while the guys were busy fishing out their cocks so the girls could play with them.

I felt my balls tighten and I warned Cindy I was about to come. She pulled my dick out of my mouth and let me come on her gorgeous face. I unloaded a fairly large amount of come on her face and tits. Cindy just licked her lips and smiled. She stood up, bent over the bar and ordered me to fuck her hard and fast.

“You should be able to hold out a nice, long time since you just came my love.” She smiled back at me.

I removed the rest of her Elf costume and positioned my cock at her pussy entrance. I shoved my cock into her cunt in one smooth motion. Damn was my baby wet. I slid in so easily that I roughly pushed Cindy against the bar, causing her to grunt.

“Hey, take it easy back there big boy.”

“Sorry about that baby. You’re just so wet.” I sheepishly replied.

Cindy and I soon worked ourselves into a nice, steady rhythm. My belly was slapping against her ass, as she pushed herself back on to my cock. My come was dripping off her face and tits and onto the bar. Every now and then, Cindy would bend her head down and lick some of it off the bar. That vision made my cock even harder than it was.

“Let me help you with that,” a voice said.

Cindy and I looked up to see the mayor’s wife, Sandy, looking at the come on the bar with lust in her eyes. Steve, the mayor, was busy feeling his wife up and working on removing her skirt. Sandy bent over and licked some of my come off the bar. She leaned forward and shared a kiss with Cindy. I felt Cindy’s pussy tighten around my cock, as Sandy slipped her some tongue. Cindy moaned when Sandy reached up and started to work her nipples.

“You sure have a wonderful way of showing your hospitality” Steve smiled at me.

“Customer service is our main priority!” I smiled back.

Steve pushed his cock into his wife, causing her to moan into Cindy’ mouth. I looked over at the table. The crowd was busy there as well. There were all kinds of positions and combinations going on as the large group ebbed and flowed. It was a tangle of arms, legs, mouths, hands, breasts and cocks. I could hear moans eminating from the center of the group, where Joy, Jill and Susie-Q were being pleasured by many hands and lips. Although I couldn’t see very well past the other bodies, I was guessing that the three of them were on the table being fucked silly by both the guys and my dear, sweet, sexy SILs.

I turned my attention back to fucking Cindy. I began to slap her ass and she responded by coming hard. Sandy grabbed Cindy’s head and forced bahis şirketleri her to suck on her tits. Sandy moaned as Cindy tugged on her nipples. Steve increased the force of his strokes and Sandy had a very powerful orgasm. That was it for me. The sight of my lovely wife being forced to suck another woman’s tits, along with the spasming of her pussy were too much for me. I grunted out my orgasm and filled Cindy’s pussy with my come. Steve wasn’t too far behind me and gave Sandy a pussy full of cream as well. The four of us were bent over the bar, panting and trying to catch our breath.

I looked over to the table and my guess was right. The three “newbies” were stretched across the table. Each of then had a plethora of hands and lips on their bodies. They were moaning and sighing as the guys worked their bodies over. I looked for my SILs but didn’t see them right away. When a loud moan rang out, I looked over at the wall and discovered my hotties sitting in chairs, making each other come. They were each sucking on a thick cock and had one of their hands in their sister’s pussy. My cock started to harden again and I began to fuck Cindy slowly.

“Hold on there a minute mister. I’m a bit sore and could use a break”

“I have an idea.” Sandy chimed in. “Get up on the bar and you and I can 69. I’d love to taste some of your husband’s come again.”

“I like the way you think Sandy,” Cindy quickly replied.

The ladies got up on the bar and positioned themselves for some 69 action. Steve and I sat back and watched the three groups go at it. My SILs were just about to get their guys to come. I watched as each cock emptied it’s load on to my SIL’s tits and faces. Carla, Fran and Amy rubbed the come into their tits and headed back over to the table. They were just in time to see the grand finale.

Joy, Jill and Susan were still on their backs on the table. The rest of the guys were surrounding the table and stroking their cocks. The girls were hot, teasing the guys and begging them to come on them. When Fran, Amy and Carla got down between their legs and began to eat them, the girls screamed and came. The guys followed soon after. There was come flying everywhere. Joy, Jill and Susan had come in their hair, on their faces, tits and cunts. My SILs were busy lapping up as much as they could. The also had come in their hair and on their faces. God damn did they look sexy.

The guys were in awe as Carla, Fran and Amy continued to suck and lick the other three ladies to powerful orgasms. They took turns feeding their cocks to Susan, Jill and Joy and those three eagerly sucked on anything that came close to their mouths. The guys soon took to rubbing their cocks in the come and feeding it to the six hungry ladies.

I looked down and discovered I had jerked myself off to another orgasm without even knowing it. There was come splattered on the floor below me. Steve evidently had separated Cindy and Sandy. He was fucking Cindy while Sandy sat on Cindy’s face. I bent down and sucked on Cindy’s tits a while, letting Sandy and Steve work her over to several orgasms. When Cindy came, I think the whole neighborhood would have heard it had not Sandy been covering her mouth with her cunt. Even through a mouthful of pussy and come, Cindy’s orgasm was so loud that the folks at the table stopped to watch her come. Steve filled Cindy’s pussy with another load and just shook his head in amazement.

The party ended soon after that. We were all tired and spent. When Cindy stood up, Steve’s come ran down her legs. She looked like the beautiful slut she is. We showed our guests out and I sent the ladies home to rest. The ladies all had the biggest smiles on their faces. Luckily, we opened late on Saturday so we all could get some rest. I finished cleaning up and headed for home. On the drive home, all I could think about was how much of a lucky bastard I really was. I wonder what will happen at the private New Year’s Party we’re having? I guess I’ll have to fill you in about next time.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32