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This is a fun little story that I had in the works for a couple of months now. It’s not an original concept but I don’t care. It’s just a one off story for now. May do additional chapters at a later date but for now, this is a solo story. Enjoy.


“Come in Joanie Biggs. Please, have a seat,” greeted 59-year-old Giorgio Wilson, an overweight struggling porn director. He immediately felt a jolt in his sweats from the massive-breasted girl standing outside his door. Her 5’8 tanned frame was skinny as a rail but she was packing some humongous knockers on her chest making it hard for him to pry his lust-filled eyes off long enough to notice her face. She had to have weighted at least 115 with 10 pounds being in each massive twin sphere.

The 23-year-old hesitantly entered Giorgio’s nice size apartment and took a seat on his black love sofa. Giorgio could tell she was nervous and shy but that was understandable for a first timer. Joanie had to be his luckiest find in the last few months. He had been struggling for a few weeks to find a new girl that didn’t look like she had been used goods. While Joanie wasn’t the most strikingly gorgeous woman that Giorgio has worked with, she was passable for cute with a curvaceous chest as an added extra bonus. She had a very short light-brown pixie haircut, crystal-blue eyes, an avenge size nose, and a slight overbite with two big front teeth that were only noticeable when she smiled or spoke. While Joanie’s thin pink sweater and hip-hugging jean attire wasn’t sexy, the thin material of her sweater was stretched tight around her preposterously bulky jugs and made her enormous brassiere translucent.

“Just a formality but you are over 18, correct?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m 23 and just for the record, I wouldn’t be here if I really didn’t need the money,” a nervous Joanie confessed. “I’m behind on my rent and my car payment. My factory job doesn’t pay very well and I already owe my parents money.”

“It’s perfectly natural to need quick cash. Just relax and take some deep breaths and I’ll have you out of here with your $1500 check in no time,” reassured Giorgio. “Now I understand you have a significant other? How does he feel about you surrendering your pussy today to another man?”

“I don’t know…” Joanie replied blushing. “I really didn’t have the heart to tell him. I rather keep this a secret…”

“I see. Is he a good lover? Does he satisfy your needs in bed?”

“Um, he’s okay. He’s pretty plain when it comes to sex. He likes being on top mostly and he cums pretty quick before I get a chance,” Joanie innocently explained.

“Ah, I see. So the sight of your giant boobs makes him cum early? I couldn’t help but notice you have very large breasts. I wouldn’t blame him if that was true,” Giorgio emphasized.

“Honestly, he’s not a real big fan of my huge breasts and that’s one of the reasons that attracted me to him. It was never about the size of my enormous chest to him,” Joanie explained. “But I wish he had some kind of physical attraction to them in the bedroom. I end up squeezing my own breasts and sucking my nipples just to add some extra simulation to our rather boring sex.”

“I don’t know rather I should commend him for having such willpower around you or call him a stupid idiot for not giving your breasts the attention they rightfully deserved. Where am from, we don’t see woman that are very skinny with huge boobies at the same time. Some fools just don’t know how lucky they are,” Giorgio commented. “Aside from being a lover of huge tits, I also love feet. How big are your feet?”

“I would say between 8 or 8 1/2. Depending on the kind of footwear I buy,” she answered.

“Have you ever given your boring boyfriend a footjob?”

“No. I’m not into guys touching my feet. It’s just something that I would turn away from if any of my boyfriends ever asked which none of them have.”

“For an extra 50 bucks, will you let me have sex with your feet?”

“If it means that much to you, sure,” Joanie agreed.

“Well, I said I wouldn’t hold you up here any longer then need be so how about you get undressed so I can take some pictures and then we can move into the next phrase,” Giorgio announced.

Joanie nod in agreement and stood up. Giorgio couldn’t help but observe the heavy bounce in her massive tits. She grabbed the helm of her frill pink sweater and lifted it up with some resistance from her enormous breasts. Once the sweater was off and on the floor, Giorgio was astounded and treated to the pleasant view of titanic-sized mounds of pasty breast flesh running over and out the sides of a huge unflattering stronghold Joanie wore called a brassiere. His cock extended further in length in his sweats.

“I would not be a man if I didn’t ask what size are those cumbersome breasts.”

“I currently wear a 30GG but as you can see, it’s a little stuffy in my bra,” Joanie chuckled as she reached behind her back and unsnapped the multiple of hooks.

Like an avalanche, two mammoth-sized pale boulders that looked like they belonged on a heavier set woman came illegal bahis trembling out of Joanie’s brassiere and slapped loudly across small pot belly. Her long thin torso was all breast meat and they hung low due to their enormity but they looked absolutely spectacular in Giorgio’s lecherous eyes. Her heavy thick breasts were pale compared to the tanned skin around them and shaped like gigantic teardrops that obtruded outwards into massive spheres, topped with saucer-sized bumpy areolas and large puckered nipples that were both light pink.

“My heavens, Joanie. I’m going with the latter and saying your boyfriend is a stupid idiot for ignoring such beautiful masterpieces,” he complimented. “And it’s remarkable that you can walk upright with them looking so heavy and full. Are those babies lactating?”

“Unfortunately no, I can’t produce milk,” Joanie answered while she continued to remove the rest of her clothes. Every part of Joanie’s tanned body was ultra slim with the exception of her supersized knockers. Giorgio was in awe and admired Joanie’s ludicrous naked proportions. He noticed the deep bruising on her shoulders from strain of the bra straps that fought to contain her humongous globes. She wasn’t the most gorgeous woman he had the pleasure of working with but she had the biggest and fattest pair of tits he ever seen on a skinny frail body. He was extremely attempted to skip the photo session and take her straight to the sack. He didn’t hide the fact that his raging cock had swollen to large portion against his underwear and jutted noticeably from the front of his sweats.

“Shall we begin,” he announced.

In the first phrase, Giorgio took photos of Joanie in different angles; front, back, right side and left side like jail mug shots. She had a small tight butt and her pussy had a thin layer of dark hair covering it. He then had Joanie bend down with her legs spread apart giving him a beautiful clean shot of her spread pussy and pink asshole. Giorgio got a kick out of seeing Joanie’s enormous knockers dangle in her face and blocking her view of him as he stood behind her snapping photos. Her large fat nipples protruded fiercely from her heavy hanging udders. Giorgio groped his throbbing manhood in anticipation of fucking Joanie.

Next, Giorgio instructed Joanie sit and model off her size 8 1/2 feet with their nicely polished-purple toenails. She placed her perfectly arched feet side by side for shots of her smooth succulent soles and pointy toes. She then scrunched her toes to get an abundance of wrinkles on her pink soles. The sight of her wrinkled soles drove Giorgio nuts inside his chubby body just as much as her low hanging fat spheres. Giorgio next had Joanie spread her long legs for a delightful shot of her pink pussy that he was drooling to stuff his fat cock in.

In the next set of shots, Giorgio had Joanie model in a variety of outfits, mostly small tight tops that looked like they were going to cave in under the immense pressure of her gigantic chest pillows. He had Joanie jog in place while wearing stretchy tops. It was hard for her to keep a steady pace and good tempo with her oversized milk bags throwing her off balance with their heavy wobbling and flopping. It was a silly yet raunchy sight to see that had Giorgio’s stiff cock drooling pre-cum. His favorite was the small white tank top that was cut in half and came to a stop just below her prominent nipples leaving the massively curved bottoms of her thick breasts exposed and a pair of tiny yellow boy shorts that rode up her ass. He instructed Joanie to do some jumping jacks and the second she leaped into the air, her tank top flew up over her large flailing funbags. Joanie only did a few jumping jacks as she got winded quickly from feeling like she was jumping with enormous sacks of cement strapped to her chest.

After that dick hardening spectacle, Giorgio had Joanie get completely naked again and instructed her to play with her plump orbs of softness. Her tiny hands were practically swallowed up by the soft curvy sides of her bulbous pendulous breasts as she clutched them and began slapping them towards the center of her chest to the best of her ability. The intoxicating sound of her pliable flesh making loud heavy slaps was like music to Giorgio’s ears. He even heard soft moans escaping from between her lips as it seemed she enjoyed playing with her own breasts. Joanie squeezed her humongous melons together and shook them up and down as if there was a nice hard cock nesting comfortably between their spongy softness.

“Play with your big fat nipples,” Giorgio instructed.

Joanie dropped her fat flesh bags and clutched her large nipples. She pinched and tugged at her already rock-hard elongated teats that caused her uncontrollable moaning to become louder and deeper.

“Sensitive, are they?” he asked.

“Yes…” she softly whimpered.

She rubbed at her big nipples and they became hard enough to cut through sheet metal. The oral simulation to her nipples instantly set her pussy on fire. While all of that was going on, Giorgio felt like he lose a pint illegal bahis siteleri of cum just by watching Joanie move around and play with her tits. He fought the strong urge to jerk off or fuck her on the spot. His hard dick was in a cesspool of his cum. Joanie, amidst her intense horniess, noticed the large wet spot in front of Giorgio’s grey sweat pants.

“Swing those big ass titties for me,” groaned Giorgio.

Joanie let go of her stiff nips and twisted her body from side to side swaying her giant soft boobs. It was a daunting task for her to get a steady rhythm going as the heaviness of her breasts knocked her off balance. She leaned forward and gently swayed her shoulders making her monster tits swing like pendulums on a clock.

“Good, good,” Giorgio groaned as he took pictures. “I bet they swing nice when a cock is pounding you from behind.”

“I’ve never done it from behind. Danny, my boyfriend, just likes it when I’m on my back,” Joanie explained while still swinging her huge titties from side to side in a hypnotic obscene manner.

“Never been on top of your boyfriend?”

“Nope. He doesn’t want my huge breasts in his face with the fear that I might suffocate him.”

“For any real red-blooded American, that’s heaven, darling. You can stop swinging them and put that tee-shirt on over there and sit on the couch and play with your pussy. Make sure you put your beautiful feet up on the table so I can see them.”

Joanie did as she was told. The red tee-shirt with the words “Fresh Meat” written in bold green letters on the top was draped over her enormous twin peaks and kept everything below her waistline exposed. Her sore nipples pierced through the shirt like large erasers. She sat back on his love sofa with her bare feet up on his coffee table and proceeded to rub on her wet cunt. Masturbating was nothing new to Joanie as it was the only time she ever reached an orgasm. She rubbed her pussy up and down, exploding and probing between its inner slick walls. She let out a series of moans as her breathing started to become faster and faster. With her eyes closed, Joanie’s arched her back and pushed out her giant knockers as she drilled two of her fingers inside her tight cunt.

Giorgio stopped taking photos and started videotaping Joanie’s masturbation session. His dick never once went limp and continued to produce pre-cum inside his underwear which left huge stains on the front of his sweat pants.

“Grab that green dildo off the table beside you and fuck your pussy. I want to hear your loudest moan. I want to see you cum.”

Joanie opened her eyes and obeyed. She picked up the 7 inch green dildo with the fat head and fake balls attached and moved it in and out of her drenched pussy. Her mouth hung open wide with no sound while shoving the fake cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her free hand reached up and roughly fondled one of her overlapping enormous boobs over the top of the red Fresh Meat shirt. Giorgio’s hard boner stuck out like a sore thumb as he recorded up close footage of the dildo pushing in and out her pussy. The overwhelming sensation that her huge-boobed skinny body was feeling made her toes curl and soft soles wrinkle up.

Giorgio wanted terribly to stick his throbbing cock between her wrinkled soles and bask in their creased texture as he thrust between them until unleashing a mega load all over her feet but he once again fought the strong urge to fully submerge into his smutty desires. He could, however give her a helping hand to reach her first orgasm of the day. He moved to the other side of the coffee table between Joanie’s long scrawny legs and sat the video camera on the other end of the coffee table so it could capture and record all of Joanie.

“Play with your huge breasts while I shove this dildo in you until you cum,” Giorgio instructed, moving his head down to get his first look at her salivating dark bush.

Joanie relinquished the slippery dildo into Giorgio’s beefy hand and went to work kneading and pawing the heavy globes of flesh that hung over her sides. Giorgio watched with immense filthy lust as Joanie fondled her massive honkers that were right above his head while he repeatedly shoved the dildo in and out of her snug cunt. He put his face closer to her hot soggy snatch and smelt a strong tart aroma.

“This pussy looks and smells too good to pass up.”

Giorgio plunged his old bearded face into Joanie’s sweltering wet pussy and Joanie let out a loud grasp as soon as she felt his thick tongue making contact with her womanly flesh. She slumped back on the love sofa while still groping her torpedoed-boobs with her small hands while experiencing for the first time a man licking her pussy. Giorgio kept the dildo thrusting steadily in her soggy cunt while he licked and nibbled on the lips. He zeroed in on her small clitoris and attacked it feverishly; nibbling, licking, sucking, and pulling on it with his lips and teeth. The intense pleasure of the dildo and having her clitoris licked and sucked send Joanie over the edge hard and she succumbed to sheer bliss canlı bahis siteleri all over the dildo.

“I’m cummmmmmming! OHHHHHHH GOD!” Joanie cried.

Giorgio quickly removed the dildo from her hot snatch and planted his mouth over it while she came. His eyes moved up from her squirting cunt, wanting to see the rapturous expression on her face while she was cumming but his view was obstructed by the quivering mass of cumbersome tit flesh underneath the Fresh Meat tee-shirt as her body squirmed intensely under her mighty orgasm. The view of her shaking tits and hysterical moaning and groaning fueled Giorgio’s enthusiasm to feast and clean up the remaining cum residue left in her sticky pussy. After he was finished, Giorgio reached over and grabbed his video camera.

“Hmmmmm. Sweet and tangy,” Giorgio described Joanie’s cum juices as he swallowed the last bit. “I think it’s time you make your money. Get on your knees and suck my cock. Then I’m going to fuck you nice and proper.”

Giorgio kicked off his shoes and stripped out of his cum-stained sweat pants and underwear to reveal his thick 8 ½ deep-red throbbing veiny dick and dark reddish-brown ball sack that were already glistened in his cum. He sat down on the love sofa in just a black shirt and white dirty socks with his video camera pointed at Joanie. She slowly got up on her wobbly legs, still feeling the effects of her orgasm and kneeled down between his chubby hairy legs. Her eyes were alarmed by his shinny pulsating cock that jutted in front of her. It was bigger and thicker than any penis she ever seen.

“Wow. You’re big,” Joanie said amazed.

“I take it your boyfriend is not in the same league as me?”

“No. His is definitely not as big as yours.”

“You suck his cock?”

“Of course but I’m not an expert at it.”

“Well lucky for you, it’s not your mouth I’m after so just lube it up nice and wet in your saliva so it’ll be easier to slide into your cunt and fuck you.”

Joanie grabbed his slimy fat cock, barely able to fit her fingers around it and began stroking it up and down in a steady pace and rubbed his cum into the harden flesh. She moved her face closer to his meat and got a strong whiff of stale musk illuminating from his crotch. Joanie shyly engulfed the swollen thick head of his cock into her mouth and tasted the salty semen that glossed over it. She bobbed her head in classic style and took more and more of his veiny shaft between her lips. She kept one hand stroking the base of his dick and used the other to cradle and fondle his hanging balls. Joanie increased her sucking tempo, sliding her mouth up and down the raw flesh of his big naked penis only able to inhale 5 inches between her full lips.

Giorgio groaned as he rested his funky feet on the coffee and held video camera directly on this huge-breasted inexperience girl giving him a decent blowjob.

“Look into the camera with those pretty blue eyes,” he instructed.

With her mouth crammed-full of hard fat dick, Joanie looked into the video camera with her innocent looking crystal-blue eyes but kept bobbing her head. Beneath Joanie, her mammoth tits gently rocked against the sofa. She felt Giorgio’s fat cock swell further between her lips causing her jaw muscles to ache while she slobbered him down. The room was filled with her sloppy sucking noises and Giorgio’s deep grunting. After a few minutes of nonstop sucking his cock, Joanie released it from her mouth and trailed her tongue up and down the wet length its throbbing stiffness.

“Suck my balls, big tits.”

Joanie licked down his filthy wet cock to his bad smelling ball sack. She kept stroking his hard member while tonguing all around his dirty fat balls. She suckled one then the other while inhaling the stench of old vinegar that illuminated from his scrotum. Giorgio had the video camera zeroed in on Joanie as she devoured his balls.

“Lick the area between my balls and asshole.”

Reluctantly, Joanie released his stinky balls with a loud slobbery pop from her mouth and trailed her tongue down into the space between his balls and asshole. Her nose was pressed up against his wet smelly scrotum as she licked all around the area. Giorgio moaned uncontrollably with his pudgy toes curling in his socks. He wanted to cum all over Joanie’s face but fought the urge as she thoroughly licked his taint.

“Go further. Ohhhh yeah. Further down. Congratulations. You’re giving your first rim job.”

Giorgio took over rapidly stroking his angry cock while Joanie rested her hands on his fat hairy thighs and lightly tongued around his dirty butthole. The massive-boobed woman gave his nasty asshole a few licks and stabs with her tongue and it was enough to make Giorgio cum impulsively. He yanked her head back and aimed his cock down as massive volleys of thick white jism sprayed all over her face. Joanie closed her eyes and accepted the filthy cum bath to her entire face and partially in her hair. She felt the large tip of his throbbing spear parting her lips and entering until it reached the back of her willowy throat. Giorgio held onto Joanie’s head as he unloaded the rest and final drop of his thick man seed down the large-breasted Joanie’s throat. Her crystal-blue eyes were filled with tears from the large penis in her mouth and the foul stench from his crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32