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The phone rang for about the hundredth time today. I wearily looked at the caller id on the receiver, sick of hearing customer complaints. The whole office was busy on days like this, when it seemed the stock market was about to collapse, and I had heard enough of whiny customers. They got themselves into their losing positions, and wanted to yell at me when they went bad. But I was happy to answer this call, I hadn’t heard from Lisa in a while.

“Hey there, market down 300, how are you holding up?”

“I’d rather be just about anywhere else by now. Everyone’s got something to complain about. Got any better ideas?”

We had met about two years ago, and had briefly dated. The sex was great, but after a while we had decided that we were destined to be more friends than lovers. It was almost as though we liked each other too much to be in love. We settled into a friends-with-benefits situation, getting together about every month or so and occasionally sleeping together.

“You mean like hanging out on a private beach somewhere?”

“Sure. Or maybe holed up in a hotel for a while.”

“Sounds nice. Better be a king size bed, though. I haven’t gotten laid in a while and I’d probably be all over the place.”

“Sex as a gymnastic workout. That sounds like you. You need my ‘apparatus’?” I joked.

“Oh yeah, a floor routine with you inside me would be just right now,” she said, laughing at the stupidity of our flirting.

“What’s with the dirty talk in the office? Empty today?”

She was a lawyer in a large firm that had outgrown its office space and she worked in an open floor in a large cubicle she shared with two other lawyers and a paralegal.

“Yeah, Tricia is sick and Tom and Rachel are in court. So I’ve got a bit of privacy. Still looking at too many other people, but at least I’m out of earshot of everyone else.”

“Well, you want privacy, come over here to my office. Talking dirty in your office will just leave you frustrated. Do it here and you will wind up bent over my desk.”

“Yeah, the rest of your office would love that view.” she knew I was joking. My private office was separated from the main floor by a glass partition. She would have been all for sex in my office without that dammed glass wall, we had talked about it before.

“Screw the rest of the office, I want you naked and on top of me.”

“You know how much I want that right now? Why is this phone in my hand instead of your cock?”

“Keep saying things like that and my cock will be as hard as the phone. “

“I know it will.”

I placed my free hand in my lap and started gently rubbing my enlarging dick.

“I want to fuck you. I’m touching my cock now and it’s getting bigger for you, but I wish that it was your pussy I was touching.”

“Oh, I want to fuck you too. I can feel myself getting wet. Im rubbing my legs together and it’s turning me on even more.”

“Your tits should be in my mouth.”

“Nobody’s watching — I’m cupping one in my hand and rubbing through my bra. Oh, that feels good. I want you. I’m going to be hanging up the phone and running to the bathroom.”

I turned to the computer. A few clicks of the mouse and I found the information I was looking for.

“How would you like to be getting laid ten minutes from now?”

“Ohhhhh ….. Yes ….. How?” she exhaled.

“The movie theater next door to your office. It will take me less than 5 minutes to walk there. That new Mark Whalberg movie started a few minutes ago. That piece of junk should be nothing but loud music and explosions, and I doubt very many people will be there for a 12:30 show.”


“Dead serious. I’m going to meet you in the back row of the theater and fuck you.”

“Hmmmm. Sounds fun …. But….”

“You want to feel my cock in you or to just sit bahis firmaları there at work all horny?”

“Okay. let’s do it.”

“Meet me in the back row in ten. Be ready,” I said, promptly hanging up before she had a chance to change her mind.

I walked the 2 blocks to the theater, bought a ticket to a different movie that started in 15 minutes, and headed in. I picked up a soda and popcorn (why not?) and started looking for the theater. As I turned down the hallway looking for theater 12, I saw Lisa walking down the hall in front of me. Happy to see her, and admiring her shapely ass swaying in her skirt, my desire for her body started to grow inside me once again, and my cock began to respond as well. She reached the theater and took the left hand entrance. I walked in the right.

Fortunately the theater was as empty as I had hoped. There were two older couples, a pair of women who appeared to be in their 30’s and three other men by themselves scattered among the middle six rows of the theater. Further up, and by the aisle I was walking up, was a bearded man slumped over in his seat who appeared to be asleep – a difficult task given the 300-decibel explosions coming from the movie’s soundtrack. On the other side of the theater was Lisa, reaching the top row and moving toward the middle seats.

I went to the top and took a seat next to her.

“Come here often?” I joked, letting my hand fall on her bare knee.

“Oh, popcorn? How sweet,” she laughed, wrapping her hand over mine.

“That’s me. Mr. Nice. But I’m not here for the food. I’m here to have you,” I said, as I leaned over and kissed her cheek.

I could feel her knee shaking a little. “You nervous?” I asked.

“A little. But also excited. And horny as hell,” she replied, sliding her hand off of mine and into my lap. “Yeah, this is what I want.”

We started kissing each other, and I turned toward her to trace my right hand up her leg, slipping it under her skirt. With my other hand I started to unbutton her blouse, a little surprised to notice that the top three buttons had already been undone. Her hand gripped my cock and slid the fabric of my pants against it, making desire surge through my body and my dick swell.

My free hand started massaging her breast through her thin, lacy bra. She was small breasted, and wore silky bras that did little more than cover her rather than offer much support. I could feel her nipple respond to my touch.

She inhaled sharply, clearly getting turned on.

“Oh, this has me so hot. I’ve been wet since we were on the phone. I can’t go that long without being touched. It makes me want to jump right on top of you.”

“Wait for that,” I told her. Her shirt was mostly unbuttoned now, and I leaned away slightly to reach my hand further up her skirt. Felt her panties and began rubbing the silk against her clit, feling moisture pressing through them. She shrugged her shirt off, deftly removed her bra, and put her shirt back on, covering herself slightly. She grabbed the back of my head and turned it to her, kissing me hard, our tongues mingling. Without much time to waste, I pressed my tongue into her mouth and slipped her panties aside, pushing two fingers into her.

Her legs spread to receive my fingers, and she fell back in her seat, moaning “Ahhhhh……” loudly, taking advantage of yet another explosion coming from the screen. She slumped lower and I bent my mouth to her breasts, taking one nipple around my tongue, swirling around the sensitive, swollen tip and then biting gently. Her insides clenched and she twisted her body, her hand fluttered to her armrests while the other fumbled with the clasp of my pants.

I had two fingers inside her while my thumb circled on her clit, moisture pushing out of her vagina and spreading over my hand to lubricate her most sensitive area. kaçak iddaa She twisted again and settled a little lower in her seat, spreading her legs more. She shoved her ass upward, lifting out of the seat and yanking her skirt higher, then she lifted one leg up, resting it on the back of the chair in front of her.

I knew this signal – she always wants her legs spread as wide as possible when she cums. Of course, that often means her most intense orgasms come when I hold her legs together, but right now I was happy to have her more comfortable. Sure enough, once her legs were open her insides clenched agains my fingers, her nipples stiffened even further in my mouth and an orgasm surged through her. I circled my fingers in her, moisture building and suction increasing between her legs.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh…….Ohhhh Yes …..!” she moaned, her head back in ecstasy. A burst of gunfire from the movie covered her noisy reaction as she came. She twisted her body against me, tightening as the feeling passed. Then she pushed my head away from her chest and sat up, holding my fingers inside her with her other hand.

“Oh that was awesome,” she whispered into my ear, the noise on the movie screen having subsided for a minute. “Your turn.”

She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, reaching in my underwear and removing my hard cock. I leaned back, pulling my fingers from her pussy, feeling as though I could explode just from having her look at me with the combination of desire for me and satisfaction from her orgasm.

Not wasting a second, she leaned over and lowered her mouth onto my cock, taking the full length into her, wrapping her tongue against the underside, sucking and drawing her head back upward, pulling a shiver through my body and a surge of electricity through my cock.

“Awesome….” I exhaled, looking over the movie theater, seeing the backs of the heads of all the other patrons. She continued working on my cock with her mouth and hand, twisting her body nearly parallel with mine. I wanted to cum, but I also wanted to fuck her. I pushed gently on her forehead, signaling her to stop blowing me and to bring her face to mine.

I kissed her. “Get on top of me.”

She glanced at the other people in the theater, saw nothing to worry her, and stood, reaching under her skirt to lower her panties and toss them aside. She faced and straddled me, leaned against the back of the seat in front of her, and opened her pussy with two fingers, squatting slowly as I guided my cock inside her. She settled into my lap, sighing, “Oh .. Ohh …. Ohhh …”

I thrusted upward against her, lifting her off of me as she supported her arms against the chair. With her suspended above me, I pushed my cock into her, halfway out, and in again, reaching for her breasts as I did. She held steady, panting in short, quick breaths, looking down at me with a flushed face, biting her lip to keep herself from shouting out.

I was about to cum, but didn’t want to finish just yet. I lifted her ass upward, slipping my cock out. “Why ….” She started to complain, but when I set her down on the back of the seat, she knew what I was doing, and was only too happy.
I inserted two fingers back into her pussy, and she lifted her legs onto the armrests beside me. While before she had been sucking my cock with her head below the level of the seats in front of us, now she was propped up in a way that anyone could see what was going on if they turned around, and she didn’t care one bit. I leaned forward and extended my tongue, brushing her clit, which seemed to bounce in response to my pressure.

Her insides squeezed almost immediately with a building orgasm, and she reached to the back of my head, pressing it harder into her clit. She was the wettest I had ever felt her, and her moisture slicked over her clit, allowing me to swirl my tongue kaçak bahis deeply into the folds around the top of her vagina, stimulating every single nerve ending and sending waves of body-shaking electricity through her body. She released my head and I saw she was leaning back a little more, and reaching into her open blouse, twisting one nipple.

Soon she began to squirm and shift her legs, spreading them wider in the telltale indicator that she was about to explode once again. Her pussy clenched against my fingers and she craned her body forward to shift the pressure of my tongue to her most sensitive spot where her clit met its hood. I pressed my tongue in and slowly moved my fingers inside her as she began to cum.

She twisted in an orgiastic explosion, simultaneously pushing her body up into my face and leaning back even further. Her legs quivered, and her mouth was open in a silent scream. Her insides squeezed my fingers and moisture slipped out of her, and as I slipped my fingers in and out of her the suction made her clamp even harder on me.

As the wave of passion passed over her, she dropped her legs and leaned forward, holding my head and lowering her head onto mine. “Oh … Oh … Oh … That was so intense … so intense …,“ she panted, again and again.

She grabbed my cock, intending to go down on me again, but I stood up, pulling her body up as well. She looked at me, a glimmer in her eye indicating she knew what I intended to do, wanting to do it, wanting to feel me in her again.

She turned away from me and bent over, hands on the chair in front of us, scanning the crowd, making sure all heads were turned away. I lowered my pelvis a little, used two fingers to spread her pussy, and entered her from behind.

She arched her back at the feeling of me entering her, and I moaned a little at how the pressure of her insides made my cock jump a little. She lifted one leg and rested it on the chair back in front of me, putting her pelvis at a more level angle with mine. I squeezed her ass and she reacted by sliding her feet slightly closer together, tightening her pussy more. Her wetness lubricated my cock, letting me thrust against her even harder, the tight space inside her squeezing against me. An orgasm built inside me, cum welling up and about to burst from me. Balanced with one foot on the chair back in front of us and the other on the floor, she reached back and grabbed the armrest of my seat to stabilize herself, allowing me to thrust against her even harder. Over the noise of the movie soundtrack, I could hear my pelvis slapping against her ass.

I pushed harder and leaned back, my orgasm at the precipice. As I burst over the edge and came inside her, I could hear her squeal in delight, feeling wave after wave of my cum push into her. I moaned and my body shook as I held my position inside her, letting every last drop of cum push into her.

After I was finished I stood still for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling of her body on my sensitive cock and scanning the crowd once again. Still no indication anyone else in the theater had noticed us.

I stepped away from her and put my cock back into my pants, sitting down as she dropped heavily into the seat next to me, totally spent, forgetting that her shirt was still hanging open, her breasts exposed.

She leaned onto her hand and laid her head against my shoulder. “Pheww… that was …. Unbelieveable.”

“My goodness, yes,” I replied.

“Well, as much as this movie seems to be Oscar-caliber,” she said, starting to button her shirt and straighten her skirt, “We had better get out of here. You go now. I’ll clean up and leave a couple minutes behind you.”

“Okay. What a successful break. I don’t care what customers call me this afternoon now,” I told her.
We kissed and promised to be in touch soon, and I rose to leave. I walked down the aisle, marveling that we were able to fuck like that without anyone else noticing, as I passed the bearded guy who was still sleeping in the aisle seat.

“You lucky mother fucker,” he said as I passed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32