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I can remember the day Peter and Marie arrived as if it were yesterday. I’d been hard at work on the back yard all morning and had decided to take an afternoon rest, so was upstairs lying on my bed when I heard the harsh grating of gears and the squeal of brakes and knew that something heavy had just pulled up in the street. Curious, I slid off the bed and padded over to the window and looked out. Sure enough there was a large removalist’s van stopped outside the house next door, and I remembered the house agent mentioning that a couple would shortly be moving in there. As I stood there looking out through the net curtain, a car swung around the large truck and parked in the driveway and a man jumped out and raced to the front door to open it for the furniture to start being put inside.

A flicker of movement at the car caught my eye, and I glanced that way, in time to see a pair of legs emerging from the passenger side door, and I mean a pair of legs, wow, they seemed to go on for ever! Then there was a flash of blonde, almost golden, hair and then a bright red top that molded perfectly around the most lush and beautiful breasts I’d ever laid eyes on. My eyes almost popped out, and a half gasp came from me, and I half stepped forward toward the window as if that would help me see so much better. She stood for a moment, looking around, then her head lifted and it seemed she was staring straight at me, although I’m sure she couldn’t see me through the net curtains, and just as well, because I suddenly remembered I was stark naked … and had a massive, throbbing erection. I quickly stepped back just in case I was wrong and made a swift dash to the shower to get rid of it before Amelia came up and wanted to know what I’d been thinking of. Damn I was only married a couple of months and had a gorgeous, sexy wife that was as hot as hot can be in bed, and here I was getting horny over a perfect stranger … Mmm but such breasts .. stop it I told myself and turned the shower to intense cold, almost screaming out as it hit me.

I was barely out of the shower when I heard Amelia calling up to me to put something on, we had new neighbors and we just had to go and say hello and welcome, it was the only responsible thing to do. I tried to talk her out of it, I didn’t really want to get a close up of that blonde so soon after I’d reacted so powerfully, but Amelia won and we walked out, arm in arm to greet them.

They were both surprised and delighted that we had taken the time to say hello, and even more so when Amelia suggested that as soon as the furniture and stuff had been unloaded into the house and the workmen gone on their way they should come over for some tea before they started to unpack. I found myself liking Peter right off, even though he was a number of years older than me, and that helped to cool me down, because when I was introduced to Marie, it was like I was being drawn deep into her brown , smiling eyes, and I could feel my cock twitching and dancing like crazy. The worst thing was, I’m sure she knew! There was a knowing smile on her face and …was it my fevered imagination, or was there more, perhaps a hint of invitation deep in those eyes. I had to drag my hand out of hers and hope that Amelia or Peter hadn’t noticed the sudden flush on my face.

They came over later, and in next to no time we were talking as if we were all old friends. I was surprised to learn that Marie too was a deal older that I was, they were both in their early 30’s while Amelia and I were just on 21, but the ages didn’t seem to make a difference, and over the following months we found ourselves becoming drawn together more and more. Peter and I seemed to compliment each other in knowledge over gardens and landscaping and were both very physical and loved to work hard, and we quickly agreed to pool our talents and our resources to get the gardens up and running. We worked long and hard in the evenings and weekends, and both gardens quickly took shape. Marie and Amelia did try to help, but both Peter and I found then too distracting so banished them to the cool drink brigade. Surprisingly it was Peter that actually put it into words one day when he grinned at me and said, very loudly, “How on earth are two red blooded men expected to concentrate on their work when there’s two gorgeous nymphets slinking and swaying all over the place?”

A clod of earth almost landed on his head and Marie stamped her foot, “I do not slink!” she exclaimed.

Peter laughingly held up his spade to ward off any more missiles before saying, “Well that’s true, honey, you don’t slink, you sway ….. and I saw his eyes dart down to Marie’s lush breasts and his tongue come out and licked across his lips …. It’s Amelia that slinks, all smooth and sexy! But you both have the same effect …. And it’s not conducive to good gardening”

I glanced quickly at Amelia and was surprised to see her blush bright red, yet .. there was a curious smile across her lips, and picking up a clod of earth she advance on Peter with an exaggerated swing of her hips. Peter bedava bahis squawked and quickly ducked behind me, and I laughingly reached out to hold Amelia at bay, and grab the clod from her hand. “Now, now, honey, Peter’s quite right, you are smooth and sexy, and in those tight jeans you’re driving me crazy” I said, then quickly glanced over at Marie, “And so is Marie, so why don’t you both go inside and prepare some drinks so we can get this finished”

I knew that Peter was behind me half crouching, pretending to hide from Amelia, and Amelia herself was facing me and quite close, so I was the only one who could see Marie, and was startled out of my wits when she suddenly gave me a slow wink and lifted one hand to stroke slowly over her breasts as if telling me she knew exactly what was driving me crazy. Then blowing me a quick kiss she said, “Aw, come on Amelia, let them play in the dirt if they like, I’m sure we can find much more pleasant things to do, perhaps try on some of that gorgeous lingerie I just bought”, and she turned and swayed off across the garden, with Amelia following, a huge grin on her face.

Peter and I stood there, mouths slightly open, watching them disappearing inside, “Damn” said Peter, “She has to have the last laugh, I mean fancy leaving us with a vision of the two of them in lingerie, how the hell are we going to concentrate now?”

I looked at him and gave an exaggerated roll of my eyes, “Damned if I know, perhaps we can focus real hard on the garden and the image will go away” I said.

“Yeah, think about planting seeds and of roots and of digging .. damn all of a sudden everything in the garden is about sex! Can’t you control that horny wife of yours”

“Mine” I cried, Picking up the clod or Earth I’d taken from Amelia, “What about controlling yours”

Peter quickly put up both hands in surrender, “Ok, Ok, it’s both of them, we happen to have both married incredibly beautiful and sexy women … he glanced over at the house and sighed … I guess we should really consider ourselves doubly blessed, since we get to see them both”

I looked at him quickly and saw the same drooling expression on his face I often had on mine, “I agree 100 percent” I whispered hoarsely, and he turned to look at me and our eyes met and held and it was as if there was a silent message passing between us, a sort of tacit agreement that it was ok to feel like that about both of them.

The weeks turned into months and then into years, and we got closer and closer as friends, often going out together, or eating together. Peter and I went to the Baseball together and Marie and Amelia went shopping together, in fact we were hardly ever apart, and although there was always some light flirting, because both Amelia and Marie were more than a little saucy at times, that’s as far as it ever went

Then came the night that spelled the beginning of the change that took place between us. Amelia and I were invited to a party by a mutual friend that we used to go to school with, it was a scorching night and we were told to bring along our bathers as we could use their pool. Well Amelia and I fell in love with that pool and spent the whole night in and around it. Amelia attracted a lot of attention from some of our former school friends in her abbreviated blue bikini, and I enjoyed getting quite an eyeful of some old friends that had grown into quite stunning women. In fact, we were both more than a little turned on when we set out for home, and actually detoured to one of our old favorite spots in our courting days and made love in the car .. something we hadn’t done since we were married.

When we finally arrived home we were both determined to have a pool put in our back garden, and the following day started to make inquiries. We talked to Peter and Marie, of course, and they were enthusiastic too, but not in a financial position to have one themselves. Fortunately, I still had a small inheritance from an uncle that was sufficient to get us what we wanted, and within the space of a month we had a brand new, in ground pool up and ready to go.

There was never any doubts in our minds that the first people to be invited into the pool was Peter and Marie, indeed, as thanks for the help they gave in setting up the Patio around the pool, we included a gate in the fence between our two properties and told them to use the pool any time they wanted. They seemed a little stunned at that, but I’m sure they would have done the same if the situations had been reversed.

Then it was THE night. Thankfully it was another hot one, and at the agreed time for the pool christening, Amelia and I waited, champagne glasses in hand at the gate to welcome them inside. Nothing, however, had prepared me for the vision of loveliness that emerged! Marie came out of the house first and seemed to glide towards the gate, and I think my bottom jaw dropped almost to my feet … she looked absolutely stunning! the briefest of brief bikinis struggled vainly to contain her magnificent, ripe, firm breasts, bedava bonus and to cover her tight sexy ass, indeed, it barely covered her pussy! I hardly heard Peter say how stunning Amelia looked, I just stared and stared at Marie, and she seemed to approve, taking the glass from my slightly shaking hands and lifting it in a toast to me, to us, and to the pool.

The rest of the evening went by in a sensual blur, there was lots of frolicking in the pool, splashing and chasing, an inevitable amount of accidental, and not so accidental touching, and one point when I was standing up to my chest in water, Marie swam on her back and collided with me and my hands automatically went around her to stop her going under …. and ended up cupping those gorgeous ripe breasts fully! I was astonished when for a long moment she made absolutely no effort to stand up or move away, but just lay there swaying in the waves her swimming had created, allowing me to experience the full glory of her magnificent breasts as they bobbed and rolled in my hands. I felt her nipples spring into hardness, and groaned deep inside, and then she was gone.

Well, when the evening ended and we were back in our room it was like our first time all over again, I couldn’t get my big cock into Amelia quick enough, and she was more responsive than I’d ever known her to be before, it was totally wild. We fucked and fucked and fucked until we were both totally exhausted, but not too exhausted that we couldn’t talk about the evening, and she teased me about Marie, and I teased her about Peter, and I’m sure we both realized that something had changed that night. I could certainly no longer deny to myself that Marie turned me on, or that I really wanted her, and I thought I’d feel incredibly guilty, but somehow I didn’t. It was like I loved them both and wanted them both and that was ok, damn, this was crazy … I fell asleep with that thought in my head.

Work is a wonderful way to keep your thoughts in line, so I worked extra hard over the next few weeks, not allowing myself to think of Marie much at all. But it was impossible to avoid altogether, especially on the times Peter and Marie would pop over or we would have a meal with them, but cooler weather kept the pool pretty much at arms length. It was the Friday night dinner dance that proved the turning point. Both woman were dressed to kill and looked absolutely stunning, and as it was an exceedingly hot evening, both had opted for fairly thin material, forgetting perhaps that the restaurant itself was air conditioned. We were hardly inside and seated before I noticed Amelia’s nipples standing hard and tall, pressing out against the thin material, and caught Peter’s eyes staring at them, I smiled to myself, then glanced over at Marie. She was smiling at me, a hot, smoky smile, and I felt myself shiver and tried hard to concentrate on the meal.

When the meal was over we moved over to the dance area and I immediately moved out onto the floor with Amelia and danced her away from the others. I leaned down and whispered into her ear, asking her if she realized that her nipples had hardened and stood right out because of the air conditioning? She giggled and said she had … but only when she noticed Peter staring, “And did that annoy you?” I asked.

She giggled again, then looked at me almost wonderingly, “No, it .. uh .. actually quite excited me” she said, “Does that upset you?”

I felt my cock harden against her as we danced and realized I was excited that she found Peter attractive, “No, Honey” I whispered, “In fact, I think I like it … the idea of you and Peter…damn .. this is crazy”

“I know” she giggled again, “But it’s such fun”, and she rolled her belly against my growing erection. Letting me know in no uncertain terms that she knew I was aroused.

We danced a few dances, some fast, some slow, then found ourselves right next to Peter and Marie, and it seemed quite natural that we exchanged partners for the next dance, and I found myself holding the lush Marie, holding and reacting. Somehow we danced into a corner, hidden from view by a large palm, and her face lifted and our eyes met, and almost in slow motion our lips came together. At first exquisitely lightly, but quickly growing in passion and intensity until it was like we were making love standing up with our clothes on. I was on fire! and so was she!

Then as quickly as it had started, it was over, and she maneuvered us out of the corner and back onto the crowded dance floor, and we danced and danced. Slowly allowing the buzzing to work its way out of our bodies before making our way to the table to rejoin Peter and a rather flushed Amelia, Mmmm, I wonder what she’s been up to, I thought.

Too many people on and around the dance floor and the heat soon became unbearable, so I suggested we head for home. As we were all travelling in our car, it seemed only natural when we arrived home to invite them in for a night cap, and because of the heat I guess it was really no surprise that someone suggested deneme bonusu a dip in the pool, it was just the way it was done! Marie suddenly turned from the window and suggested that we go skinny dipping, well my jaws fell open and so did everyone else’s, but Amelia recovered first and laughingly said “Why not, last one in ……” or something of that ilk, and she and Marie dashed outside, leaving Peter and I staring wide eyed and slack jawed at each other.

It was when we heard the splash and realized that they had indeed gone in the pool that we both came to life and quickly shrugged out of our clothes, the fact that we were both sporting massive erections didn’t seem to bother us as we raced for the door. I managed to squeeze through first and with a wild yell ran and dived into the pool, and powered to the other end, to end up between two very gorgeous, naked nymphs. Although it was very late, there was sufficient moonlight for me to see clearly, to see Marie’s succulent breasts as she lifted slightly from the water before taking off back down the pool. Amelia grinned at me as much as to say, ‘what are you waiting for’, and with a wild grin back I was off down the pool too.

I caught up with her at the shallow end and we splashed each other furiously, before she turned and climbed from the pool. Well, my heart almost stopped beating as she emerged fully from the water and I saw her completely naked for the first time … she was just absolutely magnificent, her long, sexy legs, her tight, trim ass, her concave waist, and those lovely, lovely ripe, firm melons. I stood there gawking like a teenager! and she did nothing to make life easier, in fact, quite the reverse. As soon as she arrived at the top of the steps, and knowing I was right behind her, she turned and faced me, spreading her legs slightly and dipping at the knees so her wide open pussy was only a foot or so from my eyes. For a moment she stared at me, grinning, then she turned her head and looked down the pool, “Mmmm, looks as if Amelia and Peter are deep in conversation, guess they’re not going to worry about us, catch me if you can” she whispered, and turned and started to run along the pool deck, squealing.

Still having that vision of her glorious , wide open pussy in my mind, I was a little slow to leap up the steps and take off after her, but that didn’t matter, I liked being behind her, watching that tight ass bouncing up and down, seeing her firm, but large tits bouncing as she ran. I noticed Amelia and Peter close together, talking as we passed the first time, and the second time … as I was making no real effort to catch Marie .. but on the third time I was sure I could see his hand stroking her breasts, and she certainly seemed to be a lot more flushed than before, although she did call out encouragement, urging me to run faster.

Perhaps it was her calling out, or perhaps Marie had seen what I thought I saw also, because this time when she reached the other end of the pool, instead of heading on around, she took off for the back door and hurtled inside, catching me off guard and sending me skidding almost onto my backside. I recovered and darted after her, noticing that she hadn’t stopped to pick up her dress or anything, and once inside started searching the house. She wasn’t in the kitchen, but I thought I heard a movement in the lounge, so crept in, seeing her head bob down quickly behind the couch…”Aha!…I can see you” I growled, leaping over to the couch.

With a squeal, she jumped up and took off again, with me close behind, but still not making any serious attempt to catch her/ The lights were on in the house, so I was seeing her very clearly now and she was seeing me, and I was hard, rock hard. At one point we ended up either side of one of the large comfy chairs, her leaning on the back, her breasts rising and falling after her exertions, a wide smile making her face glow. I was leaning on the chair arms, breathing heavily also, “Damn, but you’re beautiful, and sexy, and desirable” I whispered.

“Oh, does that mean you want me” she asked almost coyly, “After all I’m so much older than you”

I grinned at her, “You’re only as old as you feel” I whispered, “Do you feel too old?”

A shiver ran through her and her eyes dropped to my rampant cock, “I guess you’ll have to feel for yourself …how old I am” she muttered impishly, “But first you have to catch me” and she took off again, this time heading for the corridor that led to the stairs, and started up them at a rapid pace. Damn, once again she’d caught me off guard and I was quite a way behind when she reached the top, but I’d been thinking of her look at my cock, at her words, damn was she really inviting me to touch her, or …. was this still just a tease, just a game.

I reached the top of the stairs and slowed down, moving slowly from one room to the other, listening for any tell tale sound of breathing, until there was only one room left, our bedroom. I pushed the door open slowly and sucked in my breath sharply, there was no light on in here, only the moonlight streaming in through the open curtains, moonlight that was splashing across her beautiful naked body as she lay supine on the bed, her legs apart, her face turned towards me, her breasts lifting and falling with her still slightly heavy breathing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32