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There are a couple of things you never expect to hear your friend say, “Would you be willing to fuck me wife” is probably at the top of the list. But that’s exactly what my friend Brian asked me as we were walking down a fairway playing golf last week. My wife and I were back home for Thanksgiving and I was spending some much needed time away from the family when Brian dropped that bomb-shell on me. Brian and I have known each other for about 10 years, and the only contact I have ever had with his wife is when she answers their phone or a few minutes inside of their house when I was picking him up to go to a ball game or whatever. I have always thought Brian’s wife Donna was an attractive lady, and I knew she worked out all the time. I even saw her in a two piece workout outfit a few times and thought to myself that Brian was a lucky guy. But before Brian’s question I never thought of Donna in a sexual way.

I didn’t exactly know how to respond to his question. At first I thought it was just a weird way of asking if I thought she was attractive so I said, “You’re one lucky son-of-a-bitch, Donna’s pretty hot. A lot better than you disserve.” We both laughed then he said, “I’m serious. If Donna wanted to fuck you would you do it?” I didn’t say anything, I just looked back at him trying not to fall over after such a shocking question. After a few seconds of awkward silence Brian launched into this story about how he found Donna chatting on the Internet. One morning he heard some unusual noise coming from their office and peeked through the slightly open door without her knowing that he was watching and Brian saw his sweet, innocent wife stripping in front of their web cam. He couldn’t see what she was typing or reading, but it wasn’t hard to figure out with his wife sitting there half naked and masturbating. He told me that he didn’t say anything to her about what he saw, especially since later on that day she gave him a blow job while he was watching TV then climbed on him and they had what he said was their best sex ever. A couple of days after he saw her in front of the computer Brian did some digging and found a bunch of emails and pictures from guys and girls. There were erotic stories and a lot of quick notes thanking her for a great time on the Internet. Brian was shocked to say the least. So was I, listening to a story I was more likely to read in Penthouse Letters then hearing from one of my best friends. When Brian finished telling güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me about his wife’s secret online life my mind wondered back to his original question, and I began to think if he really was serious about me sleeping with Donna.

After a few minutes of silence as we continued our round of golf Brian said, “So you never answered my question. If Donna wanted to fuck you would you do it?” “Why do you want to know?” was my response trying to duck the question. Brian’s answer shocked me more than his story about catching his wife online, “After I found those emails I asked Donna about them and told her that I wasn’t upset or jealous, but that I just wanted to know why she started going to the chat rooms. She told me that she was curious about how other people made love since she had only been with me and thought that this was a very safe way to find out.” I kind of knew what was coming next and realized then that my friend really was asking me to have sex with his wife. As I suspected, Brian asked his wife if she ever wanted to be with someone besides him and that conversation led to both of them deciding that Brian should ask me.

My mind was racing. I am married myself, so not only did I have to consider if this would ruin my friendship with Brian but I was also worried about what would happen if my wife found out. I must have been thinking without talking for longer than I realized, because Brian made some comment about never seeing me speachless for so long. “Look I know what you are worried about. Tina would never find out and as long as you and I never speak about it I think we could just act like it never happened,” Brian said as we walked up the last fairway. He added, “Look if you don’t do it she’s going to end up with some asshole that she meets on the Internet or some other random guy. At least I know she’s not going to be fucking some psycho or get infected with some disease.” Figuring that since these two had discussed everything else that they must have at least partially planned the meeting I asked, “So where would we get together?” Brian laughed, “I knew you always wanted to fuck her you horny little bastard. What about right now? I can bring you back to my house then disappear for a while.”

As we drove home my head was spinning. I felt exactly like I did the day I lost my virginity in high school. The anticipation of knowing what’s about to happen but not knowing exactly what güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was going to happen. It was such a rush. I don’t remember talking to Brian on the way to his house. My friend called his wife on the way home and told her that I had agreed to do it. As I listened to his end of the conversation images of Donna began running through my mind. The ones of her in the workout clothes stood out the most, which got me even more excited and began to get the blood flowing below my waist. I was really looking forward to seeing Donna naked.

I was shocked when I felt the car pull up the curb and into their driveway. I guess I was really caught up in those fantasies because I didn’t think we were near their house. Brian sat there completely silent looking straight through the windshield as he stopped the car. I hesitated for a minute to see if he was going to say anything. Not a word. So I got out of the car and headed for the side door just a few feet away. I heard the car back out of the driveway and gently knocked on the door.

“It’s open,” came from this sweet voice inside. I opened the door to find a stunning vision standing in the kitchen. “Lock it behind you and follow me,” was Donna’s response to my open mouth glare. She was dressed in a body stocking with a sheer robe left un-tied, it was one of the striking things I have ever seen. Her body was nearly perfect, toned but curvy in all the right places. As she turned to walk her I couldn’t help but stare, she looked just as good from the back as she did from the front. I followed my friend’s wife into the living room where she grabbed my hand and led me to just in front of the sofa. Donna rubbed her hands down the side of my arms gently tracing my biceps. She grabbed the bottom of my windshirt and lifted it over my head then pulled my polo shirt over my head to leave me standing there naked from the waist up. “You have a great body,” she said and moved in to kiss me.

I felt Donna’s tongue trace my lips as we began to kiss. She started to suck my tongue into her mouth and she moaned as my hands drifted down to squeeze her ass. Her hands rubbed my chest, she traced my nipples with her finger nails then slid down further and unfastened my belt. Our kiss had grown into a wild make-out session and before I knew it she had my pants around my ankles. Donna broke our kiss and backed away then gently pushed me down onto the sofa. She stood in front of güvenilir bahis şirketleri me and seductively removed her robe then turned around and slid the body stocking down to the floor. Stepping out of her lingerie she turned to face me. Donna paused for a moment because she saw me staring at her perfect body, then bent down and took my cock into her mouth.

My friend’s wife was an amazing cock sucker. She traced my cock with her tongue while massaging my balls then when she had me completely hard she sucked me into her mouth. Donna had this look of intensity that I had never seen on a woman in that position before, she was really into it. After a few minutes of this incredible action I was holding back, trying not to cum, but I guess she sensed that because she began to suck harder and started using her hands along with her mouth. There was no way I could hold out any longer. I looked at Donna’s face just as I started to cum, and I could swear she looked more excited than ever. Without even making an effort she swallowed every drop and left my cock in her mouth, massaging my balls for a minute or so after I was finished.

Without saying a word Donna stood up and climbed onto the sofa. She was standing with her feet on either side of my legs, leaned toward my face and put her hands against the wall behind us to support herself. She moaned and ground her shaved pussy into my face as I began to suck on her clit. I ran my tongue over her lips as I began to massage her clit with my fingers. I entered her with my tongue and Donna almost slammed into my face. I extended my tongue as far as possible inside her and she began to fuck my tongue. Her moans were getting louder and her movements faster. I reached my free hand up and squeezed her tits together. I could feel her muscles tighen around my tongue and draw me farther inside of her. “Fuck yeah, ooohhhhhh…..Fuck meeeeee…..Fuck meeeeeee,” Donna screamed as she began to orgasm. I continued to rub her until she stopped grinding against my face, and she just stayed in that position for a while. She moved back away from my face, pushed my head back and looked down at me, “I have never been able to cum from oral sex, that was amazing.” Donna then slid down into my lap and kissed me.

I was beginning to think that my fun was over. Especially when she got up and asked if I wanted something to drink. “No, I’m fine,” was my response as I watched this angel walk into the kitchen. When Donna returned she stood in front of the sofa and reached out her hand, “I hope you don’t think I’m finished with you. I told Brian to give us at least two hours, and I haven’t even fucked you yet.” I grabbed my friend’s wife hand and she led me toward their bedroom.

To be continued……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32