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I co-own a salon about five miles away from the air base. It is a cute little salon and my business partner and I try very hard to make customer service our priority. We get a lot of the air force and their families in the salon as we offer them pricing at the same rates that the base charges it helps to keep us busy and we do a good volume of clients, even if we do not make quite as much as we could by charging a higher price. We think it is important and most of the military people know someone that is not in the military that they refer to us, and then those new clients that are non-military we charge the normal rates. It helps us make a better living.

It is about 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon, and the salon usually closes by 4:00, unless there was something extra special going on that day, like there was a big dance or sometimes a wedding will set our day back a little later. I still had two clients left for the day, both were under the dryers and after quick comb-outs, they would both be on their way. My business partner had already finished with her book, and she was doing the laundry and the trash, all the general cleaning jobs like that. I was making up the bank deposit when the door to the salon opened. I could not believe my eyes. I was so shocked. I quickly stood and ran around the reception desk. I threw my arms around your neck and I asked you “But, I thought that you were coming back from Afghanistan through NC, not this base on your way back to Arizona?’ I said I was so perplexed. I have dreamed of seeing you face to face since our cyber relationship had began and here you were, right in front of me. I was trembling inside with my excitement.

You looked deep in my eyes and chuckled, you called me “Nerd” which was your nickname for me and then you said,” I decided to surprise you. I need a haircut, and I really wanted the best before I went home.”

I replied “Wiseass I am going to need about fifteen minutes to finish up my other customers” knowing that the older women that were waiting for me would have never heard what I said with the dryers running; hell, they could hardly hear you if you were right next to them and the salon were completely quiet. I have known of you forever, since high school in our hometown and in the last year, we reconnected on a social networking website. We played the I know you but why game. It took us several emails, playing a game of six degrees of separation to figure out how we new each other, we finally just instant message one night and came across the true reason we knew of each other, it was your cousins that I was close friends with. You grew up living next door to them. When we hit this revelation, I actually heard your cousin’s voice inside my head saying your name and then “am my cousin.”

“No problem, but I will need a favor from you, when we finish can you drive me back to the base? I hitched a ride over here.” You replied to my need for a few minutes to finish up my regular clientele.

“Was it difficult to find a ride over here? I asked, I was still so shocked and so happy that you were here with me, instead of thousands and thousands of miles away.

You replied, “No apparently they guys that work in transport were very familiar with the place, apparently you cut most of their hair.” canlı bahis

I said, “I might actually do the whole department.” I smiled.

In the back room, I told my business partner,” Hey why don’t you get out of here like you were planning, I’m finishing up my ladies and then I have one extra haircut. I will lock us in once my women leave so no one else comes in. I thought that you had plans tonight.”

She replied “Yes, I do have dinner plans, and from the look of things I believe that you are about to become dinner for one sexy airman.” as she gave me a knowing look.

I have a hard time hiding things from her. She always knows my true feelings. I gave her a hug and said, “Love ya” knowing she would keep quiet about my affair. Of course, I knew every sordid detail of her life also.

You sat in one of the reception chairs and waited as I got my women out from the dryers, helped them across the salon one at a time, then called their ride. I quickly pulled the rollers out, brushed through their hair, teased and smoothed the hair I sprayed them with some spray and removed the comb out cape. Helped them with their coats and as their ride pulled up Shari, my business partner finished the towels she was folding, she yelled to me that there was a load in the dryer and one in the washer that needed to get dried before I left. I said no problem. She then said I’d drop the deposit on my way home. I said once again to her that I loved her and she was out the door.

We were alone, for the first time ever. I locked us in the salon, and pulled the shades, turned the sign to close. We should be left alone now. I walked you back to the shampoo sink and I said, “Have a seat.” I began to drape you for your haircut. I put a neck strip around you and as my fingers brushed against your skin I felt shivers go through my body. I took a cape, wrapped it around your neck, and fastened it. Then I said that this was going to be a haircut that you would never forget. I had you lay back and said, “Close your eyes.”

You said “why?”

“Just close them until I tell you.” I said.

“Ok” you answered and mumbled “nerd” under your breath. I pulled my top over my head and slid out of my bra. I started the water in the sink and before I ran any on your head, I said ok now. You opened your eyes to the sight of me leaning over you topless. I began to wet your hair down and you gazed up at me, with the look on your face of a kid in a candy store. “They are much nicer in person” you remarked. I began to shampoo and as my hands rubbed and my fingertips massaged your scalp, my boobs shook, inches from your face. “MMMMmmm” you moaned and I was not sure if it was because you were enjoying the scalp massage, because you were staring at my tits or a little of both. I finished washing and rinsed you. I wrapped your head with a towel and had you sit up.

I was about to tell you to come over to my station and I would cut your hair over there when you grabbed my arm and made me stop for a second. We locked eyes; I could look into your eyes forever, because I feel like you look deep into my soul. We kissed, for the first time ever, and my knees felt weak. “Wiseass” I said as our lips parted. It was the most passionate kiss I had ever felt. You stood up, wrapped your bahis siteleri arms around me, and kissed me again. I was beginning to get quite damp. You had super powers when it comes to getting me turned on.

We walked hand in hand to my station and I began to cut your fade. It did not take me very long. I dusted your neck with the neck brush and I heard a sigh escape your lips. I took your cape off, swept up, and I realized that you were tenting your fatigues. I smiled, as you caught me looking. You smiled back and we looked at each other. As if we were reading each other’s minds, we both reached for each other. I wanted to free you from your shirt. I pulled it from the waist of your camas and pulled it up. I ran my hands down your chest. I noticed that you were thinner looking from your time in the desert. I did not want to talk about it though. I was a mess the whole time you were there; I prayed that I would see your name in my inbox every day, just to know that you were alive.

“Let’s go into the facial room. “I led you into the room that we did facials and makeup in. the facial chair was a lounger that had armrests that moved, and you could flip them up out of the way. I sat you in the chair and then reclined the back of the chair until it was flat like a bed. I straddled you so that my pussy was resting against your hard cock. I began to grind against you. You had one of my tits in each hand, and you were tugging my nipples.

You said,” I want to see more.”

I climbed off and my jeans had a dark spot from my wetness. I slid them down over my hips and off. “More” you said, so off my thong went even though that did not hide very much. “You look even more amazing in person than you do on the webcam.” you said to me.

“I think that we need to get you out of those fatigues.” I said and you took off your boots, and then stood to remove your pants. You stood in front of me in your boxer briefs. “I believe those boxer briefs need to go as well what is good for one is good for the other.” I teased. You did a little dance while you slid them off. Your hard cock sprang out as they came off. I said, “Mmmmmmmmm looks yummy” while I stared at your big, thick, and hard cock and licked my lips.

“Play with yourself for me.” you said and I laved back in the facial chair. I spread my legs wide open and I rubbed my clit with my index finger. You grabbed your cock and stroked it slowly up and down spreading the pre-cum that was leaking from the tip all over it. Your cock got all slick and shiny.

“I think you ought to slide that between by boobs.” You kneel between my thighs and slide your cock in-between my d-cups and I open my mouth and give you a lick with each thrust and I use my hands to hold my tits tight to your cock. I then switch to giving you a straight blow job, freeing up my hands to stroke your thighs, and fondle your balls. I release your thick cock from my lips, and I put my index finger in my mouth, I suck on it and get it all wet with my saliva. Your cock is so hard I am able to take it back into my mouth without needing my hands, and I take my wet index finger and swirl the tip of it on your anus. This causes you to moan quite loudly and then I slide my finger as deep as possible into your ass as I know how much you love that. bahis şirketleri I slide a second finger in there, as deep as I can and I begin to thrust them in and out of your ass while I bob my head up and down on your cock.

“I am going to cum” you tell I and I take you into my mouth and I take your load. When you finish spurting your load, I swallow and lick your shaft clean. I look in your eyes and you lean down and kiss me.

“I need to taste you,” you say to me. I spread my thighs and you nuzzle your face down between my thighs. You lick my hard clit and graze it with your teeth. I moan softly, it feels so good. You slide two of your fingers in my very wet box and rub my g-spot while you suck on my clit. My thighs begin to shake and I squirt all over your hand and face. You lap up as much as you can, and when you lift your face, it is all shiny and wet. We kiss and I taste my juices on your lips.

“Mmmmmm” I moan “that was amazing.”

“Yes, it was” you reply. We lay intertwined in the facial chair for a while, just enjoying each other’s touch, kissing, laughing at our little private jokes.

I am feeling something poking my leg all of a sudden, and I realize that you are getting hard again. I take my hand and I stroke your ass, knowing how much you enjoy that. We roll so that we are in the missionary position. I have my hands on your back and you start to enter me. It is a tight fit and you have to move slowly, and let me adjust to your size. You get all the way in and we move our hips working together in rhythm, slowly at first. Your big cock is now able to slide in and out of my tight pussy freely now as I have grown accustomed to the size of it. I bring my legs up in the air so that we can go at it hard, I whisper ” fuck me hard.” and you oblige me , You are hitting my g-spot and I am squirting you with my juices as I cum from the hard and fast strokes. I have wet you from your navel to your knees.

We are not ready for it to be over and we get up and change positions. You take me from behind, doggie style. You renter my tight box and start to bang into me, holding on to my hips while you thrust. I move with you meeting your thrusts. “Fuck me, fuck me fuck me, “I whisper as you pound your hard thick cock into me over and over. You grab a handful of my hair and pull it back, using it as reigns as you ride me. I am breathing hard and moaning softly. We continue to go at it for a few minutes, hard and fast, your balls slapping my ass with each thrust.

I cum again, and I say “ohh Wiseass” calling you by my pet name for you. You keep pumping your thick cock in amd out of my cunt. I feel so full. I say “Cum for me.” You thrust faster and harder. I feel that you suddenly seem impossibly bigger inside of me. I know that you are getting close. I hear you growl and at the same time I feel your hot cum you feel my pussy contracting. I start to cum again, joining your cries of release.

We collapse into the chair together and kiss again. I know that our time together is over and it will never be again. We grab some clean towels to clean ourselves up and we get dressed. You and I sit and talk, while we wait for the laundry. We grab dinner together, and then I take you back to the base. Your plane leaves tomorrow, back to your life and I will be here to live mine. You will go back to just being my fantasy. I will never forget my one night with you. We continue our cyber affair, knowing that our friends with benefits relationship is the best we can ever have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32