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He thinks it is a selfless act, one just for him; however his pleasure is also my pleasure, and this is what if feels like to be the woman who enjoys giving.

I love having my face so close to his cock. Every sense of mine absorbing every beautiful inch of him. I inhale deeply as I kiss the soft skin of his inner thigh, feeling his muscles tense and twitch beneath me and I smile to myself and then lift my eyes to meet his gaze. The still fresh smell of soap on his skin, mixed with his own slightly salty scent is so uniquely him there is nothing else like it. His skin is hot and sensitive, every hair on end, as if reaching out to me, trying to be the next to be touched. My kisses are so soft, barely there leaving no visible trace reaching his belly I move across and down the other side, allowing my naked nipples to brush gently against the insides of his legs as I do so, I watch as his hand grips the sheet next to him.

I pause, then slowly I begin going back up his leg, this time with the tip of my tongue, tiny circular motions, with just a little bit of pressure. As I reach his balls I nuzzle them with my nose first before running my tongue across them, flattening it out and allowing the wetness from my mouth to spread and cover them. I can hear his breathing change now, the anticipation building tangible in the air around us. I place my lips, parted over the silky skin and suck the delicate ball into my mouth, allowing my tongue to tickle and play with the now stretched skin inside my mouth as I hold it in place between my lips; and release. He lets a gasp escape his lips canlı bahis and our eyes meet, his darkening with desire as mine disappear beneath my lashes once again to focus on the other side. I bring my hands up, one to sit on his hip, the other to gently take the base of his cock and begin rubbing up and down and I hold him in my mouth once again. I dig my nails gently into the delicate skin of his hip as he tense beneath me and moan softly against him.

As I let go with my mouth the skin of his sack glistens in front of me, I run my tongue across them again as I increase my stroke on his shaft with my hand, he tastes so good, like his smell, it is unique to him, perfect and I could consume him all day. I look up and see he is laying head back, not watching me, arms out to the sides, his chest rising and falling in deep, hungry breaths, focused on the feeling. In that moment I change my focus.

Shifting my weight slightly I position myself above him and just touch the very tip of his cock with the very tip of my tongue, he gasps and lifts his head to look me in the eye, my eyes smile back as I close my lips around the tip and suck. I only suck the end and very, very gently, my tongue mimicking what you do to my nipples that I love so much, round and round and back and forth, the speed and intensity increasing, until I decide I need to feel you slide further in. And it is a need, to feel the silky smooth skin of your cock against my wet tongue as my head sinks into your lap. I suck in as much as I can before coming back up, sliding up and down my hand completing the action until bahis siteleri you are groaning and your hips are moving beneath me, thrusting at my face as I try to take more of you in.

If I think you are getting to excited I ease off and go back to sucking the tip, with my hand gently cupping your balls, I know you love this and the element of surprise I have when I suddenly take your length into my hot mouth.

I feel your hand move from the side of the bed and stroke up my arm to my shoulder and into my hair as you feel my head moving up and down on your cock. Your fingers grip the hair tight on either side of my head and I know I have less control than I had seconds ago; I feel a rush of heat through my own body. Your hips begin forcing your cock in and out of my open mouth as your hands hold my head still, my mouth wet, and open and as inviting as ever, willing you to go further with each thrust. I can feel you touching the back of my throat now, each time a little further, a little harder, your hands are now pushing me down as your cock comes up to meet them, my eyes are watering and I can feel my body trying to gag.

You push my head down and thrust up into my throat, I feel myself gag and you hold me there, I can’t move, or protest, even if I wanted to, I am held so tight until you slowly let me slide my mouth back up the length of your cock and take a breath. We are both gasping as you hold my head just above the tip once more. I know as soon as I open my mouth again you are going to force it so far in I am going to feel your balls on my face, that I wont bahis şirketleri know how long you will hold me for before you let me go again.

I reach between my own legs and part my other lips feeling the heat explode from them as I let the juices cover my fingers. I close my eyes and open wide. You push your cock fully into my willing mouth as I slide my fingers back and forth over my swollen and tender clit, I know my moans vibrate at the back of my throat causing the sensation at the tip of your cock to be intensified, your thrusts become quicker and deeper I can hear you telling me how good it feels now, your voice is deep and sounds different when we fuck, I love it.

I can feel myself getting close to cumming as I try to match the rhythm of your thrusts. I have no control over the speed or depth of your cock in my mouth and throat as you fill me entirely, your balls pressing against my face each time. I have never felt less in control and yet more in control than I do in that moment, you are taking everything you want from me, but I give it willingly. The excitement builds in my body as you force me deeper for longer my own body aching for release. I can’t cry out as I cum, my scream muffled to a low groan deep in my body as a gush of hot liquid fills my palm, your cock buried so deep in my body I am sure you must have felt my orgasm.. And as I feel myself subsiding and become aware of you again I realise you are now cumming, were you aware of what I had just done? Was it enough to push you over the edge? I don’t know, but what I do know is your salty cum is shooting across the back of my tongue and down my throat as fast as I can gulp it down. As it does your hands loosening to a soft hold on my head, your body stiffening beneath me and relaxing to that wonderful state of post orgasmic still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32