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It was a Saturday afternoon and after completing the chores we needed to get done for the day, Lynne and I decided to head out to the bar to watch the game in the company of other sports fans and just chill out. As we got there we found two seats at the bar and quickly occupied them before ordering our usual wine and beer. The place was fairly crowded so we felt fortunate to get a seat at all. She was dressed casually in a top and jeans with nicely healed sandals to suit the weather and expose her great feet. I was in jeans, a casual shirt and flip flops.

As we watched the game we struck up a conversation with the couple beside us – Jill and Ian. They were about our age and were similarly built – fairly athletic and trim, although it is fair to say that Lynne could be described as skinny. It was a good game and after a few more drinks we were starting to unwind and enjoy the game and the company around us. Jill had move beside Lynne and the two of them really seemed to be hitting it off. Ian and I continued to chat about the game and about the businesses we were win. Both in hi-tech.

As the game started to wind down I noticed that Jill and Lynne had started to touch each other. I’d noticed it earlier with how close they were sitting together that their legs had been touching and occasionally when one would say something, they would place their güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hand on the other’s thigh in agreement. I thought nothing of this as Lynne was an affectionate woman and I know women react in this way around friends.

Now it was slightly different. Both girls were obviously a bit tipsy. I could certainly tell this by the sparkling in Lynne’s eyes and they had started to stroke and hold each others faces. When Jill leaned over and kissed Lynne square on the lips I was shocked and turned on immediately, but also knew it was time to get out of there. This scene was definitely too much for the rest of the bar to handle.

“Do you guys want to head back to our place?” I asked as I turned to face Ian. “We’ve got wine and beer back there.”

“Sure.” He replied, smiling. “Looks like our girls are getting to know each other quite well and I wouldn’t want to break that up.”

“Girls! We are going to head over to our place.” I announced as they temporarily broke from an embrace. They both smiled and then looked back at each other before resuming their kissing. We paid our respective bills and then got up and left. Lynne and I headed to our car after pointing it out to Jill and Ian and telling them to follow us.

“Looks like you are enjoying yourself.” I smiled at Lynne.

“You aren’t jealous are you?” She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri asked with a genuine look of concern on her face.

“Absolutely not.” I smiled at her and touched her leg as I turned my attention back to the road ahead. A quick glance in my rear view mirror told me that Jill and Ian were still behind us.

The house wasn’t far away and we soon arrived and parked in the driveway with Jill and Ian pulling up behind us. We got out and all headed for the front door and were quickly inside. I showed our guests to the den and put on another game for background noise and noticed the girls quickly sitting down on the couch and continuing to caress each other. I got drinks and then settled down on the sofa chatting with Ian but keeping a close eye on the developing scene.

“I hope you don’t mind this.” I said casually to Ian as we both sipped beers.

“Absolutely not.”

The kissing was more passionate now with each girl holding the back of each other’s head and them exploring each others mouths with their tongues. With their spare hands they had started to massage each others’ breasts and this was really starting to turn me on and seemed to have a similar effect on Ian.

Lynne then placed her hand inside Jill’s bra and started to play with her breast and nipple. It was obvious that Jill was enjoying güvenilir bahis şirketleri this as she let out a small moan of appreciation. this continued for a few minutes before Lynne released Jill’s breast over the top of her shirt and bra and leaned down to start sucking the exposed nipple. I was getting more turned on by the minute and Lynne didn’t seem to want to let up.

I’d never seen this side to my wife before, but I was not in the least bit disappointed. Ian seemed also to be mesmerized by the unfolding events.

Lynne definitely appeared to be the one taking control as she now had her hand down Jill’s jeans as she continued to suck on her nipple. Jill’s moans showed she was enjoying every moment of it. A few more minutes passed and Lynne suddenly got up and started to remove her clothes. She seemed completely uninhibited and although it startled me a bit at first I decided to just go with the flow as the whole scene was arousing to me and she has a great body that I don’t mind others seeing in the slightest.

Not to be outdone by Lynne, but more because I wanted to be naked with her, I began to remove my clothes. I was quickly undressed as I only had on the shirt and jeans – I don’t wear underwear with jeans and had kicked the flip-flops off as soon as we entered. Encouraged by this Ian also followed suit, but it was at this stage that the things started to unfold. Jill became a bit overwhelmed with the whole scene and backed out. Shortly after that Ian dressed and he and Jill said their goodbyes and left.

This was our first adventure into being openly sexual with another couple, but we know it won’t be our last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32