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For years I was stuck in a sexless marriage, or rather a marriage in which I had little, if any, sex with my wife. Over the years she gained weight, lost interest in sex, and found pleasure in women’s club activities, cocktail parties, and anything social. What I craved was a wife who loved sex as much as myself… someone attractive, with a great body, who placed a very high priority on sex rather than a low one.

After bouts with depression, and the help of a good therapist, I finally managed to fight my way through a contentious divorce and gained my freedom. It was then when I met my current wife, Susan, and the way we met was most interesting.

For years I’ve written porn for magazines including Penthouse Variations, Penthouse Forum, and a stream of other “adult” publications. My fantasies became the basis for my many masturbation sessions, and from time to time I put these fantasies down on paper. I also spent hours at adult movie theaters, where, in the absence of sex at home, I began to engage in mutual masturbation and oral sex acts with other horny, desperate men like myself, although I never allowed anyone to come in my mouth. I may be horny, but I’m not suicidal!

My life changed the day I received an email from my current wife. In those days she was going through a similar kind of marriage to my own… married to a businessman more consumed by his career than her, she was in a sexless relationship as well. She said my writing excited her, and allowed her the kind of sexual release only masturbation accompanied by strong fantasies can provide. I wrote back, one thing led to another, and soon we were having phone sex together. Eventually we met, spending a week together at a beach resort where she provided me with the best sex I’ve ever had for seven glorious days.

While at the beach she did wonderfully erotic things to and with me. She sucked my cock on the beach while three teenage girls looked on from a distance, walking by us on the beach, staring at us in amazement as my then lover continued sucking me, excited by the fact we were being watched. On another occasion I dressed her in a thin pair of jersey shorts and a thin cotton tank top with no underwear and made her go into the ocean with me far enough to soak her skimpy outfit. When we returned to our beach blanket, I had her lie on her back, her breasts, nipples, and cunt hair clearly visible beneath her clothing. She pretended to doze while several people walked by, some stopping to stare openly at my nearly naked and very beautiful lover. Susan has 36C breasts, a slender size 6 frame, and perfect legs, and my cock became as hard as a rock as I watched others watching her.

We both knew then that someday we would share our bed with another man. Susan had told me about the time she engaged in a couple of threesomes with an old boyfriend and his roommate. Her lover and her had just made love and were lying on the floor in front of the fireplace when her lover’s roommate came home. Susan covered up, momentarily, until, stimulated by the wine they’d consumed earlier, she simply let the blanket fall from her naked breasts, exposing them to her lover’s roommate.

From there it was only a matter of time before she had her lover’s cock in her mouth while his roommate fucked her. They all came together, and shortly afterward she sucked off the roommate while her lover fucked her. A week later they repeated the scene. This time Susan knew what she’d be doing that evening when she dressed for her threesome. She said that she wore a pair of sexy black lace stockings, lace bikini panties, a black lace garter belt, and no bra. She said on the way over to her lover’s apartment she was so hot her panties were soaked before she walked in the door. Once inside, after a glass of wine or two, she slowly stripped for her two lovers, and watched, masturbating slowly, as they joined her in disrobing. When they were all naked she took turns sucking each cock until they were both rock hard, when she lay on their bed and told her to fuck her.

On another occasion she had gone to a swing club with her former husband. They’d separated during the evening, and she found herself dancing with a stranger. Leaning against him, she felt his hard dick pressing against her pussy, and as he groped her ass she told him she wanted to suck his cock right there in the club. Sex on premises was not allowed, but she said she was so horny she just had to have this guy’s cock in her mouth.

He danced her over to a dark corner of the club, took out her naked breasts and fondled them, then asked canlı bahis if she was serious… did she really want to suck his cock.

“What do you think?” she asked, kneeling in front of him. As she unzipped his trousers a woman and two men drifted over to them, watching as she took out the man’s cock. As the trio watched, Susan began sucking the cock which she said was “massive.” The man continued fondling her breasts, and the woman took out the cocks of the two guys with her, masturbating them as they fondled her, all of them watching my Susan sucking off the stranger. When he finally began to come, she took his cock out of her mouth and sprayed her face and naked tits with his cum. She said it made her so hot she would have “fucked every guy in that club that night if she could have.”

Is it any wonder, then, that now that we’re married we continue to fantasize about other men fucking her while I watch? She knows of my experiences at the adult theaters, and that I’ve engaged in mutual masturbation with other men, including sucking off several until they, too, came on MY face, just as the man in the swing club had done on Susan. She knows how hot that can make one feel… “like a true slut” as she describes it… and she is as anxious as I am to bring another man into our bed with us, adding that she can’t wait to see me “helping me suck a big cock before it fucks me.”

It was under these circumstances that we met Jack, another Mr. Double writer who enjoys voyeurism. We began exchanging thoughts on wives who fuck other men while their husbands watch, and it became clear very early that both of us admired women who will do that for their husbands (and of course for themselves). Jack told me about his experiences with his first wife, a woman who loved to fuck, and I told him how much I’d love to see something like that with my current wife.

As we continued to correspond, we discovered we both liked to vacation in Vegas. There is something about the atmosphere in that city that causes people to lose their inhibitions, and their slogan is true… what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. It was for that reason that my wife and I agree to travel to Vegas to gamble, do a little sunbathing, and hopefully fuck Jack.

We arrived at our hotel, the Monte Carlo, in the late afternoon. Jack, I knew, had already checked in, and as we’d agreed, Susan and I donned our swimsuits and headed for the pool to meet our new friend and potential sex partner. I had Susan wear her white Maillot suit, a slinky little piece of white shiny material from which I had cut out the lining. Dry, the suit revealed hints of aureoles and pussy hair, but I knew when it got wet it would be almost transparent.

“You really expect me to wear this thing down to the pool? What if I want to go in? I’ll look like a total slut, darling.”

“Yes, I know,” I grinned, my cock tingling as I envisioned the image of my beautiful wife’s body on display for all to see. If things worked out as I hoped, I thought, perhaps Jack wouldn’t be the only stud to fuck my lady that week.

Susan draped a towel over her shoulders, covering her breasts as we rode down to the pool area. Walking outside, we went immediately to the small, private lagoon pool area, away from the crowded wave pool and easy river ride. The lagoon pool is sheltered with tall palms and fake boulders, and it’s secluded atmosphere tends to attract more couples than families.

As soon as we walked under the arched boulder entrance to the pool I noticed a man smiling at us. We walked over to where he was reclining on a chaise lounge chair, and I said, “Jack?”

“Yes. Bill and Susan?”

“Right,” I said, extending my hand. “Pleased to meet you.” I felt my cock tingle just knowing this man’s cock would be sliding in and out of my wife’s pussy in just a few hours.

“And I’m pleased to meet YOU!” Jack smiled, taking in Susan’s trim body. I noticed my wife’s nipples hardening as she stared at Jack’s crotch, and when I looked down I could see why. He was wearing a thin suit as well, and as I had, he also obviously had cut the lining out of his trunks. His cock began swelling as he stared at Susan and we both could see the outline of it in his thin trunks.

“Why don’t we try the hot tub,” I suggested. Susan dropped her towel on a chair next to Jack, and the three of us moved to the hot tub. When we entered the bubbling water the couple who was there before us were just getting out, leaving the three of us alone in the tub.

“You’re beautiful,” Jack said to Susan. “And very sexy.”

“Thank bahis siteleri you,” my sweetie blushed. I had moved her between us, and when I gently bumped her closer to Jack he took my cue and moved directly next to her.

“Did you see his cock, baby?” I asked, reaching under the water to stroke her smooth thigh.

“Yes, of course,” she sighed, closing her eyes as my fingers made contact with her cunt.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“YES!” she hissed.

“Feel her, Jack. Feel her pussy,” I said, my voice filled with lust.

“Hmm, nice smooth thighs,” Jack said, his fingers touching mine near Susan’s pussy. I spread her legs wider apart for him, and when I tugged at the material covering her crotch, pulling it aside for Jack’s fingers, he moved higher, feeling my wife’s naked cunt, touching her there, then sliding inside.

“Oh fuck!” Susan moaned, and I felt her reach down to fondle both our cocks.

“Take his dick out, baby,” I said, and she did, fumbling for a moment to reach down into the waist of Jack’s trunks.

“God he’s hard,” she moaned.

“Are you touching it?”

“Yes!” she hissed again.

“Is it hard?”


“Sit on it. Fuck him, right here, baby,” I said, looking around. There were two other couples in the lagoon area, perhaps some twenty yards or so away from us. Neither seemed to have noticed us… yet.

“Oh God, baby. Right out here?” Susan asked.

“Yes, baby. Right out here,” I said. Reaching over, I tugged at the top of her suit, pulling it down, freeing her naked breasts.

“Jesus!” Jack exclaimed, and as Susan rolled over onto him, I reached beneath them and guided his rock hard cock into her wet pussy.

“FUCK HER!” I groaned, feeling his cock disappearing inside my wife’s pussy.

“Oh God!” Susan moaned, hugging Jack, leaning onto his shoulder. I saw her ass moving up and down as he fucked her, and in moments I watched as he gasped, pushed up, and filler her with his cum.

“Oh God baby he’s coming inside meeeee,” Susan moaned.

“Now me, baby. Slide on my dick!” I gasped. Moving off Jack, my wife climbed over on top of me and quickly positioned her cunt above my hard cock. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, and realized one of the couples was coming toward the hot tub. Somehow it excited me even more. I realized Susan couldn’t see them coming, and as she slowly began to fuck me, moving up and down on my cock, the couple entered the pool and sat opposite us.

“Turn around, baby,” I groaned, and she did it, sliding around on my cock, her naked breasts glistening from the water in the hot tub. Immediately she saw the other couple, and tried to cover up, but I held her hands at her sides and pumped up into her, driving my cock higher inside her sloppy cunt.

“Jesus Christ!” the guy said. “What a gorgeous slut!”

“Slut is right,” the woman smirked. “Get a room, why don’t ya,” she snarled in a thick New York accent.

Instead Susan leaned back into me, exposing her naked tits for them as Jack fondled them. I felt myself ready to come, and quickly told Susan to get off me. She did, turning toward me as I stood, my rigid cock twitching, aimed at her face.

“DO IT! COME ON ME!” she gasped, and I did, my sperm shooting out the end of my dick to splash all over her face.

“Jesus Christ!” the guy moaned again, and when finally I was through coming, I wiped my cock across my wife’s face, smearing my cum all over her. She giggled, then pulled up her top and wiped a hand across her face, licking it, tasting my cum as the couple and Jack watched.

“You are a fucking pig, lady,” the woman exclaimed.

“Shut the fuck up, Mona. If you were half as sexy as her I’d buy you that yacht you’ve been nagging me for,” the guy said. Laughing, Jack, Susan, and I got out of the hot tub and walked back to the chaise lounge where our towels were. We picked them up, toweled off, and walked toward the exit.

“Your room or mine?” Jack asked.

“Let’s use ours,” I suggested, and in moments we were riding up in the elevator. Susan’s nipples and cunt hair was clearly on display beneath her thin wet, white suit, and as two guys stared at her in the elevator I noticed her nipples hardening again.

“Nice tits, huh?” I said, cupping one of them in my hand.

“Fuck yeah they’re nice tits,” one of the guys said.

“They look good naked, too. Check it out,” I said, tugging down the material, exposing Susan’s breasts again.

“Fuck!” the other guy said, staring at us as we reached our floor.

“We’ll bahis şirketleri be here all week. Look for us downstairs near the hot tub. She’s very friendly,” I grinned, stepping off the elevator.

“What are you, my pimp now?” Susan scolded playfully.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, baby,” I said. “We may as well make the most of it while we’re here.”

I unlocked our hotel room door and the three of us went inside. I immediately removed my wet trunks, as did Jack. His cock was semi-erect again, and as we watched, Susan slowly rolled her suit down over her knees, then stepped out of it.

We moved to the king-size bed and lay Susan between us. I crawled between her legs, and noticed the creamy goo oozing out of her cunt. “You’re still full, baby,” I grinned, kissing her thighs.

“Then eat it,” she said, her voice quivering with lust.

I did, placing my mouth directly over her opening, licking, then sucking the cum from her freshly fucked body. Raising my head momentarily, I told her to suck Jack’s cock, and she did, opening her mouth, reaching for his balls, fondling them gently as he fed her his cock.

I resumed eating her again, marveling at the sweet taste of Jack’s and my cum mingled with the delicious pussy juices of my wife’s cunt. Jack moaned as Susan sucked his cock, and when he was hard, my wife looked at me, her eyes glazed with passion, and said, “Help me.”

I crawled up her body, lying next to her, my arm around her as she offered me Jack’s cock. Slowly I opened my mouth as he leaned forward, helping us to fulfill one of Susan’s fantasies. She has long wanted to watch me sucking another cock, and now I was about to do it.

“Suck him, darling. Suck his cock!” she hissed, and I leaned forward and did it. Susan moved further down the bed, and as I sucked the thick hard dick, she moved under Jack and began licking his balls. I know how wonderful that feels, as I often masturbate over her face while she licks my balls, and just as it does for me, it excited Jack.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” he moaned, his eyes closed, cock slowly sliding in and out of my mouth, my tongue licking over the tip of his crowned cockhead.

“See how this feels,” Susan gasped, crawling further under him. I knew what she was going to do, and when she parted his ass cheeks to begin licking him there he groaned again and thrust his cock deeper inside my mouth.

“Oh shit, she’s licking my asshole,” he gasped.

“HMMM!” I moaned, knowing how that feels as well.

We remained like that for a few more seconds. Then I pulled away from the hard cock and told Susan to come up next to me and lie on her back. She did as I asked, and as we both watched, Jack moved on top of her and slowly slid his cock back inside her cunt again. I knew this fuck would last longer, and as I watched, hugging my wife, feeling her tits, kissing her, another man fucked her… and I loved it as much as I knew I would.

“OH God, baby he’s fucking me so good. I can feel his thick cock inside my pussy, baby. Is this what you wanted? Am I being a good slut wife for you?” Susan moaned.

“God yes, baby. I love it when you’re a slut. And God you’re a slut!”

“I know… and I… I love it, baby. I love fucking so much… I love cock… love it… love fucking!” she babbled, on fire now, ready to come.

“When you’re ready, pull out and shoot it on our faces,” I said to Jack, seeing his expression of lust growing more and more excited.

“Oh FUCK yeah!” he groaned, pulling out of Susan’s cunt, moving up next to her head… next to mine as well.

“Do it! COME ON US!” Susan gasped, fondling his balls again as Jack furiously masturbated above our faces.

“OH GOD HERE IT COMESSSSS!” he wheezed, and suddenly a burst of sperm shot out of his cock to splash on our faces. Another gob of cum hit us then, and another… and another… and another… until finally his spurting stopped. Susan reached up and grasped the softening cock, bringing it to her face, to our faces, and as Jack grinned down at us she wiped the head of his cock across her face and mine, pushing the cum around on our lips and cheeks until finally she opened her mouth to lick the sticky residue from the cock’s head. With a final smack she released it, then turned to me and kissed me, pushing some of Jack’s cum into my mouth.

“God that was hot!” Jack moaned, falling to the bed next to Susan.

“And the week has only just begun,” she sighed, closing her eyes, her scummy face glistening in the dim light coming from the window. I knew we’d have a lot more sex with Jack, and possibly with others as well during the week to come, and as I, too, drifted off to sleep I knew our fantasies were all going to be fulfilled that wonderful week in Vegas….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32