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Gabriel was a neighbor lady with two young sons that I babysat for starting when I was 17. Her two boys were nine and ten, they were well behaved little guys and I enjoyed teaching them about baseball and hitting balls for them to catch in the ball field near their house. Gabriel had a husband but he was an Air Force pilot and was almost never home. She was in her 40’s but very trim and attractive–and her French accent knocked me out. She had short dark hair and flashing dark eyes, a bright smile and a cute little laugh that made me want to be funny just to hear it. It must have been obvious to her that I was smitten, I followed her around like a puppy whenever I could.

She always worked late on Wednesday evenings and would arrive home after eleven—we always sat and talked for a while, the boys went to bed at nine and were fast asleep by the time she came home. It became a regular job for me and I looked forward to it.

The Wednesday I’ll never forget was the day before my eighteenth birthday. When she came home she had a package. It was a birthday present for me—a red V-neck sweater that I wore and cherished for years.

When the clock struck midnight she went to the refrigerator, took out a bottle canlı bahis of champagne, reached out for my hand and led me to her bedroom. We made love all night and continued, whenever we could, over the next six months, until I went away to college.

She was very sensuous and taught me how to please a woman like only the French can do. She loved it when I gently desensitized her by lightly and slowly rubbing the tip of my penis from her clit down her slit—so soft and slow until her juices poured out of her and her thighs glistened with her delicate moisture. I could feel the heat rising from her and inhaled her lovely scent. Her breathing came in short gasps and I kissed my way down from her tight erect nipples. She liked me to gently caress each nipple and later after she had two or three orgasms–suckle them harder. Toward the end of our time together she could orgasm this way.

I would pause to run my tongue around her navel, a cute little outie that I loved to tease. I slowly worked my way lower. It always turned me on, and still does thinking about it, when my tongue touched her clit. It seemed to have a life of its own and I could feel it grow and harden in my lips. I couldn’t get enough.

With bahis siteleri her as a tutor I learned to hold back, not an easy task for an eighteen year old. But I wanted it to last as long as possible. I was in heaven. After the first few times, she usually gave in before me and pulled me inside her.

One night, when we were all alone she seemed to want it to last and last and I licked her from stem to stern for what seemed like hours. I forced my tongue as deep inside her as I could and settled into a position where I could massage her vagina with my tongue on the rough spot a couple of inches into her glorious love canal at the top. I kept forcing my tongue in deeper and deeper. She usually came three or four times before she reached for me to enter when we made love.

This time she seemed to be holding back too. She was becoming so excited that I thought she might pass out—she was so loud I was glad that the boys weren’t home—they were on a sleep-over. She pulled my head up to her clit and held it really tight. She held her knees and pulled her legs further apart She came so hard, her back arched and she flooded me and the bedding with almost a cup of sweet fluid. Of course it was all new to me—but bahis şirketleri it was new to her too.

I was so turned on and so hard and so big that when I entered her from behind, with her propped up on pillows, she had trouble handling all of me. I continued to plunge her depths. It was the first time I had been into her so deep, the first time I felt that our lovemaking was out of control, had taken on a life of it’s own. It was like the two of us ceased to be individuals and merged together to become one. I moved up higher on her back and my penis was hitting that same rough spot I was reaching with my tongue earlier. The roughness must have desensitized me because I held off until she was whimpering with pleasure. It was awesome. It happened again—this time she flooded me with her fluids, it felt like a warm, gentle geyser as it coated my balls and dripped down my legs. I had never been, or could have imagined being so turned on. I came deep inside her. I could feel her cervix contracting—it seemed to be pulling me even deeper into her. We were both drenched. We had to pull the covers and sheets off the bed it was so wet. We wrapped ourselves around each other and fell asleep in the only dry corner of the bed. We were both so spent that the next morning we woke up in the same position. After that it happened almost every time we made love and every time it was just as satisfying. This was something that was virtually unknown at the time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32