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George walked past again, swinging a bottle. The characteristic tinkling laugh followed down the corridor. Ryan drank his cider from the glass jar and watched. And wanted.

Georgina had caught his eye early on at university that year, a funny mixture of self-assurance and self-mockery. With her swishing ponytail she was hard to pin down as any particular “type” and her easy manner made her attractive to everyone. She had a big smile, a twinkle in her eye and a way of pulling down one corner of her mouth when she made a joke that stayed in his mind long after. He longed to spend more time with her, and hear her laugh, listen to her voice, sit up close to those generous womanly curves she had, maybe kiss those quirky lips… but it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. George (she hated Georgina) was always moving around and laughing, always popular, always surrounded by friends it seemed. And Ryan was not those things. He tended to be on his own. Alone but not lonely, he would sit and watch others, and he knew better than to try and tell jokes.

George was now in the lounge room of the shabby student house that was hosting the party. She was with her best friend Erica, as always. They seemed to be inseparable, laughing together at stories that only made sense to them, hanging on one another’s shoulder, sharing the odd kiss – done mostly to shock other people, Ryan suspected. He watched them doing a sexy dance together, while the boys, and girls, around them cheered. With her arms above her head her breasts were lifted up and swayed invitingly. She rolled her hips around to more cheers and applause.

Ryan shook his head. Mate, not a hope, he said to himself. Then another thought came to him. Hell, why not? This has been a great day. It’s worth asking, and if she knocks me back, I reckon she’ll be kind about it.

Earlier that day, Ryan had picked up an essay and got a nice surprise with the mark, more than he thought he’d get. This had inspired him to persuade the coffee shop lady to make his own invention – a vienna macchiato, which was tried and admired by his friends. Then tonight’s performance was a great success. George, Erica and Ryan were in the university choir. They were observing an old tradition of holding a party after every show, which was why Ryan was drinking cider from a jam jar in a shabby student house. A good performance made for a good party, and Ryan felt good. He took another drink.

Then he saw George’s bottle. The same cider he was drinking. He thought, this is a sign, mon brave.

He was sitting in one of the quieter rooms. People were chatting, talking about the performance, arguing ridiculous points of view or just sitting around. George walked in with her cider bottle and looked around for a chair. Unusually, she was alone.

“Hey George, I need to tell you something. Come and sit down.”

Ryan gasped inside. Did he really say that? What had come over him? How much cider had he drunk?

George looked at him with her eyebrows raised. “Sit down? On what? I guess you’ll have to do.” She twisted the corner of her mouth, then sat on his lap. She took his jar, splashed some cider into it and took a sip.

Ryan’s senses were reeling. The girl he had dreams about, was sitting on his lap. Her breasts sat proudly right in front of him, he could see them rise and fall slightly with her breathing. Her perfume, her hair, the scent of her sweat from the dancing intoxicated him. The warmth of her skin electrified him where her legs and arm brushed against him. The weight of her was real, her lean towards him took over his mind.

“Ryan? Any thoughts you might want to share?”

Ryan started. “Oh George you… you’re gorgeous. Amazing…”

George paused, staring. “That was it? Not exactly poetry, but what a sweet boy you are.” She kissed him, lightly at first, then gradually more intensely, licking his lips, his teeth, slurring around his tongue. She tasted of the sweet cider. Her tongue played in his mouth.

Ryan’s sense reeled more. Tingles shot down his body and arms. His whole frame seemed charged and ready. Something stirred in his hips. His hand found its way to George’s waist and rested in the womanly curve there. Their noses brushed. Their eyelashes brushed.

George pulled away finally, leaving Ryan stunned where he sat. She bent down to whisper on his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri ear.

“Chase me.”

Then she was off, whisking away into the hubbub of the party. Laughing, dancing, shimmying her way through the rooms.

Ryan was breathing heavily. Chase me, she’d said. Well, why not? This evening is like no other already, why stop now? He got up and wandered off himself. He started to put a plan together, then rejected that, remembering a quote he’d read. “There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” Shakespeare’s nailed it he thought, let’s just go with the flow.

Ryan was a bit of a Shakespeare tragic. He found when he got through the difficult language and the sheer number of people and scenes, he met reckless characters committing deadly and beautiful acts. Unlike Ryan, they lived and died vividly, purposefully. Ryan had vivid dreams, but they stayed just that – dreams.

Except maybe tonight…

He found George again, sitting in the kitchen, half-listening to the conversation. Ryan came boldly up to her.

“Move over a bit. I’ve remembered what it was I wanted to say.”

“Move over? It’s a single seat!” George made her tinkling laugh, but gave him a sliver of seat. Ryan pushed in, surprising himself again, and had to hold George to stop her falling off the seat. Her soft warm curves pressed against his slim frame. He glanced down at her cleavage showing above her t-shirt and he felt the stirring again. Shakespeare gave him words.

“O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!
It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night
Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope’s ear;
Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!”

The kitchen had fallen silent. Then erupted into claps and cheers and cheeky whistles. Except George, who sat quietly, savouring the words. Her breathing was changed slightly, her breasts seemed to stand out more. She twisted in her place, kissed his ear and ran her tongue quickly over it. Ryan shivered. “Keep chasing,” she whispered. And she was gone.

I should be seriously embarrassed by that, but I’m not, Ryan wondered. Strange. He left as the conversation moved on. Still holding his jar of cider, he went on the chase.

But without success. He found himself in an old half-collapsed couch on the back verandah, alone this time. Couples were sitting or lying on the grass, hoping to be out of sight in the darkness of the warm night. George walked past. Impulsively he caught her hand. “The hunter strikes, the quarry falls!”

George rolled her eyes. “Not good!” she laughed, but let herself fall into his lap. She snuggled her bottom into his lap and leant back. He felt the real weight and warmth of her. The scent of her hair blocked all other thoughts. His cock responded though, pushing up between them, bent painfully in his pants. Ryan felt awkward. George noticed his hard-on and giggled. “Fix it up, silly!” she said, sliding forward for him.

Ryan was too startled to do otherwise. He put his hand into his pants and straightened his cock with relief. George slid back and wriggled it between her cheeks. George seemed quite happy with the result, and gave him the tiniest shimmy. “Mmm, that’s better.” She rested her head back on his shoulder. He glanced at her breasts, two mounds with a darker vee between, a glorious sight. “Now, give me some more poetry, big man.”

Ryan thought. Romeo and Juliet was good before…

“The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars,
As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven
Would through the airy region stream so bright
That birds would sing and think it were not night.
See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand!
O, that I were a glove upon that hand,
That I might touch that cheek!”

He lightly touched her cheek.

George wriggled her hips into his lap more, Ryan could sense the extra warmth coming from her as she opened her legs slightly. “Mmm Ryan, you’ve done it. Oh yes. Come with me.” George’s voice was breathy.

She led him by the hand back into the house. They found a bedroom. She led him in and closed the door. They were both breathing harder. Standing face to face, she paused, then moved in to kiss him, slowly tantalising him. Without looking down, she started to undo his jeans. Ryan couldn’t move. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri When the pants fell to the floor she grasped the top of his jocks and very slowly pulled down. His cock sprang out, slapping his belly. A tiny drop of precum was already showing. George glanced down. “Nice and long, that’s good,” she whispered. “But this is just a quick lay. No strings, OK?” Ryan was unable to speak.

She pushed him back onto the bed so he was sitting. Easily she pulled off his t-shirt, then pushed him again so he was lying. She flicked off his shoes and tangled pants and ran her hands up through the hairs on his legs to his crotch. She stroked his balls and ran a finger down behind to tickle his bottom. All the while she climbed up the bed to his face. Her cleavage showed between her breasts. Her eyes were half-closed with lust. Then she paused, surprised.

Ryan was on the edge of agony. He was enjoying the soft electrifying sensations much too much. Her lips so close, her scent of arousal rising, and with just a few strokes of his cock he could feel his climax rising. It was so much more intense than when he touched himself. He was straining to hold back when George noticed.

“Hey relax! This’ll be real nice. No need to… ah, this is your first time, isn’t it?” Ryan was struck dumb, he could only nod. “That’s all right, sweet boy. We’ll make this really really nice. Just enjoy, whatever happens, happens.”

She was over his face now, and she gently, deeply kissed him. While their tongues traced and chased each other, he felt her fingers curling around his rigid cock. His cock thrilled to the touch. She pulled the soft skin up and down, stroking his balls as well. The intensity shocked him. His hips thrust upwards and he made to look down.

“No looking! Just relax. Feel it. And no biting!”

George’s lips and tongue caressed and aroused his mouth, her hair brushed his face and filled his nose with its scent, one breast gently nudged his side. Her fingers rippled up and down his shaft, occasionally he felt a fingernail brushing. His climax came roaring in and his come shot out and up. His breathing stopped as he felt each spurt go past George’s fingers still on his cock. His come was warm on his skin. The world spun. Time stopped.

As he came back down he opened his eyes. “We’ll, there you are!” George said lightly. “You were gone a while then. I was beginning to wonder.”

Ryan swallowed. “La petite mort. That was… I don’t know, incredible…”

“It was fun to give it to you. You’ve got a nice body, your muscles stand out when you go rigid. Now here’s your underpants. Wipe yourself up, ’cause it’s my turn now.” She kissed him again.

As he wiped he looked up at George kneeling beside him, admiring her breasts towering over him. He slid a hand under her t-shirt, across her soft skin and into the heat under the heavy mounds. George purred, and he felt the sound through her ribs. He moved up, watching his hand tracing round and over a hardening nipple so it poked through the fabric. He made to lift her shirt up and she pulled it over her head and undid her bra. The soft globes rolled out beautifully, swinging with their own movement. Her pale areoles circled the hard round points. Her nipples seemed to call to him, and he guided one into his mouth, kissing and sucking while George put her hands down either side of his head.

He sucked one then the other nipple of each swinging breast. George lowered herself and playfully brushed his cheek and face with them. Ryan could see the downy hairs across them, felt the hard nipple on his cheek. He could feel his cock moving (he’d thought it would never rise again). His hand curved around her waist, found the waistline of her shorts and he started to tug. She rolled her hips in response. The two of them slid her shorts over her rounded bottom, and the smell of her arousal was stronger. He caressed each smooth cheek and she purred more.

She swung her leg over him to give him better access, letting her breasts slap and nudge him. She gave him one nipple, then the other, or her cleavage to suck and kiss. Her thighs were spread above him. He let his hands roam, stroking her calves, behind her knees, her thighs. His actions seemed to come to him naturally – perhaps helped with a bit internet research!

He ran his fingernails güvenilir bahis şirketleri up her thighs and rustled into the curly hairs between. He’d never seen a pussy in real life, so he was forced to explore with his fingers. He traced over George’s rounded thighs to find the big outer lips, covered in small curls, warm and parted already. He ran his fingers up the edge of them to her tiny wrinkled anus, then down to the complex folds around her clitoris. It seemed wet everywhere. Inside there he found her inner lips, loose folds hot and slippery with her juices, standing out from the outer lips. They were much slimmer and stuck together easily, but gave way to his fingers and he found himself slipping into her vagina, hotter and wetter if that were possible. The slick skin seemed to fall open to his touch. George leant against his hands as he explored into her channel, purring and moaning, then she shuddered as one hand strayed down. By parting her lips he had exposed her firm shiny clit, and every touch made her shiver. She slumped onto his chest.

“More! More please!” She whispered into his ear.

Her breath was loud in his ear as he rubbed her clit and smeared her juices all around. “Oh. Fuck. Good. Don’t stop.” She could barely talk. Ryan slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed harder, feeling the clit harden and extend, almost a rod in the wet folds of her labia. “Oh yes! Oh, so good. Oh, ohhh, aaaaah, fuck! Oh, more! More!” She squirmed and thrust against him as her heat rose, her juices spread across his hand. She rocked her hips against his hand as her orgasm approached. He rubbed her hard clit buried in her soft mound.

George’s climax sent shudders through her body, which Ryan felt as she clamped her legs on him, wave after wave. Her come was all over his fingers, her sweat stuck her big breasts to his chest. She had dribbled onto the sheet beside him. It felt good to give her this pleasure.

“Get it in me. Get your cock inside. Fuck me quickly. Fuck my cunt.” George was urgent. Ryan’s cock was more than ready. He raised it slightly and she snuggled down onto him, sliding him home, her vagina so wet and open. The heat and wetness took every sense from him. His cock in a cunt, and not just any, but the amazing George with the smooth thighs and marvellous breasts. The bump of her pubic bone on his. Their curly hairs mixing. It all felt fantastic.

As he slid easily in and out of her, she became more demanding. “Harder, sweet boy! Get it right up me! You can fuck me hard!” His cock was bumping something deep inside her, her come was spreading between them and sticking to his hairs.

His chest pinned by her body, he rolled his hips and thrust his cock deep into her wet cleft. His balls tingled. Sparks seemed to be shooting up and down his legs. He grabbed her buttocks and pulled them to meet his ramrod. His fingers could feel her lips stretched round his wet slippery shaft as it pounded up into her hungry cunt.

“Fuck! I’m coming again!” She said into his ear. “Oh, ohhh, oh God! Fuck me harder!” Her cunt seemed to be grasping his thrusting cock. Her juices were all through his hairs and over his balls, sticking her thighs to him. She had put her arms around his head and pressed her hot breasts into his face.

“AaaaAAAAAHHHH!!!” Her climax rippled down his cock. It brought his orgasm on, the tingling became electric as his come spurted up and out and deep into her vagina. He clutched her tightly as he pumped his seed into her. It seemed to go on and on. He almost felt his balls empty into her willing channel as she lay, heaving.

Hot, sticky, breathless, they lay on the bed, satisfied. The smell of their love-juices mixed with their sweat and saliva, and a trace of the cider. Ryan thought, I really am in heaven. He could just feel the twin mounds of her breasts against his neck and chest. Her lips were brushing his ear, her hair was everywhere. He kissed it.

“God, that looked awesome!”

George flung her head up and looked around. “Erica! You bitch! What the hell…”

“Georgie, I’m so sorry! I knocked and came in without thinking, and you were, well, going full tilt. I couldn’t stop you now! It’s Ryan isn’t it… you said he was cute, and, wow. Hi, Ryan. You’ve got a long cock. And shiny. Watching you go all the way into her, I wasn’t sure it would fit! And the way your balls went up when you came…” Erica was babbling slightly, partly with embarrassment but mostly with arousal. “You are one sexy couple, you are, Georgie. Better than the internet!” She seemed breathless.

“A sexy couple, eh? Do you think we’d be a sexy threesome!? Get your tits over here, girl!”

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